KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 02-07-17

Tuesday, February 7th


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Thank you so much for listening to KG he's turned in dirty news. Coming up. I would love your opinion on whether or not you care about Barbie and strangers things. I have an answer for Ari asked what the future for her character is going to be. But first some exciting things happening. We got a trailer heard from marvell and that's clicks for iron fist today. Mary last defender before we get beat defender series and it looks really really cool I don't know much about this character are going to be honest backed you know. Maybe like you have Danny cutter researching it and I am excited for the release of fast. I and we also got teens today by Hugh Jackman. May be wearing wolverines classic costumes in. Hello again he just did picture. All the costume I'm sad the original. South who knows what that means I think he's ever call if in this last Ryan Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. If we got to see him even if it was just briefly. In hat classic yellow cast in would be super cool now if yeah those have not been paying attention to these Super Bowl. Our may have about Internet and you can find out that stranger things it's coming back. For rallying how fun was it to see those kids and the ghost busters cow costumes like. What are they that I love about the show. It has the attention to. That was. The tablets. I grant I had in the cities like there's all these little things that make mission so authentic. And I love the fact that they're gonna yeah I mean think about it at that age gas we all wanted to be ghostbusters. Some of us still to this age. But end up phenomenon that I find interesting about stranger things is the character of bar. Now there are a lot of people that have been demanding that Barnett. Did back in season two I was talking to Donna on FaceBook who said I do not to understand this obsession with barbed. And here's where I am Wii Fit I play in I don't I wasn't necessarily attached to that cure search. By any means I didn't have anything against Serb but I just thought with this really well written show. That will. How did they missed that how did this girl go missing and everyone in this city just. Ignored that she went missing juice out to need. It wasn't about being in attached to bar necessarily ask. It just kind of stuck out to me is like this is a really great show but. I'm more you address that shout it sounds so like now the executive producers have sad that there will be justice. For bar in season two now whether or not. I you actually see Barbara I can't promise that they are going to deal. With what happened to her but time fortunately for us we're going to be blatant until Halloween to contend to find out about past everything I talked about it you can find links short on my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash KJ on the air and I quick little update because a lot of you have been helping out with dean make a wish stuff that I've been doing. And I can't say anything specifically right now but I'll just tell you. And I think we're gonna have some good news. Mary and very soon I'm not front. Hot or naturalistic today if everything you want to talk about in these dirty news best later each week KJ at in these next dot com are coming up when I'm on the air in the afternoons. I'm 179 the next shot numbers 3172281079. State nerdy and it's.