KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 02-17-17

Thursday, February 16th

Rumors of a female taking over as The Doctor on Doctor Who, nerdy wishes come true PLUS KJ has to admit that she hasn't seen one of the most talked about nerdy movies of the last year! 


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AJ thank you very much from listening to KJ's kinda nerdy news. Other. I'm gonna talk we have Lister Tim who's very passionate about baton and run to talk about whether or not Ben Affleck should be continuing I'm. Yeah if you ever wanna be and KJ SCANA dirty news and chat with me about all things nerdy and geeky. Let out my email is KJ at Indy snakes dot com. First saw it you see a headline about to Tilda Swinton. Possibly being the next a doctor in doctor Hugh I noted that is just speculation. I have no I think it's gonna be awhile before we really know I think she would be marvelous as a matter of fact last night. On May be am just excited about this because last night we watched Doctor Strange and she was so great in mad and I can be find out a female doctor because the odd master has spent so much fun as a female so our. It is just betting odds on who the next doctor's going to be theirs. I'm nothing going on this behind the scenes yet it would make us think that she is opt for that role. I need any error kind of out of the geeky world that a movie that I geek out about every year around Christmas time is love actually. And that cast is reuniting they are going to be. Getting back together fur as it just really cool they're going to be doing a short it's not going to be huge full sequel but they aren't going to be. Doing a little short and to coincide with the red nose staying in May so that'll be fun to see them all back together. If they do any screenings like even if were just in that the leader together for like five minutes that would be awesome. Hot so how I will keep you posted on that bad as we get closer. Get into talking about Ben Affleck and his future as that man. It now why you are amazing if you participated in trying to grant you lies wished. He got it and were doing another dirty where she can go to KJ on your dot com right now and seek cash city's quest. She's a young girl who has been through. I mean years and years. Of battling cancer and she's finally feeling better and she's ready to go to London. She's a Harry Potter fans she's a Doctor Who fan and she is as sweet as can be. So let me get some really fun stuff in March 2 I helped Cassidy. Get her wish to can actually donate right now Q tip and KJ on your dot com now let's talk about it Ben Affleck. And the rumors that we know he's not going to direct that an hour hearing that he might not even be interested in complaining. Baton and anymore. Joining me to discuss listener chin from clover dale what do you think that's. Everybody hated Batman or Superman whom are. It was good. I'm actually I still haven't seen it could. Not. I have been because. You know I mean it's such mixed reviews and it's every time we sat got to watch and and it's almost three hours. Unlike out what do we hate it we just wasted three hours of her life so you mean you say we should watch it. I think it because I I really honestly I would kind of on spent about an app but being patent and all the other you know but I really. An idle what are by the end but I I thought it was good. Art RB in its. There's a lot of people that are just like they're just they're so dark in there taking ST seriously I don't really mind that I'm in I'm in all I enjoyed the Christian Bale Batman movies I brought up or. So I mean if it's if it's a talent issue I don't have any problem with asked. A lot of people don't like big diet but it it. I thought that I'd I'd a Google Bobble a. Now here's the thing was Superman. I don't think it's a problem with anyone who plays him. That character is just tough. To love because he's hurt. Like down you know we love Iron Man because Tony Stark screw. Superman release of why so it's hard to get back character layers. As far as then I continued on his bat an honest I wouldn't blame if he didn't want to because I mean. They're how that backlash minute yes got a lot of bad attention meaning what I mean it was sat back and Carlyle sound if he's like me I'm got you know other projects I'd rather work on. That anybody can really blame on that me and I guess if this is the only time we're gonna seem as bad and I super humbled legal outlets that they can vs Superman. Check it out I. Like it out OJ am real one of the few people I trust in the world they you know. I would I will tell Patrick can you add that you get your seal of approval and if I dedicate three hours of our lives that we hate them just never talk to you get up. And thought yeah yeah.