KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 228

Friday, August 31st

Matt Smith is joining 'Star Wars' and our post Misha Collins call fangirl session! 

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Go to the 32. Don't grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean not like in tire problems. And now on the. Here's JJ and the candidate dirty girls and yes I would say. I agree with John at KDU. Telling me you don't think actually driver's hands and hear it you are. Attracted to some this I mean I would say not Blake the the standard handsome. Type of man she said we are cleaned and I don't wanna say that about Adam driver he gives you know. I only ask me your connections here yeah. And it. And now like his base. Yeah I guess they do not. Yeah I have the prominent nose into a lot of people generally find attractive but I think it works is takes. You know I mean look at Ken reits. Alex various. You have a tight Katie. You know. It's it's generated a cat he left I never thought about that he does look a little bit like galleries. But I don't think he gets a lot that like. Don't look like he honoree did you end and. Here. A conspiracy theory to Keanu Reeves is actually end vampire that is immortal gas see. That's why are on call. I'm excited painting from like a seventy very it looks exactly like he had every. Is really one ethnic caged ill. I guess I've seen that actually matters well. I mean yeah the reason we're talking about Adam driver here is the kinds. The excitement that we haven't had any other really even. It Dino less because we had Jeffrey dean Morgan gear and then in Egypt hollow is there's instead of varying actually a big deal now yeah Arnold knows. It did not say that. Left the power go to my hand and I mean I heard again. We are. Being black. Can we please take a moment to celebrate this pact that Matt Smith is nothing to be inch are good. It's soak it all it's like sodas are I can't even quite wrap my hatter on my mother in star or should. Well I mean he is familiar with aids yeah. He does he John. However didn't end announcement was in jail now lag because he hasn't been anything that ever watch is in the crown give a classic crown I tried to do that I started crying really hard tycoon and how was your dad died in him and ask like apps that are three and yeah. Lots and stuff that makes you cry why you lost the crown because he hits too close to home as far as well daddy thing again ask listen now it is really I know it's really did. Really. And they I don't Vinatieri up and and that's total amount really get any. Now a case usually at any standards and shaking his audience and like every parents you know I'm. Not only is neat you. He doesn't have eyebrows. In Hebron on the did you Husain. Really really light and shadow and I like how he shot it looks like he doesn't have any. It's a joke about it Whoopi Goldberg president Niagara. Look I feel as if he's now that's all look at Anna and I are important. Every living out about Matt Smith eyebrows in his final episode. Which I was watching last night because I woke up at 3 AM and couldn't sleep. And so what I'm doing and I can't sleep and watch doctor and. And they've made a joke is he he shaves his head right. He said I Claire's been away for a long time they've been separated she's like. It all of a sudden his wig comes off and she's and I. That's just that it can be got bored niches like what happened to your eyebrows. Lori. Inside joke because people will constantly be like anyway. He doesn't have any idea if you. Yet contacted us and not only is he joining Star Wars for the next guest he's getting a key role move. I'm leaning yes. Nobody knows who split it yeah that did not told anybody yet what you drink at this point I mean week you've got a I mean. You should be planning to stuff like you can see. In a thing like jet that we forgot about yet who moved to sensitive like the lashed out at that does the leg last Jeddah had not asked I. Yeah her and let anything that act you know. Did they release character does need some direction at this point. You Al OK we still don't know. You can't trust Cairo ring and obviously not he's very end and just yeah. Yeah. It would just glorious he has tantrums which is light Saber yeah. And I had. Job right he gets mad and just destroy just right after you don't like how brakes on the generally are what they're like yeah yeah yeah. Ringgit battling get three year old did you get to light sabre like smash established TV. And why al-Qaeda and eight. And coming in there and I. As he had. Yeah yeah I'm Sally not totally. Normal and very well adjusted skywalker. Right so you a 100% trust that. When cholera and told. But rang me and her parents don't matter because that was. John and you know I mean you can't trust him I think he was telling the truth because. That makes sense for the story he's an adjustable yeah yeah she Reggie and Ollie the narrator she doesn't have interaction. While she does have directly to keep dredging up all these characters and I look we for your dad was a B like Adobe and not for not. A 100% agreement that they do they do need zoom I think could be moved far. Not you know keep living in the past and and move