KJ's Kinda Nerdy: Misha Collins Calls In!

Thursday, August 30th

I tried very hard not to lose my cool while we interviewed Misha. - Producer Johna 

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Go to the 32. Don grown adults if you like staring at her face a lot to do weird things and JD in other news I lean and mean that's like in tire problems. And now on. Here's KJ dedicated dirty girls they're it didn't college. We know you are Collison and as we stopped our face with food. And play. Our while they're not finishing their laps by June. My proudest KD. Hop producer John hello. And special gas pitching down in front and he filed his real goes turner nation it is true plaster incredible do you think ghosts. And I have. I have to write in this company. Hey had a paranormal experience who. All eyes. A lot of people in. But I I. Ali had experiences that I hit the ball. Paranormal and die and yeah happy that you that you that you actually go and investigate. In situations and actually achieved. It been like that. What I do is they go to historically Hahn at locations it's my son a family friend tonight and and we eat we got when we try to get accidents. And we really do it's absolutely. Amazing she's been choked. I didn't show tonight by saying no more have been scratched. But I have I have one follow me home and I told us she could stay because she's lovely. But yet it is absolutely. Super intriguing. So does that mean you now have a movie that's it go. I do she's a fifteen year old servant girl from eighteen hundreds. Oh my goodness that's incredible that you laundries. Yeah where this. Guys jar I kinda what about this campaign accused of getting around child labor on the yeah I'll. Tell us. You mean she. Let me just not abnormal things. Oh we are having a very weird day one because you're here that you joined us on a day where we are paying tribute. To Jeffrey dean Morgan's deer herd it on my. Let you know. It happened. I. It's a lot sorry about I tweeted something about she is. And Jaffray is dear to and then he actually responded and was disappointed that we didn't talk more about his beard. So I welcome to Jeffrey dean Morgan beard tribute to the play and it is an honor. Our. I mean you do it I just didn't really cost half a lot on supernatural but have you crossed paths like that convention ends and I'll do you have. Yeah anything that you would like to share in an appreciation for its athletes organs. The architect I can ever deputy Morgan I know that that's life that's true show it that so. My character issue show after it character that left him. Armed but I know that jet engines and very young actors when they were starting on though and jeopardy at Morgan nearly served as a surrogate father figure or them. Show captures that key is that most of our. And I have. That attention to other and had just happened most loudly transactions with New Year's Day. Really do bubbly. Op Ed more importantly. He has trusted incredible T. Did I it's not as scared out. John Winchester scratched unique and beer to. How do you prefer Jeffrey. I think I think I think three players that scores. Well. What is happening score up really well I. Mean the guy that actually do what he got a little bit of salt pepper and there outlet be it. It just need to look at it now. I yeah I called wolf well all. Small holes. That's in the only way it. Now I I I am. That I would speak out and be honest I am an anti beard so yeah yeah. What a controversial position. Yeah. I now I think it's who I am okay our I'll get blown out well. If you don't mind might going on a brief tangent there is so on supernatural. Season. Jared. Decided that spam you wanna absent them have a little bit about. Beer is not you know a couple years ago but a lot offers. Usual I guess it's kind of decisions are not treat lightly. It looked like all the producers were involved complications. And apparently. Ultimately opt approved at the government come down from president of one what is. I'm hungry guys. About a black. That's true race I was I. Had. Except we do you think people are sending in a room like very seriously discussing. You are it's facial hair. Upwards. And out at outward up about it and I'll. Our dedicated shouted Jared spear after this he's sound. We are here in Indianapolis where you are going to grace us with your presence and we're very excited. About the fish or natural convention. Beginning to learn and not that it ever and we're newbies. Well I'm I'm well somewhere where. You. When you eat out we've been. Supernatural actions force some kind now. Getting. Or a decade. And op we really. Turning them to stopping the poster is where beat basically try to like mom and yeah. Have fun with it you know we do karaoke. We. My uncles on sweetie com we have a lot of musicians are well. Odd there's a lot of sort of interactive op play common. Take photos with us and we'll leave ourselves anyway. Fans ask do we just enjoy it out on Tom. My father and mother are out front from. And the home territory up. I know I sat so close. I made are there any out local spots that you know what have you been to Indian have to be like when I