KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 222

Tuesday, August 7th

Lance Bass didn't get the Brady Bunch House, Katie loves American Horror Story, and find out how KJ named her kitties! 

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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I live in May not like in tire problems. Now how does. Here's gates indicated it dirty girls. I'll bet this is not super nerdy but did you hear about all the sadness. That's going on with. Lance Bass of instinct and knowledge lady now. House what's happening to Lance Bass he feels like he got screwed over in this real estate deal. Is her memory about Brady Bunch house out went on the market the original house from the pretty much counties. I and every outlets like. Recap because I thought yeah some investors get a diet and bold does that we're losing Brady Bunch history. And Lance was arts and he got any except for her. I'm just got half of Blanton side of the story OK I am that it. Tell you what he says he he practiced eye on it to grab Mikey he had a little party needs celebrate a so excited this is part of his child added. He's got to you know keep the house and how cool is that going to be. About whoever was. It was the seller. Daniel went back on except in his bed and not think he thinks that they were just using him to drive up the beds get this investment company. To pay more money for it it and so now now we don't know what's happened to breathe much house and more importantly. Lance is devastated. He'd really like and a half you really wanted that house. I haven't heard him on top of the first I don't remember I was like wait a couple sassy on Twitter he can't I mean he's not afraid to think what anybody in well he's been trying to by the pretty brunch how it's. And I and that pop money still coming in. Right and some investment companies. They just that I'd I guess basically they write no matter what you bed they've got. Endless amounts of money in their good how big used them going Lance bass and senate. That well lately. I wouldn't say that you have my favorite member. Of instant. I would never ever say that to him I would say you know if you need some comfort Lance that's I can't invite you to the Brady Bunch hospital can invite you to my house. Now is the end of that. Yea and an. Invitation to Lance back it's really any member of incentives or idiotic and thank you wouldn't want your house. No I was jeez we're. Where is other than Mike pop and up for the a star. Walk of fame star which way he's Katie does night someone seven and a mix and she is a big game aren't I. I do afternoons and I am. Big sigh if I Harry Potter a Doctor Who. Supernatural Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So many phantom side I probably can't explain that but I it did you like to have. Her adventures in her own hands or she games and I like somebody else to tell me stories and I just sit and stuff my face lots you know that really works at. Together I tell us where the where the perfect age and over again I don't wanna play game I till I am I a lot of commentary. House works well I would love them and all the remake of rumor Resident Evil 2 is coming out in January ever earlier. Resident team residency that MI supposed to roll my. I'll wait I hear I hear. Like zombies. I don't like somebody you know I don't you like limited inventory situations where you're only allowed to bring so many things instead of all the things. I'm well aware it like oh Resident Evil has a system where you only get so many allotted spaces in their inventory like let's say twelve space at cash. But what every Carey takes up space obviously so like you can't carry every gun you pick up plus all the inventory staff. Because guns take up to use basis or three spaces. Only carry so much the probably be good for me as a person who doesn't ever delete my emails. I learned and have to pick and choose have to pick and choose yeah I get upset attack as I like to have poured everything. Top so you don't tell your emails that you hoard everything in your game yes parents and you have some sporting tendencies. Only in fiction. I now I I mean for the most part I bet I don't afford anything my husband's the harder the only thing I word is not like my emails my text messages and honestly I think it's just because. It's gotten to the point in my life where to try to go through delete everything would be too much. That's why bother it's too far gone what am I gonna sit down and go through those 7000 emails and at that. Wonder years from now when I mean that why net. Contact and I can't remember their name that they donated you know it's a piece of jewelry and silent Bob jewelry and they pop pop and I'm like up up person. You can do that would count. And you could lose your contacts. I need every day you lose your contact every day and I contact man. And shall Mission Impossible fall out. It. And and it was number one again and then when native who cannot beat him. I'm sorry for winning the two. I do I kind of want to see that movie but then I think it's it it and also you weird to me out Christopher Robin went into two movies out it looks. Did you league Ed after they don't know where they're gonna take I don't know if Paramount is going to make a movie about a killer podcast. Know that podcast you know we are getting an autobiography. It's called me Jimmy sound our significant name cannot meet Katie. I anyone think that black panther where it's still me and making money but it's actually you know because and some about smaller theaters that. Do you later releases. I it just topped seven million dollars in the box. Now I'm sorry 700 million dollars and I do and allow it shot and hundred million dollars at the box. You think that's not enough. War and a 114 days in a learning Japanese and what can you sat on beanie McFadden convenience store. Well that's a good thing to now not keeping. It. I'm not they'll fermented soy fish won't. Don't know lied Alan stuck. Her and a drinking Coke. Bank. And to us a Big Bang theory now. That review and that's not to my mom loves lots of people I know what that's you know I tried it that when it first came out. And I felt like in add people have told me since then that it's not true but I felt like the first episodes not that I watched. That they were making