KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 220

Friday, August 3rd

Katie still hasn't seen Incredibles 2, it's time to re-watch Infinity War, and Venom looks soooooo good!

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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I live in May not like in tire problems. Now on its. Here's to gates indicated it dirty girls out here are incredible Sierras past eighty billion dollar mark and it's still hasn't seen at. Any firm Katie I owe a lot. So excited to us like. It. How are you crying now I have to thank you are. Yeah I think you're choked to death muted even notice a. I just thought that you are really a disappointed in yourself I knew that you were you that you draw yourself to tears because we go back you know. Several podcast to where I'm not aware yeah and producer John math or giving me a hard time that I hadn't seen the first line and volume. I don't catch up and what's wrong with you and you have before the second one comes out and I did yeah. It's obvious that incredible few opening weekend that you John I don't. And I know I'm upset at myself and I ate was so excited to go see it and then I just completely dropped the ball when you really don't and you continue to drop the however. Yes I did see am answering it means having Atlanta lasted the main thing I insist you say and the line just lost Gabby I announced that gap that's very. But I I sought out when I heard so like to get its act they have clearly drop the bomb that one. Have you watched at now that infinity words out on digital and you watched it again no. I do it myself I dead at this you know this is what we have done for you know a over a decade now with these marvel movies the day they come out. We get it we watch sound in my husbands I ache and if it well it was Tuesday night normally we have our nephews that there is a scheduling conflict seems like. Guess what we're watching tonight I'm like you. Need it you are. All I act act. And I Kot I'll play a second time around it maybe because I was you know more prepared for what was happening Celeste and says every moment when nine. There was a lot of funny stuff that I missed the first time yet. I think it was just because an early is to you so concerned if I can when's it gonna happen in and they weren't messing around I mean they can't get off right away with a big debt. So you're like our rat or stuck in the town north about to happen year. I'm so I did get more laughs out of it this time mom. I'd I'd still and I and I think I'm even more. I sat with starboard. Because I did I mean I knew it when I watch the first time it seemed to me like they were. Shaking the club lose so they were taken at all I was like. Almost I'll get it and I think and they are just kind of like to credit the yeah and then he just ruined it. Yeah I I just shy and I'm mark had to wait half a second I'm Mara mad about that this time. And this and that and this is it no matter if you're prepared for murder or not it's equally horrible. Equally horrible. I mean and a and it was nice to watch at the second time and be able that to get a few more. We have and have fun moments out of that has all I can go yeah are you take away from it it's so stunning. How it warns that I think the ED UI. Maybe you didn't but I. Clearly blacked out anything good that happens. Traumatic event initially that I dramatic ice still cried over Spider-Man. What a fine. Little acting job mr. Tom Holland did there. Mean that just. It it. If fat doesn't break your soul you don't have one yeah. I'm sorry. Yes so it it it I realized Ryan's or emotionally. On the yeah I mean you're every time I'll probably be less yeah yes. I I don't think it's gonna I just don't. I don't know that it's ever going to be when we watch movies over and over and over and over I mean that's what it just what we do. And I I don't know that that's one that we're gonna like pop and it meant he wants. The next avengers movie is out and you have like the whole story. And then you can watch that line and then that's why it's not so bad they really instant. Resolving an ad I outs I don't see us over the course of the next year while we're waiting for the next avengers movie come out it. That either one of us going to be like hit the panel at its. Why do you are again yeah I think Rick. And I kept at. I am about what we are looking birds you and I actually didn't have a. On the schedule and I apologize for that but venom. You are using I didn't have it on the kind of dirty night out scandal are. Let's see I went there all the new releases coming out there ordinary at the beginning if you care about then I was like. And in fact. I am and I don't wanna be that guy and need our speak as you know I said the I am so excited. And now they've released another trailer yeah that marks now I'm excited that first trailer that they released I felt like it was very Vanilla. The concept it was just I thought like the you could have taken action