come back to Indianapolis this is where I eat I made it. Do you extend our stores or August and. I don't know if fact this is the virgin experience army so my I've ever read. It's where my grandmother who opt in where my mother was born I'm so it is actually like a pilgrimage from Vietnam I'm excited to go so. If anybody wants to give me tips on. To break that detonations optimistic I would. I mean. If you wanna meet up we can always take you to the good places. I think tank and when you get Indianapolis just me at my house. And then I'll tell out of Bertuzzi did to send an. That's our thing. There's going to be at Google Maps and up. Ringo and yeah. I'll be the guy standing up for. I'm not trapped. It a yeah how long it's a little different about this supernatural kind. Which what we're really excited about is the it's called the giving tours because you're actually coming here. To practice to give back to Indianapolis with horizon house right. Yes so off we are doing. A handful of a man here where focusing more on local charities so portion of the proceeds from the bench creation as companies that are put through those. Oprah either going. Two or and that. Are also collecting donations from the participants update from the up on the people that come to the convention. We asked some bigger do the girls I know there are some guys coming due. We ask anybody on any questions for you today and it just happened to be an all girls answers. I'm. Confident I'm and I Deanna and it had a question specifically about the donations right. Again I want to know. Well you guys immediately taken food clothes toys household did everything I what are we need a pat went past. To bring out there there's talk. I'll item and error itemized on the web site yeah I know. I know that the including op are among those. Casey Alain wants to know what you're looking for it Tim most about this new convention format. Well I'll tell you one of the things up about the art and I'm like. Call and the supernatural is the ball really I mean you're eating an article on and I got. People go to great lengths. Colts' situation. Yeah we've been able to do a lot of really gritty charitable are caught in this. And then com. We we actually actual. Free on bail orphanages. Schools and odd how refugees we last year EC eight school without a coolant. Quote. And here we bought farmland or 250. Female. She's oddly enough genocide divers. So. He would just like an anti group. On the stand in the able to pull out some really cool stuff and I love the idea of traveling around the alien and meeting fans on. Stop off. A little bit in our way. Well. That in the shop that aspect of it. Would be doing in Indianapolis and at that the first group. I do this or. I'm not gonna mention any names or several girls in the room tearing up right. Yeah. And thus far I like you daddy might if we just run through that we did this thing called that meeting let's Paul and I just want to run through after a few silly things and and got opinions on them. For starters we just found out the most streamed artists of this summer are Drake and Maroon 5 which one do you listen to Mark Murray but. That answer I do you say odds are do you say it. I actually I don't know why. You're on the only. I don't act or thing. And I'll take on I think I'm being pretentious. When I can't I think I'm being incorrect. Yeah. I got hot dog is about snack or a meal. Good. The hot target something that people actually point. Parent I. I his diehard Christmas movie yet. Perfect Backstreet Boys are instinct that what not so articulate and well you are a hot which one do you like battered Jensen. But I can't tell you. Yeah yeah. All right one aren't whips why did you like better as Lucifer. Mark Pellegrino. Rick Springfield where you. And I think I am happy with mark mark at least. You at all. It's it's pretty cool that we we fields in the mix up and on like this mean character and it was it was everybody was sort of engine themselves. It would indeed partnership. Yes and that's so cool I just talked to him a couple weeks to go out US in town doing hash out. He talked about what a cool experience that wise. I I would need a shadow it's cool that it was a lot more make up that they like it wasn't CGI a gives like they liked. What really went to talent on the make up I. I looked scary hit. Yeah they did. Act I they say and many more questions can be asked if you giant. If being kind of nerdy girls. A lot with Misha Collins and so many. Actors and actresses that you know from mission supernatural. September 21 through these whiny third. At the officials supernatural. Kinda giving tumor. Mean sure before we let you go out can you please officially invite everyone who's listening right now. You are 21079. Misha Collins coming Indianapolis what's to come. Shortly hope to meet that. Austin. Some acts here yeah. We we will see and a few weeks we're really like concurrent. Looking forward to take care. Maybe you kinda got something useful out of that. Kinda follow us on social media on mr. Graham at kind of nerdy girls on Twitter and kind and dirty news or on our website and in these mixed dot com.