KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 210

Wednesday, July 11th


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Go to the 32. Really don't grown adults I'm doing spirited things a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean not like in tire problems. And now on. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls and I'm. Any announcement party being in the rapper idea ash and it AT&T. Name there. Or eighty culture he Ari says that's. On and on an Afghan culture wake up you can't aware fancy and a Q Ari. A guy I like that office staff since Alexander has been as hot act like it's but it is not last. I was justices peppered and Arnold in his actual name what's his name now they're like yeah he carries at. So maybe that's her last name. A culture that even with McCain still makes me being younger. And I. Party are I got this. There was a lot of things I wanted to bring up today and kind and hurting as I did you hear that and I don't remember where the couple as they name their baby knee again. After knee again from the Walking Dead laugh. Hate him actually. Allen here don't hate it I. It could name but they named it not like it wasn't like it and they need and we got we thought it was cool like they know what needs you did. That being said. Like. Almost all the biblical names are also terrible you know I did edit it out everybody. Does lets you know. Picky guy but hated dad yeah I'm in the Booth in music aided. No one looked at like not well I don't think need is a girl's name. Now all but Ed I just think at some point you you know. Every did you ever ought to know like why your parents named you that they didn't. Yeah because my option was Marguerite amber Katie and Matt mom picked the normal one. In the normal name only Amber's I've ever known Narita any Amber's now and I don't not and I don't really nice Amber's name. You know cameraman I'm not a name out there they aegis associate with people you don't like yeah. Mine is Britney. I amber amber and Tiffany. I can't think. Yeah and antiseptic so are my caddie came out of left field Yasser hole. As less is known in his locker. Room all my premise twin sister's name is Margaret Amish name is Marcel my Marcella and Margaret how minus Michelle. And my hand and that's my middle name embryo often. What Anderson urged members are. You have to that is not my last name. Is okay and yeah I cut. Because I really I mean you're out and Austin TES secret identity is it. A little I know I made it yeah and our panel at saint the sponsor but somebody did is getting out toys right now have fast food place. And instead of calling a last inaugural a last a girl which is who she is right. Named miss stretchy or something telling upstairs. Near misses incredible. No now classic girl she misses encouraged his last chance but that's not Wear fame well I don't call Carty be mrs. offset. Mrs. obstinate. Now that she's every member referred to as mrs. credible and he didn't earn their fame in our own right or whatever you know right. I'm sure George Clooney's wife while famous actress extent now sometimes called this is cleaning probably yeah. About I'm so glad he's okay did you hear the end car ER and motor scooter NN he was telling sixty miles an hour he was thrown twenty feet and live here many journey east fine I'll think the Lloyd brown may. Here's the weird part in Los there's video it. You can see it on the Internet I can't I will now wanted I can't cross that happened. I watched and. It's been anybody named amber I reportedly curious now. I can't back it up and let's backtrack and and not me and him yeah better amp and the want to know what it's obvious he would deal. Yeah greedy game just got. Movie and general. That I just. I was watching and thinking about it and action scenes and more road work have to go into those action scenes because their shrinking in getting bad again. Yeah I have to deal rally at both scenes twice won large ones small and and they can blend between attempt but they think about how many takes they actually don't. Yeah I mean they probably were doing action scenes patronage at choreography right landing yes and all of the training it takes at a time I was amazed by actors and actresses because they have so many more skills that night. And I mean you can have those same skills he's had to put the work ended I don't. I asked I actors and actresses who dropped for game like stream an ounce of weight for it rolls another. Early that worries me and it's so unreal and all of the Hilton not impressed at the dedication. I like cat likes take act Chris Evans for example love to these actions as they continue to learn like different. Forms. Fighting. And I actually do right I get there by. I mean yeah they have a stunt double but a lot of that stuff but they're due in and out punches and yeah and do all those things like he's doing on the handling that and look at your job I don't know why attain what they came to us. Here when I was seven and the next and they said. This station needs more action sequence yes I am. Oh. Yeah and your have learned to jump off the deal. I know of fighting on and you're going to have to get a train and get it out rock solid on the big muscles and. It's well labs might come into question we're not