KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 208

Friday, July 6th


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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults doing stare at things a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean I mean that's like in tire problems. And now on. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls and that sag today is stopped my kids broke. We don't have any kids here are so outlets that did you break as a kid John. It broke a fan. I aid if filled out. And I thought that I can make its alike. It was broke into his weight residential yelling in my. They're boxed in a box can't tell it however it L lover and then elated. Run still but it would she ate like it was about to fall apart. You know I'd like you know what I'm gonna make is that it doesn't say it now likely ended up against the law like that she's up against is a what is taken undoubtedly did you really think that was an alert did you really think we weren't gonna know you broke that they end. The good looks and how. I chatted then emulated. My Amare instant break so when we lived in Florida eyes playing. With a Pollack neighbor and Hong EU's like that big red plastic. App never like a hollow plastic off we Israel baseball and I just this week it differently now calling. Just ash and I was like should have run Asher brown eyes rent. For your house yeah. I agree on the street and then my mom comes out here screaming on the street now like. That are never golf (%expletive) yeah supposed to break other people's windows and I am era I I have. I came homage cattle a ME announce like and. Yeah our our share your age I liked. How theory if I mean when she didn't come home for like six hour and I would assume that she was guilty also a rock and I was like 15 Pacific I. It through the neighbor's backyard and came home and I'm like well and I. Bringing. To added cheer things and and they both involve me in my older sister and men and and we brought stuff for my mom's. I don't know why we were grown adults at the time. Because we've gotten drunk get her sister's wedding the night before he's somehow. My sister's. That cell phone she slapped on the couch. And she herself on split the niece like in did that like under the cushions like and that crack yeah. And then ended up. Underneath. Slight bit off like yeah Nash thing inside the match bracket. We mirror is because. I called it. And where we can actually. Oh yeah yeah. Such I mean my mom loved this cash she just got like a month old. We did everything we can't we're trying to tip the I think I argue their finally we just cut at home I. The idea yeah I think it. And you put everything back and we never tell my mom that and he had a hole in her couch and thankfully while not not. At some terrible speculation have to read the first. And there are now sick it's you know grandma and my dad broke a snow globe and blamed it on me front among. So a lot of these again Florida we had to elect is living or dead thing aha and it had like we can't shelf and a thing all along the back walks out on big window yeah like right at child level. So my dad I was throwing things at my sister and my sister is young she's just getting reflexes and Adam. And they are playing with the with the ball back again so I guess like we're never allowed clip that's why. I EE heat wave it and she missed it and he. Smash one of the snow gloves behind here early without hesitating turning goes. Yeah. Like her snuggled legends like and. And the other ever out of my mother's when I was a kid with her rants. Did you I don't know why. I don't know who taught us this game or why it ever became a thing. But it was it was like I am duct gotten used by US open people. Everywhere you like close flying people out we called it and we do it all we called it a pig pile and shows are very. Dangerous. Well I grab finalists on a farm and was shocked I have a feeling that came from I hit my gap had it there were sixteen kid and his family and not. Most of them were boys I I think a lot like. Like rough housing things I feel like this is where I came from but at any point in your life. Someone would just screen. And John every lot in the vicinity would Ryan and talk you know I just can't be my god I think. Yeah Herbert and then you do needy. I'm reroute the iron MIA. Sister screen. Big pylon mom. And we Lugar we brought some film and we brought ever Grand Slam I and I went and they continue I think that was the end of pig pile. Yes I warmer on CNET you know so I did. Like her at that point she only had four kids and let them all nine of us John and honor but I can't hurt my brother's leg left he did and what would even Aaron. I was you know knew his army is now you'll some I don't. Item on the bad moon inept as he can get up and scramble an amendment he missed and tossed him onto the football or. Emergency room and he kept on by Deborah my leg. I call it PG. A year later are you couldn't shake a little lamb I haven't found aisles yeah. And I. Am. Wow he has had a decent family is not we never did that night that is physically aggressive act. I mean my neighbor broke my sister's nose with a baseball bat like a legitimate baseball ballot one of the Madeleine. She was that the umpire Greg says ask any behind them and we're playing in our yard of course because we have like the best guard played sports and and so he's one manganese smacked my sister right in the nose to use the blood god. And I I think you can lead I Nat I have only swung a golf club once in my life. For charity. Reason this is on the farm right sat out and there are we went there were three houses on the farm my grandpa wasn't one we were in line and now and get my uncle as a one and he had. Five children. And sound like they're always plot to children and a pig pile yeah but what you have. Green then one day my cousin who was my age got out his dad's golf clubs it was like we should. We should call it we went up I wanna the heels on the farm where. You know like golf offside yeah Allen's. Byrd is getting hit Bob and I can stay I I still don't understand why he would stay. Yeah. I'm actually and I think you know like well you know I kid you lots going on T I swear. Yeah I shot. I track it will pay home Ernie yeah imagine good. I mean my golf club cracked didn't have egg Romanian. Mr. got to take on once we kept on the sidewalk. So she was like two or three year whenever my end like she just had