KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 229

Wednesday, September 5th

We finally went ghost hunting! 

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Go to the 32. Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean not like in tire problems. And now on. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girl so this may just me. Spirit key addition ever anchor now. I economic costs grumbled a little stick. I was so and I wanna talk about dumb. The live action movie. And did. Are you aware that Tim Burton. As well during the down moment this is a list of things that I love these are few things I like dumb. I like timber. Hate war like action at the power to present everything you could ever. Army like candlelight trading psychedelic. Dumb statement but I liked the style of timber it's that markets. Everything's a little lung gated in and is now the top of that stuff. It works yet shallow are you a big fan of the nightmare before Christmas. My mom's and that when I was at eight and he came out didn't and we went against it of course I don't know who brings in the air and LaMont. But we did and I have always really liked it I liked the style worn out now our time. I mean it's it's really cool and I like. Franking Armenians. In Hollis and. I hear many eight year and get right endear this is like your time male this is your Christmas Halloween is your Christmas right yes it is make. Eight Britt time years so that's bad but like what are the movies you always have to watch Halloween talent but they were gonna get into our our ghost running here in just a little bit the how many can't write it I can't Halloween town. Halloween talent management. As it's a done that is so I had never even seen nightmare for Christmas all going to. And it's pretty dead at like art style a lot of panic musical Alec Sweeney Todd is up on the list on which happening to chili tepid. Can't. Guess that's Tim Burton's go to guy had no arrests yet. Again no I mean I have a whole bunch of stuff on the list and. But the ones you have to Eileen are sleeping can. The only works brow I V I watch every year and it Halloween is it's the great pumpkin Charlie breath as it has never seen it. Now every yeah really imminent every Erie ran he'd. You are time. I ran an attack me so I didn't wanna do medical on the idea never seem to Christmas we need real. After that I have got got the whole collection if you're dressed and there's actually that the Thanksgiving one. As there was a special that went along with it. And it's all like it's like reenacting it. You know that the pilgrims coming over on the mayflower. And it's really sad because like I mean there are about everybody that. But there's like. Dead Charlie Brown characters on the boat as the. Our. Own thing and it's a little ire. Okay. Halloween is Ian harvest. Going into winter it's supposed to be a little. I guess now and house that he was goes touting free on a scale of one detail and how freaked out or you after a let me. In the in the end the efforts to be as transparent Austin I'm a huge skeptic. Al Ahram. I find it very hard leaving ghosts because they think LE 99.9 9999% of net. Is it's okay it's in its creeks on the larger air vents and things like and so I went into this thinking that you know I in the organist and an evening in the dark. And so you've always wanted to do this that you didn't believe anything that happened I wanted to go because they. I wanted to prove to myself. Good other effort myself rhetoric or. I'm either gonna be like yeah now nothing happens now you know of course it's dark and it's NC I was right. All of our something does happen. And I'm proven wrong or did stuff happening. Throughout the first thing we did was that it was like I wonder boxer and the apps in. Let's sue the radio stations. And ghosts are supposed to be able to pick out words that you can and right making patent speak yeah me speak for their radiance and so we were also in the living room at the start Alison you know whatever and it's a degree channels at first can't really hear anything music it's all kind of jumbled but you get used to it and then you can sort things out. And it kept singer now take him. Yes they kept saying tell and it's a bomber that got activity couldn't be here today because it's can't see where the oddity trials the tech has got a stunning. At this place called remnant. Acres acres farm write off its and I Charlottesville which is you know about and at 45 minutes or so outside of the apple. Start as we started this like a warm and we got lost every animals that were just likes Darren Manning does like very ominously. Children and a currents I don't. Surely started out like a horror and we we convinced John and again now we get out of at least ten bluntly she was like. Guys this horribly VMware uneven air yeah. Big drug why does this this talents and their dogs in the front yard and they all just kind of stopped and stared at us and you're like oh boy I don't dons a bit like how I don't argue with Randy and I I swear never right. Address any resistance law. Unpaved road in a cornfield with yeah yeah like no you're not there are like Romney. Arrogant one back stage you know we kind of look around the house well at last a lot. Here is an aspect at this as we left in Marin more to the one gearbox. It was very interested that is it that kids she was there and you could clearly hear this thing