KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 223

Tuesday, August 7th

There's a new live action Star Wars show coming out, we both love Chris Pine's beautiful eyes, Katie recognizes a voice from Oblivion, and HARRY POTTER IS BACK!

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Go to the 32. Dom grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean not like in tire problems. And now I. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls out ED you're. Kuerten in the last podcast that we were talking about all these. It's segmented apps like everybody's getting their own after CBS wants you to get their app for start tracking. Disney wants you to get there after their staff. Yeah I remember the conversation I was flag. I and your net you can't make me have you changed your mind your own. Here we go why did you change your mom I am not sure there's going to via a new. Live. Action star or show. But their budgets for this ten episode series is off hundreds of million dollars. I mean if they gave me a hundred million dollars I could I have a hundred million dollars to sign up for their service but. It's going to be it's well it's already written that John farmer wrote. Okay he's happy an Iron Man is by his security guy. Iron Man it is and Spiderman homecoming okay south. Not only see an actor he actually directed to the first Iron Man and eat. Has been involved in a lot of the marvel movies and a ton of stuff behind the scenes he's really. I are really great behind the scenes he's a good karma guy is and mean he's going to be against analyst. I I don't know I mean are all it is I don't know all. That I'm. Pretty excited about it and in addition to hisha. I guess Disney has like not mean he should at least nine movies in production or development that will be. On the Disney apps including get that's a live action lady in the tree. I'm JR yeah that's ever have any right I mean. I've got my car and get to actual dogs to do the spaghetti also let it slide actions Dugard did ducks they don't knock. I. I think you get that brilliant Porgy and Brad Pitt. And I don't know but. I'm glad I mean if I was reading that I was like Keith Jarrett it's like it's like hey let's not that they did is I need agent. You know I know at what Lucas films or Star Wars listens to our podcast. There's like I had an error I. Did Jake yes you will get the didn't happen because we're just gonna announced its. You can't resist. And you are key yeah you know you got the Star Trek what I did but I am not as. Big of a Star Trek fan as I am a Star Wars. I am not one of those like either or like I'm not gonna fight you and say one is better yeah I like them for different reasons but I definitely am more of a Star Wars. Go back and forth I can't start hours insert act like. First ones I ever liked was Star Wars of course because it's on its ABC like every week and yes. In and I never got around to seeing Star Trek ever and I was you know in my adulthood. You get. Yeah I yeah I got in the Star Trek with the next generation. Because I had a crush on Wil Wheaton difference in Miami. It's not much what got me into Star Trek to begin at. I am mad when Chris pine became captain Kirk it's like hi I'm end. I love Chris I'm. He's got beautiful. It doesn't mean yes but I was watching the princess diaries two beacon only got him up on Netflix yes and I like a princess diaries one. Was up there like. Two or three days ago I went 11 PM I can fit this in the far midnight have to watch it sir I want it and then the second line with that he's in and I need. I guess it ever clicked that that was who that was you didn't realize that was why I did this time around and I was like I'm no witnesses. I can't remember is yeah. But I know who this is captain Kirk he does look very different because he's got little bit shorter hair I'm Mark Brown line. You know but like. You can't mistake as I know you cannot wait a minute of this I went on the Andy PPI DV aids like. How much gas I OK and that this is now well hash tag ad begins I'm saying it but. I appreciate that out with acts that Eddie that you can like pods that you get additional info on now I guess all I can just do it on the screen. Other begin my husband can't handle. Thank you for watching some thing. And he knows he knows this press conference where he has just pop right I watch him grab his I don't know Mike. You're missing very important parts of the but I don't know now. I have I see I see his eyes were Canada might. Info and then let it pull. Well yeah that is I want all the ins and outs of the movie would never get finished. I have a cat from her own it now I I don't but he uses. I mean I would later be right okay now that I have enjoyed this movie I'm gonna go back and figure out who app where I knew that person from but I don't need to do that in the mountain. There's a guy that does. Like all the documentaries that I'm mom watches he's the voice over act are I'm never Amber's name but I know that voice I have. That was in oblivion which is a game I played bad years and years ago and he played the annoying fans. What happened and it was I am the annoying yet Mohammed the character. And it is one of