those T. In a mountain mutant kids get Heatley are never right but. She was running out of after me when I was older than her I was down the street and sentence she is running after amen I'm little bit kinder tricked. Her teeth split your time right down on my shipmates. And and then we're on my bottom lip there is literally a hole in the bottom and I made it to heart. My nephew did that this weekend I guess he was so close then have to ask you go to the emergency or our I had to go to the airing its agent and I broke my tooth and everything to get your time and it. I dressed up so dress yet but she so. Only drank chocolate milk efforts I've Beers of her life and ended up not having any top teeth in to us it's like six can finance. They don't hurt like rotten when they came and so they just. Yanked mountain have any teeth in any image that has until it's like. When my nephew that his her says he'd he'd only. The read mine do when he got his first senate seat he smacked into like a coffee table and knocked ST for anti he's three now needed that when he was like. One is on my vessel for two years he hasn't had any idea how are all out. When I it was kindergarten in the market and you know you have like your big T front eaten Luna. And I was right yeah. Must go to kindergarten. Yeah us but on the bus. First that tripped and smashed my face on the stairs are you kidding me down ninety odd day of kindergarten all around him I think he can no I didn't have to go. I dollars and air she's like yeah. And you're gone and it's a she called my mom worked my mom's like. Originally yeah and then you know whenever he comes rushing home for lunch and Mike. And is it an eleven or mine in my business I turned a look at her and smile and EI. RI. Yeah. I busted my nose playing red rover. I'll diet that is actually a so fun to hit other kids in the okay you say and you think about a guy I always then. Even the tiniest you're gonna short I'm the sharp rise a little would be chest level for you is ace level right and that everybody loved is that the send me over because I'm a little wimpy girl can't breakthrough I initiating you're like. We are playing and why me. That teacher thought it was a good idea for us to play in the jams so much it was like I was early winter day an hour recess was in the gender gets too cold or box nice to. Outside and they are playing right router and I remember I mean it was like. In slow motion might. I'd never make it through this time I'm got. Till it gets out Gerri it's a fires. And yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I like I bust through. And I should. Yeah let's moment it's. Dead wrong. I mean all my. You know I imagine I'm. They're coming did that that this the school office and she's like. Raiders do it I did just that I can only mode by knows this I can't limit the rhetoric like there's like nerve damage I don't know and I don't like bewitched like my. I was saying I can't and. I can't I can't jump us right back not I hate middle school gyms and parents and one day in middle school in. They're playing dodge ball or something near. But I was out. So you know you go and you slide along all to go sit on the ground ma am Islip long outlet and it had. Those two little prongs that are supposed to hold cables and. Straight out and it went straight up my spine. Thinking well. And I'd kind of hurt so calm really hurts what to me why I started like. Get a little upset about that and I was back in a tight standup and the teacher grabs back my shirt millions like you need to go to the nurse. There as like yeah not really sure I am here in now and then I turn around and she's like. You've let on your shirt. All right well. So they called my mom and I didn't have a change. It was like a late scratch but enough currently actually aren't a lot act. So the moral of the story is that we're not allowed to have things or play sports well I never like leaning against a wall and then slide down now convinced terrified I can't yeah. I did it is an ad. She's great my back weekend. Atlanta this is better than he had that injury additionally I've met Alan I usually dirty thing. So this year. Was captain America's hundredth birth I know I thought. I had no idea acted you shocked Chris that is three it was so cute happy and happy birthday to confront him. I had 100 out of out of that Villa hit. She's like I know I'm like Chris said to Captain America in happy birthday to it and I were speaking from. Your person yelling ninth Donna you know I had at him he's such an expert he's good friend of mine yeah not like. Any satellite or 100 as the new when he yeah. Turned out hotter and little that it's there though a little bit of discrepancy there are depending on what kind of a thing and you are in the movie. When you see he is. He has a they flash to newspapers and it's got all did the gazillion things wrong with him yet his birthday as well as it is listed as July 4. 1918 but in the comics it's July 4 1970s. And some of them on the and yesterday overnight. He had a 500. What's important is that July 4 yeah yeah yeah still aren't on dikes are fans now large tent. Relay march 10 ranked seventeenth now when Bucky Barnes is we're not how did you become a national holiday how did you find that it just a little yes it America's birthday is actually a national holiday so. SN Comcast and get past the bigger picture. Ourselves we have march 10 off now I have kept America without Bucky you're welcome. I shared that name out of his shotgun around that San. Don't forget to leave milk and cookies. It doesn't hurt yeah. He did it hit that 01 listener. Commented back for time already broken elbow shelves now my kids sob actually. It was like it's an off about it it's like. Make surely irresponsible choice is a good banners up for captain. And com let it made me happier and I shocker sentenced weakened yep I appreciate some money. Right I keys like they've beak on lap yeah by. Only talk about his new movie don't talk about Captain America minute drastic are. And turn. I Ron comes. In there are like OK yeah yeah I'll everything you know this person from don't talk to mount any handling it out. Daddy junior's iron and it ready and he was in before that doesn't matter right the record energy usage agree actor. I mean he ideas and yes I literally he means you payment him. Oh yeah I. Maybe you kinda got some. Follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website at in these mixed down.