KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 197

Monday, June 11th


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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I live in May not like in tire problems. Now I'm news. Here's KJ indicated it dirty girls out. Welcome there aren't hadn't heard the news as you know a few listen a lot I am KJ and I mechanic nerdy girl and you are. Here. And she's a cat and dirty air and joining us today I had an hour rotating cast of other and a nerdy girls. I as my friend. It's EE creator. Producer. Director and star now. Host yeah I every day and asked him. Now. I'm out. I. Conaty finals being out awesome challenge you can find on YouTube and hopefully everywhere in the world very soon cracked. For me. It added I felt. I now we hear me talking about it the conventions that. I travel to this who this girl right here makes it happen. Celeb photo lapses you know I travel around the world with and it did your husband doesn't get all the credit. You know he does get out doesn't count it out here I noticed that a bad day. When asked him he would be now. Odd shout we're did you ever gonna get into some of the goes honing. Adventures then I hit some bad courtesy of leaking out a lot when there and is it true that there is an opportunity for anyone listening. Air is I don't theory. First public investigation again. It's oddity I'll stack Omri out. Rabbinate acres arm in Charlotte Indiana for the entire night we'll have a general admission tickets and VIP tickets via pizza orders to investigate. During the witching hour earlier battles are which is Marie. Out we're gonna let in Haiti senate to break well her credit or rather have a first try to get engineer Soledad I have loans. I I noted that not about us in this room watch. Fear the locking down to about all I shot this morning was about how fear the Washington did they just kill every one. Like you can. Read it saying it added a killed 83% of the original at 83%. Ended the presage a at the time to step up as well I didn't know how well. I know that. We do we travel around do these intentions called locker starter. And some of that cast goes to these conventions but it's you don't really now in it you know last show later I doubt honestly ash I was at at one of these stars of this government and part of town that. You for that Archie show on the CW US nabbed from locking dammit we're really Q. Battered and when I that extreme Dan was at Austin Emilia and from Iran and unlocking data I ask. He is as out act I mean now or eleven of me I I will work. It sees room and these conventions so right before people walk into the room and name. Freaked out because they're they're getting their picture as our she's I mean money and I let. Am I I'm really hear about it you break out their roles in the evenings are gonna apparently back out blond ladies and Ilya his. Mine and hired him. The best I can just charging outer bands pennies camera and the hair and he's. Trying to take pictures of the age now announced huge. Yeah. I don't know what you're gonna do that gas in your writing at the ground and you can't take pictures are not armed this. They chairs on Saturday or eleventh and actually six guys. Maybe I. Extra hour on our. I. Org or behind me if I don't I don't. If you did you got to anybody he's there. I think he had been on the show overnight six episode. Yeah I tied at times even as I had worked a million of these teams still apparently not. That was why the headlines pirate if you watch and prepare yourself or a brand new cast. That locker. I ask and if it's activate. Yeah out and kick his activity and in London I became a means which is eight. And she was standing out hurts year making. Our. No kissing no kissing arm. And it is Germany as well we are missing. Nine course Armand. They get. When asked about why his a lot of bite him let him jump on and I. Now you're being as. Big Brother on. His face all the time he's. Amazing you and the coolest and I. I. Might. Are not. That. Yeah I mean. I am very. Need to Ike. Are you out where you stand when we read it like if you locked in this room would you feel the enact ain't right. Yeah. Out of Flannery are. And they're all in this job working. And agreements and I've. Didn't we are out there I don't do it at. You and a I think that came mostly because you were our our content here at the Nixon's EP and usually right now it's in the artists. Usually there artist. I. Out. There there is an error like fairly narrowed. Or our I've had some they can on GPL and and Larry and I dwell in now. I'll add on like two years and met so I'm. Katie if you know where to. Walked into a room. And Sebastian Stan standing there. Different story. About it and if that work Sebastien you and I wouldn't be yeah that's what a night I. Yes yes says Sebastian is her number and trying action and and trying to act. Out against used an army now. Working in Houston yeah. We'll see you happy but he does something it's amber he