fun of nerds. I was I sit your want to show that makes fun of people that I like. It's CNN cannot watch the first couple seasons none has like a letter that's yeah and it just. I just felt very forced yeah I don't know if it's different now I don't out but like. When it is the guy glasses and the blonde girl across a Holler whenever you out like he would make some dirty comments or whatever and you just kind of blankly stare Adam wooden. I just seemed like forced or am I just I just. Now what I Russia was like I feel like this does that opportunity for all the mean people that I went to high school with who made fun of me yet because I was a nerd now get their own sitcom to laugh at. Yeah to continue to make. Had a little laugh track it would be. Right or not but I. Am I add that people love it I've accent I've had. Hey nerds tell me it's really funny in its not making fun of there and but that was and how I felt in the beginning edits I know we've we've tried to watch it a few times like there should try this and it's not free. Anywhere that we are lessons that cannot pass next week and it now. Is all those people. Not all then I'll bet I have some news they have some new person does laughter and there. Because they've just been using the same ones for so long on the you can tell which left exit the same the same way like. Learning door noises in this Kaymer which screams at its name. Safari yet too far I just wanted to let our friends who like the Big Bang theory know that CBS is already in talks to renew it for like next acts. That's aren't ready any act and they are working on getting it back and establish these loud explosions. Out. Yeah supernatural act you had done since. Never. I believe American her story has its tenth season I liked American cars they do more than one year and that's our is that when he around ten years OK so. The first and was murder house Herm and it was asylum. And kind than Atlanta's. Haven't. Bennett will is when it in the fourth as freaks out. None it was hotel Lady Gaga. I add up then it was why are now a lot about this out margin Mercer avenue Los sort of see your name not I'd changed at all. And I am I pick and choose that like some seasons more than others know each season. Is its own little story then so they wrap it up like thirteen episodes and it has a whole different casts new settings app. But they're all dairy slightly intertwined it's okay. It's like there's this character pepper who. In asylum she was imprisoned European and killing her sister eighty year whatever and you find out that in two seasons from that in freak show she was set up. Like her sister and I take care earning more boots up trainer pat yeah. There'll like. Very slightly connected but our same actors playing different characters are reef and all I can. Yeah did not know that and Jessica Lange is coming back don't like the scary thing super scary. I'm never did it like super gory except in some seasons really yeah so. But isn't that like does he get in your had. Is supposed to at data like that I really. Think it's scary at all in March from a really and a because like tuchman is about this New Orleans coven of witches mineral. They're trying to find the next supreme so the next which in charge of the witches. In a look at and then they're fighting against the voodoo whatever people because a it all comes back to like Salem where two to bust out taught the little girls which after earning so little girls went on to make Evans into Cuba. Did that hold booties and a path that they all have the same claim to magic or whatever. And done. They get it's got you know all these amazing. Actors and actresses and on but it's it's more drama you know like there's an unseemly is unease and that I was. Out by. Artwork that they put out for the next on Larry scariest part here at terrifying demon baby thing that's a skaters are now I am like am I cut any event I mean I scroll pass it quickly because I didn't even know. Elton vampires attack but they weren't like empire vampires never liked that vampires are like kids who didn't age. Her Alicia about Alan freak show was obviously a circus reached now. Yeah you know and then from day you know. Roanoke was like a hunted house. Because of it based on the lost colony or whatever of Allen is probably one of the gory seize on that yeah. You know once super natural serve and it was pretty Corey and back must and there are no way to go episode and yeah. What was it that was that was the so Resnick skakel and and it never did that again. Now hey have I did they all hate that at. I only have been as one of their least favorite apple and garlic I can get in it and it's like this never again now. No it didn't happen let's see what else can I tell you about. Aren't aren't pretty funny is ransom friends just got into. Doctor Who in many and text me this weekend and then like wait we. Just touching episode where Amy pond had her baby and she ended it malady did you and your cat after her baby it. Yeah that's welcome to the party. I often. We do more obscure names. Not we can't get everything about the vampire boyfriend thought oh my gosh could be let those thanks. Yeah that's rowdy right rodeo is is an iron man's ass for. Lieutenant. Colonel wrote Ramey that's where that came out Grayson who laced a Robin and that that Grayson you know and then you have Melanie can't. Mandy was for an episode of firefly that didn't even actually air on TV rate. Yes. Here. But I've really liked her she was a fiery redhead and she was a companion. And we adopted nannies and we can that serenity came out which I there's a new movie coming out. In September that's called serenity and it's got land Hathaway. Has nothing to do with serenity event and it's I'm terribly offended that. They would bear you name that name I get like a slap in the face that might read any movie wasn't. A big enough deal that you can just gallon used that name again another serenity like if somebody all the sudden I got on that calm this movie. I can't and it's going to be something different you can listen and more of the stars and here is the same name are already got a movie name. It is not copy ready to do it every one I guess I. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda. Follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website at in these mixed up.