KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 219

Friday, August 3rd

It's GenCon time!!!

DVD's are out (like they weren't already), and we still love Jeremy Renner.

Most importantly, we're helping Edward grant his wish with Make a Wish. Help us grant his wish and throw his party! 

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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face allotments doing weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean not like in tire problems. And now on its. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls have sat I as we speak. There is are there was the greatest. Four days in gaming. At any time in Indianapolis and I is there any thing have you heard it was there anything out of agenda on that you were super excited about. Well you know I always like to go look at stuff yet as that. That's me I'm a looker room. I saw our friends shelling kind of dirty don't shall we dad if she's got the official gen con journal which. I think is really cool look at it. If you aren't at okay how well what I like about it that it you would like this because you write everything down on paper. It how am some cave man and I'd imagine you everything down on paper you have. Google to do lists that you write down on paper and you can just save it. On your ghoulish is like he did you guys have and I at least have my schedule. But I like you want that's pretty bad also now. It's got a lot of different like it's got places agreed to review the games are just take notes on the gains or write down a fence you wanna go to Disney. But I mean. We went that big college at gen con. It is overwhelming. I mean it is huge and slow. Your you know in trance with something else and then you'll be like I what was that one game on the first day that we Zell. It's it's a really nice swing it and like how to organize what you're doing and then if you meet people on you know you if I just like. Because I feel like I I have a terrible memory I don't this is why can watch movies over and govern on my. Enjoy it every it was a surprise and I know are seen that movie five times. Aren't. I need down like right shaft out and is so that I remember SoundBite Anna and I think when you get in those like overwhelming awesome situations. On that happened so many times it cons. You'll like it if there's a gamer actor something you're watching them talking like I'm gonna remember every moment in this. An hour later yeah I remember any of that you're like this it's comical things that I can't remember any of it. And shout your busy trying to remember it right right right so if you're reading it down you can't. He can be in the moment a little bit lower and you can capture those moments that they are gonna get lost because of all of that excitement. You could always recorded on your tape recorder and then transcribed it when you. When you get home I don't now wade can limit why I don't wanna transcribe anything ever actually. But I. Yeah I don't wanna do ever again is. Try to binge want to show up on dvds. Ha yeah I show I had I am that I spoiled I am so I was spoiled. I ban and we in the mood at I got a kick I guess probably because they announced that the Buffy reboot. And I bent back in my you know Buffy noted. And a black they took off Netflix. And everywhere else that we have on demand you have to buy it. So it that we I was like we are not paid for this we have all of the dvds. We have those dvds sell on the you can't even like you even talk to play all the Apatow is on the dvd every time an episode and just to go out. Two of the main menu. Gone episodes. Did. You. Did well god how did relives those annoying little unhinged. And so I. I convinced my sister can you can have so many people on my different accounts and and she's on my Netflix account times like. You needed emir Hulu password right now for the love of god. I hit I do not want to another episode of I didn't yeah. I have I became a drones box that winning seasons on I'm listening it's weird because they don't do it Blake. Similar pleas alike there's. Five or six discs of season. But it's like some of them have one episode some have to yeah I have three and it really bothers me. Because they don't even stick to that pattern because I see in five it's like two discs warmth. Yeah an and that bothers. Yeah that's not angry because I bet that's how. Buffy has to like you'll get through in the last disc is like here's one and a half up it's like if you have not at all one on my hair out I have to get up. And dvd out the door and put another running and I might Islamic lambasted. Just atrocious. Potlatch and there are lots seeing. We we started. At the beginning of angels never bid enjoy watching it all the way through and I Angel is in Jones. Buffy star crossed lover. I look at south at several seasons and to Buffy it's clear that like they can't ever be gathered he's a vampire with a soul it's gonna as the Angel. He's a vampire with a soul when he was a vampire he was anngelle. And a nice actually solely against my Angel he does good things in the world but if I ever like you know it get to the grind and any loses this'll get civics. That it. Yeah. I just never gonna Wear show and I. I figure out ideology saying that's gonna keep us from ruining the world because we love each other so much is if you moved Allen. I did well. That's where we send every. Thank action. To go live in LA. But we are that's like four or five episodes and and then. My name has been completely. Forgot. That