KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 200

Wednesday, June 20th


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Go to the 32. Yeah Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and be in other news I live in May not like the entire premise that. And now on it. And here's. Eight gates and the candidate dirty girl small towns like the conference tournament arsenal and I can't look at. Yeah it was like the better also it was like the premier whatever and it was after watching ads I watched it. And it was that black and white and they are like us in a bun or whatever and. Is really heavily focused on the senate bunt and I was like are. I didn't know actually show us I stopped watching it I that's one way to an end product placement. I'm not all I want it there's more it isn't a bottom is not a regular thing on the show. I also wanted enough to show hasn't island lack of wind. Like move pretty much a solid 45 minutes percent last I have no idea I think it is because I'm not flicks the pictures are in color. I wouldn't match where you. Are you watching sound like bootleg version of TV I have an ancient version and it is well known black and white talked about cinema on the run maybe. I don't maybe hallucinate the whole thing. Quit being like you have IE and handed. I can eat recently reported on our podcast about and that Harry Potter and the first child being made into a movie. She hallucinating that it's not happening now. I think Nvidia. Really that actually isn't April Fool's Day this year and they got and a bunch of people are still passing matter around on ladies but it. Well yes there was checked your sources KD IG eight the survivor Canon Mary and I don't honestly I'm sure and yeah. We want like talked about doing our corrections section at the end of our park at 9 o'clock. We everything it's all of our great Britain's if we're well on its okay because we're just cannon nerdy or not experts. It's all of corrections act not cage is expert dirty news now it is time. He didn't know. It's. That acts the kind of dirty girl that you hear on the panel today is crystal we always try to get somebody else in here because sometimes Katie and I just an austerity each other and it's weird. But had a lot and when we don't really like each other. They are good I'm glad to pick up yet. I Cheney wants to talk about that MTV movie awards crystal I. Did you know about the MTV movie awards I knew about it about ten seconds ago okay yeah that's the general nobody. There wasn't hammered this was a big. EEO arts movie or not those are out which one gets who gets the space man. They about the music the arts and music month. Yeah I would the last out in TV flanking acting to acts that he's in music source Boyd porn and TV. And yet they need. Immediately and allow outlet. Went MTV and it's I would be television. I know that I mean I unlike unlike their programming is he's is mostly they. And you. Know that anyone still lots to. Teams out there live up here that didn't know that the movie awards were happenings are I doubt it. I'm gas and other people listening to that's right now are also shocked that the movie weren't happy. Since mid air by little they're eight and there are like celebrities that showed up to get their way. I mean black it cleaned up. New unlike all of our Astaro tell us about these let me know words that our favorite ladies line that we do know about. Analysts thought heck I had drum roll. And chat it doesn't watch it again like you're opening on the Fed announcing it and when. Women known best hero. Chadwick postman. Yeah. I Chadwick Bozeman. Best villain. Michael B Jordan. Best movie. Black panther. Black people. On screen deal out blackened and there's no stranger things yeah. I can't win black passion and show really Bobby Brown. And how it as a as an American most frightened performance put acknowledged that played well buyers restriction. On screen team new group from its well. Rules are that like half of them in strengthening. I cannot I cannot see it because that's still hear it every list. Yeah pretty good does not scary it was a teller I also don't like to be thrilled. It was not jump scary it was psychological. Heat that worse. I just carries about her from now. Adding and needed story you need to get into it. Mean that chapter to conduct in an actor and I ED I heard they're making it to I house and not see that. Ice so today. I don't I had never seen the original or read a novel so I had no idea that it knowingly about nine million pages. At the local sadly I don't Wiegert it is. Some artistic license ideas on where other book is very. Folks and all of the stuff. Yeah. This Tuesday for my liking and yeah yeah yeah. But. The original it was a very good at. But they crammed. There's two parts the buck there's department their kids knew the part where it penny wise. Comes back when they're adults look at next item backing and so the movie the new movie has split that into two parts broken necks when it's going to be an older severity casting Matt Cox. But the first but the classic movie did kind of both parts ones. When did department and older and every seem like it actor whenever a hunky yet less scary. Because he's less obviously a