KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Ep 234

Monday, September 10th

KJ's has a problem, and a weird search history.

Katie's going to go see the Nun for us!

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Okay. Go to the 32. Yeah Don grown adults if you stare at her face a lot to do weird things. And JD in other news I lean and not like the entire premise that. And now on. Here's gates indicated it dirty girls and. Okay this is ever really really big problem and all of my life. Watching doctor you. My Doctor Who is on Saturday night. And when Doctor Who has done it I mean it isn't like thirteen episodes rights and for thirteen weeks on Saturday nights I'm busy. They. Announced this week and it was great because we got a new little teaser trailer. With Jody wood acres the doctor GE pass seems like she's gonna be really find it. Actor aren't they announced the global premiere date which is on Mike yeah we haven't. And it's October. 7. Don't let attacks have been on October 7. Which I have had tickets for her or about six months. All locally is that. Yeah. As the premier and you're saying I didn't Fall Out Boy why I have. Did choose between these two things that I La and Ellison gut decisions that are more important in the moment that's I don't know like. If he if there is a building on fire mountain and Doctor Who was an at and follow players and it who would you say if witch doctors. At a jedi Medicare. And well I would I would but for our here's the thing I would probably say fallout boy because the doctor can get out of. These kind of situations on her out that's a logical and rational answer but we needed is go with your gut feeling. Because also you can just Steve doctor who's watching when you get to do it SAT down yes I can. What do you expect somebody to read it doesn't agree. Comment. You have. It's just like doctor food premieres are such an event in our house I mean you know I guess not anymore and are not and and my husband. In my words that it was a Fall Out Boy fan this wouldn't be an issue relating calling. But he has not yet he will not knows he Fall Out Boy he listens to my follow out the PlayStation all the times she likes. He listens to panic at the discount. Like. He would have funded this fallout boy show but he refuses he refuses to accept that somehow he's going to be home. I'm gonna we have all you have to like. Put parental blocks on the TV I watch it went in let me try to ride when they announced the new doctor and I or any. Think it's is going to be so great and then bad as well yeah. Like. They showed this thing and 200 some countries like this is a worldwide event and I'm gonna be. Did answer and it. Sugar we're going down my first role prop. It's not. I I I mean I DVR right because Bob was well known and UT though it. I TV followed boys only gonna be here one night and I can watch but. Here's the thing might joy of fallout boy it is less than just a little bit. Because while I am thinking about primarily to be right up. With all of the I was taught to lie and do yeah album that's my favorite album. Also machining Kelly will meet hair and Aaron not an. China out that is my problem with oh with a doctor her release definitely first world problems. Hi yeah we got a little the more information about what to expect from the season. Tell me all about it's I mean it is cleaning the slates brand new everything they said brand new nobody is getting ready fans coming back. Miss she's not coming back or rivers not making an appearance. Did dialects are going to be and that's the cyber aren't going to be announced the Levy don't know how it related to act that. All their doctor with all knew how to then saint patient with all new daddies. What I. Had gloves on their talent. Do you via. And what he's sounds weird it does. That doesn't sound nearly as scary and I had my absolutely happy that they're weeping angels aren't gonna sneak up on them at any point. Yeah management likes. I don't think sound I think this guy is flat out lied to you yeah I think that this this guy serious and that I was ready to head writer announce he's. He hasn't. Written Doctor Who episodes before so he's not. New to the Doctor Who world he's very involved with that he's on very good at what he's doing and I think that we should trust him. I'll buy it is positive about how really I don't experience it at all but we should trust him. Yeah now I think it's OK I mean when Stephen Moffett to cover that there's like a whole little fan now and it just like heat Stephen Moffett and we got some really great stuff out of those years very memorable yes yes we did. So I'm not a hater. That's the same thing that people are starting OnStar and should've and that's why and gentlemen that's. You yeah you yeah you're right it certainly a writer and her parents are but I. Accidentally was clicking around on the computer I don't inlet it's sad and check out the bookmarks moon buzz speed and yeah our email. There's one that's I mint does she care. And then like that doesn't work. Yeah it's some lady named Peggy is FaceBook page that's my mother's like is I recipes for potato but those are does are all mine at some point I'd like annual wedding ceremony out. Shepherd's pie odd there are arrangements that wedding ceremony and