KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 232

Friday, September 7th

We granted Edward's wish!!!!!! We hear about what Johna thought of ghost hunting and we talk 'Captain Marvel'! 

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Go to the 32. Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean and not like the entire premise that. Now on. Here's gates indicated it dirty girls. As you did you have hope that you can now teamed up with imagine dragons. Angry Birds and benefit. Pediatric. Cancer care. Now a lot. Like them out yeah how long sentence. For. Frankly I imagine dragons. Who at the band yes there I am and they got. They then again. In the but yeah. Nit and the fun didn't I. I try to get that didn't like it. When you say foyer on. I don't know if I'm like oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Get out here in England. Shot magic dragon does a lot of good things for the world and did my guess is bad that not only do they make great music but they that there great human beings then I. I came back and so there is this mode you can play an Angry Birds now it's like Angry Birds matched. And you while you're playing an eye on it doesn't like. Make you donate to continue but it's like awesome you're playing Angry Birds were magic dragon you get help a kidney cancer right now I'd be just click here. Right track here I mean I don't celebs. You can answer any questions and give rights to people are hungry I did. You see strict actions online doesn't wash well and I'm he had an innocent or. I did not know this you get like. Happy kid down at a computer and let him veto a bunch of people I like that it's scary here next. Say I don't I don't really know why they're doing avid. My question is there we still playing Angry Birds now. I didn't know this about me are wind isn't like there like efforts in agreeing labored breath angry and I know our. All right and B when is so popular when he came out they may have like the movies are enamored yeah. I patent. Never played Angry Birds but what I found out that imagine dragons watch to help kids with cancer that I was like well maybe now well now you're probably. Grants. That's on the aisle is quite happy bird and that was the last night. That would destroy their funds playing this game road and hit floppy Ebert all that was the only tap the screen in the bird. Millions across the screen how. Out pillars and stuff a look at awful I well I played two games on my time I played doodle jump for awhile like Alan. His arm is fine. And then. Fur and just. On my record in Idaho Iowa gaffe Alley and ultimately deferred did you game plan and on the big screen are like after a tough job. And then it's like you move your arms whether it again your arms to chop it I'll ask some excellent on Baikal. But that act at the video games of I haven't played for I I take that back I have I have. Dabbled in five nights at Freddy's. The Ares it's not. I still like evidence makes jumpy it does make me jobs but what makes me laugh as that which when you play that game I'm assuming without her children. When I play it with my nephews I mean. They know what's coming but they don't get so excited. And and midstream and giggled. A Chinese amenities love that game Blake. Dell likes in my house and much YouTube videos about it that's a serious it is railway yeah they love me in on what you'll watch in my business creepy but they love it's. In its though. It's creeping in miyazato. I don't why did Ali speaking egg crate he rally quite ecstatic as humid start got signing recap creepy if you get asked you're treaty and have asked distant I'd. Your feelings now that we've pet or a week out from the ghost hunting adventures that ruined your life yet. Allen how recent. Still filling my eight deadly and not going goes tanning ever again. I. Because. I was so should generals like you know let. I'm cool office as of right now and I don't want. It is I'm like well I guess that most terrifying moments when god made me go upstairs. Broom. And like the hottest room in the hole how do you look at like that he certainly something happens to me eye out kid jihadist up there and she was just like. I mean in her mind she was trying to will that goes to touch touch touchpad Donna how I know. They get a good test done and how they don't touch me angina now and. Event not highlights and that when I asked the spirit if it wanted to talk to you it also said yeah it knows what's up there. I don't John you are targeted just now just you got a doctor Jack light up there who did. Exactly at at I don't wanna talk to me not only Clinton then yeah I'm proud. View because you. Did something. That was way out of your comfort yeah I and I have to do it again I'm wrong you've done that you can save Janet and I will and handing him a lot of crap for it since then. Like any give up and I've played because I game appointment of a player that player -- carrying out. Yeah okay I'll I know your thoughts after a job as play by play you're gonna get in to the captain marvel. There is news. MA lake and magazine covers or narrowed its goodness. Trailer and I that's not our time about nine. C is to get people that maybe a lesson a little bit longer play is I'm just there any of knocking back tomorrow. Oh man. This lab the renowned road aren't and then all of a sudden Iran some creepy erode and it was like you have grabbed it and there was no house there. Well last well clearly we need to go home because this is a sign there's no house nears release does Obama says that sign and nobody else wanted to know hired out of art where you were like. This is straight up like oh or plus low late. You know everybody doesn't isn't there is no house and say in the there's an obvious like little house lead dogs as of they're like hey I I can't say you. I don't know may forget those I swear to god though he married a light on where I had read demonize him and maybe they were albino. That's eight and it can