forward with these new characters but he water perhaps under action. Maybe that's where she's at and perhaps not to the dark side. Well I got me. We don't have mark Hamels character anymore and that's true they've already announced he will be in the next when we get ghost Luke's candidates fanning out with ghost and it inning goes ya. This guy is gonna get real awful hair. I birthday is you know I'm glad Adam I mean they can only do so much Carrie Fisher's character obviously I down and then. Harrison Ford's character is also add lots. Surprise why we just boiled oil heiress for my team two years ago. And three to get a hat so I mean I HE backers like the only parent figure she's at this point yeah. But Aslan I can say is a good parent. They got I don't know if you knock them is going to be at the next comment in working men and parents and excited yeah and fast Cincinnati comic con. The guy that plays Cheney had to start from game of drones. Now my knee is hands out. Church I am really very jealous I hope that comes across in this sentence that I'm saying hasn't thing right now. I'm incredibly jealous that you not symptomatic that are just come to Cincinnati. Clark Gregg didn't care agent. It it'll Colson and Coles is going to be and Paulson is not. Like I hate. My a little. Nerdy marvel heart he's done a lot of growing larger agent Coulson I mean he has tied so much together in our past and little universe not only start right or Nick's theory yeah utilities like a girl for him I'm payment. Maria Gil and yeah. Although I I would be interested. I was senator out all right new house and brittle I don't know her there and cats. Can't let's go to the mall let's go to animal. The. On every commercial ever in life time. Now that. Handsome and looked up his face it McCain and his characters don't I growing from you know. I. Slain sisters illegitimate children well that team who you know. Being this very well rounded character that mine is a hand you know. I'm back did you mean and yeah okay if you were runner I was like oh god where Armey retired guy who ran her retiring and all about. It like I'm pretty sure hurt. Poke holes and didn't sleep and his sister if he did I miss not aren't sure if he's still undecided. Yeah mechanics let's Tyler ran doesn't yeah yeah a lot of people thought that that was that they were gonna find out that they were separated at birth cnet's. But they're wrong I don't act. Like he's like your parents aren't important. It's like you instantly thought what is dead and and he not got that because it is in the in I was ideology and you know we can't. Let out. Not a 100% because obviously involved Jenna away heading out. Well I'll let her play her house perhaps just looks lockers child. He's been but he's too image and I lame as well yeah oust. Eking of the jet IRA did you see mark tweet it out accident that I mean this boy wasn't he out of the looking for attention that. It was a story about this boy was being bullied and he refused to get to end. Because it's not suggest I away like I'm going to bully and he's not going to be a Bali not going to let bullies other hand gets it's not the jet I away that's great and and mark reached out to land it sounds like you're right in the house. Yeah I forget exactly is sad but it was super street can't eat I just love that marked as so much good with. With his celebrity X and vitamins and keep Dutch even he is. He's a what I would buy it tying this all great jokes about her mark. Matt our wish kid Eli. Where yeah I'd had a party in North America actually blew. Lynn EY it's coming to the cancer sucks part of the game on that day really so excited to help pay it or word yeah. And I grant another wind sounds and Alex and he and I were to become parents yeah way not because they can't play. They can play games in the game truck and a man outside and swear I'll beat. That's how I if you are listening locally. Thursday September 6 is our cancer suddenly there. A I kinda dirty wish Edward is a short night and he loves the Incredibles. Every time he's Avis I have to say with the subtitled and every time I hear it in my head you say it like. It's the cancer sex party. Kind and it's. Okay. I'm not everyday I really. I really am I I I it's very. You know I. Get full memorial in that few are knots. Local. In an online you can go on my mind and you can outbid on these auction items as long as you wouldn't mind you know paying the price to pay some shipping like I can't eat meat teaser well auction okay well well I hired only let out weeks' worth of work and yeah. And art Harris Moore are supernatural. Friend. A lot of a lot of people were little bomb that art contest. Two win the gold passes to go to the officials supernatural convention beginning to work yeah did nothing sticks. Com are sweepstakes. That just because of the way radio works and things you actually an Indiana resident to win. The pastor loves the golf passers that are in and it just silent auction to go out to be giving to her urine eighty. Anyone can get on so every lol yeah. Natural family coup if you listen to our interview with me shell has done so much died. I have no doubt that what these passes alone we can probably grant Edwards which