KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 224

Tuesday, August 7th

Katie loves grocery shopping, empty spaces are super cool, KJ has a compulsion, and we're making wishes come true with Make A Wish! 

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Go to the 32. And Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean that's like in tire problems. And now on the. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls and I'd just like grocery shopping I don't know my yeah I love the thing here is smiling meantime. Ripped aside for. At any time. Get that from. I think I wanna my best friend she is that every time I started talking your husband about. He partnership during these delivery service that she's like. Shocked sore mouth woman. I get why. Howard to myself a week you know kids don't like it it's my grocery shopping and you're not taking that for me. I have kids to have blood pressure shot I don't like I don't. I understand of the mono what do you mean you only just time when you burst shot I just like to be myself a look at stuff. The same reason I like museums and always talked in the at the grocery store he just minding your business to look at like my favorite thing food and now. I've ever I want because I'm an adult with a credit card. Like. Twelve packages of Swiss rolls nobody can tell me now. Okay. There are people that get in your way and then you have to read in winning airline in. And it now I don't know I just I'm my. A ship that. I would like some ham steaks today and burgers since it's crap like bananas and that I get a nice. Little text that's like. My name's G and I'm shopping for your groceries right now some weeks. I'm sitting here watching avengers again. Go get a girl listen. Like I what worries me about as as we tried it once again and they may like beard substitutions. That they can't get your stuff probably ship they always ask you control now I don't want her. Like it was some like we wanted bread or something and so instead of replacing the bread with another Brad. They give us a bag of zucchini instead. What you should believe in the comments that they gave you derive our computer as I call about that does zucchini can't expect much is out of that I. Like she adds because I've tried some of the other runs and we share today they communicate really well. I Perez a gang I don't we ordered a bunch of nurseries and you can use my air or target our island we're like oh how we can do let's try target. We'll tell it was not a groceries this poor girl she finally. She set me pictures of the Iowa stood. There and an empty I'm sure she was like I'm gonna get the worst rating. From this one in because I just keep taxing your hair out of this they're out of this they're out of this character that I I I was up there and all of parent grocery store it's. It's key hit it I love it it's not a pretty much have AM MI only closed. And I and is nosy Celek right around the fourth of July almost a firework pop shots or one of them was an old and he marched. Leann. So like I was like I. Whenever it was all like spooky in. And DNA early taking up this teeny tiny part it was like cordoned off right at the pro that you can see down on the emptied lake. I hills and as follow lanes and median. And the other man on the lower level I haven't been there in years but Glendale mall now I've never been going down. Because Glendale mall used to be a big deal in hand like upper level and a lower lot like a basement level but it was another night. The level of a mall right my shop after shop. Then as it continued to close down into TD did you know she answering your hand and had that there was still the remnants of course. She and her I want shopping centers are all so bad at it as a mine the partly the program director we used to have we looked into it. They're like this would be an awesome haunted house late at home in time to walk through the halls of the old mall and you know like the pizza our stuff is still there is definitely it's there but it's against and its now I'm you're going down in July then. I don't want him at least donor can spooky let you know that I asked does it a hundred houses are expensive. I. Raising a like hundreds and I. I just kind of how. Important it is hard for your what wary of down snatched merger of the day out and yet. It is conversation at this time last. He sounds so much happening there evil nobody I'd only temporary. I I bet you pulled off temporary clowns everywhere. I kicked in the face and no way out like we could crest as high as it's. Actually problem she that's part of the reason I don't count because I'm afraid that I am going to like have this fear response and and hurt somebody knocks. I do it like it at a logical brain you're like. You know. Year year immediate response is not to flying kick somebody in a face that you're like. Well and he jumped. Like you get a little defensive we don't lash out yeah now but when you mix beer and fear. Then there are problems. Has there ever been on a movie called beer and fear and out there should be. Her podcast that's a good podcast beer and fear I get drunk and and sorry tapped into it it's. Like