regulate it is dogs are doing anything any kids outside playing like they're just end the dog got. They stared at least ask they didn't move they weren't like. Strangers like. Oh all right I like yeah. A car it just let her like throat is like I needed the angels we were looking out and so they couldn't move and I haven't a premonition only you know it's. Immelman Nolan disasters and a half I'm ready to do it. I knew. Other disasters this I'm below weird Alice are ramps. You lived to tell about it I didn't re stressed re actually sledding. Both and stressed since letting because it was hot. Shower coming soon to oddity finals. The ironic knowing and I have the honor and money your just 800 any and. Needs its next kid teen Mueller councils are for all of that is they you have to go out there where it's me cursing constantly. Like. I would turn it came ready or you're shaking your head really hard because hey they can't light silly topic and feel you feel a feeling Yonkers template and every every time's up that would have been like. Link don't drive it's it's entirely first Hank and and I every time that it happened but look at China. Like our kids like she'll now can shoot when it comes so well liked touching and react what's gonna happen freak in me. How and they want airlock in their room at the beginning about the rap oh my god yeah. I I it's not I don't know will again with a nine iron and I could feel you have reason. Yeah you got stiff I don't. Mean to harm. Or. Oh leave her alone yeah I already gone down at it again so early in the Nightline as it's happening right in dark gray. There's a room in your bag in my car I guess I thought I'd ever. And I are. Were the source didn't like the living room early in the dining room whenever allows with a little spear boxer ever yeah and that they was freaking me out and then there is let's turn off the lights Niles like look now really lose a mean now because. I would suggest that got its at now and they're gone no. No lose by a vote no on the island fun our legs it was quiet protests capture head down you just thank you in his nightly on the I understand that there were cameras everywhere so everything you're doing every time you looked down. Like you are pretending you're on camera in the office. I want to get up. And then I'm paying captain marvel jotted it. I am with you. And we they've been saying oh you're gonna get captain marvel trailer in September just wait till September dissent and usage and did you see how it started. Investors. Black I I was almost ruled almost because brie Larson was like. Me entertainment remember it was that we cleared Entertainment Weekly yeah magazine. Entertainment Weekly wanna break in net tomorrow night we did meet here then I'd like. To again. And libelous cop yeah I forgot about that right and since the next day. And it's you know I don't I was like 1 o'clock or something in captain marvel is trending. I'm like a little diet and try again I click on them that hash tag then and there is she looking glory that's yes on the cover her. And Entertainment Weekly that's lovely and her about get out five seconds I was night. Alone look at captain marvel. And then I was like. Yes jacket we're gonna trailer it. I train alert. I actually. Like four trailer my tweet that out that was nice to meet. Marvel mean ten seconds later all capital letters though the odds are all Marmol and. They are really bide their time on this I they really aren't I does that mean of says freaking marvel movie ever well you are due on June bonds going to be in this movie I. I do love him he's gonna he's playing some lake super like crazy warrior sounds like he's on the good side. Yea. But yeah heat they're being really mysterious about what his character is going to be be really mysterious about the only guarding at an elite eight and I read an article does it should've been a true it's. I sit and watch. I'm reading the race is making it can act and carry out gas and I feel I feel like agent of shield their at it if you don't you shed because you'll get a lot of back story about the creep I watching agents she. And errors in your faces evening at marveling eating or ask us and elite pace is running any accuser how a row and counting apparently this is when he is still a high ranking member right doses poppy Harlow up. Sell on jury member Luc didn't read the article used did have you watched guardians of the galaxy now. He helped us on nine Stanley. So as you can expect ninety's I'm sad about I love that I'm not saying he's east and 1990s and Jackson for a NN I really ill waged is yes the same edited with Robert junior in the last inning and I think they're doing that we call sincere as agent Coulson has talked called CNN I now and then act and so excited he's going to be at the kind of murky next weekend. I'm the only June when he suitcase you. Iran has made a Cincinnati catcher and if they present an enemy there. Not at this let anyone and it is green absolute it's hard Lil obvious awareness and the captain marvels there's various. Versions are remembered agreed. Now what so is wearing has more of the classic. Comic don't take it looks better act. March 818. I can't wait. So Arlen. Say the date I really hope brie Larson as a gauge I do have to marvel I didn't she won all because the only movies that I've seen brie Larson and his legacy for like. Be wearing only super sarcastic Zoellick a keyword yeah. Alan I have to and with that out later. The right Abbie get out they may or may just edit be awkward even if but late she is she's super like Breeden sarcastic handling outline tomorrow to be like that and math probably type tested like hello. Eminem video watch on Netflix had no idea as watching what town. We're long and it's is kind of based solely as kidnapping stories about people like locked away for years news in. That was like. She was locked in a storage shed neatly with the sun she ends up having mid term. That's like the first African