monster I can not technically he's an alien whenever I. You didn't like what he's no aliens. That's many I just thought it was a scary healing now easily clear creature from an alternate. Dimensions flash universe. Our tech. Alien but there's no other name or at well I mean I know what do you call someone from an alternate universe and it's still a report on our planet feeds on children. I think that that it's monster. And Eli and saying penny wise whenever he is he makes an appearance Weinstein and other. Books that I care about which one rail out all gas all of his books crossovers someone who's there are in the same unit curse. And him battling every now from corporate cemetery with an ass yeah yeah. Not at cemetery an ass is. Around. Hi this is how much I know about it thinking it's. And I don't live right Harry manner right scary thing while maybe not personally you're. He's a man who writes scary things I stay away from the follow him on Twitter any tax that is not all the time now. Only does he and odd little lie flat regained them a little bit for me. And it's not like this tiny little pain. She liked to strip house. I'm used in their cute idea. It was really dead it's not cheating. I don't want to watch anything that's going to stress me out. It might stress. Yeah I don't I don't like anti how I feel about sailors. That that's gross ID feel about ominous floating balloon and he had no I. Tell me. Because I didn't know anything about it and I can't remember it. Are what we were in the heater for our earlier in the theater to see something else or maybe at least picking up some tickets at studio movie grill for kind and hurting right now I walk again and their work. Thank random read bowling night. I walked up to the bar and I'm like I'm here to see kip Hyde I there aren't picking up some tickets and he came enemies like. When he Dana bash it like point at the balloon finally in that. Are you don't celebrate Mike does a win. I nursery. Yeah I'd pick red yeah I carry around it's just got a weird balloon I. In random places he's like are you serious. Well I know about it. He'll not monsters who try to eat kids like souls mean. You know I mean there's probably have a Buffy episode that would compare to that I'm okay with that how do you feel now I don't support monsters who want to eat small. I. I am probably like it. And it's also can I certainly have money. Not stressful shocking monsters yeah I page and I approve this message. I know I mean I've probably seen something like that in the lead. Watched. Like the blooper they've made it out so there's apart at the beginning and in February Georgie bill little brother he's the one thing with the boat rink that in the prime us. So that's very Nike company and sewer in now we offload down here almost asked that so loses out in the rain and it goes on the Syrian penny wise is down there trying to entice Georgie. Now there so he'd eat him not an actual movie since this is. That he's been out long time up split next your son. He bites Georgie and rips his arm off and any the rest of them Krause. But in the art. It's really intense attack is aimed at a movie does and then. It just cuts at. And dirty walking away with a both. And patty doesn't like. So little money blueprint they've made that lie in it lightened up the entire mute him you know. I would be happy to watch all of the scary movie bloopers that you wanna throw so how would be great. You don't like scary is now obviously you had to have seen some to realize that you don't like them yet but on the scariest. Ones that children have the Carnes our clients via. You you let me bring us like seven years so yeah I'm much older than you the mighty happy ending but she. Seven years all I lived on a farm the horror field it was like right out right now. And I knew all of those mean. And I think you can click farm girl that movie was dramatizing. I didn't get to the end so yeah. Happy are you kidding little like that breed they they've made in 2009 with eight better can it actually you know as the bright ending where they get murdered and I. I originally heard it's gonna land they like adopt those two kids or whatever. Is is all happy ending asking can look into the seventies. Back. Any thing I have like dabbled into things that are scary to see if I can handle it and then I canceled my duck and nevermind it took me. I think I. It took me sitting down with my husband on the fourth attempt. To begin watching supernatural. To get there. You know super it opens and immediately you know the mom's on the ceiling and I airliner and I can't. Could not handle it scary you know that was terrifying to me you'll led. I believe I think I'm desensitized. Now because now I can last super. I'm like on the nine children and acorn is right. He's not literally get an apartment complex whenever and now that's not yet at a term that you ever tried any of like the scary video games with a VR had. And I are. Pretty I'm trying so hard. I. I can't handle five nights different yeah. I want her to play and I'm not gonna tell her anything about the game its outlast. Now. I'm gonna go Google so that you can't Sunnis I sure it's a reporter at it goes to an insane asylum that has been overrun by the patients. And