KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 209

Monday, July 9th


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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face allotments doing weird things and JD in other news Eileen and I mean that's like in tire problems. And now on. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls and as we speak dear we have not seen that man and the last jet set. Not Scarlett warrior and I can't. There's an Nantz he's also a man aha there's about lady. Lost K and let's give credit to the lost the first all female that is headlining a marvel movie can you believe and I knew marvel later. Captain marvel is that act captain marvel is the next movie that comes out isolating. Also ready yeah girl power kind nerdy girl power lock Errol how. I pick her acting debut event saying I I shot a second and then maybe now that an Angel while a man and the watts. Thank you very it's. Over the week yeah I saw a lot of Ed. I think what some confusion I'm thinking more mad about it I hope it's not like the Star Wars fans. Dinner like they don't complain any Star Wars fans if afterward complaining. Now yeah I was watching Buffy last night and I. Bobby always made up parts fell it was probably a word that it was in Washington are actually our ports are technically made at joined demise vocabulary shout. There was some confusion. And I saw some of the comments I read it gives the media spews everything's so. Not everybody is celebrating right great opening weekend that man and it YX number one opening. I 85 million dollars it it it might be more at the time that word she's so much money. 85 million dollars and we're celebrating as a huge success. And it some lie and it pointed out you know well how is this a success when. So well a Star Wars story you made a 105 million dollars and people sent it tanked and it was terrible like. I ended up making more money I I do a 105 was the four day opening. Com but I think the difference and I think there's a lot of difference I think the big thing is is is expectations. If you go and you look at yet man who is 88 minor character that most people had never heard of on it made. I. I wanna say almost double what the first movie made so when you make a movie and then you make a second one and it doubles what you made in the that's that's a success. I have an opposed to. Solo which is a movie based on a character that we know and we loved and they spent 300 million dollars making an and then there wasn't. And make more money and you spent a gas I that I think that is any not. First and made 519. Million dollars. I'll fan but opening weekend I know that I saw that they made by almost double what they made opening weekend. With the first man movie as opposed to grant and the 87 million up and shout out. That's what I mean that's the big hit me yet and and that the man franchise growing and I immediately infinity more out not at all. And it had it's like a lesser known character as opposed to console alone you with everybody would've been rationed out to. CN. I know about I I it. Exactly no one rushed out to see that it didn't make my goodness it's our worst franchise that hey it worked out I thought anymore these signs starting at eight T easy and well it's gonna answer iron and two more questions. That people got app from what I hear it it does and it's not just. You're not just watching going thank I thank I. I'm only getting some answers to infinity well we'll find out tonight only reliable movie is one Nigeria shell at this point. We have not seen it I did see. Interesting timing I don't know that it it was planned. By. Captain marvel. Wrapped production on the day that a man in the wasp came out. I can nice striving marvel. And I imagine that they said ninety. You have to have this movie rap no matter what because it doesn't really matter to tell our I was attic cool to see. That that a man and the loss coming out and then brie Larson tweeting and so the wrap of captain marvel. Speaking. Wrapping filming yes game rounds is now done. I mean career did you say it may seem millions. Instant Graham tarnished. Though so this hour were. Out. Fat and you realize I want this. And I know I'm just she's all grown up your whole life yeah your whole life and it. It's a pictures it sounds just like her shoes are all bloodied. Engines like you know talking about the good ventures to come and give my. Via aria my. Amylin is patty gets in and I can't you can't I don't have any idea. I really got I got little finger was gonna end up arms around he was so conniving I'll read you may lashed about Al about heat in the back grand offs now. Spy masters never make it weren't ports and now. But I just thought like he was he was just so good kind of stand off the rebound past well his fingers and everything I usually did. What's. Yeah I thought for a long time it is in India Johns now yeah but I'm not sure anymore yeah that's like it's too. I think John is our nearest thing