just triggers supernatural family. I now let. Is Edwards Edwards wishes to have breakfast with goofy rock he knows yeah. And it when you go to Disney World as a wish kid. I don't think he realizes says that he will be tucked in every night against the characters. He will stay and give kids the world village. They have ice cream available 24 hours to community. Like I thank water. On the go ever is I is doing really well right now only is it Lou lymphoma battle but just in case anything would happen there's a full medical. Operation basically. In yet Phyllis fleet of doctor as he sat out so that every family that goes. No matter. You know. What's going on with their kids they can have an amazing experience. He sent you a lot of African bash I he had breakfast with duty but he's good at it pretty much she goofy every every night before that happens yeah. It. Very early into the night we grit its cash. I finally do then we've got and you know we have some other nerdy kid party on lane that are waiting for their wishes I believe guy wishes for a little. Light blue wants to meet you bock actually that you make happen. Yeah it. It's hot ever got a Cincinnati next to me and we had that kind of bull yeah. Aaron I mean there aren't there probably about. I wanna say. 150 to 200 wishes waiting to be crammed sound. They did happen we get Edwards wish granite and me wanna keep going we keep going I mean me doubts out 8000 dollars down let's go home. We can just make more magic and we do in which is awesome and I and a 100000 dollars in cash to just he had to make this possible. How do you have a 100000 dollars and you wanna donate comic guy if your listing right out and you have five dollars and you wanna donate. Donate because at any single dollar. Helps add word. Yeah it is just how funny this auction goes to do wish yes and just like what we granite you guys wish last year where you you granted the wish that when Eli went on his wish. The day eighteen Matt Markey and all his mom texted me the pictures immediately like we got to follow. Eli going through as we and runs he was surprised because you know that it. They thought you know they felt really guy he's got to meet mark Hammel while he's at this convention but then also. DG. Ridley was cleaner and it's he had no idea that hey just blown away like is that these beautiful memory doesn't crash. That sound. Yeah you're you donate five dollars and gas lap when ever heard it goes today is me and I. Get those pictures of him having breakfast with his feet you have to say you were part of it. Or maybe you get on the Zamboni ride with the Indy fueled by debt at now last year I loved every moment that. Hobby you can bet dine some of our concerts like 98 degrees it's our mic Mary mix moos. I jingle jam is always a big deal. Announced the lineup yet and I'm not too do you get your ticket gate you get your tickets and you don't even need to worry like it's not going to be sold out before you get your tickets to an already got your tickets. I don't search. And under two out yeah NN there's got dinners there's a ton of spots staff itself. I mean there's something for everybody but yet definitely if you're listening to dance and you wanna go to supernatural and it's beginning to work in you can get right now to edwards' rich it's the whole point to like come on. NN's add add back into the supernatural world can we please in these days. Find out a little bit about how awesome that was that Misha Collins called the next one. 2% yes I'm totally down let me finally here and say when he did call the first thing he said let's. This is Misha Collins calling and we all wet. Vietnamese shoes like is this really I was that's. Does this is real boys OK like thirty turn it to sound off and yeah wasn't dominant where I was a little while he VF and advice Sheikh says something like cats Seattle to Barack. I don't believe yeah. Are you notice the first thing I say when he says this is Misha Collins I saying no way. Actually man let go well. Crowd. AM until they started talking about the charity things and you know those and the things I was a 100% convinced it was like some intern they had pretend the only I. I'm not I mean my husband because I. Well I mean I. A lot of trading Debbie and I. Stopped and hubby and I cannot stop me you. Trying to align right information to call out every day I just. I keep things aren't. Sharon and personal lead lender that announced sounded. This makes no memorable I got let's get it and I feel like every. Even if you don't believe right everybody. Loves to talk about. The parent norm. Everybody asks like the same generic question. Is true inspiration you know I know about your trip to Cody. Even host yeah let's get deep rallied back. Your dreams and aspiration. And. Are people that aren't afraid to answer back yeah. I'll tell us often yeah. He did very well with the Janssen or Jared trust each day Eddie plays is like it's your parents plan. I'm religious can't tell you it's. Our government is found me Chris since. It I had a little check out and it like. Still I'm quite John I'm stalling and I'm quite get yeah. Everybody. Agreed to laugh yeah. Yeah yeah and and yeah visual cues. Glad early green yeah you