KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 225

Friday, August 17th


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Go to the 32. Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean and not like the entire premise that. And now on. Here's Kate gates indicated it dirty girls and. Aaron ware a talk about bad woman is yes kind of math where a sick. And talk about how Michael B Jordan always diets yes he says. Hot the first loud let's talk about how were missing however kind of nerdy girls. Katie. We miss her and you are just fighting us my name is KJ iron that a nerd my whole life but. Only out about it since it became okay to be a nurse and like the last to or near that should it sell my eyes go in Wisconsin listener of ours they might be I I didn't know KJ I knew she was a band nerd. And no she was this nerdy. What I hear John Allen event in her time. I honestly couldn't say if it has been my whole life and I had in the sense of I like to watch a lot of movies and I like to read a lot of books yes I'm that I am a nerd in and let's see movies TV shows. That it on and then thirty books I Harry Potter books. I know you have to rent. And no I haven't I don't. I know you don't care that there's a wizard fast happening in Indianapolis NG I saw that on face but actually not clicked other outlets like it might be fun but I would know anything that's gone on how well. Plant that's you can just dress up dinner and then Kerry wander around. You know and -- I looked on my Jenny we usually can't play as we speak but she's a Red Hat you know me I'm just like whenever I'd had a does that to lobby aren't always lose it and it's well yes yes she's she's the girl. Yes a mess out I'm gonna I'm gonna be the girl that you can leave you where Accenture. Your past it lied it would make things harder but you know that's why I always I go with black widow image you know I bat girl misty eyed right here. I guess I haven't done scarlet witch yet but I'm sure that's coming. So I kind of dirty because we don't. We don't get deep. Into nerd dom says you're just gonna be enjoy playing these that it keep pocket TV and movies and superheroes you found it. The right place. Except for missing Katie and he's kind of dirty in Japan yea. Guests at her pictures are amazing they are as loved them I just look again and I'm like I'm going to be in Japan to I had a wet we are gonna have a cheese party and she gets back I cannot eat Japan as well on cheese I didn't have a I cheese party anyway I mean I always yeah I love cheese and you're from Wisconsin controversy Nazis always have a cheese in party. Once the mildly edit she's party yeah. Sat instead I so. If even stay alive Elie you know that's John here is a big fan of Michael B Jordan it's if you are new let's just recap what was the movie wants to right before black panther where Michael B Jordan got. Through their station Amtrak it's I can't marinated his character but it's about this. Young black man who is with his girlfriend and there on. The subway which is rebels station parent and does something have been. And these police are like wrapping up all of the people who are like in the subway and on the platform and stuff and I'm will be doing in that getting shot I punish your sorry Euro yeah so Matt will be during his character gets shot and he dies at cat. And so that was very at seventeen please flag he's hung up there on your mantra is or is ease my future husband. Is he number one. Inning Chris Evans liked how well how far line you know I guess I'm kind of dirty and I know I. You must use I may can eat and you weren't here when I. Make Katie choose between. Tom hardy and Joaquin Phoenix and respect she quit the podcast. But I I I got her. I kept pushing and pushing and she's actually a little more of a fan of Tom hardy. Which was a surprise to me and she loves Joaquin Phoenix she does not such yet there for a guy there in the Michael B Jordan always dies during. You have to choose. We're I'm we continue with historian at the end you have to GOK okay our cell. So hurt our Michael B Jordan yep test yet are so there we go to black panther set. He gets. Stabbed it. Unlike the day you need to I don't know like. Here we're in the movie theater I did not realize that John I just recently watched Michael B Jordan diet expert milk into. It is she screamed out and that this is my interpretation of John has been. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's not about BII. I don't know what I mean it is not a good actor that later so. Your site you suffered through Michael B Jordan dying and it didn't carry it felt. About this movie that you're just lots with Michael Pete Jordan. Now. And Mike may it's caught and I park 51 is based off the book. And I tried to read that there are way too many descriptive words in the air for my liking. It was me it was so hard to read because Barrett like. So many had eighteen easily every single sentence like your old bird lead I. Yeah I didn't need a part yet it can identical way from the whole point of the story which is. It's a fire department who burns books how can I don't put out fires spark fires I hope I. Don't know because they want everything to be uniform. And everybody speak one lane will need you know you know at you know to have as big uniforms this I had. How can and might be Jordan's character is the main character whose name is Montag. I got to end it. He's a fireman Newton and then he closed sued this lady's house and she's got like. A huge library and might I watch them like burn down her library and play. This really hurts and he ran it up. Let's say the slalom on the case. I bought I brought six books on the news. I Barack or books with me on the plane and I bought 6 books I am I moment to have the kind of but one and you are yes and read six of the ten edited with me. I am so picky about books and reading it when I find a book and I love