all like a whole premise of the game as you runner you hide. That's your only mechanics can't fight back he can't find yourself he can't hear yourself you have is a night vision came quarter that it. Okay well and I don't write the eggs and eat right it's like a big sign. And experiment or whatever and there's like Ed ghosts playing alternate reality demon thing but it's virtual realities on the haven't. I mean well they have most games that you can put into virtually those are the best that I have they asked. Yes yes you give her version of what the best it's nice. I think I'd probably be the worst Freel but for me it's. Fast because you feel like you're really there are really masters and it's Felix ready whenever I ask him two years and years ago there is an addition to wean that was basically just a heart rate monitor them. And I thought they couldn't use like organs or whatever where when your heart rate started to pick up the monster started coming after hours manner you know I obviously get a cut our problems and adding that. In IBM pro got second tape outs and he gets it Napster on its term do you feel about the deep ocean. What like ocean in general like the bottom of the ocean I don't go in the ocean. I don't mean like if each now I I like got a pool near the beaches. That's nice I don't happen in the ocean floor since any notion. Bunch of games that it's now bottom of the we're all dark and ominous and I'll. Preachers on how lurking in the sun and terrible to me you're trapped down here with whatever else is down year. I don't like I had to go underwater. Did you you know that's about me I think I'm one of those people who went I swam I display keep up on our panel I don't dot I turn my head right last as women. She don't put it under. It is not your hate is not under running water it's stare IKEA I don't like it at all I don't. When I in the shower I have a towel specifically for continuing to wipe the water out of my eyes tend to like probably three times longer than the average person to shower. If I'm constantly wiping water out of my guys land com. There's something about like. My tie is being covered in water that I don't like at all. To ever learn how to make those air goggles. So you like cut your hands over your eyes and then he'd duck you're eight cents. And it puts wired just around I see concede and Iraq are now I I I don't like it got up so I handled it. I've got a sign but I still when I'm under there and Gary. I don't hear. It is that they claustrophobia. It's something like patted some day some year apex predator anymore. Your parents I. That's I have a child has grown adult I am not an apex predator in any scenario at this neck. Anything else our rat. Rat anybody else would be a meal and now I cannot end well I think you've learned about me today is that I'm are terrified of everything about space space is fine I know fierce. Taste is like space here are the best harmonies or gains and these are like India and then like opt Frey was a great team. In C I know I guess space station to get overrun and you're by yourself with no help. Don't think. That space is this terrifying as we think it's like the things that you guys are watching them do things and right liking us on terror I mean even like not an alien some terrible person account tells them can rip it adds. Are often eat and I'm main gates I don't think I don't think that the universe is filled with scary monsters that ought to eat aspirin can. If there's life somewhere else I feel like they're pretty reasonable. You know shot it got up and I would not I mean if I if I find out if I go to space not find out that I'm wrong well then I'm dead so that's okay. That acts spaced out of scary at all I find face face I find space assets. Like it doesn't it's an idea of how big the universe as is very peace and so much. Because then it the way I think about how big universe is bad at my problems get very small. That's exactly let. Points me to think the opposite select you know I could just in at a cost him like the worst nightmare is that it's human is that it's. Because men are the scariest monsters. My. Giant monster is never going the other evening however bad like that's why people are so fascinated and horrified by it like serial killers and things like that. Because their people write. In space there's there are gonna run into very few people. Well nice speaking of killers out there is this Netflix documentary that I just started watching counseling and meeting up in I'm always. Evil genius on my self esteem is watching I knew I. Told her about it and I'm very far into it we and it I watched an episode. Ask us watch this. Got it's I mean it's so interesting and it's real god how. It's just in depth it's. In debt it's very detailed its footage terrifying. Because it's yeah that's actually happy it Brian. I'm telling you why did you. Lead a life like I do where you don't watch any of the staff you are less concerned. Current time back and I think 2001 where that pizza guy ain't tried to rob a bank whenever any had the bomb collar on and they blues head off yeah that's what does it out out. It's about finding people who built the collar and you know I'm really nervous wreck but the whole first