got an orbit at. An. Eerie I mean. Is it. That I asked or is that part of it and halt most or. And on top there but it's X. He's really excited about endemic let's go thing. I'm off I'm at a I'm gonna keep. Well I'll I'll I'll I'll blogger. He is in the apparatus. And young son DJ yeah. Currently there's this I gonna have to and it's eating. Now he can't and the paranormal money. It was stories now was on. Our and I do my eyes again when you why did because my memories acts like. Columns. Can now. Mean how you can find out. And Ali app that's her Hernando high and I tapped it choice theory could. And I never show you my first feature as mentioned. That I. Yeah that terrible phone are we at the point our lives I don't yeah I believe I took us. That's not out and Helen ever eaten. At. Yeah I have to do. And it taking it here at apps out for like a year and a half I would tell people yeah I'd pitcher injures all you can Ebbers not. Yeah. Out Ike hit seen as case that I may and my god let's eat. And learned. I hardly at current a year and a half of I was trading. Like. The moment. Captured it lies and it moment we don't like eight. I I'm I mean I'm not. Girl. I. Kept it starts short certainly have visual. Yeah. I know making you know he's going to be backwards on my my. Did you. Let it out of poly the most relaxed and yet and I. And it equaled an uncle. I. I make terrible places I am like am dammit John Mayer and Alcides I started on your. Because my in my face I just couldn't you. Every. One. Top is something called post and against Graham and I'm just like of these boring awkward I'm poses. You know my eating right out yeah it's it's all about the arc nice and no matter how. It makes. That's. Wrist and it it's. Something again. It out eight at Charlie's Angel poses one of my favorites. The act adding that. Aren't. Let me as cool as. John and found my punish your pictures. Or. And I are he. Our when he shaved his had a I am you know I didn't get that far and ignore it and I air. Okay well and I with I was blanking out because. Of any key. Add. Up I act and act. And actually I. And and I love her. And yeah. And argued that an action. It's just messed at that. I only sign me before I well. I think yeah I I made it's like. Your apps. They killed Hirsch. Yeah. And I got map. Out. And I. Summit. I have always love mark and a and then allied. I yeah that and I've. It it ain't and a and a when he talked he talked it's on I think it's on him because itself are. Funny story with her parents and that's happened in Norman got. And hearty. Shout at us. That's out of the pack the. I oh. Jack. And and a I and others have app are. Yes yes we did watch. Terrible. We we watched the at the season premiere where he. Beat and then. Union in. The lot where every where every line heated heated. Up as well we're. Ever. Actually it was it was the locker soccer where they they. I'm Atlanta diner. Skit it was Atlanta and that episode it just aired and everyone was ready like. Beat yeah yeah yeah. If he killed labor Yemen and and and I can't get out that's. Yeah. That's. I think. Before the next season premiere they were doing. Marathon. And we had AMC on for some arteries and then. It it I I Al. Almost I get a human being like I have no feelings because I was like is at salary beat the crap I can't watch. I. Really care act. Alex get past that in a year your garments like I yet this Alan. But that's about it because I mean people were still buy apple yeah I was like how bad can it be an ever watching. I I talk Abbott and I. Watch as. That I didn't even make all the Easter I'll note tends to. Stephen. It's unit. Landed on the Abraham and I don't watch out yeah I think they got. Michael as well also on the nicest guys all are half way. I guess I just worked with him more Sayyaf had error action on a lot. In real life. But now he's got a show coming out. Out of I think it's. ABC and city. It all writers and how it looks like they. User was great it's an aspect is out at. And his ambling now it looks like it's in and speaking of new shows I watched the first two cents. It's as your marbles and free form. 880 is more came out I put up with a T and cloak and dagger is. Obviously lesser known. In the marvel world it's very cool is it's two teenagers who are very different lives. Their powers don't really work or. Rather. Eighties. Airline and its I'd like app. Oh. And if you're seeing is likely to get back to its two characters very different lives. Intersected one children. And then it's. Superhero powers while. You're not very powerful each other's. Under twenty hour activate. It's dark and brings and I was interesting and it was interesting right off Ian. Some of the marvel com. Connected universe of Iraq on a company that's. Story is built. A companies. Will mean. You back. Are tired of IIDR. I normally never found. It premiered last week and knew we it was the first two laps and relax. Now. MTV world. Two and I'm gonna watch it again on thirst and it's hang. In