an act that much assistance have like they have personal trainers at choreographers they have always. Martial arts and professional experts that teach them how to do these things that they have to put attack came in to learn it and has honestly I don't have to come to the next and then go do that on their free time personally I'm Ali welcome epidemics and if you estimate for this I am in the months to come to the mix I'm here every. I would personally love wages burst out into song and dance constantly and brought me music I would love that all. Like you normally have skill you have to have treating I'd win when you're talking to. Amy Lee and as an essence. Speaking out yeah crystal. My attic and nerdy girls that sits on the panel here yes she came to me after that she is like. It certainly if you changed her life letting her sit in on. Yeah she not all of these questions. I kept looking out over water like ready to get burned in the new York and she's gonna throw out I'm. I like her now under the wire here to my broader right away and made her first question just again she melted down like we get one mentioned that finally I like. Toward the end of our time limit with eighty me I started. Poisoning at crystal like I'm continuing my eye and I'm talking with Emilio and it doesn't I'm putting out like it's. So I would just think nurse adds a bad. So I think eight aunt. She can't she's like it changed my life it was amazing but I want you gave her an amazing guests by letting her sit and I'll. How well what other things we learned about. It really is that when she went faced when they got their record Dion were Indian are going to be like performing in front of thousands of people. They had heard tapes stay like stage clash like to learn how to act with a microphone. Because all she ever did was like hold the Mike around to keep our eyes closed and I you have to do and yeah learn how to. And state tournaments yeah. Connect with the audience. That's the 1 thing I am teacher artists OB at the man teaching him actually at us. But she's already sky she would sit in at eater. It was just her onstage and has guy who was her acting coach and she would have to take the Mike are front and saying passionately into you might like it here I. Am. I can't. Imagine. I. So bad at any evidence right harder when your eye. And tell you have to pretend that you're singing passionately. In front of a bunch of people but you're singing and I. And when young and he's judging you on how you doing. Why do you love attention now I I feel like Ambien and I would just giggle every time do you bring it on green street and their like. Adds up yeah. The Oregon has no idea but it really focused. That's how relaxed I cannot be an accident and it can be a frantic green screen and probably don't watching the outtakes and things of their life in front of the green screen it's so funny that most analysts are funny are at John I am and and the lots were gonna get into some spoilers here can't you don't care. Now. I had Jack. Well. I loved. This movie was very funny envelope already yankees. Must save. I am with the girls name and then Evangeline Evangeline Lilly Evangeline Lilly and I agree you should eat out. Now doesn't change as a great stays abstract way other than that culture yes here culture culture nonsensical to close. Our culture key aria thing that Larry had to ask feature kid named Mindanao. I know but it really did think they weren't really low to get there and allowed his daughter. I'm nice guy as he was sell off them like is the first movie she didn't really have a debate role. Election a bigger role in this movie and she was just she was just so adorable she writes I think they acts that Q. There are I mean there aren't shy that relationship a little bit in the first in man but in this swine. It's just really like captured that make you beautiful father daughter. Relationship and this funny or I because yes things that she will I usually joints and asked that. Let's say that may not completely appropriate the real world in other daughter relationship but. It was very cute and that and I mean I thought that the entire movie. Everything you injured and what's gonna tell me about infinity or no secret about red light. You weren't sitting there I felt like I wasn't sitting through a man and a loss going when we get to this Infiniti horse came right. And yes the only. He should know India it knowing where 98 so many people are and now and I disappointed because well you find out of the end and when you get and I mean what I mean. Baton mid credits scene. Well just I bet you're defender like oh yeah split makes an eighty lore is where. As well have wrong. My soul I'll. And it's a place ads and it lowers hat does it take place right far well where a sequence as the day you find out you fired boilers are you yeah you find out it with that mid credits scene. Exactly when it make your thinking it must be you know there's a few days or maybe yeah. You understand I he's on house arrest so he's not you know he's not going anywhere help the avengers well. I mean yeah. I do that out right away and he's I have they cannot explain like what happened to him after civil war now he's on house arrest you're like oh that's why he wasn't. You know in infinity