KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 221

Tuesday, August 7th

Y'all have way too many emails, Katie leaves the country tomorrow, and Netflix has some amazing new shows! 

Sir Patrick Stewart is back! 

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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and Katie in other news I live in May not like in tire problems. Now on its. Here's trade gates indicated it dirty girls have a hard time finding people who believe very emails like grant. Neurons pole day and 7000. Unread emails. I asked on the it out like on my phone and you can see that my Gmail sends I had it's not that I haven't read them. I have I just didn't delete. And it. Lets the way I'm working now works is getting email from someone asks me do something because now is asking the right. So I I do that task meant that I delete. Things I'm done with it yeah Abbott that I have the purse that I did it. Other are working Immelt does. Make us delete stuff like economically so much to it Gmail doesn't I rarely get that anymore and a I always and I did it builds up in your sent folder Tim is not an expert at. And that's it. Now I did it I mean it gets me probably about once a month I'd say you need to delete from the announcement pack. Find an outright is my Gmail because I don't delete it and if I ever become a politician might be a problem I might emails are not that exciting. Most of my. KJ opener front door and today I was that's mostly what they are managed at a notification from extending these securities saying. You're alarm has been disarmed. Your alarm has been armed your alarm has been the charms. I can't you just get native apps. I would now like when I was over. I was. Like up over 121000. At one point. And I believe I deleted like 5000. The notification from extra. And had to delete them without even opening them. All links and emails are gone forever I've and they don't get the satisfaction in the opening game counts how did you do that. On night on if you're on the onscreen Soledad nations never like our need in slight at the last and it gives you viewer clear that it opened the slightest that right. Opens aren't sites let you click via. Moved out of Santo and very nice well I don't I mean I don't open I can't even handle late notification. On my phone I have to clear. I don't like either I don't notice about a mile I can't say that I have anything going on that will Twitter pops up that I want I have to do I mean every well you're welcome to. And do you much. What you you wanna be tagged as much on the tag is Fiat and don't tell. I thought I had an android. They don't have any notifications going on I checked everything I just don't go. Yeah like I I struggle with un games because they giving and nations and I don't like I am always compulsively turn those off in my unless it's Harry Potter and the loudness. Just that's asked nine plus that I have and have a little option that basically it will just. Mean everything for you can say muted per hour. Or Munich for eight hours I give it its like sleep notre something so it's just I really do not disturb silences and everything. And they did I turn my you know you turn your ringer and the and that's it also plastered I think it's showing you right now I have an extra grand a nation I really need to check that. Now what if it's important you know. But it was important they wouldn't contact Ian and his. They would call me if I let's say I guess I'm more of an email account. I did that the most right now. This guy can't you picture and it won't hit Annan Annan. And it's like a 109000. Emails why did you do to. I love yourself. I well but apparently gained just he loves have an email or maybe it's an email caddie doesn't check anymore island EC ansari it's only a 103000. In Killen. And not just pretty don't check it anymore. Are you know it's just a front. Just get rid of that I wonder what his notification is from the pacers he has the pacers Japanese count on notification iron yeah the pacers had any status 311 in the band have. Really learning a lot about the sky John's I'm very picky and choosy which apps they download. Well he must really love three I cannot have more than two pages of apps in my. I can't. It about twenty on screen out and can't come or not. And that I don't like having multiple the next screen I'll I'll you don't have as you don't have an wander eyes. I you can arrange them on your and your eating group. And together on your act on and that's how I've gotten past myself have a little bets like I have to either together and I navigation and those are all my offline maps permanently gagged. But. Like I can't. Have more than. I just aren't having multiple pages. And cool and like any. I try to get rid of all the useless apps and I'm glad that the last couple updates on the iPhone let you get rid of these apps are not in no way that any use apple stocks more and I weren't. And Samsung had a bunch of guys to your it's a little better on this nine that they had a bunch of them too it was like I just. It's not I