episode is leading up to the skies death. Late at police frantically trying to figure out how to defuse a bomb collar and mean injured again who he is and where he came from that I was proud he was. Bombing and seldom or someone else it is and they found out that the bomb collar like so complex and so professional grade. And it had like seek ways built into it that they never would have been able to defuse it on my ass yeah. Yeah I earth I had tires and I don't have to watch it tonight plus some pizza guy who went and did is shot and brought pizza to somebody and they attacked him and put a bomb on him and forced to rob a bank inning killed them because. They gave it a setup on like a scavenger hunt or whatever it with the timeframe given he never would have been able to complete the app basically I'm really upset about it at Augusta I I don't. I'm telling you man as the scared I. Yeah let's start as a base that's there and you hear well and didn't hear the big announcement we've got space force coming. Annan. And then. And yet. It's happening space for skin let somebody else I mean not sounds like a cheap he wanted to and he every space part I really hadn't just space worst you can call it space force acts does that makes a week and fastest pace. I. Yeah I mean. We have. Yes doesn't matter what they've been the national aeronautics and you know her like they're doing space that's just bond them they're already doing stuff. I don't less and a space force NASA space for so it. Just let NASA apps. National Aeronautics and Space Administration force that's half. Serious on us I would quit. Best and leave my whole life behind to go work for NASA right now. What did a quick as a my girl alive I don't work for space tourists now spans protect. Its space for text. No don't try to link now. You know you could where they acts kind of like the X-Men but not exactly because copyright am close enough but not too close they asked boss to give it. Tilted. To. You hit. It honestly and I get I get my that's on when I heard the announcement about high schoolers write alone man. We got a parody that's. It. I'm anti meat is added that now that Lucifer are saved says that its idea I don't know. That's Matt quick shaded bench asked if you watch Lucifer they just put out a teaser trailer for an and not the Lucifer that I. But no that's not Lucifer from supernatural and it is on shout at down and whatnot he's toast spoilers. I heard. Right yeah sure well and it's say that's a that's not a it's critical that the shows get it has saved now. That there is because I would actually got to start watching Lucifer and that I heard it was canceled. Well as a part of that and now it's insane and thank you Netflix you have to sleeves and preaching. They do. You know they TO except for fireflies that I was just saying hey I can't hit every project today have firefly would have aired on fox the way that it dead and hot and order all of these people I mean it's only because now pitcher to get. Sam second. Yeah I mean fox did everything they can't be like and we funded this thing we changed our mind let's do everything we can't attract and ruins shall. We still talk about how quiet I felt yeah its it's out of it as well except the bank and its canceled. Hey you shift your round and could be I mean that part of the reason that can't really can't beat. Revived is because the people who were in Tampa on Condit be so successful and have such you know like. Do you think it's time gap you're not gonna get them back together. And I'm GAAP you know hey incredible I portal fears. Am going to see that this weekend I am so excited. It also. Like killed punch people on either wrapped and he asked about the now saying they ignore and battered knots. I have cannot I tried you know I think they can do which is I mean. Arrested Development kind of failed and it where they did the character focus shows yeah but I think that they could dude that I think all you regime some specials now not a dream that like hold it captain. Malcolm Reynolds right now he's probably not in that universe. He's probably not still with those people hey can you take whatever they gave a trap. So she yelled we've learned. We like hears him going to the grocery store I doubt I. Am never lied to us. He value without washed right now would be currently do not I don't want no thank you will nonetheless. I'll get out but I'm in it. Rivers story can continue on I mean I think that they really can do some specials and an end they can do in. You know order in order. To get into a levee break. My suggestion to you Netflix on how to bring fire (%expletive) it. Alison draining season 31 place already happening now holly and how do you plan and now yet as of yesterday I don't know if you guys have hurt but the cage is going to be coming out season human eye on the age this we have you right weren't. I think it's fright I ask. It's just Friday but I saw the preview for it that's excited at the budget. Actually it it Lex fantastic it Katie doesn't know anything about the Marmol Netflix. Well not me me ignore it I'll. I don't understand because you liked you you tend to like. Darker stuff and this is like the marvels dark stuff. Hesitant to start anything that's my