that I just read it over and over like I can't because unlike I know I'm gonna love this book but if I pick up this book in my knowledge. I get that. So mightily during kicked or he gets off sympathetic with like the woman because the woman whose collaborated they found she likes sets however gunfire herself and dies in the fire with her library. I'm like saying well yeah like yeah I mean are burning down pit box to say. So that he gets all like you know that in some way that he actually steals and have her books from her elaborate where they burning down mean he's ours reading in and there's like the whole colony of people. Who are trying to like spread the word with books and stuff like that. And at end of the movie. He's inning in his Barnett on fire air. And how I access the end of the miss the end of the movie. And I was sit there and I was like OK at the keys get a like there's as bird that has like the DNA within the books and stuff it's really you have to watch it's like dale I'm talking about it did you feel like you're getting out of the smoothly without Michael B Jordan Dong. Act I feel like he can't act act. Well pretty like. Yeah I'm not a movie like this is the. Bianca yeah acknowledged he's he's and then let let's he had to put this tracking device on the bird and exit the birch trees of the bird economic spread the word maverick. And his captain is got who kills him and they start fires on his captain link him on. We can bring. There aren't being heat. Light might need to like it'll make you watch Michael Jordan be caught on pioneering guy and stuff like that you just know because you are aren't isn't like he's you just see the play coming not easy Mac will be Jordan's base. And then it just go the way and I'm like not unlike. Yeah do you generally. Tell us. But ominously Dallas are dreaming at the deed out of it out and get a bag he's. Allah loves sailing committee didn't I had to live like end credit didn't really become a with almost unknown like the and I'll kill him. And when I got the text is yet had the right at the movie was all right affecting how they. All right you know. Six months you've watched him be shot to death yet stabbed to death men and burned and actually. I'm glad I hear I think I don't think that death is funny. Yeah we just what got out I don't Slavic people dying yes I'm laughing at the fictional characters they continue. You you die in front of it at a did you. Have every jar on her and her. I feel like me. You should is there should be a disclaimer for her and all future Michael B Jordan movie tonight. John I don't worry doesn't not yet our Johnny got I don't watch this one. Yeah I don't like got a big get for me like I. I did sweet about it after the live. Keep killer Michael B Jordan like did you ever dude says casting directors and making him the person who died and I can't match he's been typecast as a really great guy who dies. That's exactly litigants see how. And a little bit different but it's similar feelings I had winds. That the character Tommy from your own. That was like number one why do they have to Killen dry my hair and you know like from a storytelling perspective it. It's that Oliver off on a different path in half it went like I get it like no need to tell me. Here's what Tony had did not. But I do I get it like it. Right and they like it's killing him right yeah I could I got all excited when they brought him back again now the big crossover and I didn't even know Utley. You're watching in me like always going to be an evil Tommy you know or a bad spot and now yes it is dead again. And hello. You know what it is funny but not funny at her I say when I was in Virginia I just I don't watch in this show which Alan let's let us doesn't really can get into an o.s called the affair an atomic HBO and showtime tonight at. And that guy Colin and that's his name rank them he's one of the characters. In the show and I saw him and I was like yeah no that is slightly glittery never. And it looked like a good his character in a minute don't like. We'll tell him and all of like so and this tune. Really. Good golly we couldn't it. I'm very upset and I can't let's talk about things that make us happier like like. Baton yes it's making us happy times oh excited for that woman because. In DC does anything right it's T Egypt's yes I agree. Now I would say Yankee is there have been some times with arrow where undermined altogether guys yeah I think that's with any TV show that goes on a long time yet he had to get constant storyline and characters and things like I married him many times with as much as I you know adore supernatural. Write them like. C'mon let's end this I don't the last season I let the Jackson. I'm really you're in the scooby natural way to Jack yeah not all play at this neither black leather jackets need. Naturally they get a tied and it historian and a little bit but. Sally it's not that woman is going to one of the big crossovers with arrow in the flash and super and all that says she's gonna be introduced later this year. And then it sounds like the goal is to launch her into her own show I think it's what they're hoping. Maniac hopes so all right so what are you now I know that element is ruby rose. And she is my woman crashed. And I love her summoned to what you when you all love with her what to what are you watching or it is the new black can't go that she really got like introduced warts was going to as the new black announced last and it was. I'm very behind him and his plight that's okay now that I finally in the first is in your let's. A lot of people like diet throughout the series solid and you know it cause I love Madonna watch that person that's on I just wanted yeah yeah but in list. Season three year for it being in she has all the people posting about her on piece like this girl and honest I don't watch in all the all of that's who that is. Houses and mint