scenes from any. Being movie and spliced them together wow and sad. Well I didn't blame it didn't give us anything I think I hope in the first and is like. You know pain and is this mysterious key things are really kind of show you yeah it's it's all leading up at this time like here's the air. Well maybe because they've all right we Iraq well in ballads and terrible teaser that in the next and beep at us right none of them. Yeah well I think this was really got an especially if you don't know very much about that and I think they. I think they brought you into the story enough that you won't want to gussy. It's almost aired at style not my name is Andy journalist now whenever which may not necessarily be in movie made is to. Regular purposes it. I like at a party and millions. Like he has more acting ability in his eyebrow then like thousands of people haven't their bodies scatter. Sound. Tom hardy or are Joaquin Phoenix. Is that are out no now I'm don't I'm going there yeah well and you must choose. One actor to rule them all the he you have to and and I will go on record for ever. In you never forget that this is tsunami you mean that you are well. This is an amount that dictated quit the Canon earnings and NAVTEQ RX eight. Like me I don't that's I mean I know how much you love Joaquin Phoenix and I mean like Tom party. War. Now I did not see that coming but he like he just. Does. What an amazing. What movie did Tom hardy when you're over. Am. Spain. Were elite have. And it would like to forget that he was. Like I I. I'm just thinking about like acting yet put into gesture eyes huge can't you rest your face right. You know an Dunkirk and you could only see one I threw the pilot I didn't see Dunkirk is Raza. It was. Appel on it a lot I got from one direction and that that was. It had a lot of you know action and whatever and clearing these different stories. But it's it's only about like the evacuation of Dunkirk a cat worked. But. A lot of a lot ot sell a lot of plot. Because it's just action in Keebler dying because you know what I earned gesturing to do you like stuff. But you only see him for me three minutes of full screen time mop but like. You he portrays a lot of emotion in his face them. So like Leila I bragging LA's not. So I hit a parked car. And whereas. Joaquin Phoenix is more. Script. And men like he does an amazing job of portraying this attack you know you given lines or any given night this is it's. Warrants that and he does an amazing job and act as he can take it a boring script. And that a lot of emotions he can take. Like the village two sentences of his grip might seem either sit on the porch until he. Like to lighten. But he dragged it out he extends at this point it's very emotional. And it's it's like actually only national part of that movie yes yeah. But like. I mean you can hear his waist packing your feeling. That I wouldn't whereas Tom hardy he is stronger. With church praying the story on its face. In many lines. Artist is one of those movies I think he's gonna lines obviously. Helps well I hope he's the main character south. Don't talk like Spain and I feel like if if Tom Carroll heard. That the thing about his career that made him the greatest actor in your mind was Bain that he would. You're disappointed. Crowd. And he's done so much more amazing stuff since then yet but that was the first times like movies list. I was like I would I am going to forgive Bain because you love dogs that did that was where I was that doesn't mean. You are really literally get a bit with dogs and you're an animal lovers so. We'll just forget. Won't lie number 00 you are wonderful to arms to cook the let plague that was the first movie whereas like interesting because I just think like it's going to be really hard. To act with only have to face and they just keep like restricting them that their son is very true yes. I weary that would Jessica Jones. Say hello last night. Oh. OK EEE. All of me why I 82 minutes of Jessica irony that the podcast he can't fire me. Not I don't know the marriage you owe me the same amount of minutes that was the deer right. I lost the balance every lots of same amount of minutes Jessica John. McCain. What are we doing this weekend. I I guess. Let's say it. Yeah are about to do it did take a trip. The Japan's yup you've got fifteen hours on a fly it in half with one and a half you can give me not only two minutes of Jessica's counts. Yeah against Erica sounding out right. And maybe don't like maybe he'll just keep watching him watching ER two full seasons that he gets through the flight and back army. But make sure you download yen at his you don't Donna don't have lifetime well. International plan and I. The work that I have eat cake. That I heard they just change that's which is very sad. Because I have I have T-Mobile. With as a T-Mobile customer you get free Wi-Fi and the delta flights and I think they've now put an hour limit on it probably because when I flew to London and back I