saying cutesy. Which is not a normal. Saying yeah I'd like I'm so skeptical those aren't like this seems fairly easy if sure you know how. I was like you believe in just pre Ergen words and their list move that bust up that app apparently there's. The same thing but on an apps that plays words backwards yes and then the ghost in May awards forward. It's they explained to us they actually tried playing it forward once and it kind of sounded like pornographic film are. Sure but the gusts where image or at night. So it sounds like The Sims talking minutes and really hard to get hang overreact and not and I was just freaking me out. The just how to sounded demon as Seattle there's like a dark like had a deeper voice and man higher pitched voice and it just. Pat has sounded like you know like it's like demon was like. Doing telling terrible to a child. And mile. And hello. I. And then we we go back over and you the flashlight. And I. Obviously and I nationals the flashlight thing the flat site and how we said take a moment to recap the scariest actual scariest part of the night. There was a rat in the chitin. Girls that works with cutesy and got it beat files bank jobs. This is right at the beginning there are also Olivia is still light outside you know whenever. The doors opened to the kitchen that's like the way in the ducks and they have all the stuff laid out on the kitchen counter. And she locks in and she waits for a pause in the conversation whenever you use I don't freak everybody out. All of whenever I like yeah. Yeah and then yeah you're right. She goes there's a rat your bank cutesy here likes. I'm Iraq in June her smacked them. Beef jerky was seen in Atlanta and that Gary is I want it say about girl. You rock approached and ash yeah. Did not freak anybody out don't freaky yeah well. I don't I was I was broad. I was using my referrals yet still over edged out to sea of John I was just I don't know. Yeah I'm not do not know this didn't happen if not I don't wish wedding and I. Near tears on that well it didn't help that it is 900 degree as Stephanie how Barry Barry Barry how because there are no windows yet shove it does flashlight. Which is. The old ones like the metal where you just touch the button and it turns on assets around touch sensitive so you say they sat on the landing so that house had you know that the creepy steps out Steelers. And the areas in that other investigators have sat there is a little girl and that's where else right and shouted as. Property joining us out which was chemical they put the flashlight like on the landing of the stairs and they unscrew enough where. If you very softly touch that you can turn it on yeah saves us ask thank yes or no questions. A critic Kate to have. To sit out here that this thing you have to say exactly it's had not happened since we have to not all of the top. Earlier sit there Eileen covered her and it's her speech Donna and Casey from sales or is it more on this cat and our latest avenue scout way in place yet. We sit there and Eileen governor Ernie said. If that flashlight turns on I will myself. I. Yeah I immediately had turned on her questioning and they're like are you there and then it turned out and out like are now. I happen Mary I somebody you're giggle yeah yeah. And doesn't really does Arnold and me. I honestly I went in and out of the skeptic any kind of threw me for a little. Like the more I've thought about it this weekend as like you know I could have been like. Like a switch in somebody's pocket rather have been somebody lock on the stairs that were like shaking it turning it on but the people that Judas. Don't seem like and people that are doing it. Yeah I'm well and that is the thing is that we did just it we can't just go on some adventure with yet at strangers I mean. Hey it was like gimmick actually is is one of my very good friends and Carter is her son and Clayton is also a good friend threw out the slab photo ops company that we hour mark Eller together also. Just again ran so well obviously I mean that they had no reason to. The freaking us out there messing. I guess it was just getting Maryland saw on you know can I like going into this like where innocent in the dark for our grass questioned again. But that every single time they ask questions that day I kept turning off. I don't feel like. Are you of a girl I it would turn on are you boy not and museum now Ali is there anybody with you yes we're like. I'll let him I'm nothing is in a woman's. I really scary lady yeah yeah and then and then at one point like somebody had walked upstairs and they stop responding. Yes big black whenever something like our. To treat it. Yeah shout I dashed after we laughed. Bad things got really crazy we can't just we leave just a week there and we missed the possession we're just ask. Yeah she I Carter won of that at that he can teach you on the scene I'll never know I. I guess. Possessed and nominated. And wish him well. About a half hour after we laugh. 