just. Actually genius or just thing in the morning reached thought I covered the deja Vu thing but I I want I want well I want to with producer John because I think she had some good stories. So let's let me back. We haven't forgot about that she's like alana on an extended vacation she's taking care of it on in Virginia. Yeah and then to let the owner just never came back like our aunt and ever and she just. Took a longer vacation her aunt on her aunt aunt aunt aunt Nancy say surprise. Surprise surprise surprise surprise. That's. How he says pranks yeah. But I know Atlanta art it should be surprised. I just can't make it up yeah steamrolled in the hour meaningless poll. And we are a bunch of email. Hole you all are all. Wrong high and our. Hot under at nine 7424. Emails. Was where who I was hoping we would surpass 200000 punch out and play you like. I should stop. Well here's worst figures or she's that I get because I only have 7000. But what tournament to sit down and go through the mall and what if I delete something that I actually didn't eat out. Delete after year. No I did have a look at it a year you probably never gonna look no I have contacts from doing my radio show in doing events and stuff that. I remember what I did do this I purged and got it down under 101000 okay I'm now taking it took me at like two hours and that was done on like this is stupid. I if you manage it at a time you don't ever have to let that one winner Mike again I had. How women are you got your email I email as it I don't listen reform yourself and western art now not. I'm not IU. Every single time or alarms no okay. I've gotten better sense I went. This anti dropped under 101000 I dropped down to like 6000 and something I'm up to 7300. But I. I batterer like I have yet to 101000 mark against I do I have gotten better about deleting my you know. Hey the door just open for the fourth time today emails. On and I will not stop having them send those emails because the one time that somebody opens the door to my house and I'm not Erin neither is my husband would give them. You're desensitize yourself because you're getting so many of them know it's like a boy who cried wolf when he didn't know what it's not. Your husband is coming home for an early like not I now and if it's an it app I text them I say did. Are you at home. And he does the same thing to me are you home. Because protected cats at all costs went all the daughters Katie and you don't hear your life's worth of valuables and things like how odd you know everything we can do you replaced except the cap. Not like none. Not photos what I have memories. And most of my friends are on FaceBook or celeb photo ops has been digitally. Some. I picture with Chris Evans back yeah I pick. It now I well I mean. I've always been that Lance I don't I don't seem a lot of material items let me that when we were you know I had to have. Therapies so that I can travel because these emails that now because of my fear of leaving my house from when we had a fire when I was little. I left house that I would come back in the fire what happened again I didn't realize that until when I lived it was interesting I can I love how the brain works. Mean apple didn't appreciate that traumatized me later in life. On the way I lived in an apartment I never had any problems in I don't he's always there well and also like it wasn't Mott. Right by the second that I became a home owner I became psych up. About not leaving my town's everytime I would come I mean this was years and years when I I didn't realize it was something weird. That hot when I would get home from work and on about air as I was pulling into I didn't make the fire connection I was just worried about house not being safe. I didn't make the fire connection until I went into therapy and I did things like regression therapy thing an office and eleven. Yeah I ever. Thought I didn't realize every single time I left my house I go to the grocery store. Come home the second that I pulled and I can see my house I mean like take this big deep. Everything's okay. My brain needed to see that the house that people don't do. Only people yeah just different things so like I have to compulsively. Check what time it is opening up first and her. Now and then their it was a story about Nina how great therapists are then and I can't Pacman enough. On there is this lady who for years had gone to countless therapist because. She could not get over her compulsion that she would drive to work feel like her curling iron is on yeah and then should have to turn and come back she couldn't not turn around and come back. So it took it up countless therapist for one just feel like stick curling iron with. Early to passenger seat you can't worry about it earning your house down that's a good idea if she just takes every app. Athletic guy that compulsion in its hat you know that urgent that because if I think about some than an unlike. I packed that thing that I have to unpack everything to see if I did in that I. Matt turn around and and gone home to make sure that the curling irons and I'm like. I think your string your dad leave it on I now have