then it and that's because. My husband and I we performed. After days there tennis specials on Amazon yeah. The avengers T shirts no. One of my favorite ones castle fans dot org. Yet at. USA today in that. Not this money I promise I don't I don't do smut on. Every. They recipes that. SP is tiny and the Blackhawks insulin. I do Irish days have many times a year on we don't have way to Saint Patrick's Day. We do our our saint Patrick speech free decorating we do actual saint Patrick today. My allies have to be coming up with new recipes and that it indeed the only thing you can make. That this Cyrus has Qaeda and the Kona grill me. That was because I you still endorse Conan girl. After that look at your life yeah I would have to go to their manually liked what else can I talk and actors pressure besides the macadamia nut chicken well out the Packers pro shop that's got to be honest. A Blackhawk staff that's my husband. I mean I like the Blackhawks but I got into and because in my house and if it's if it's bookmark Captain America on eBay. I don't know what that would have been looks at the teacher uncapped well that was early on when they weren't so readily available. Answer. Cancer sucks nice they got my. My mom's FaceBook pages on their because Atlanta's it's the only place I haven't saved it we'd. We turned it into you can turn when someone passes went into memorial turn it into a memorial page but then you can't search for the many more. So you don't keep the link to their age you lose them you can't get back to. So that's I thought about how many people are dead on social media now I haven't exactly. I'm thinking about it it's around three years yeah. Mean a lot of people on the head has a lot of faces you're looking at that are dead having gone. And if you don't know them personally. Maybe they still India. Spooky this it's if you're being hunted and face yeah I know I read a scary story wants us somebody who's in content on its speaking out spicing things it did you see even nine. I haven't heard is smashed the box off odd that says this is part of the conjuring series. Yes I which I really lost interest a cat and like I loved conjuring and it was an excellent moon. I was not at all interested in the Andelman is a guy because I'd like. Misses and just too far I get it has it lost its way I drink originally. Was like so scary people are freaking out in theaters out like. They put warnings in the movie theaters about this my yachts and they've just lost and I'm gonna stay away from the current I don't think bananas. I'm really of course. I don't think about it scientific purpose of course well you need to for the podcast yeah you know I'm feeling on the watch scary movies you are now between you and MIA. Sister and her boyfriend who loves scary movies and my best friends who love scary movies. I am. Ali now ten point 7% on rotten to admit to being swayed debt is really 97. I mean are they haven't had a ten unnamed he being. And at the point where it's just like roughly put something scary out at Halloween people go see it makes money will have to you know I'm. I think that's carrying at least psychological thrillers can't ones where there's not you know there's not a monster the monster his name and those of the scary in our roster is made my split was really again and because it was just some guy with. To associate of identities and in Austin stuff so it like he was the bad idle time and everybody knew it from the first moment but it's just. What part of him when asked you know a lot of really scared because it was well pre trade and yes it was like a classic story from Mike. Edit Lorraine Warren who were learning and just hunters and stuff like that. But they took the story it actually stayed pretty true to what actually happened. Well you know like they had and actual Lorraine Warren. Advising on imovie parent but like this is just. I think it's. Here's a warm and they wound we tried where it takes your money here's that it's the teaser for a look at the news. A priest with a haunted past in a novice on the threshold of her final ballots are sent by the Vatican to investigate the death of the young nun and Armenia. And confront malevolent force in the form of the demonic none. Badly. Searching for your church now the 27% kind of alarming. But you have to be careful because unity and rat right. And six out attack and that's like that's better than average man. Yeah the audience score is 49 person so I thank almost exactly half of people like I got 5050 chance that may be ailing German do you think me smashed box office with fish and a half million opening weekend I mean there's not really a lot. So to watch right now. There it is I ran when our next movie is venom are expanding into. Help me out when is that coming out as we just had a war a lot of our auction items found grandpa remember fifth wish. I don't brought on that must come on I thought today. That means that's coming out October 5 of the Monday after sixth seventh eighth. How bad guy. And yeah. This Avant has learned Doctor Who do you. You just wanna skip your own events you know much yeah yeah they cannot find out that arrow out. Yeah. A box office and hiring wants me there is crazy rich Asians which I've I don't know nothing about I've heard I heard