she is just so pretty like her dark hair then I had is that it facial structure is great she is. I was always I don't inept and at that she was gonna be bat. That woman I was like. And she loved her and toll get a lesson is known. In May mean very upset because people believe her off the Twitter. I know home I I just I didn't. And getting get too far and Erica I know we just make me mad yet but that's really like after the announcement people worsen mean her yet correct it she just laughed. I what does that mean I don't I don't understand. And they were talking about how pissed she's got a new movie out called the mega million like the I'm Norma shark shark levied Atlanta came out of nowhere you can fix it does big blockbuster I was like what's the match and then I'm not I am like and then the number eleven army. Why I didn't know it was a shark name. In some looney about my friend went autism and about and Jai enormous shark. OK get this like Johns like ten times bigger contact. Adding the OC I'm I don't likes theory type things that I was scared of me I'm like yeah but she's in that movie but my friends. Who wins thoughts is at every resident have like a really beat. Part in that movie Democrat and so people were like talking about how she didn't today did in the may gimbal line on the left are part. And then eight should probably did she says she may be at like seven months apple yeah well let's let's do at all lately. Is supposed to over acts every single parent I play. Man. And I lover bureaus and I think that she is a great actress I'm excited. Yeah I think shall do a good job with the role and I'm excited that they're bringing something. It's been an air universe right and that we're gonna get that woman. Am I'm Martha malware and is in the DC world seem. They are it's going to be on ethics which is like an independent. TV thing that's happening I highly doubt about it because. I have extended knee and now you can watch things through at electronics sanity out of it what the heck is up. They are making which might make me subscribed ethics. I TV show about Alfred. It's gonna be like Alfred wife when AA before her like similar to figure out why he's you know yeah he's like you know Butler yet I. He's how did you to be set to battle Ashton yeah I so it's gonna follow his his early years which I think it's great I agree. Always Alfred always and one of my favorite characters is funny yeah and the fat man and yet universe on. I didn't plug this last month I can't think of his playing Alfred and he's a really big actor to. And did you see Don of justice are there are I have nothing but a cat is it looked and as is it a guy friend. I see this is why Roman Canon would be the main streaming and a straight year he had missed is it to got a miss congeniality. Mike is in Michael Caine I want to know that now it's not now Michael Caine as though I liked him as Alfred I thought he was agree Alfred yet they knew it's the newer one with my. That members is Superman in the Justice League it's stuff like that I'm gonna look at. Let it out when. He I think the purpose of this Alfred has to be less fatherly obviously because he had. First weighing in at Ben Affleck is first Wayne is a grown man and doesn't you know maybe need act. Downed figures so much yen. But let us but I don't get as he's he's like. More than. Anna likes he's like you another action hero as opposed to being that done. Guiding you in person in persuades sound I don't hate him it just like I don't you love the person that played Alfredsson and so much he what do you average is he is a good character prey is figure out his playing offered in the and. That man. First Superman jeered me. And justly yep yep that's him. Yeah is is asking him and again I've seen him and a gazillion things but he's black guy. He was in his in the linking. The Lanqing that hasn't come out Aetna lanky and usable is out cash. And the average is between yet. Public system and I let you run out of gas it's better than a thousand things music good actor Brad and I think he's doing a good job with the Alfred they want him to leave it that's up. A little debt Altria. I'll brag about time I totally couple literally get and it. Parent and that is black and underneath thanks for listening hopefully got something out of that and the voices you're hearing that's producer John. And it's if she's bandit with 1079 inexperienced. Three and happier if the Internet and I'm KJ and I have been with the knicks also for the Al aren't. CD wasn't just how much does have a nine makes you can finest pop I don't know how you found us podcasts from. Why I was body after refining it and I guess in these next act commons is our home but were now. Aren't state tour. We just Evert saying is that from ground zero all the podcast people like to be stitcher hostile how we are on iTunes and listen to us there. Yeah I we I I figure it out because I was sick for two days and not any ousted him. I figured I get us on YouTube had she was very excited just so proud of herself I laughed and is on you to eyelash at it wasn't there was a lot of work so especially when I was like oh. To do is. You know I actually like. It you can see us on YouTube right now just our load knowing you can hear this podcast. I was at convention and they were they were showing the study. On and it was just like different participants in the study about how these podcasts and so many people were like I listen on YouTube I was like. I thought he watched things on YouTube. Well pat we forget I need it now. Now there's what I think there's why don't isn't that what you're listening to right now might not beyond YouTube but not an out. There wasn't it was anywhere that you get podcast yeah. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda. Follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter tech kinda dirty news or on our website and in these mixed down.