need. Yeah I'm like no I was not gonna stop on my notes yeah. It's hot and stop them. Oh. I get around it look at me it's not about and I did not crack he didn't let us try it like yeah. To watch yet it not a target on his readiness and how they get that they do I think it's just it's it's cool all. To belong to this and which really does to a lot of and I had they. Yeah I mean it's it it really ends when in how people talk about the supernatural family it's indeed he hit a colleague a cult just kind of she is also are like really great people on I'm in this I'm in this group four. Indy convention that's coming up and everybody's so nice and so helpful you know really not a fan where. You know at least that I've seen you wearing wears people I task they're like we're you know. We can all be different have different opinions that come from different places Alina like ours we see a lot. Our honor and yeah. Manhattan's get in out cop out and can't eat keeping in the. You don't want other people like the thing you'd like. You to be popular. You don't want people that you don't want to like that's like I never understood that and I think with what does that become traditionally. Just to. If I'm just I don't got any John avoidance I was I was I was I was governor Jon Voight and. Didn't a did. Yeah. I don't miss. It. I think you. I began at ten and are in the Jewish candidate he's a treasure he really is he and a sign he's coming to our steady. We have and it's I'm not a science or in another call is he calling back hot let's check. No I'm not just Alley hacking I. I thought he dean and. This industry eyes I have the convention world and everything. I have never heard anything liberty any fan. Anybody see a bad thing about Misha Collins it's always heat is just luckily. Can iron out he is a treasure and not in Italy to meet him at summer hang out rang yeah well. The only thing aware of the supernatural convention that's coming India I think it's really really important. Three I understand these are gonna go are you gonna look at the website and go wow this is more than I learn so I need to go to a convention. You're not gonna go you don't go on Saturday afternoon shop for a little bit get a phone locking on stuff telling you are gonna wanna be there. I tell you get experience creation is an XP you have to clear your schedule for the whole weekend because you're gonna wanna be there to hold its head into Sunday night and every thing is in the same room when you buy your ticket you have a seat that is yours feet you don't have to like. Feel like well I don't wanna go to this panel that I might lose a seat for this month. Everything. Happens in the same room did carry out these are you the same place as analyst. Add that I know that they are being. They really are with this convention being a little bit different being the first giving to work. On that suspect I'm Stan solid you know they kept our city to come bring to bear. And on to enjoy a good price is hard. Any different things I am there in outlet planning picture marrying and the karaoke party and we're originally where a tree I don't know you know that's kitty. Flat while they're here. We are going to create a monster there's going to be a contest. And who ever wins that monster is actually going to be featured in an episode of seeing how it. Yeah it's there's a there's actually an art contest going on right now if you go and it just on Google supernatural convention giving to our. Here's an art contest going on right now that. They're encouraging you like. Whatever you however you want to express yourself like. What's supernatural is to you out at an audio winner and keep your. Aunt I mean it's it if you're planning ongoing just now like clear your schedule. Be there Friday Saturday and Sunday you're gonna spend an entire weekend with these people who played characters that's really cool very very call an end in. Nothing else that I know on out there's like that now and I it sounds like it's amazing and they've been doing it for Sonia. Line I I. Part of the reason that parents and and yours so cool is because. Supernatural is. Biggest defense. Also still kind to her and under the rate cut because it's on the CW exactly yeah enact coming in now that people can enjoy watching it I just I Dianne thinks but I just I just don't wash all thirteen seasons I can't believe I'm. I can't believe I sat at the last thirteen years not watching this out yeah exactly. You that's how I was when I found it yeah yeah yeah. Mean I watched that episode with the wind again if he's won the match is like. You know this just like you find it and they never did anything like that ever again and Wendy well there's only I mean how many went against you name he seemed more new money entertaining and yeah I'm not important question. What I have to jail. To meet mark Pellegrino. Well you can go on the site and get a photo op an autograph it was for ticket. Crawl is at this let me let me know when I'm at or oddly enough. It's. Almost the entire cast except Jared engine and Jarrett and Jeff thinks he had to make as Ryan and I and I'm they're trying to expand into other cities and if we do a really good job here right I get there like. Indianapolis