the timer runs or even if I did they'll shut off after I am plug my name. And I need care appliances they used and plug imminently month stove. Derailing. It I am and drop them in the sink. C minus the act of walking it to his kitchen reminds me that I moved into the kitchen I. Actually I just dropped my what I am buying an umpire and honest notes like that are currently I don't know where is gonna. I mean like compulsions and and and have an idea or you're. I was I needed therapies that I travel with because I was traumatized. As child and then as soon as I became an adult with my own home. They catch umpires I do it like that's why it's like protect the capture all costs we have cameras. I get my notice says if someone enters our house at any point I'm gonna get noticed that immediately an email. Your doors and out. Sat sat near the. I'm innocent you've got panel. My narrow account London I mean there's hundreds of thousands enough. Months have. Moon dancing at their primary literally half it's not my primary it's just connected to too many out of my life just keep. Don't ever want to I want endurance or you name the time it's a lot of it still excited yeah. What else is going on nerdy what I didn't think did you bring today. On Denzel through wonderland is sere trees out. I'm sorry and then. Noel yeah. Is gonna at a regular TV series here sources tell right because that's currently in front room cabin Dell near a deal to star and executive. It's his start in an executive producer showtime series based on the light air at Lamar. Yeah. Well that's cool what salad I missed who's there what channels are going to be on. It is showtime showtime okay for some reason advice and homework and pick please tell me that Eldred. On line. And Chris China has speaking about going back to V our beautiful blue eyes and and her costar in Wonder Woman he's getting on show I think Patricia is going to be on TNT is going to be I saw he's going to be on. I like finding out that someone that I really like it's going to be on my TV every week reign at Christmas our current rank your Christmas army. And online and I rarely get their stance was a meaningless Monday poll. And remember Chris Pratt won and we we shot well I Pratt is at the bottom yeah. Well he the bottom before for meat yeah four in and left it. That Chris Cannon. Chris Evans Chris pine Chris Hemsworth Chris I agree. Yeah we agree on something and for once. Yeah and of our our rifts are rumored I'm not talking like that yeah. He just deal for like 102 well now there's like all this drama with burdens of the galaxy and I don't even know if they're gonna make the third or now because of the stuff with James Gunn. I saw that he Batista he wants to quit if they don't use James ends grant yeah. I am and it's it's crazy and it's and an I don't know what to do about it. It's all over the place but realistically I mean. There's nothing to be done ray Disney is gonna do at Disney decides to give yeah. And you at address it and. They get up pretty much sound. But I will probably get the Disney have you know none. There's nobody and I did not just guns Lara is holding you down and forcing you to buy Anglo. Just our ownership or that'll be fun having a star were sure how I haven't watched any of that I've heard that I could clone wars is really good. Minutes. But it's it's not light action right. No now now to Martina and Anna yeah I I I I don't do a lot of cartoons. I loved scooby natural that was fantastic. I but let me haven't talked about it aren't sure Alley all kinds can be natural back art well are supernatural kinda getting to her hand. Make a month and a half away when it's September like September 21. I yeah. We're gonna be. I giving away we have that sweepstakes. But what has seven and the minute and we're gonna be giving away two gold passes which is like the premier. And you imagine any time you ever gone to if you haven't gone to a supernatural and the way that I understand this and I'm a newbie as well. On everything is basically all in one room so I imagine as. Eat you got a really great seat for the panel that you lob to the comic con you went to U. But that's teach yours all weekend and every single panel that happens you act she. Like no matter what because all that revolves around this one group. Yeah so like and that's basically like the stars of the show are coming and going to you. You are in years not you got a great nation and right I mean that's technical. Bob and when it's time to get your. Autograph or your photo our whenever like. You go in the order that your seat it out in LA a gold trash is gonna get you. Into the autographs and and photo. It's a lot Esther which is what you think is tackle and then you're not. Freaking out about Lal. I hope we still have those good seats will only get act for the next panel that you have you like it's yours do you get you are special spot for the entire weekend. I'd like. The the involvement with the local charity. Yeah yeah yeah horizon house is that charity this is I it's different from other supernatural cons because they're specifically coming. Here to do good in our community. I'm Misha Collins is