'cause number I get an hour people who goes on all the time I took a lot to break them out this week. It just in to host and they had if we wanted to stay they had to sit there was like early fashion that we were doing. And then there was the VIP section 3 AM until 3 AM. They were also freaked out that they packed up and were out of their by midnight. We are out of there like half hour or stay. We MI twenty minutes because. She was like I can't just at midnight she's like we left yeah the last few ever do. Real well and partners at need to break from the show. So if you need someone to fill in for him I'm I'd managed to get my hands Atlantic it while we were. There and I got up there like footage of my feet I guess I was using it to lock in the dark I got hit. Need to. And limit up rally you know and I guess maybe an I'm proud to say three to six months this'll be an episode of the oddity files and takes us old adage I know how that's some good footage of a job as a fee phase I and I turned out at a camera she's gone eaten. Laden. Are why are they put our shots there in the room where he likes girl little program and under are supposed to camera set on these old rickety wooden chairs or sit there in its black and everybody that actually knows that they're doing is downstairs. They laughed I asked the that the newbies and hello and in the scary you ran up. I. This is there room where earlier in the night. The girl I her name was Caylee. She got liked Tom DeLay three jacket was getting tugged on. And so we already knew this is around my character if they're gonna touch you there Hitachi and that's round so they put us in there and Madonna now like Yi and at one point I. Pitching yelled up the stairs to their talking to the little grounds is like if if you're if you're not here 'cause she wasn't turn like that doesn't end here in return if you're not downstairs anymore. On in your wrap them around did you just touch somebody in the rooms that we now in Jonny Gomes. Know you'll don't jelly. You are down. Are now. Do you like antagonizing her because we are asking him questions flash Slater were never and it was like. While what you go ahead and say somebody's name or something when they Joba has named an Adonis like or doubt. I like you're not wanna talk to John and the light flashed through my bag like and I. Got any more than she roster having alleged just believe there's a weird antagonizing. I'm as the scariest says hey you wanna go again yes aren't worth it. When they're steadily has experience I recommend it now. All the cool equipment and yeah in England look at yeah basically left of the kitchen. I totally public. I as are eating out nerdy going on in and in your life I mean the gusts honey counted consumers and it's not November yet sell all my games and that's right Al we last wrote one last night again how let's crack. I you know I didn't cry but I just really appreciate that movie. It is like it I think of all I I think they paste it well I think he did it well and you know going into it that nobody is going to strike happens again nothing is. Is gonna go the way you want to because it do we we know what happened. But. It's such a good job in one movie of making you invest in those characters. Mean I they character development was amazing it was beautiful it was Star Wars I mean you got Darth Vader. Yeah for the first time I think really. You understood why he was so scary now you know I like choking people act as I just I. Seven I mean have all of the does Star Wars movies that have come out in this new run it's it's my favorite are. MM movies like your favorite Christmas and he died hired more the new title or it and in the evening news McLean. Or claim. Aaron and are there errors according to. Steve Gutenberg there is a new police academy and the works. I didn't where eighties movies I can't imagine in your parents were fans that you've ever seen a police academy movies KD I can't I can't I mean bear ended up being a total of I think this would be to eighth on if that's as real they're really making land but they were just. Dumb slapstick comedy. Just I mean UN enjoy knowing it was going to be really dumb bitch with a laugh. And ask Steve was one about the main stars he was officer Mahoney felt he owns each rated. And laughs. Leg ilk if you're a fan of police academy it that's one of the lot that I want to let another rebound back out yeah. I might actually like easy these clowns do another Grammy. Honestly app. The one most important and on its stock yeah I'd like crisis that eighth as August hand. Cancer sex party really Thursday yes and by the time it that's that's going to be Wednesday look at salamander we are in the got the final hours the auction is live this is actually I thinks I ended so that it has work coming up on the final hours of being able to. Then I admit the gold passes to be supernatural convention and the giving back to work. Which I for some reason this weekend like shorten it to be giving tours and lesions rap was so nice he reached out to many try to turn its to getting back to our Iran. I thought he looked like so much for Eric. All of the promotion it's really been amazing. Iran just like. You know like you better and that situation where you have to send someone yeah. Now you're like you're doing such great work you're saying Iran. It was for nothing. I. Had I ever had to say. The F special supernatural convention day giving back to work. A thousand times in the last. And one word it's not at my brain was like you know right. We're dropping a word here. And all of ash now there is a yo we do have a sweepstakes going on where you can win them for free that is for Indiana residents at Indies next dot com. If you wanna just dead. In and you know it it if you plan on going anyway this is a way to give track. And all of the money raised goes