Jeremy Renner wasn't an Angel even everything. I don't have we started watching that I was flat. TV character and he's like. He wasn't yeah no half hot pets she says he's like wait who was he was he. Oh is he lowered the couple is trying to figure out if he's getting it all wrong and I'm like I'm not telling you I'm not telling your melody finally comes on screen the first shot of him. Is like a flashback. To the late eighteen hundreds when you know he becomes a vampire with Angel. He was here from my husband's like doom did more and a. It started is it from a key thing here yeah. The big diet and eight. More years older than you like monument to. Yeah Ernie and I aren't thought. But it does it sounds like maybe like a thirteen year old hawk. Vampire yes and her. Everything he has been and everything all over the yes but I was watching. Dion Elton 28 days later our that's armies and yet you out like we met just this faces familiar who is news. So like all way up until McCarthy like tech presence out advocates a Manhattan city but the little mask thing I'd like I know this says. At add their president episode as well that Sean Young. Play it doesn't ring a busted their right at the beginning of his career because there's pretty minor character and east he's a demon. He's on the spikes all over his face but he's got he's got hot demons he's half human yeah. Yeah and there's this thing called the scourge that is just they go through their debt purebred demons and they're going through in the wiping out all the half. But it has wait before Gilmore Girls or guardians of the galaxy or anything out if he would. He was speaking of the little demon that got off to an Angel but I. Go make gap he opened his mouth. And I would like it's. Our girls. If port Gilmore Girls you wish he played Jeffrey Dahmer in 2000 shut up he did not. In the movie Dahmer and I don't I did not I don't you know I want is it's why I wanna forget that is about using the net from her. It is in the assassination of Jesse James and Herm mean weeks later. Her using gene and I were talking about Jeremy Bernard not shotgun or course of course Mission Impossible and her ventures then Bourne legacy. Aunts and Gretel yeah yeah yeah I did I yeah I did an immigrant which also. Pop and we got there are a bunch of movies just so that you can get back to Joaquin Phoenix. Tony Snow back. Avengers Mission Impossible again more avengers. Oh why are on the subject and being euros. What lie to you you are not obligated in any way but I was dead love for you to be a part of that kind of dirty wished that we are working on at this point you basically obligated you listen to our. How much we keep giving you went out it. The current Carolina to be a part. That's it will go well why is named Edward he's eight years old. He I he and Katie can definitely talk some gaming staff he's Omar a gamer nerd than he has again movie nerd. Because at eight he's like his favorite movie is Boston. Yes but then he loves for night. And he loves Pokemon. On the site at what are things that if it did if you can't get out here like I would love to donate some money but I can't. I Pokemon cards are really cheap so I was wondering if now like tiny Pokemon cards can we collect this case. How well how cool would it be at that party and we are like you're gonna need you logon. And I think a lot of make it a burden on his parents right sorry mom and we got is that many Pokemon cards now entity commodities like yeah his face when he. Parent I did. If I mean just that his favorite is fire types it out in. Yikes. He export I mean yikes. Yes he. I. I thought it was funny that it he brought up that he can beatings that grand theft not act. Can't be heard attic and after am. I know what we do our best and I cancer sucks cardiac cannery wish when did. We need 8000 dollars if you happen to be listening in the you know I hear. I don't know Elon Musk and you just want to give a last minute you just had an extra 8000 lying around that's cold but if you have ten dollars that's awesome in the corporate about. You know that's fundraisers or that you know if you donate five dollars or ten dollars. Yeah you've done as much as anybody else towards getting Edward to Disney with his family. Well let's let's do a little math I got an 8000 unique rang out. Divided by five dollars or 8% at 16100 people donate five dollars on can you imagine. Everything. Okay. 800 people that's it sent using and we have that many people listening Utley we're we're pretty important. I tell if it got sued the but. And and and obviously Cassius is is is king here we also attempt check. They have a high fashion items so. I would not get a lot of like cool gaming in dirty stuff in the silent auction on my agenda here now's the time I yeah yeah yeah now if you get up you're listening to this and if you have a company I'll I'll have. People say well it I don't plumbing company and that's not very exciting. On you know what you can. You can do I'd like a gift card you could say you know out. I wanna do or in out. Hundred dollar best buy gift card for somebody to go by two games. On behalf of Carter's my plumber get out like you can donate something else cool. In your company name is still attached to it because the silent auction page goes live and everybody that's donated. It's not like you have to go to the party you can donate and then. You'll see your logo in your lane to where you donated all online on the silent auction page and Austin we would love for you to go to the