coming here and bringing up the supernatural Qassam fortunately Nigerian and Johnson can't make it but everybody else is coming and they're coming here. To do or really great thing for our city which is a purple you run the show that. And a bunch of these stars are getting a weekend to like give back real question that went after eating mark Pellegrino. I don't know we'll have to talk to our friend Shelly I know it's a little weird like a lot of contact when I. Media passes and things like that and because this is such a small convention it's much more into mention how. And. No leg of the year Seaver intimidated by conventions then you know I've never been to one. This is maybe a good. And to go to first yeah I embarrassed that there's a group you can giant on face packets absolute supernatural Indianapolis and there's all like a whole bunch of people who've already been to these conventions who are just answering questions and and helping people and they do little fund raisers on the size age and on so it's it's a core it's it's more of a community and it sounds like once you go to one you kind of like you you're bitten by the bug you want. Ultimately it's a whole point of conventions is the community you sell. To talk to people who have similar interests to Kenya. But it is weird when you go to general comic con and your what you know walking around you don't know you might be there because you love. Call of duty and I'm there because I love doctor true in your not as quick to talk to people when you're a supernatural convention you can talk to every one. About anything supernatural Larry are allowed to dress I. Absolutely at the gas they love that so bring on the cost playing who would you dress up that. I mean must and yet it's a pretty much like just a plane shook her trunk. I can't really say I was anybody. You're really cared I'm happy cast well I don't is the most kinds find a good letter to act have you hit the green leather jacket when I I like the leather jacket. It's when I got my picture with. Impala. It was I I got to where the dean jacket yeah now. Excellent yeah it's sad that's a that's coming we have horror on weekend we mentioned earlier Kiefer Sutherland are also allowed. The thing that belief in the out at aisles of science that goes time is coming on and on. August 31 you can still sign up for that and a circle in my calendar will again ran to a oddity files my husband also has at circles as the night that my wife would not be home. Yet he is not going. Yeah it doesn't have any interest and learn it I didn't judge can hang him I think he steered it you don't weenie he's in televise any that I would tell him. That you said he is a weenie I don't think your weenie I don't think he's in combat for because I also called John Sweeney she's like I'm. I'll stay in the car. It's a lot of fun stuff coming and that September sex of course as the cancer expert he we have a hundred dollars right now raise any army. I mean because we're not even to the party yeah. So that is September 6 kind of dirty wish wary we've got Edward who love sports night and Pokemon. We're trying to get about a gaming activities at this party so that he can play games you can play games and he that you bring your kids and they can play games and then we've got. Music I guess silent auction and it's all on the Superfund and her right out like the big thing is just silent auction items. And yet teased as to what kind of items hat I. I dearly we have the Zamboni ride again with. I ended the rule so I was any huge bidding war through on my side of a huge. It is really me and one other person. For that last year minute I want as expected and at last night is. But it way it was like at night at the Indy fuel yeah so ways we got to go to the game not yet done locker to talk to people would just really can't do it is Zamboni ride. God that's the best. Our roster and the about a half that's tour and he just had the biggest smile on his face all the time. I sit right next city ice like rent the bottom. If you've never been a fuel game or if you have hardly been any hockey game it not only is it fun because hockey's entertaining and it's not just like. They're buying now hiding here super it very involved. But on top of that you know they they may could expect out of this you know. You get to see people you get to see that the plane yet seen in other cheerleaders and a Malden in all this stuff. So it. It was pretty great don't try to win it from me again. I love tape drive up the bids. I don't tackles that a lot of cruel on my jewelry and make Lou I. Skits coming and like Murray exiting and eat out kinda fun stuff like that ot top golf that. A fund it close I cannot and yet. I haven't either it would do Lotta down mighty wind yet. Well Lil while we will try to outbid you on Matt Allen who North America has donating an ice put together are really green. Doctor Who packets so it's a nice mix of you know Ali nerdy stuff and restaurant staff. In the eighty staff. You'd like it's it's not just. NG can possess XP yes and I also like. When. Like there's a good. Grace agree site there you know if you have 25 to fifty dollars