work is looking at. On. But and you find out in that meg credits scene. That everything that has been happening basically in that movie leads up to the moment that pianists that this. Rican and now it's happening. Shot at a time now saying yeah yeah yeah just you know it made me more upset about it was that. At the end because spoil air. Hold me and her dead and her mom. They are turning into dental and man is in the end and the core of their route around race. Well made me so upset about it was that they spent all of this time and energy and money trying to gate the mile. I'm out of the quantum ground and then she dies that's. Then. I mean I'm sorry I think it will die and show her. Yeah well he'd laugh out and anti Islamic press Wednesday over there guy like queens Manhattan. That would I mean flat and that white hair in the end strategy that's awesome I. I know it some blade I remember her being cast in the movie by. I forgot about it so and even though monopoly is national life learn oh my god that is heard act. It's just option and then that there's any credit. Was it it's kind of but it's kind of a waste of time that's why not it's not important to any plot line but it was really funny because you're watching it. And spoilers. It's and it's just it's the big is big and and Eads plane and then I had the drums however I think he's just I'm sorry you're just sitting there and that's really all that's happening you're like what the now. On. And that's it and then we. In its not like so it goes black right you're like the whole crowd goes 08 dollars 900 C. And man in the wants the return everybody else. And they had a question marks each dollar. The inner ring around yeah. I don't know how to play with yeah yeah okay. I I thought it was really fun. I was aiming and the last was very it was really funny it would recommend absolutely. As less funny he more funny Dan or rank Iraq. Still haven't seen. You know. I think different funny if I was. I mean it was so over the top right just like ridiculous like that science plant might kick in people opt out. Bridge in that. Man and the watts was a really good to mix. I felt like there might. You got more emotionally attached to the characters and get a good job of developing these characters. You still laughed a lot. On it I mean his his friends are still just as funny I'll Louise Lily is a desist he brought out all invited a game this much on iron and I guess it it. You weren't sitting there are going I'm watching this to find out like I can. You know. Debt for the next infinity wore it well I Celtics got to be self contained a movie. Full of humor and emotion and action and I I I just loved it I mean I've always. When someone has said to me I never watch a marvel movie I start and guardians I feel like a panel. Because. Guardians is just aren't right yeah it's not much it's not a superhero movie LA yeah nitty gritty Captain America the first enter the current stardom. Don't see the king love. It adds but if you've got someone who is like I don't like superhero movies I've never many sent out I mean I have I have really hike and that's our eyes aren't big party ends and then makes the day get cooked and they go back and they want to. Now did it answer any questions about infinity more. I really. I mean you know wearing out and well I'd anyhow you know I am and yeah is endless. The question as. Clues to figure out that yet and stuck in the quantum round nobody. And can't figure literally nobody because nobody knows that he's there nobody knew that he was doing well. That means my Doctor Strange hearing. But struck. Well I'll act I asked him. I had to save the day and every where that in the First Lady his love for his daughter and hearing his daughter's voice he pulled himself out. When he Yang and he was kind sub atomic he pulled himself out settling into his daughters and investments. Did you see that saying that the question was asked when went and I snapped his fingers. I did it affect animals to in the answer was yes and he he dusted happy animals on the play high while. I can't ask it a little bit of feelings for you can't ask. I I. If you empathetic. Kind of billing and make a little sympathetic but not a whole lot I just did our lives for no reason yet to me if I am in but he has every sources. I don't usually miss any. It is himself committed tennis and that's gone that's it is actually genocide yeah. Link yes black Sox aren't that being yes NAFTA deal and on our part. Makes me in but we get captain marvel Max movie and get a Santa hats and stuff for infinity mortgages and it was a fairy ruler. Yeah it's Laura you see her the little you know. Beeper. And then hit. I don't know how dare these days her yet he did page well. Maybe apple last meal and it did that last moment but is his last line I'm really upset because they get ages gave him that F bomb honestly been. Am reminded of PG thirteen movie I think it depends on how many asked bonds you have India there's. Then there's our ratio really that ask you should've saved if an Allen Brad again because Simeon Jackson is the perfect person that line. Yeah. He's he's fat he has said the F word so many times we need Anderson because we we are yeah I heard and finish yeah. It. That switching gears to DC. Yeah. That