is just too obvious like cousins are where the bag and burger too obvious I I say don't count outs on my money. Design. Robert Durant eons kid gender meet and greet her. Half yeah me as Bennett would be like some ironic. Full circle kind of angry that Latvians are actually still on the around the end and that's what NASA yeah. That's where my money is it I I still aren't I dragon. A dragon dragon. Moving into a dragons just gonna ruled out tonight and yeah and I don't like to think about the night in the in the dragon. Aren't. A lot of act. And act as I can deal without luck could be aria or cents a yeah so Assad that it is an IMAX idea I think she is species. To the worst guys in the story she hats. Yeah I am completely resourceful we got a route ever. Mean they haven't even said. An actual belly yet still sometime next year we were thinking spraying there's only 360 at dazed geez it's a rap too now so they got a Giuliani abandoning him and ran it on and yeah. Yeah like endings that wouldn't spoil it asking yeah that's what I feel I add. One of the actors when you finally want to mean and you. CNN that one. I I'll follow it all works like your rather like your your butt kicked it can't fight scene for like 47 days. And that's not really how it ended. But yeah I mean the rumors and then I have to laying them twenty unit do has had so how old man. Actors and I just think about it. Everybody's been changed at even and Sherron and except the except you never made it maybe you can make an end to the prequel and dragon land. Yeah it's more dragons I mean I think as. What that dubbed the buck if your book and the book that's coming out it got a couple bucks that are still to come because you have the final blocked. And then you have this prequel about. The dragons. And then there's the prequel TV show that's coming asking you have to Wear it on it. Prequel anymore it's just story. Well it until they catch up to and the day that brand got pushed out a window. I'm remember that. I want my one of the many negatives against Amy and there are IR OU push ticket at a window outlook Fareed tell me he's isn't one of my favorite characters now I think he's very well done character now. A lot of very welcomed every round characters flat out and like you know they're. Not perfect people we just what I love in a story which is accurate Patterson yes they're awful lot of terrible yes are still lovable and guests. I'm thinking about that I mean totally out of the world but I. Re watch. The revival of Gilmore Girls yesterday. And is that they do not golden girl and that's the old lady snatched now that there. Laura lie and Rory Gilmore who women stars how around. It pretty much every and a woman on the planet as well system except you Katie. Actually that might make you. Damp and I want your review of love actually. I wasn't watching it when I was watching I Gilmore Girls yesterday I lost my train of thought were returning now I love this show is so much because. I love these people that sometimes I just. Get so mad and I like you really are all terrible. Terrible decision yet I mean my husband and I got ongoing battle. Which I worry should've ended up with me never and the whole time we're watching and then their sometimes or he's teamed up again and Logan does some things are Mike. Not so bad not now. How can turn orange isn't sure. Britney was there a line don't you try to come back and make me team Logan now yet. I love shows where the people are real and sometimes a character that you love so much goes down around. I thank you cannot stop being mad at them. I had to take like one. Defining feature from what makes it each now what makes it button it would be dead actors. School story dialogue action we'll see you I would ever. Can still be boring and you know as boring people right. Eyes but I think Arnold's cashed in on yeah yeah I think TC back east or cannot let it hit my with wonderment because that's budget and characters that. Yeah. Yesterday ears that I a true measure of how much we love a movie among its characters. Out we found Justice League and Peter it was one of our kind of nerdy Knight Alec advantage. And so we've. We thought we like. I. Did not I'm I'm not asking for my money back that was cool. Yesterday their alliance worry we can have watched him free on the man. And I and I said to my husband if he said hey look what got out and I said yeah he has no. Every watched Gilmore Girls a year in the life for the fifth time. It just. Two words yeah. No. It speaks volumes now you feel about those. Characters and I did not Wonder Woman I really do I'm excited for the second G I do nothing but I was image as it possibly cast my heart. True. And that she'd visit a hospital. She got and bulk costume. Link to the hospital and she cannot imagine home did you have accomplished that mean I can you don't have official passing because I lined up like. Calling acting however if I was and the east are I would tell at least in my off yeah. They