and you wanna donate that you can probably get something in the auction. As opposed to it when you go to an event there was an auction and you go and look at your I thought I don't. That's a talent that thousand dollars to get tonight but thanks for inviting me yeah. So now I show that's how he's relaxed here. Favorite thing in the actions of our the kind and 39 out experience with couldn TV does it have a past your face. I we're gonna it's odd that. For the rest of the year we have ordering she then I'm learning little fantastic these two and in the first and I into the spivey. First Spiderman and art that salad though there are three. Kinda dirty night out. You spider centric for the rest of the year we out on the here's the problem. That we do these on the Monday after they open. Well guess what the Monday after opera man and bumblebee open. Is Christmas. Well I mean. How much do you like not one man. Well I compared to how much do you like Christmas it's not here and my how much do I can't like we do mice that. My Christmas is on Christmas so I'm sorry I'm not going to be about it actually went on out there after I don't know maybe. So I just like people are so busy that week that I don't wanna do an event where another break from you can't coast in the week. So what is this this new dirty night out experience sound guy. You would be guaranteed. You and aghast in for all three of our kind of dirty night out events for the rest of the year. Yet ear and then you get into the VIP she gets soft drinks they do and I'll pizza but say before and me you get mixed wag stuff and any money around so. He gets a copy sheet saying and I have a full bar and a follow restaurant menu. So it just kitchen for the rest of the year with half an hour and dying of democratic yes yes we're we're a more I kinda dirty Knight Alec thank. Not just movies like trying to do some gaming night to. Try and I. Right I mean just to show everyone how Smart I am so yes that's my favorite thing that we do have because at Edward's wish is. To meet his feet. We've got a Disney on ice package includes than I character and even then it is an ice I haven't met a really long time and yeah QL you know it was really cool I don't think it's on tour right now we went about marvel universe life. That was in saying like the stunts that we're going on I was tariff. I don't know Ed niece and nephews that worried about people buying right they're kids they're like. Eddie thanks I don't think it's right or not I was like. It's. Touch people all. Catchy. Captain America on a dirt bike you get like one of my great big jump shot and that's part of him that well you know I mean it's a little different. Because you've got to do different stunts when your app bankers life field house right to artistic like you sit there and fight or all the avengers were on dirt bikes. I'm Captain America cat does this steered discovery just like you know like that out there like huge ramps in IBM expects to do that. Big yeah like class daredevil yes and you like you can tell. She cot like right on the edge of the ring up when he went up and his bike just landed any like rocked back for a second I think. Although it out oh my god. I've been himself listen do you like stunt performing it not for yeah it's not it's definitely not I could not be a stunt person I don't want a lot stunt people I was I was stressed out the entire time it was cool all. It was very stressful because I was like please you know please Captain America don't die in front him. Gonna make us at the tram I think. That's some of the stuff going on with the sun where people can look to see the items at a time. I'm yet we'll have had an online auction preview so if you go to beat cancer sucks party dot com. On it'll take you to FaceBook event page. And I just posted this morning because we need you know confirmed that the Indy fuel was backing and on is donating live out and out. I don't have a blog announcement I can't eight delineate a big you know I ever really asked I can't give you any details yet I ask. But it we will be able to talk about it before the cancer such party said there are donating to the auction. Did I keep up with actor Bobby like I guess you join the action today the rest Keller donate and then there. That bad a week before the auctions August 31. For an entire week auction is why if you wanna see it a bit if you wanna start bidding you can start placing your badge in deciding what you want. I need your bank and a car it's cool to be donated to the auction and I as a business for an entire week we're driving people to the site they see your luck though there's a link to your business you get a little something. In return. Let's talk about it on the air we talked about it and this is actually your job is like to talk about it on the radio man. And we talk about it here's a little more motivation to beget person. Shabby answer sex party dot com or in make one of our own little I knew her any members of our communities which country. Yeah I. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda. Follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website at in these mixed down.