embrace the supernatural convention. Adds so much fun. We wanna come back next year. And maybe we'll get Jered I'll tell crazy and half and on that they're doing it to markets right now where they're doing is giving two word there I'm coming to Indianapolis and they're also doing clean black. On the guest list right now he's talents of course we guy who played Gabriel. A gash it renounces last name goes first in Richard who who rob Benedict yeah act Allen. Yeah Chris Arnold. Mark Pellegrino now I'm not Rachel miner out Jason man's camera adds. Three in about master the alleyways and Calvert is like knew if I. Samantha Smith and David Hayden Jones a wow and this is stacked. Snack and they're all here all weekend here at me I eat at this hotel where you can hang out with them now bring. Thank you so cool all sadness on the party cages that we. You know after a night they kick it off they have a PG I'm a party. Elite have Q I am I a and everybody's got. Everybody's got angry mountains and you don't have to jam and humanity out of town might not be able in my telling us we'll kick out. Are you could bring some to Janet and donate them to the horizon house you know we're asking for clothing I'll bring extra Jamie's not just bring to any. Jan three and jammies for you. Down highlight yet. I didn't add there we wrap like fifteen minutes and I told intense I didn't wanna gal any further so it really gets talked about the show is I want to talk about he more of him in the next season and and get his feelings on. I can ST Allen is an absentee father to check out. I absentee but there are things Ian and asked those things when they're in town. Right yeah he's returned to town those are questions you can ask act that you ever anything you've ever wondered about supernatural their here you have to give you that insider meaning of the word it nicer than why are you an absentee father god. I think he fathered. And president can't ask reckless Johnny and I have to redolent. If I an interpreter. On the blending in like eighth the whole different way. Continue pointing. And managed just hard questions she have a question chance to question. I don't keep joining and just tell yeah. I know I just had a hump of lake. In my gases is a famous person and I noted seen on TV and I can't deal with that you have India that the person. But that's that's their job and you know I I don't ever I don't ever. Blanked out because of that I blank out because I'm trained to not have dead bear yeah my. Unless oceans like a normal life. I'm OK if there's upon my way I. On the air. Honesty and I must say I don't think. I haven't but it's something that time. I look you can't shut out of yeah I had the best I can't stop. If I'm worried that there's got to be a silence and and they don't brown Harris though silence. You know once you're negate your challenge. That we get supranational isn't did you get your pill might get my guy. I. Think yeah I mean it's still need our panel and you're gonna get your. DNA tells and it I think gallon. And then an island as a party and has been accused we can listen to Yemen. Has done he laid out. The week's super now how each party on errors stand on Thursday live up. Insanity app I think that's fine you can always stand my house and yeah onion the whole continues on a plane here to stay there Thursday we have to Jana party Friday and Saturday stay at my house we. Mover out. Yeah each other analysts immediately common of the job until I cannot work and act and how we act in all weekend and in it as often are you are busy being a part of an immersive entertainment experience. Of your bloody weekend Disney Channel twenty Ers beat the 23 of September yes I don't think we have anything on the flat photo op calendar. Outlook carried. Tryst at your connector K kits and offense I'm. It's about the fact Qaeda doesn't actually know people's names. That irony there names are hired hands are our marriage is forever I sort of like two years before she said anything to. I'll get it. She not real brandywine. But she's always working and that's what I thought it might also there are told means that I was quiet and reserved. Yet. I am. Multiple times when we started this podcast and I told people around the building that you were might come as they relate to she time yeah I. She is so funny and sometimes very mean and Larry and I. And I think your how Larry. I listening to her so much well if you actually listens to this podcast coworkers you would know that she just called them. Aren't I think sometimes that's you know we talk about McMichael isn't right or at least a minute Jerry died at just another -- I I I well I thought she was crying she's actually terrifies me. Black and Latino being asked why they gave me adore. Strip out there and their lives people and that's office we have one of those open concepts by them that they shot Katie in a room and shut meaner and yet I am I don't know what happened my Clark chair I'd have a Dougherty on her opponent has shot her I. I thought. I went fat we're going to shut up. Thank. Maybe you kinda got some the news a lot of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind of nerdy news or on our website and in these mixed down.