it was Corey the meg. And heard absolutely nothing. It. Okay is what I've heard searching. Don't know Mission Impossible I guess that's still doing what did I seen Mission Impossible. Broke. A worldwide data record to leave this week and megs about shark. Now I didn't even know there wasn't shark many searching. I'll teach you have no idea that it's not slant your pain and some reason I can't. Let's see mission and possible fallout racist past 700 million dollars worldwide. It's now Tom cruise's biggest film of all time candidate. Now it was that and indeed at two Brothers and everything can actually know. I only like a TV show about two Brothers that's kind of super naturally. Come under attack next week where. And you still like Ambien and watch after you will not the Doctor Who is not next week and indeed. I wanna talk about it all figured out how did you talk to me you know I'm getting up so late. First public concert I heat leading my house sometime next I'll probably also be missing a foot long. Ain't leaving your house and Heatley. And wrong. I'm riding had the best experience. One of the best experience in my house on us and leaving my house on a Sunday. Yesterday actually. I I got. Because we had a family emergency and I had a brush you know two hours away and in iris I get back at like. Ever sticks and Eric's gone in an ever some like I ever sixth in the evening yes. Like I. Well I play I don't like rush shopping center and honk is that I like Sunday it's not do anything yes I'd just chill out. Silent or whatever so arrogant back in my right we need food to eat because I like to eat. Face and we need food tweet. Few weeks. We we need terrorists. And has sent. I like all those aren't so it's like. 9 o'clock at night might let us go to church these are some guy out. We only look at the grocery store I'm not. Love lane it was so quiet you could still use music yet plank. Who knew it was amazing that so we need if we have to go to the store I'm a big fan of the delivery services like peep on shipped I don't like. At what we don't like about him is that he you can't pick your own meat. And because we're making for heat and we're like you need to see your meets you know I pushed us how did you if you think yeah I yeah I hit it you gotta be like fat. Is the cut of meat that was meant for me. And I meet. And and for me and shell. As we're talking right now where you we have I kinda nerdy girls night and tonight for all the girls are coming over to our house. For but he adds so we had two with only nonetheless that we really haven't seen in person but if you're gonna Gallo. Then just get it done because why you gonna pay you know tape a driver and stuff yeah about it and it would save money just got a Wal-Mart. I don't want. There with the savings catcher while mark and a you'd agree she shot Erica that I snatch receipts that mr. That's pretty ninth is all that Hershey's on I didn't hit it out I had never used it my offer in a mindset it's amazing I had my mind's with. Mark but I do like to get paid for shopping. I got an iMac I guess they call I would take a page to read it hurts me that I I. You know I threw two receipts on Erica I went and grabbed a couple of things ever and they might mention it if you put it in the savings catcher like on the rap and again an email they can get any amount of grenades it's like you we found innocent products and where money differences they get it TS like a Valium like colonel in the yes I like. Twelve bucks just sitting there it's Smart because an NHL you're just in it when you check out and it's money and they're you know like I say. Scan your seat and work. Now it's Q arc currencies. But I don't know I mean I I it's like Christmas shop weighing in on the Hershey shot because it feels pretty quick. That's right is my Amazon point four I never use any in my points until Christmas I had Amazon prime for a month. Or a month did not ease my gosh. You ladies and I liked it. Are you got years of prevent the movie's other I mean it's the only place you can get Doctor Who now can't use it for the winner mechanic OC and don't ruin Ari you're not apps accidentally picked on its. I am not gonna seed in Texas. And then you can talk about us and then you can talk about it on the next podcast you against your reveal paint it or not. Don't I don't watch that it's like we convinced John L ghost hunting ink it was like I'll protect each listen dude. Due to thinks. Line if it if I am going debt venture into the scary movie thing after being scarred for life by children of the corn. Not even meant scary. I was I urge freaky children thank you just anyway here are children. I happened deliver on the farm my window with next to a cornfield and I was Catholics I knew all the good. Opponents well the theater is anti if you wanna go now. Cigna do not there's one. Seat purchase your someone telling buttons on my that you should purchase the seat right next on Internet DP yeah. Ever so funny if you go with me we can purchase the stamina seat Iowa I ordered him I need to stay home tomorrow because I dead at accounts I did a lot of entertaining aren't. Sunday football Sunday I was drained because I'm a Packers fan and I have been as a bears and and I infer some reason the Packers find new and cruel ways