it is them escaping in the second half as like adjusting real life I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it. Yeah she's the mom slash. The lady who got kidnapped rumor she was in Kong Skull Island. The spectacular now noted short term wealth no. Untitled engine meetings between nineteen. Unicorn stored note the glass castle and good luck note it was a great book what I really wanted to see budget now goes on the bones actually read in college. Well do you think she plays a B word in the in the movie is there a B word and it and that's only in the last laugh a child nationalistic issue is that aunts about somebody's neglectful childhood. Why character that she played find out. I'm I'm really interested to find out if she's a B word and trick to net a little girl. And president's very. And here's an upset because you know manuals say here is not a B word lodging was in Don John that Movielink does apply in London's college onions and mushy in apps and I. His sister act. And community. Not the only one jump street lot yet she was into any kind of change she was being yes we'll be. I Little League which is a great ELA and I don't actually. She. I can't got a Tara to eat until he's she's just like when you know pilgrim vs the world is I wanna go like. Actresses they elect mentioned as a Gooden and make you forget all about that. Lake I I you know I was hesitant about Chris Evans and being Captain America needs you now never be hesitant about Kristen and I always current flag. And Chris seven dollars and listen honey now I just thought about fantastic four yeah I play. Michael beach aren't enough for a little bit Arabic he's really come back from that he really that everybody has to come back from fall to six or. Okay let it come back from fantastic work for you can't I can't. You're right get your career earnings starting crappy fantastic form of media he'll move on there's a human every four years she'd gotten any and I'm not ready for that I don't need any agency the last and usually it was terrible and it's night. I'll let Fiat. I know I rats that first. How low I gave it about thirty minutes I was like noon into an. Everybody said it was bad and I gave an honest chance I get an at least five minutes with our mine I'll watch that I committed to the long enough though. That ever get an amenity is 45 minutes and that was Napoleon Dynamite and I gave I had I minutes twice and that's all it ever gets from me for burning around you don't like Napoleon I and saying he can't. The league in Sinead tie it's like oh my god I'm gonna punch you. Pitcher until August. Aggressive in here. Hardcore Indy style now I love. Any sometimes like the problem was is that we watched it like capture. It became this phenomenon and everybody was like talking like that yeah. Yeah do bully. I didn't get a nice finances watches movies so that we can talk like every guy apparently everyone's just gonna take. Commanders taught for the rest of the you'll remember I was honored to China. Well I think it was hyped up so much stats that we you're like okay we're not just everybody that we know is in love with the smell of the top my friend Dave Miley got affirming for Christmas presents and that was how he loved that movie so much that he really I am get a bite. Bonds is highly highly yeah every one of his friends that Christmas he bought everybody Napoleon Dynamite in ozone is Dade strain. Ever done that link yeah yeah I love this movie nights now so much going to buy it for everyone. I went out there a means by app on my head I don't watch fire final I happen to have more copy about it said sorry your version of the I actually at south by it went on sale this past weekend an island that dude do you can get the whole season. For 99 I was like Hayley then I have to put the dvds at. Not us thank you tell the whole Lindsay and yeah. The sad that they're selling one of my favorite shows are on some time now aren't easily at. While I outlets talk broke like because people been following along for what I feel like his months now as we built up to Edwards wish. It's a big TI yeah digital is drenching. Let me now assets and again time for the bat. And we're still ahead. Lived there. Or not in our favor and and it was hard at its rating. They were on the lot with all these mosquitoes that yeah uglier in the middle of the lake yeah it's ignorance and swamp YH. Yeah I was felt it was that kind of brain. And the youth clinic. Predict because it wasn't like a frat that was moving through it was just popping up everywhere sent elegant as. Lightly spitting on us on the all time in July that it you don't know I grant leads to the ticket and I know it yet I still regret that wisp. We have. You just sky had you spent on us all night being on estrogen and we do people break ins so I don't address that's where else. Yeah and we did it is well with the help of the other people who didn't mind being spent on. Yes and thank you to all of you on fact not. Edward mom. And they in they were hurt. Make a wish was so confident that this is gonna work out that they already had their time taken off they're going next month. Already our plan and he like went to Egypt and it is there any added eight and a yes he debt. You'd you do it in Austin you're like yeah I mean I didn't like most viewed it. Our got our our I. In a restaurant that. Well I carry on their right as I fail again at. How it worked out great and did what Arnold I I think. It really it every one who is there was very investigated. Yeah and yet Edward was there and and making sure that he was sent home knowing that he got his switch because. It was probably about half the people than it should have been because of the weather. And those people were like we're gonna bid or you're done paying some cash where I'm gonna buy another T shirt like what we have to do you know and I can tell you got it I like we have fifteen minutes left and a yadda yeah. Student acts and then getting