lets I finally be any interest and he carried aluminum roof Joker mean what the Irish always use that we ran into a and it's finally get credit it deserves for those ironed out now Katie please announce who the next chapter in Joaquin Phoenix on my parents. I'm sad that it really done you know that's I believe that it yeah you can I not at. Avid okay alleged started the base here I would the last Joker did let up yet we now. We data now and I'm not Ed I'd I don't know it was and arts it was an awful script they're awful setup or what not and probably a mixture of those things. My man who is a great actor. Yes. I mean of my personal opinion I think you should ain't music or his little gloomy is your blood Lebanon. Besides I didn't do my client is done he's done and many movies that I don't watch. Yeah I'm gonna look at night and I question Disney a little bit not every actor needs an album new crew at every musician need to moving and you know pat. Joaquin Phoenix is a very dynamic there. As a very good chop I can't tell anything like and a little unhinged here than her. And Lou about where you found nobody managed. He was designed for Spanish and how gladiator known village. Now seat of village and its it is an amazing haven't got anything about hockey at all. That many. Ethnic. And I watched the village okay in this game now and it's just it's not scary gone home yet on Netflix. Arts Jessica jam. Touched down low. Actually Barack does not but for some reason cater refuses. Thought well I think is the best of all of the I Netflix make it to you watch the village beginning and then I'll watch Jessica Jones for the equal amount of time. But then you're don't want much more earn. And what's the problem needs to win and Agnes and you'll hear Campbell and we mean I have to do it on my Harry Potter. Negative watch stability he can't potter is way longer than the daily. No I don't think about it. And as such a good premise and if so well done and like I don't think there's. Below creeped out at different parts like it's. Kind of Blair witch project he'd been out of scary that's not sound like I'm proud I'm not announced on the show and makes me at her it's really dead parrot like it. I guess I can't let a little high club what I'm that's my course of my theory doing the job and at that I also agree on the question at but. It happened at Orleans and it not happening so I I'll take what I can get. Which is Joaquin Phoenix. I mean I like there's more pressure on this like the word is he do you think he ever hurt her I am so excited. And I think it's this real. I guess. He is a good actor very dynamic you know I think he he can pull off those characters that are slightly unhinged and they get worse throughout this the movie yes but. I think because they suicides cried I had an ensemble cast your letter out just had to be aid a version of the Joker wasn't all on him. I think there's more pressure on Joaquin Phoenix and on these writers because this is like. Those treasured. Villain in a DC trinity nobody's going to be a much smaller ram whats he going to be likely about when out at me and is there thank. Mind hoping instantly and origin story and kind. In refining iCloud INS scared of origin story now it doesn't origin Terry I think that's what you meet with the Joker because there's so much now. Skepticism in an age her. OK I didn't need an origin for Jack Nicholson. And did it and heat but then they show how he became the Joker MM movie. Ran. Catalan. Work your head right. I read it as an I don't I'm understanding while we had to have an artist or if we literally saw how he'd be playing the Joker. Well yeah and some native versions of ant man who's a well known Lori who's an actor on you don't like activity down I can't. Asked me it of course. Justin Timberlake generally you tell. Jenna I didn't I think he's just an amazing I don't think he is a very good actor pack for you it not like the Joker starring Justin timber. I was gonna gonna. And now. Some on that. If if that's why. Are you telling me like. I. Thank you take Joaquin Phoenix I have been completely panned out a new. Joker origin story it's going to be a new brand new movie starring. Actor you. He didn't think yeah I mean yeah. And yeah. Like absolutely despise you don't wanna see on screen. Can't think draft Jake John on. And all I want an entity were it was like a great reporter regional bank act. Round I didn't you out real leg does very good and changed because it did job and Emily south paw. Didn't say it was like us are only now. You don't ask him right at I don't I didn't see that either I'll I didn't I didn't need and how. Yeah it's silver or movies and Star Wars movies and I watched TV I rarely lots. The reason I watched I gift it was because Chris Evans doesn't look mylan documentary. And lose any luck yet edgier and dig John off an Internet the way it was a little about the average outlets and half well. And as a way to get. Hello hello Connie weekend that I don't think that's where reality. Yeah you're welcome he got on that got on the hind end this the thirty days is brought to you by winning Atlanta well. And half the way. I. No sympathy. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind of nerdy news or on our website and in these mixed now.