don't what and it until it you could stop it but you can completely uninstall it might I don't want that some felt. If I wanna this I would have gotten all but like all it's doing is taking up space on my own economies something else so what's gone on nerdy in your life. I leave for Japan on Thursday morning knee got that Jessica Jones ready to go out I downloaded and 92 men house and downloaded. What is it. The house and Kat Anderson and I Netflix. And it's like this mom indicated gusting at like some distant relative's house spam hardships or whatever and then. Ominous forces start to interfere on their lives of horrors gaffe that sounds exciting I watched all dark tourist on accident I didn't mean I was gonna save it for the trip did you like it. If so. Is that something I can latch here and I immediately route. Cash that journalists room he did like Westport Baptist chair action. I'm calling the super controversial stuff like you went like some prison in eighty had a files. Are up as he does the hard hitting journalism are. On this guy is like his dirty counts on me like he does all the twisty stuff so there's an episode where he went Latin America. Ted follow the trail Pablo Escobar because people gon took two hours now where they got a seat. All of probably escobar's old hunts and like his prison and. Number like that you can get linking cabbie it looks and pretend these obelisk barring. I think people on oh god has and then they'd they'd just like I hate 'cause I was accidentally watching it worked out of time. Never add that I. The only work it work you hear how hard we're working right now there are certain that. I get the same episode of America and it's the last watched which was the first skipped. Karen Allen mr. silent now. But he just went to Mexico to watch next or to look. Oh yeah he's just like it you want you just want to hear us yet it happened yet. I don't and then her running around an episode like it was Fukushima. Like that. Didn't. The zone where the nuclear reactor made it and hospitable live. People on tours to casinos like they do that at Chernobyl to and whenever. And then he had a stay in hotel that was all robots no pop idol. The English speaking. Person that section and was a robot but it was a the last raptor that's a speaks English and those blocks a raptor checked in your hotel. There's like a little robot it's it's on the counter. Hero how do you get a job like Gary just in cool thing. It IIV shaped stuff but yeah we shouldn't complain about what we do we do pretty cool letting turning cooler it could be. Speaking of cool how close are at Patrick Stewart is coming back Star Trek excited I am very and a I was up the big news that broke over the weekend and I did not make its gen con which was very sad. I didn't make it to not a single minute. I was only supposed to go on Thursday because I had. I had the Rick Springfield concert on Friday you remember Rick Springfield is gonna be 69 years old on August 23 Ian made time for him so I have to make time for him because Jen brown will be here again next year. Well. I am I not aiding and yeah we're done now I I doubt that they missed. I think will be OK but and then the rest of the weekend I have my nappy hair in town from Wisconsin. And it that I say it like that I can you should now that I know I. I think that I say at the way other people who just was Johnson at you did Hoosier highest. I don't ever really had that actress my aunt and my sisters do and my. My nephew is marrying girlfriend Green Day. And she she really has Wisconsin accent which I always laugh matter it's me. She can't say bag is being being. Well one term play instead need to have a big. Eight is just lose to Wisconsin for a job and left over but the keep on how Brooke. Yeah and Everett I inept at. Tell people how to pronounce my name and here we are well I. From the flood so weird part of Wisconsin that's I mean we're really thank you throw Iraq and he hit Iowa and then you throw Iraqi at a rate hit Illinois it's like the very selling tiniest corner yes I and we had this tells us that the grocery store there was named the next. Supermarket. Like reports members talked about it the decks insider card she and. Yeah if they inside her clock on the you get when you look to have savings up to get supermarkets there how many people did thank us and I mean it was a whole billboard campaign and apron at the little light on them a little pop things put on your phone and our heat Jane on after apple no problem that they weren't the first place in my life to offer plastic bags and that a paper domestic aid and so they were a plastic bag was addicts and an ex. Did you learn I don't know why I moved to reaffirm poem. I mean without someone's house and yeah I wanted to take some leftovers or whatever I would be I guess the decks that. If and I. There that people thought I was actually actually like asking for condom breaks. Weird way to word that request if you were asking are. Like why would I be asking for a condom. So I would love to take some of this macaroni and cheese