to. That ruined your fans folds. And so it was like the bearers were winning an Aaron Rodgers got hurt it looked like he was out for the year and I was talking about this is what it must be like to be your browse on and then. Summaries and Aaron Rodgers came fact. And we had a miraculous comeback I was up all night one because I was so happy that my team on and two because I was so mad that my husband full was crashed. And so that I named it initially and then it's above and lesser like you dead to the world. And we have everybody coming over for for heat of the night sandy draining. As an introvert I need time to recharge and early charge set tomorrow will be recharged tomorrow will be. Laid out different accounts we already said we're we're having hand states can't soldier already made yeah you know let him stay. It's basically just us instead of having to make an entire hand. You get your hands stay in it's I can nice slice of hand in hand stake. But what is enhanced its well it's part of it that it's a slice of hand out I felt that someone else makes a big hand. I and then they slice it for you excellent Dubai at peace freer and a piece for your partner. And that all you have to do is they get in the I've been under broil for light. A minute and you have a delicious piece of I do look it's one of my feet meets Tom called you know. I'll have a Christmas get together 'cause I love to make him Chris I mean I love to make my nurse Christmas last year now do you Ed do you do ham Grady. Now you'd hampering the is great I mean I agree on the set up a camera you'll change your life. I don't understand why everybody makes craving for everything shaft hand eye dropper amber I mean I moved away from home they're lying she can greatly. If indeed chicken gravy. You pretty data watching it in if you have. A big thing of me sitting and a roast or pan and a lot of juices. Yeah just mix of juices with some cornstarch flour and you did you have Brady you got a ruse yeah. I'll say yes I honestly I make a hand gesture that I can make him gravy because it's like dessert. You put a little bit I like I don't. He's in my hand too much a little bit a pineapple just a little bit of brown sugar. And so muscle actions and then hand gravy is just like this pasty. Cam. Brown sugar pineapple juice mixture. That you probably Javier became does and it's happened this is the kind of duty news yeah. So I haven't had a nerdy igniting and brash he's handling it and if recipe yeah. I mean that's literally all I get it took a in the sixties over the I have I prefer the bought portion do you like putts I like. But I can hotline when it comes to hand. Anderson makes a lot yeah it's and I throw. Rose there and I Bora world. Apple juice are part parliament a waters that I get more stuff for the great EU and in others can't put some brown sugar and that mood. They give you two are. Rand cam handwriting yeah. That's that's your recipe measure kind of Houdini and answer kind of nerdy Fuji news. I know how a couple of other things and afar. I like he does and dates you need to know about Han Solo in that not a left saw the solo. Movie in in Italy the driver kinda dirty okay. And down now it sometimes also still on its inning doubles we fail and being you are such a failure linearity. Kind in her ear like pound slacker in her. RA and slacking kind of slacking. So not a star or a story via a digital release date and is Friday September 14. It out I know dvd on September 25 and they just announced I am an and the watts is going to be. On digital release October 2 and Blu-ray earth that is still in theaters. People are brought still honestly it could be a great. I'm excited to watch at home again and I must Incredibles two should be coming out pretty soon I don't have a date for. Don't talk like his were only and he runs at times I think it came out. Yeah pretty closely making out pretty close together as they day because I think we had like. Back to back and thirty weeks. Are we going to the movies. Our next one is bad and so let me get back and excited far I not. I'm. I don't care that much about NM and I didn't either until Tom hardy love Tom hardy and you. Then I'm not I don't. I don't have that maybe after I see that in that I will have the top 3080s scene Tom I have seen Tom hardy I saw Tom hardy I was trying to think what I cyan and other than everything stupid. You know pain. Poll were armed not even. I did the rest in our take anyone lightly. Oh. And he. I don't have any passion for him I don't yeah. I already passion worm because the only thing I think of when I think of Tom Bernie's been however I stopped in that movie awareness. Chris trying. And Reese Witherspoon. And it was like kind of likened ridiculous spy type movie saying I don't yet but I remember joining out. Couple the couple notches up for Tom party. I guess. After I forgot he was in that movie that disrespect. I'm car I get I I love how much he I love doc. I don't have a movie Warren like Tom hardy changed my life and that it. I mean other than and then but then that was not for the better. All fit. Well they know is a terrible choice her hair was just. It's really really yeah. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter tech kinda dirty news or on our website at in these mixed down.