Friday, January 6th


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It is KJ and thanks so much for listening to you KJ is Karen in dirty news. Not apologize because. It's been awhile since I did this there was the holidays. Of course and I did take a little time off but then right about the time that I thought I would be. Get you caught up. Was when Carrie Fisher passed away and honestly I didn't know. What to do with that I was so sat tests just so sad by it. And why do I hold the thirty news about my grief to stop my grief from and we all. Los star princess but her family mean you know lost. A mom and a daughter and that's how sad that in her Debbie Reynolds went to I don't wanna make this all wholesale campaign. But I wanted to let you know that I just didn't feel all right BMI hey here's the latest thirty news when. We lost somebody so important to our community. By the way as there is. A little bit going on here. There is a hit a petition. I changed out our petition. Matt a bunch of fans are getting a lot of traction on to make princess play at. An official Disney princess she has not I guess to be an official Disney princess. It is actually have to be an animated princess. Brides there's a lot of people citing Napa my vehicle way to honor her actually have tossed around the idea with a few people. In our dirty community. Tony Troxel with Indiana IGT dot com. And our friends at circles that he ghost busters. About may need granting a wish in Carey's name contacting the make A wish foundation to see if they have a child here locally who's a fan of Star Wars and maybe we can raise enough money at 8000 dollars is the average cost of a wish for make A wish. I'll let you talk to your list into this the best way to reach me. Is to hop on my FaceBook page or Twitter act KJ on air she be an email KJ Indies next dot com this is one of the things I. Don't love about a podcast is that I can't talk to you right now and you might be saying hey I have an idea for that. And I can't hear you check this out. You know I think it would be cool way to honor her if enough people wanted to to do it you're thinking hey I. Pitch in a little bit of money to anchoring an Alicia in honor of Carrie Fisher that was one of the things that was really important to her sound. But if you're interested. I can't other nerdy news congratulations. We've got a dirty baby on the way for having a baby and she's all that's all she's having a baby like you've been listening to this. She can already had a baby pet coming sometime. Before the end of January. So she did a great job of keeping that quiet police of course known for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And asked Charlie and supernatural. Any gazillion other dirty things she's like I'm going to be the coolest nerdy mom ever had out she announced when she went on. It's Graham then it's going to be a girl so hopefully shed a little nerdy girl baby on the way. I amateur reboot let's talk about that. I'm it is not a revival so we're not getting the original characters coming back to gather to make us all happy we're getting a reboot on VCW. Everything I like about this is that the people who are doing it RD very Smart people behind Janus a divergent on the CW. Great writers I think to have a good staff going into the so I feel hopeful. It will be okay as a reboot. This is a John or that the CW is really good match so I think that is a good sign. I'll whether or not we like new people playing these characters that we love and where they're gonna go without. Guess we're gonna have to we did see sales. Guy not imaginary world let us over the holidays to we find out well. It does not sound like in lesser really try to keep it quiet it does not sound like. Dead pool is going to make an appearance in Logan pretty much all of the people who would know have sent in fat emphatically. That is not happening. But we are getting Doctor Strange. In the next star movies sound is. Cooled to character that I wasn't expecting to see sense and I'm that is the latest in being dirty world. That I don't have it there's something the you know off please always shared nerdy news with me again you can go to my FaceBook page. If you play KJ on air dot com teacher write to my FaceBook page. I'm KJ on areas where you find me on Twitter KJ on air wind is where you find me on its branch and you get highly timing on your radio how what I was seven I know makes. Weekday afternoons in Indianapolis. 27 or listen on my ED's next dot com.