home can I have contemplates. I. You know it'll it it felt really the only Wisconsin thing I tackling I just always how Wisconsin's like a magical play I'll least sounded like this. You know like. This is not a Wisconsin accent it's nothing it's just me just words I don't know it's just when I found might not meet people and their -- out is I'm just like you go on the radio I I know thanks. That's when I sound like. Not tell yeah I'm pretty excited about back at Patrick stellar returning our also. I was questioning. And how it sank in mind because. And I have to pay for the CBS I'll access app and I don't wanna do that that's our track I'm not yet but I didn't do even I everybody says that you know of the new. That the new show is fantastic. I don't want to keep. In like say it said lamenting my money into everybody's out like Disney you're not getting my money I would just by the Ed infinity war. You know and Indiana. So like. This is off the court so that's that's the way cable works for everybody is doing their own channel and having had to pay channels and the striker picked up their packages and nobody wanted to get anymore so people accord cutting now. Apps are doing the same thing to me nights everybody got a map and everybody's got to streaming service. Now they're gonna start having a bundle them together because not everybody is paying for them whenever you have to force the Disney app on somebody. Yet well I added I'm not just saying it's just to get a BS cycle everybody it was like I don't let cable began not a lot of pay for all these channels I don't use I will thank. Ten dollars a month on every single app that has every show you what you're gonna end up spending more money. It's a pain in the Baxter watching something like let's get out of it to happen got a lucky we already get as doctor who's on. Prime and that's the only place there isn't. Now I did in Buffy and Angel are on Hulu and that's the only player ever chief had a chance implying her we were guide when Doctor Who was with Netflix that was all we needed to be a doctor drew we had. Buffy Angel Gilmore Girls with supernatural like everything was on Netflix. And then Buffy got move Donovan Netflix and only on Hulu Doctor Who got moved up from Netflix and it's only on Amazon and so. Here we are. And you know. I still grab my ex that it actually under not to see if it's their First. Act. Wow what is going on in the nerdy world I want stared at speaking of wanting so I watched Angel all weekend I take a while Infiniti you're again. Again and gagged because my nephew is here. Yeah he was like. I would love to watch and he worked we have but I doubt that his momma listen to them so it was me and his other hand. And tomorrow weekend and she's like well don't tell is mom. Like he does watch the Walking Dead with me and I'm. Where Geithner Larry. Get it works out for my photo albums. Is from the different comic comes that I birds. And here we got a picture Jeffrey dean Morgan and I was about ready to just like. What aspects of my he's back in and out without his knees like. Actually got killed and I my sister had to tell me that he watches the Walking Dead when he of all time. Sharp I'm not worrying if he underlie its Infiniti you learn and like I don't know. By you watch a walking down and so how upsetting Ari I is it gonna be there watching you now have been people spoiler alert. I think you'll live die in infinity war. But everywhere we are all sitting around it was yesterday morning and we put infinity Orion and my husband. Found this in a bond Cramer. And that will change your life if you hate coffee that that it that just makes it taste like you're drinking cinnamon roll and it's magnificent. But he tried and he liked and yet my system like me you're just a couple of grants. We don't you want some coffee I don't care is hot hot heat to a nine year old I don't know why not realistic. It would jerky copy of watching invented you weren't in my I know they're good choices. Not yet. But fat it I was very funny if we got to the point where. In Santos throws in morrow over the cliff. I yeah any errors or she'll be back and then you hear in laying on the ground is like. Well maybe not. Like Justine no I think we don't let that be it it matters got to be an American I weren't and I tell you don't want. Says there's some really funny stuff and at the boy is very tough it's sad you're gonna. You're like wow something's happened to some people that you really like that you don't want to happen to them a life and he was like it's okay should edit the and I was watching women's you know. You know everybody starts to disappear it's Hannah we got to I mean you can't. And was shocking. That's alerts or I thought I did are you are okay and think I'm okay. I just. Weren't shocking admission of. Cannot see and choose taxiing at the end to like. Really upset I ended on when Maria acacia is like I might. Eventually. If not that's. Did fans and America. Yesterday a little march traumatize a red backed his mom is you know you didn't seem in pretty you're Nenad drinks