towards Edwards quit selling at at this moment. It cost about 8000 dollars that's average cost of which. For about clearly as we as we record rant about 12100 dollar. Which outcry and media and options and everybody starts dating. It is pretty heavy today brat. You're staring at reining in England Venus and outbid people last minute gap and still adding things that you might be watching it if you've you know this is the eleventh here we done that so now are. Is it ever donors know what I keep watching because you might bet on something today and then tomorrow something else get out of it you're like tell. It works because I don't last year you make your little count with Eckhart are. And they send you notification when you bet on something email and they send you an email when you get outbid. Yeah he's got back and you can. You find your found see I alleys to do it just I'm I found so it sends me text message. Like I say here's the maximum amount I want a dead and then it just keeps doing that until you hit your maximum. What I'll say hey now you better out there do you wanna did Marty just tax act like 150 and then yet a nose to keep going until you get there so. Co occasion I have to sit there and in word need to. Staring papers and you can participate went out and here's an Indian activities that are on a cabin on. You can join the kind you dirty news never mind now out of its list yeah thank each and I'd like to play at the past the whole body but it. I outweigh and an auction that went live on Thursday in. That the gas spot on the kinda dirty podcast with the first thing that happened okay. Little bit of 25 dollar and can I just write direct outlet that nobody else there and it fell. The supernatural contest is right now are 510510. Coming in. I can't I don't know we have like a thirst we have Indy racing's reached at IndyCar no we have. A lot of dinners out we. In all kinds of Alexy tickets at the brickyard is the super long and that I care aren't after the race scenes vodka sour on dad bring our staff we've got that we've got used to marry mixed meanings that jingle JAM and I blew mean I have a. And your faith mean the eleventh. I any. You know all of us that is pretty local as far as the auction goes a lot of stuff Fisher's because that's earnest desire die if you are out of town and you just may be. Your moved by the fact that this is a kind of nerdy wish in the sizzle a little eight year old boy who. On has banned through a really really tough battle. I'll with slim phone and she is. Doing very well and one of the things that has kept him going is knowing that they make a wish foundation was there for his family. And that he would be able to meet goofy shun day I have to and with them. So it all the money donated in I think if we can raise 8000 dollars on Thursday Edward goes to meet at the. You sell it you don't wanna do well it is not a bit on any of the I don't you just like I you know I don't really need any of this stuff in the auction but I would like to help AdWords. Get this out wish that there are options two donates you can go to two elections. Even got and he's mixed dot com there's a link on the if you wanna direct link it is Edward wished dot give Smart. But it's all over our social media staff know it's HMS motives and yeah special thank you anymore UT MC Fisher you have to make an app and ask any parent they have just gone on third ranked. And a pub theology which is. And on our sister station. I host GPL they host radio theology on Sunday mornings and they are. This is actually our parties are. Are are converging. They got they did this party with a purpose once a month and we've been talking for years about how what they do make so much sense with why. We do and it worked out this year that we could combined forces and out work on Edwards which together through to make which honestly think he. I Eli is going to be there you remember Eli could you I got to meet mark Hammel last year you want me through a party in North America mark it on doctor Nat sound he loved doctor hair and you love Star Wars and he loves the game to cities. He yeah. And word and and that gaining track that's going to be there the game track and play in Southport heightened you know these days yes sound it'll it'll be really fun. If you're any area Thursday night. Doesn't have anything to get and just get out brings them. Somebody out about make a wish tantrum and I mean that's how HD. Yeah getting an a half. Super super lighter amounts of oh. Any lunch today if you can say hot I gas yeah I did a lot and wait there's any line don't you like it up sometimes our salespeople they yeah they send me aren't I say don't play odd and I get there and didn't it you know the client will be like. Tomorrow the people that shot. Canada. Yeah I. Understand there. I know I'm going out of their way to Simi. A very loyal and they expect. Them are very loyal to sitting at home listening to our podcast or something because. They do not come out of the car dealership when I'm there for two hours on Saturday. I to purchase that is kind of nerdy for now hopefully the next time we talked do you we will have granted our first a special. Kinda near you wished dude yeah do you actually think about. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that kinda. Follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter tech kinda dirty news or on our website and in these mixed down.