can just make more you think it you know and the avengers and they are Robert Downey junior has an iron man's duty can just put on when you're known as one. But it's not though one is no one got stolen your mate Sebastian Stan walks around his house with his his metal arms up. That said it was a pain and on yeah. Exposed skin I didn't turn out like this in and his arm. That they have to like. Jelly up his arms so I can and says he's not like this learning I'm gonna make my bowl game with one man alone he had now now. It would be cool if he didn't. He steals. Creek again and those little clock gravity one's mood a little red star on an egg out yeah I liked a lot of little grill you can pass Randy nerve yet. We should market that. We shouldn't people I. Pray. I would by the end one on one that reaches up in the cleans your fans and they didn't get wins on the end. Dexter on it. That's how I feel like there's a market for that for their winter soldier cleaning the line. Me I'm. Much more interested in and cleaning my shower and I had the winter soldier armed is what really scrubbed the hell out of that like mildew music when you do. How does that play likened to email me at. The salt he doesn't really haven't seemed to have the SPX. Colon robotic. I'd I would probably just talked a regular avengers team for that game now and can you say a little bit. Her humble little bush. Saw cash. Nothing that yeah yeah now I feel I need that befell avengers the Internet access he got back and listen I. If you don't want it went your soldiers and let the music that plays during the bill she HC. Yeah where like steps Atlanta flying car with nick fury and it and that is amazing how loud at that just you know any of my main job is to be on the radio and play music and I love. I'm Sean can. Can might just bring out I can't feelings. Not yet ready outfits from me gaming world did you get. No okay well any activity six and November read it to act Alberts now. Around then you I'll be busy I look at while I'm real quickly can I had a call a guy for his movie review. I guy from another podcast but showdown podcast is gonna do arm our movie. Movie revealed on mixed Monday movie review melancholy Monday may yeah. Eighties and I guess they should let people like remember something from my shout after giving it just your topics like I a lot of things you talk about but if you do the meaningless Monday Paul Mellon color and and a mixed Monday movie reviews they tend to remember sell out quickly what did you think a lot actually. Okay. Wasn't expecting it. I looked at as you guys talked nothing get in and I was like it has Rick crimes and it now. Sure locking ransacking we we said great and again can you didn't wanna I wanna my favorite movies but I also expected like. Again girly movie and I don't let that happen out. Yeah his leg that you're Sherlock was naked on the big. I was. I. Just love yeah. Got just I'm in love actually dwell on it immediately the first scene where he shows up and it's just imminent Garland it's like onset or whatever like. The Japanese and exactly how that's. What are they sign me up tour. I doesn't it and it had like the kid from the maze runner in yeah yeah up and then you had all our all Internet yeah he sounded. Weird can you let them like try to do a Georgia accent. Last somebody yeah I'll recommend then yeah I think I aimed at giant hairball yeah this movie to wow. Every right is that they did you love yeah. Hugh Grant dancing. I was more impressed with how they kept all of plot lines straight a based all kind of blended over a little bit that's. Yeah yeah yeah just after it was like noticeable that they were all tied in and Allen definitely the school and Christmas and year whenever I play it. That the guy that goes to wonderful place called Wisconsin. On that bar. I swear to god whoever made that movie went to the bar my hometown and recreated it yeah kidnap barn on my daddy and our. It aggravated a very good job. Like I like tied tied the beginning of the end beginning arrays like monologue at the airport or whatever he's happy it's in a girl glory to each other whenever the US like I don't know if Steve's wife was still a deal with Ameren are going to be the same when hand. But issues opening up and an let's put that. Got into was can't send mom he brought some girl back yeah yeah yeah needs are I'm. Look up the red nose day love actually reunion they did last year I'm not managed well I think Tariq is it's a little extra love actually. They did that they they caught up with everybody where they're out now and it was really cool. So well I hope we we didn't say spoilers before your love. And then Harlem and I have. Chad thank you I always do well also I did hear an alien movie review its. I like where's Orlando little. I Sheila Sonia earned don't have the term. It does not spread pat cash lover. Katie chief angst. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. 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