coffee. It is Wyman want to not a parent different child and you say aunt. You know that guy or ponds you say I heard on its aunt EU NT not. I augmented reality running if they want. He'll hunt down. And I'm into is ANC. I don't know what to tell you man people say and it looked like it was just national and not a day before aunt and uncle Dave how they were saying yeah. And they used to you colors and anti that's kind of odd seeing. People councils on earth and down did you not John is not here to defend Michael beach gardens I'll have to take up the reins here and I says on team. It's anti. I don't know what to tell you that that'll be the next meeting with Monday poll on her chance yeah yeah. People are now I don't say words say odds of her. Errors you know what I and a minute agencies that's not how it is what it is and you're world. Miss. Where that's where I grew up on did you say envelope. Yes and you know it's Angela now icing on the way to get us back up its key and end. And not an age you and like an odd and not on to loop. Data antelope. NT and Karen Abbott and back envelope is not envelope. I've never gonna suit your particular about who can. Yeah it doesn't rain hail session now groups if I don't now at the show us some. You're dead but I gotta watch Jessica Jones that is fantastic. What are some guy Japanese gaming updates that many think a lot of Jen come it was shocking. Eckerd I do have friends who play at call of duty in my brother. You know that if I mean if not Indianapolis right down the road Bloomington has one of the sites that get a call of duty black outs for our multiplayer first there have like a party aspect I think. Asked a gap I only know about this because I do commercials for extended a bet that the X Kennedy store. I'm at college mall in Bloomington is is doing. And the book and play it before you can quiet. Party and there's only I don't know maybe three or four cities. In the country that they're doing this. If failure is that your brother eSATA and. There and and that is just the first time is this the game that he. Have made them multiplayer before nowadays nominee called duties and not panic but it's is that fallout the one that's going multiplayer. All I ever Marlon a cat out all out historically has inning single player RPG a good game. Where you assume the role of whatever character so there's like the loan wander in and there's the courier and whatever moms. Those have never been multiplayer in any cents a guy like there's online communities. But you never in any aspect of the game with other people got to exclusive leasing airplanes and adding your player single player. Done whereas this 157. Supposed to be multiplayer I can and I don't know if it's gonna be like. Grand Theft Auto style where you have the single player option out and you can play with your friends in multiplayer really I don't know if it's going to be like. Some other games where it's exclusively multiplayer you can't play single. There got you or they don't know if it's gonna be like I'd dead island where it's your story and single player bring your friends can join and help you see you all go through history together. They're not really I haven't heard anything after each one that's going to be got you OK do you know anything about four and I expert thank. It ends tomorrow nine if you were unanimous in its. Still events where you can like get special one of the kind of money can only get a pet store yes. Four and I hate to add the far right first birthday celebration comes to a close tomorrow that would be August 7 I guess and that's where it. Pop and BR to finish up those challenges are grab a few more lines and show the world. Thank you all for your support over the last year. Yeah I'll be our battle right now. There are three. Challenges available and battle Royale. I'm trying to learn more about for an eye because Edward. I own gaming Turk there and it will be nice we we still need stuff for the silent auction that doesn't have to be gaming related it can't just anything that would you know when is the party. The party as Thursday September 6 now apple fusing Geist yeah wolf these guys we have less than a month the Al ox on I. Keep talking about asking about at the auction is on line so what's cool and different. You know it. When people ask for silent auction item normally can't say well I cannot imagine you're on the hair and your logo on your link will be on a web site or we are driving people to. Yeah there's little the at a value you get something back again to. As I did it feel. And again making Edwards wishing her we're good people it's so if for not only a year holes. Holy trap. I mean it's yes it is one you're playing on your surprise that yeah. I mean it's the biggest thing I now all the kids right but I imagine a year ago the people who invented for it will probably pork. And now they're not yet what are we don't have our. And you have our rags to riches story or any. Listen this is rags to rags to rags over. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and in these mix now.