used the wife by the entire years to live. I. We have downloaded all these movies to keep them busy on the inside an hour flying appetite for Democrats could have free wide. Gap. A lot I don't I don't know what tabbed chat with my shift yeah. That delta is baton. Are you find out yes. And you can't flying delta air and flying delta back. Our flying GG air. From salt of the moon. Now Israeli great with international flights I've this is not me endorsing any thing bad day by delta they take it fat and I had a big drinker but if the ignorance and free booze on international flight. So treat yourself you're gonna be on vacation please have a glass outlined earlier in the year. Aren't a bloody Mary yours I'm gonna have to you'd donate your fifty and a half hours when I'm thinking. When you did during putting during. And the southern comfort and really. You go hard. You know I want BO. If I drink wine I'm done. I mean after only two lemon drops. You like women trust all I ask where I had this weekend I got anyone a name the place we were out somewhere in the public. In and we were in a bar. We have the worst like lemon drop to the thing when someone like beats me yeah it's lemonade made with vodka right there at the annual list he shouted did you like the I don't want to do shots like I'm. I I don't want that please I did I'd. And good with blood drink that I have that slowly giving me a bus I don't them you know I I those of forcing him I'm ask. So I was highlight I get beat out am I get it lemon drop that's how easy it's easy it's pretty harmless I don't like this lemon drop. I don't know if they point. Thank. Battery acid in it but I was the worst lemon drop to know. No. I mean I don't know what what it's like he coded my mouth. With this like metal tinged that I could it get out like no matter what I drank the rest of the night Abbott and my husband Mike. Within drops delight sitting in your hubby Brad and disgust. Let's lemon don't wanna do shot. I just read that you have a wine awakening at the age of 29 I know I read XM and Jim Hardy and I can't rattling awakening at how many good years away are we friends and 24 accounts though man 129 birth my frontal lobe is finally developed. It SA next year you get a big discount on car insurance next check and also rent a car yeah. Yes I might just apparent accident. You weren't barn like forty's I forget that that your actually filling in joining. Technically I was born here. Now you were born forty pressure dock at a funnel I also was born and grown adult who is why we do is podcasts we can be kids. Flurry of our child here retrospect. He of shots. They're all mistakes by the way but it. I went to a wedding and the brightness a drinker than about the bark like a reception whenever I hung. This is like ever personal things before was that. But it was like the coolest art ever. Like yeah it was. All Irish seemed so you like it but laughs you know it's just like a teen ills are front and up on the counselors just bathrooms and then you go down. Yeah likes creepy stone stairs a certain Indianapolis Knutson is there and then you've got a ground again and need a down again Luke and you're like this. The center of the earth kind how far down have you gone down enough where it's cold and dry look at Nina and then it's like a vaulted ceiling or whatever it looks like old wine cellar. You know and then it's like wood floors and it's a classic pirate ship out. They go down to mark and then it's a bar. A secret hidden bar my cash UK well I'm just worried about how drunk you get out on the and then you gotta go back up although we can't the stairs were slanted so like. And there was a ramp up like that was a pain cat. But. We we try to much different things on the menu and just in a simple shirt and a so we got a car bomb and Alice has got us there are no words I EL as atrocious yeah up then we got out breakfast shots which doable. The arm in. That's not an act and it tastes like London or making Newton. You know whenever and we had something called a dirty girl scout code in which it is like a thin men died in my mouth. Wait and we know we are yeah. Like LA and night snowflakes came out it was seventy Luke yeah. How that it is harsh Barack I grasshopper. I screamed. Alcoholic drink now though we had something at us colors reappear bomb. And it you have to like. Drink a whole thing and I'm sure is that it's that's just dumb to me yet are like that he'll need to enjoy that I concrete makes it where you have to like get you have to during the whole thing Europe I personally stingy old its ground yeah yeah I'm no I don't want to do that. And I had a spicy hot Cha. Hulu is it was spiced temperament parent parents but it was like patronage ops are never hung pretty great. Holes I was Illinois drinking hot chocolate. Yeah I figured out your copy. Right. It. The Irish coffee in a Bailey's just Bailey's skipper sorry straight. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website at in these mix now.