problem I don't wanna commit to like thirty episodes of I don't I don't. Don't they like it she would love Jessica Jones all you've well I didn't. He's saying and has divot and it yeah if you had chatted for no other reason I watch him use the best basic rate felon. I mean. Harry Potter did at yeah I feel like what I'm talking here about watching Jessica Jones it would be like in an alternate universe MITRE deacons can dents Jessica Jones to watch your child she. Not our surge Jessica gallons. And what I wanna let out early now. I went. Speaking of Stark's yeah chain losses coming back locking dad yeah that. He die any seasons ago I like and doubts he'd die in many resident is dead at the US does not the amendment is dead dead from maps and I think he's reportedly coming back he's been seen on the sat. On and of course we know that Rick is not wrong for this world. It's a magic Rick went into the grave not gassing it have to be some sort of flash back or some sort of like hallucination and pray idiots like. As Rick is dying in the same way when Lori was dying he is like hallucinating at the gals are never a problem starts like hallucinating all the keep police killed or and I cause of their death. You know that's to be a weird because he's going to be way in warm bath now that's why they say. And though how did he buff up after he died you know the Amazon yeah that's yeah. Yeah so yeah. Or eat or eating brains he was working. Bob we have details on how to handle tent and English nation loses about fifty. What else is going on. Anything else K anything in your nerdy rubbed out any gaming things and do you Spiderman game I mentioned it last ambient air ignored it at well. I don't know if you heard it yet now I heard Jeff you just you know our ram with a Spider-Man thing it's not Tom Holland I don't care and I think estimates and stuff well. It's Spiderman the news item and current Spiderman I assume that would beat up on oh I'll ask who wrote. Place perhaps and well they're being virtual reality where I can interact with Tom Holland. Spider-Man it's not a dating game. You should he that harsh anti Harrison yeah. Where you get it cheers of let's marvel character your interacting with the incentives are hugely. Popular right RR LA they are. Are so weird and I AM best friend that is all sheep eight's release she Los she just doesn't have this virtual reality where she get there are formed really weird but I don't. There are any dating or at their is once he told me about that she played that. Eager dating people but the people are actually birds the year he I don't really under and I remember now. Now let's agent be aired yet yeah dating pigeons but I think she likes fat. I don't know why I need to do much to doubt about usually usually there. Belittling like actual. Meaning once they're let out played the Pentagon after Reid saying. Ready player liner like I like this is where our world was heading risk and I like exchange side in their virtual reality and and and and be lazy and stock and chairs. DL Mike's idea now don't make it more like HX where did she take all current harvest. Them and you got this right. We really need to get to space. Us spent our X. I'll see. Why I Cheney we just figure out. Howard getting these shows on YouTube because your face right now needs to be seen. It needs to be shame our. And there are so many elements in this. Podcast where one of us who say something in the elder what has this look of horror or disgust. I am. It's got action as we need at least angles and I ate each that would. Not just called. You up and multiple camera money help multiple camera body and and time to edit and multiple candidates and well at the time. Just resources again yeah and that's thanks east. Attack all right well. We know that's next do we like could I can't I mean it would be the best angle but if it was about us you can see us ninety every UC everything and we. Feel like your words it. Oh yeah yeah yeah the presidency and now we've got we dabbling on I aiming down while hanging camera. Just had dangled my phone number eagle is the best angle slightly up. Ace and you act we don't ask can't we got this crazy. And plus nine plus now metallic wide focus on. We can we do our job to crouch. Like and it did outfits out of action. Adding to catch that these microphones are gonna reach. Ask me tough questions go well we have three microphones over there if we put a couch surveyor can we do I have loudly your night. And yeah. Why well you know I am very IRA after listening to dismount and you would like to sponsor these kind of nerdy use. They head with it. Man who are anywhere. That you didn't tear us. You guys camera is an analyst at my demand media accounts exempt cameras and a hundred dollars at high up for what. Excellent nice really really hot right now can't I. Well yeah not it's not about any value and you'd like to sponsor us. Just email me KJ in east next backgrounds and we will get better because of your money thank you thank you thanks for coming to my tan tock I. Maybe you kinda got something useful a lot of that kinda follow us on social media on Easter grandma. And kinda dirty news on Twitter tech kinda dirty news or on our website and in these mixed down.