there. Jiri gamer I am not a point higher. I hired Atlanta have. All. He that's all I am talking it out tell me about at. So. If you don't know what it is basically it apocalypse happens. And then depending on my game dependent out further act art this new one is a pot at least six it's SP twenty years after which must yet again about 200 years after. A packed. I boxed a lot of I just aptly. I. Mean to say watch laps I love right Chris I had it is an amazing story it's it's better than that. They said. I yeah that's how I have a game and I gamer capture yeah. Huge. World. I I think. Jason and that Indy packed with might not expect it should watch and as it hits it I mean it. Much all the this is Wang and gaming because we were just saying Indy and which thank you for adding our podcast. I'm not gaming because it's in his injury. Does appear. To my hands don't work. Yeah you like well and I can't passionate about is it's an on pollen that's now that's why we get along. Great minds think. I am I am afraid. Now I lots. Okay. It's a multiplayer to ever OK I done. But as did as outlined in things like that they're familiar player I'm. And this one is. He. Oh which is gorgeous scenery can be amazed and there's X completely different regions. Ones coal mine change. 81 like hills the West Virginia one culminating in his arms yeah I think. And it's more Ambien elements to it and it. A hundred different times. Story that it's all based on the decision. How do you feel about it. Be able to play with other gamers because I did see a light. That I knew I'd like. And cows because people scare. Us. First it's I thought this morning hanging. Out at. And I made a gamer that I Allen field picking that I can't think of Twitter you know I'm never that she did she didn't even mention I'll. And anything it was just in general tweet. Wire people so excited about being able to play this can be done in the whole point of human being. Only thing that's I think. I. Like world of work at eight built on the guilt and teammates. You're playing this impala lobs and march and somebody else on with your and they like different and now writes in. Yeah I think it's an immediately. GTA at the and 90% of the story and in the curtain and and add 5%. In it does everything else international's. But hold up is. You're supposed deal it's a pot. Year like in pot or your son is missing in the open to games to find out your business in a hole went on him. Your loan. And they build this atmosphere you are alone and like just interact with people here in the air and it's supposed to feel sparks and TB at the I am not a huge audience acts. Have changed but elders girls line. Current and it is. Is it more biking. Add on hold when it that is you're going to eat up your traveling. All things out it's on. Work is kind of combine it's going to be different I ate it it is the late 88. Single here. Me an option. What you multiplayer. You're not you're right now I try to get. Into this atmosphere. When does it come out. I night and they just released its own right teaser earlier this week it there. Is that part of the duty and honor a retro futuristic funk. Is that Nintendo or his. Eight game and desert every. Wild. And new Yoshi aimed at. They. Conference as. It's just on and on Alan hill each game plan if Norman. It is half. I had day Okajima who makes. The silent hill games that he's known for or in things like attack he they ended up canceling this Allan hills project with those news game so he went and mean is and company and it is game men on death straining any pride as best friend Herman greatest events and Norman is the face care there. At the and a new light at. Just playing game am more in control of our. Now now aim at the scary part now is Eric and all psychological Ehlers. Profile you as a game. Now. I struggled with a crime he says. I. An error it's how hard it. It's not scary when you think about and it's scary and jump right favorite OK I do gain OK it's apparently activity and VR. Lean only talk about your mind. But the man. In town and your in his our house and whispers. Guns on the latest. Al Austin. Did not try it back and had demonstration at indie pop on his acting as you know I do. Believe it's his first time and beyond. It I was really enjoyed watching him like he's like that I got. How do you out and read it. You have no idea out. There like when I first half I was. It might not in games like ain't gonna say that of the are like where you can like. I'm. I just don't know how is marking its. I mean. And carry it. It in Atlantic. Players at an old all of it is here. That I'm just a 10 on the ocean of knocking things. Optional and you noticed. I asked. I wanna play that we get I don't mind army taking it and also lots and went to creating game. He just. Eat it's I need to speed on a plane and get. Them in. My kids of I grass and you guys house not a they can't test national needs like you don't need pills crashed out and even if it's your own personal it wouldn't