party. So it his wish them is what. He really really loves the Disney characters and the love. I I love some money true. Loved them yeah minor characters right I think is not a minor. Support to her. In. Didn't. Step to kingdom hearts it was Donald goofy and making I think doesn't get by Donald had his own thing is gonna come. Meet us. We're yet and act really yeah okay why haven't kept up with in peace I guess I'm letting him down. But I'd like an hour hit it what do you wanna go to Disney teen making us what you gonna go to Disney Rosie many math I don't know if you know a lot of fingerprints and just yet this kid is like. And you know I wanna have a bacon and eggs breakfast sandwich with beauty. Well. That is often. Disney. All out yeah it's what's really clone that I've worked with make Jewish or over Tony Harris out your world I am well I started when I was too. I was very not a pal Robert children. Eilat on the night I expect it. That they. That there's a a place called. Give kids the world with the village that's on the ground and come with Disney and so when I make you wish kid goes. I'm not only do they get you know like you did. Experience CIP experience of being at Disney but every I characters come in time commended bad every morning they get to have breakfast with the characters. They have unlimited ice cream in the village like you can just eat ice cream all the time. I like things that Disney has asked yes it is. Making expenditures take kids all kids anyway you know I like a lot of that make you wish actually. Pays for that I don't I don't even think like disease I catch that bring another kid for free bring another kid for free make English as a major race. Pays for that they have a great partnership with Disney and it ends up being. On such a cool experience especially for families like Edward is going through. On hodgkin's lymphoma. Ate it in any. Any family that's telling their their kid has a life threatening illness have Alden dramatic home. I mean a full medical facility when you need anything you need if you thought I can never take my family on vacation because my kid needs ease mad everyday or he needs to have IDs thirty. They will get chew on a plane with a medical staff and get you to Disney where you have a medical staff that I had. Am he's. Who have been in situations where it. They never even left the village and they had the most wonderful Disney experience that's like the whole point. Yes and it it acts like you know what when you're sitting in the hospital Ali you're getting poked. And then you're doing chemo and you're throwing up in your area where it right here eight years old you know lymphoma means you're just wanna play fort night. On to be able to say it like hey you know I. Point three more treatments than me it never going to Disney I mean. I've I've seen so many kids that don't hope. The joy that they get out of that that they come back from their wish whether it's going to Disney or our. Getting a castle built in their backyard like they get their wish and it it rejuvenate. He means it and getting getting better and I've also seen. Families here that's that's the last meeting with their kid. They you know why that passion they have those those pictures those videos those memories and they have that moment where their kid. Wasn't sick kid with the act appeared joy. So how bad as what we're trying to do so if anyway this move you on. I just wanted to point out there's so many ways that you can be involved in that I I I always feel weird asking for money but I I love. That would make a wish that we can say you know what a gap five dollars they'll donate five dollars right now in you get to say that you helped grant Edwards which. And if you or I have your own. Business and you make beautiful quilts and you think I can make a quilt and put in the silent auction well. We love it others need to quell so the party as September 6 Katie I need your help. Any I want a little gaming area for the QB I don't. Can we have like LL EC what I can do and we have a place for me definitely some Pokemon young enough that if and if you want it's like you're lifting of kids that play Pokemon and Yu wanna bring him in the party I wanna well area could have like a little let it dominate you know flame throwing and all that stuff but they're doing with their Pokemon cards. Similarly you. You can make it a healthy mix that can bring or edit it I like that Cain yeah I like let's TB yeah. Yeah I think about the super fine and we could get out here like somebody that has not announced. Yeah have a blast by and you blown out some tea leaves for another. You're one of those video game on the goat track things that go JR and helpful dare to come your party. And an Avon used if my brother's birthday are yours now. You know I got it was the same line I was at a an event last year on the web site it was a name on it was that I can car dealership let's have a lucky kids earth thing and and they had what do kids love. Video game. Where we wanna that it can't be driving him up. At the I need can't. Sox RD dot com that's all I'm gonna say about that is a that we're we're gonna because it's more about Edward in and getting to know him as we lead up to the party on September 6. Thank you very much for listening we will be kind of dirty with you can't say. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda. Follow us on social media on mr. Graham had kind of nerdy girls on Twitter fans kinda dirty news or on our website and in these mixed dot com.