on Miami when we went into it but the auction that we are in San many people. Online network bidding on them including me in my maholm participating at home and hit it was awesome so thank you very much for helping asked Greg Edwards wish and it we you'll baffling. Follow line. With his trip to meet give Z and humanly politically. I mean yeah. I know Eli even Resident Evil billionaire Eli your whose tiny minority US was to meet mark Hammel last year. He's doing very well he and his family came in and I help support and weren't paid it forward to it. Randi up and I got a family now in the musical has been a is music was great mixed it just onion. On them. Let's let's do it again but. Not too soon as I not want to clean it likely to need like a year rough out. Courteous once a year is so essential John yeah. It's not that easily take a few months off and then the beginning yeah I'm I'm gonna be like. Again how do you feel about dissent I. And I plan on being sick. Or I'll hit. I aftershocks Barney. And then. The weekly cancers. Those at a pretty much duress that comes along that they can't I cannot. You know I don't know what Israeli helping spread the word to our nerdy community was at the front desk Chelsea at the front Nacional and seen and nerd. They're like our system on. Ask now all I I like how we ever let your. Yeah I talked to stare out as well. It man I am well. I wish I think it was here and that we were talking on direct message so I feel like I started talking to well and then I get someplace hair was responding the but what I sat was because they watch. And it is David doing their podcast smarter than us and they really focus on shows like error. Went cloak and dagger was running they were doing weekly episode updated and I'll let you know IAA they follow along with the CW shows so I thought. Sweeney dead act. Today here in the next few weeks to do across suburb where we can kind of do a follow preview yet saying yes I think they can bring some shows to the table that they probably. Know a little bit more about this weekend and and we can do the same hour on finale five and I'm excited that it just. I did not know we got into that's podcast thing outweigh that. Happy loving space is make people want. To share your podcasts can help you succeed here any holes in the hot and so everybody. Supportive families thank wording yeah. Half and nearly I don't like oh you're competing of that. Like. Ari can I am right and radio circuit the station across town. Every now why they're sometimes around I'll be talking to somebody elegant job terrorism Latin and I loved it out. In the she has no. Not looking to right right I'd like using the networking ketchup on my own parents were looking. But yeah yeah yeah lately and let me introduce people don't let down on it. There's a lot of nine for three years. The people lined up that are looking for employees deafening and it odds. Because she's networking and wellness and also. A little shout out to and it's our radio stations or officially our working on bringing us which 107 dynamics advanced 995 WG PL who second Mets the and then and then a little help from her sports station tedious leaving the scene repudiate. I was out in another station acts on Mintz a glint we're. Honorary mention to a radio with Tina won a seven point one last one. How many Tina the donated it to the cancer sacked auction I think they donate while they had some coffee mugs yeah in I'll bet I think donated some of like that it was definitely stuff like Indians and zoo ticket I felt I asked me about how a guy like I. Says lay all someone out Carl Everett. I was very straight and Israel looking manner they had when my my friend die brought all the stuff over that she collected. She was like maybe you don't want these and she pulled him out I was like. Yeah I want the radio Latina coffee not one little. I. Left them. So thank you for being a part of our family and for whatever reason you aren't listening to this podcast we still don't understand refitted Bob let me is hanging and we all came together we got a little you know this little guy who loves gaming and and Pokemon and he. Every time he says. Goofy his face like he loves loves goofy sound like it's my favorite part of the night I locked average nightly Edward. B of a surprise for yeah. He's like. Oh really he's really quiet he's very soft spoken. Like. In ten minutes again track will be free. Because they graciously joined us than it is and I had to its that they that they may have our hot one side is couches and the other side is flat screens and it's all in the I have so many games and you just playing and I have a great governor and he just went. And like his eyes lit up that he he got all excited I was like I'll come against you and it's ready for you in here is like. Oh yeah he ran today gave us party. I know that was a you know one time I really needed him that I had just 735. Or just get it Yani I have to say anything we just want to bring up on stage. With pub theology and mix eight million and now with inner this year but and we got Morgan from regular issue. Do you know most of the talking you have to be nervous I can't can't can't. And it's tied it. Where Edward. It everywhere and I he's still in the game drug money you do well we really know her hands were granted his wish this is his. Artie can do it every lots. The teachers are still are on sale air and if you aren't just off Edward at wish dot give Smart dot com. You can get your your teacher you do need to pick him up at the station if you're listening and you're not premiership him ascent and I'll eat out shipment. She's gets kind of business and resigns that and then I how many items that didn't have at our house. I know I love country Katie says she asked to go do her job so that is ended that's funny or podcast. Sure staying. Maybe you kinda got some genius a lot of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website at in these mixed dot com.