be real. And I'm thinking. I. That most times now and I it and listening to joining us today and get it on density. Has shown it is wonderful that you should be watching Kolb oddity aisles and you are inviting of those I. And we are doing every everybody now. Are. Of course I'd love for you eight eye. Opening that up there right. Two years and you. Ironic not ironic on. I. There's is awesome place in Charlotte. It is. There's a little darkness or is that there's Ingrid urban team and nothing you know it's gonna. Aren't as good amount. Of I had Charlotte's bell in. It's. And how are. About an hour. Yeah it's up at. And it's just this. Little teeny tiny arm out at me. You feel all act and act. So I got to the owner of that I want it. I. Some times. Where I came a week and act on and I give him eight. Or have. You know back and it I've done. Exactly. Oddity I'll. Army and air. There airy art August 31. And it's the Friday. And I got an extra aid the week and agony. It. The building. And all out. The timing even work out how to act and it's gonna be amazing we have general admission tickets and started asking. Aaron. Investigating. Amounts Evans. And eight heights worsen. It higher air as you know week in. Out insert an arm. And everybody about pat. Or elect. But that's it's part of the game and then for a black man he's almost out. Alex I'd. There's going to be an additional points of the general admission and and earning no when he is turning AMs of Laurie it's. Ease in. Which Al. Mice and Carter and different. Wing. And it's. Always the right. And so the witching hour which ever devils arsonist and activities custody at a news is sure have you found that year are honing. You know and the ghost. Written so when I'm hunting. And our recordings were in that we are in the VPL stadiums up next Indians because it's Iraq and yeah. Crowd. Act. Who am I. You have. There's an investigation. Is that the culprit hands and that was the first year. Suite named Anna she style I. Aaron lynch and Mary. I like your new Harry Potter. And maybe that's how it act up persistently high. That's robbing us. X I. Don't have that era and obviously Robert I was not how. Did you. If people want it. We're gonna we're gonna. See an oddity. I'll act. Air for up coming at you can sign up. Is everything easy or really really excited about what things do you bring with two. Outs acts. How is bringing cooler app and potter a lot of these places no well which. Just that and it hit a I haven't I don't think that's funny that. That's in new podcast we should start. I have to. Well we'll bring patches you can be. Hit that arts and dishing out all the spirit he can be just aren't there I'm. Is that irony is. Seen read about and you share it gave me. All the time that hands oddity I'll. And up on your every. Episode is on merits all listed at the age. Our last investigation. Was and Colorado. Heated. Ale there would. What you're out you know scraps I gotcha. Government. She scratched and chipped out reverse that she got out got strapped her invite. If I am I happen at any mean to you. Off at that I. Oh yeah we don't do that personally. I because. I never know what you're again. Eight and I said Sally. And I. Back Larry is back. In. English out scratch you know get hair pulled out. Ellen in here I'm grant it. Nice. And the I will say when I did it well this year they Tutsi. And I there's a hot chick in yours out in united and Ernie and I am. I and her partner. Actually got it might be here. If anywhere. So my number one bucket list. Here. It would be. My number one bucket list for unity. Eight odd investigation. Op well. Islam and I'll let. Everybody that I. And I. And an hour is. It mean for years. I I I can win on tour I. And novice and as a friend. Out there and come on down the Carter and Imus and Carter and I went out there and it was. Amazing but I am a spoiled earn our baby. And I want the I. Because those nights were. I am building. Ice. In. And it's a great week. And past hundreds and now it's going to be it's. It's it's gonna be eerie. Minimal route air. It's a great start. At age and art. And and man at. Can you edit video. Out house she can't and I are gonna if I ever a time. Your investigation that night she's here during the day and seat. Anyway because when she's not she's gaming so I don't take her on the night she's not aiming. Now. Are out there. Back out. There breaking New York. Got a name. As your agent eighty axle in which. All I have any. It should look into one. I like it. Arabs oddity I'll. I and the hunt hunt. Is on T Mon August. 31. Indie pop and it was super answer and I did Wear my shirt I. And in Europe. You know I asked because they're listening to us. Yeah right he got hammered out talking we do keep up with the cat and Ernie is on her and her. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda follow us on social media on Easter grandma. And kinda dirty news on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and in these mix now.