those like. You recognize because you get like flashbacks to it you're like mom I cared there. But no it was him just like I know displaced senseless fingered him want to talk about like nature suntan her 'cause like we imminent. Knows what less like 45 minutes trying to Google who this was a hundred I didn't know his name I go back. And looks like a credits of up Libyan yeah up to find who. Is. It. We know anything had no way that I'm sure he's thrilled to now that he's managed the annoying fan. And recognizes voice if you heard rally yet look at. Government you know it does a lot of voice over stuff now with Kiefer Sutherland act I I always know that voiced his body's. She is mesa woman ever seen him in any unit that you've never seen him in anything you didn't I can't get any minute that I sat down and watch the you never watch flat liners you not all that thriller stuff around that I would like boring and how do you account or you can get around. Now it was noticed you said. And you should see the lost boys. That's just I mean that's what got girls loving vampires maybe. Charlotte in the am I know I there was a lot of smaller is I mean I've lost boys with targeted towards you know like. I was the it when watts plays came out I was the age. On that all the girls went crazy when twilight rate that was where I was out of my life but lost wages are much better movie and it's I and it's getting close the Halloween so you can watch Los space for Larry Halloween H I know well this is a love Halloween to let's kick it off with the lost boys Kiefer Sutherland is going to be here. Two months Colleen I don't care I do you buy it back on board I do like three months of Christmas I mean ninety. I thought well now. I have put my Christmas tree out I would like to put it up. Before Thanksgiving so that it's not a crazy but we do put the Chris mystery of the day after Thanksgiving then the day after Christmas well now. The day after new years we keep the Christmas tree through New Year's and then the day after that I take all the decorations off and I put a bunch of Saint Patrick's Day. I decorations aren't getting married actually celebrate Saint Patrick's Day from January 2 two Saint Patrick's Day. But got caught up the attorney itself is from November. Through march and so I don't judge anybody if I'd if you catch up my Halloween decorations like. As early as possible need you would you like to my house lots off borrowings from. I'll put it on the big screen in the we can eat popcorn. Candy and your mom can sign you know it's okay for you Campbell. Oh I have and a half. I. Earned my mom to see that movie I was not it must've back and I don't that was our. Or if it was PG deleted it except enough for mom she well she showed Nike is allowed to. Act if need be she had notes for my two friends that was around my birthday to because they came out my birthday is in September so we came out you know before Halloween. Some my mom that was what I did for my birthday and my mom got notes from my two friends appearance and then she showed up Jews like your notes. And that's my daughter and then there permission to go. Just roll up with however many kids I can twelve tickets I plan. Okay now it's in no questions asked it's a fun movie. I'm trying to deal announced only make it like Peter Pan key well lost boys. Peter Pan out now it's not anything like that this is I'm tired and and on the grand grandfather from Gilmore Girls is like head vampire and wants Boeing and that was one of those things I started watching I when I started watching Gilmore Girls I was like. And that's what. I know this guy Al Gilmore Girls on. Yeah is lost boys. I don't have the only loss I know has lost in space well I know where I get you started did did you start watching the new lots of space now. I'm it is downloaded and in my queue for this fifty and half hour flight hot -- well I'm like three episodes then and I haven't ban. You know like dying to go back to it. So let me know it's taken I didn't hate it I just it will. We we were like oh my god we got to keep lots. So now let me know which thank. And the lovely thoughts. By the way did you hear that Harry potters going Mac computers. Cheese. It's too excited Jensen to there have maritime it and I set a march to wind hurting world XD week whatever that meanings. August 31 through September 6 you can get it's a 25 dollar pass to see all the movies and there are including fantastic BT yeah. Yeah. I learned all I wonder what kind of rush this is going to be an Indianapolis because I looked it up there is only one Cinemark. Leader in all of Indianapolis and it's in green way yet on the and stuff and that Cinemark movies eight Greenwood corners I've never been an end and a very red lettuce I anything I've never been there are Mac. Yeah it's kind of for a look at it now and where things are. Yes but I think you know exactly where that I think it was mailed school wasn't really. You let's go fast and I thought you were always a comma girl a kernel late. The UN school on south and a unity. Oh that's right I can't. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter tech kinda dirty news or on our website and Indies mix down.