KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 03-09-17

Thursday, March 9th

Wish Child Eli Co-Hosts With KJ as we talk Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Harrison Ford returning to Indiana Jones AND how we're doing on granting fellow nerd Cassidy's wish to go to London!


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And today's Canon dirty news I wished dry Ku got his. We stranded just the force was with us as we did that's. Is joining us to get it up from hand. I he's helping me work on Cassidy who wish to go to London she's a Harry Potter fan. So we're find out how we're doing their find out how Eli is doing he's getting close to not going on his wish in April. But first. Are we just ridiculous waiting and waiting for game asked rooms to come back. July right it's supposed to be April released April banana. We got to wait longer they dropped to this poster on a steady haven't seen it. Tom my FaceBook page I keep all the dirty news gallon that I can't Korea at FaceBook dot com slash KG on here. I'll buy it a lot of and theories man I mean there's the ice in the fire together and well what does it mean would love to I share your thoughts on what you think it means I cannot comment on my FaceBook page or email me at KJ. On the air dot com and narrower are all kind of botched. As we got to there's this week that. Harrison told her it is coming back. For a another Indiana Jones movie out there are so many people that we're just. Mute not flooding. The last to run it now I mean it was weird to. Aliens involved all of that. So what really think is gonna happen when the and I Harrison Ford comes back we're ago. From EU audience. With Indiana Jones I'm not. Exactly sure check out. I guess you're gonna find out it's our 2000. And nineteen is when Indiana Jones five will be arriving in yes Harrison Ford has confirmed that he is coming back. Some of the comments on face back and I love to Donna and I shouldn't say luck I laughed to some of them were may be. Not the nicest comments but they may mean gangel. I Donna said is it just gonna be him trying to land a plane ticket in reference to his recent. Issue. Martin shadow will be called. Indiana Jones. The missing son slash daughter to pass the torch to pick it. Not so say. There is done no information early other than it's happening Harrison Ford is back 2019. Now. Join me in studio to talk a little doctor Su. Is are very special guest. Eli. And you helped create his Swedish which is amazing and he's. Still open to seal mark Hammel in April April is our target date to ID UI on his wish. I'm down to Orlando and Eli. Before we start talking about doctor huge. Let me just ask you give this a while update on how you're doing and you just went to the doctor may. And EA yeah how is that. Actually was they get it good news and her age I noticed Jerry Arnold that today's about a lot and Hank. In how tired you get a little sleep be that. Part of the deal. Turning that GA and went. I get a little sleepy Donald sleepy today because I I just got back from London and buffet yeah London yeah sound. You know correlation tries me I was I thought I was gonna go over there in their B. Doctor whose staff everywhere alone and Harry Potter staff everywhere. I searched in gangsters. Kidnap I didn't see its hardest. I didn't. IIE I didn't. Find any thing you know like I said there was a bookstore and I found. Are found a couple Harry Potter things and I brought back for Cassidy. But let's really. That's the one thing that I did fine happened to be. When I was hat. That Tower of London. How do you remember did you see a day of a doctor yet with aware both the eleventh doctor attention on the and a doctor were together. On and there was the time lord our. Hi yeah she's that was that was in the basement of the Tower of London and the Knowles I kept trying to find the basement to see if I could find time or are. Fact they want to let me down there. I hit like all of that was actually aim from the Tower of London. I thought oh my gosh and I shot him like this is gonna be exactly what I bring back for Eli. So go ahead and open sap. There was that tarnish all they hired then the Tower of London. Everything started here. Yeah I thought. It shallow little three. ED. Picture there. Pretty much as everything that I saw while I was in London each day except I never did she is targets except that one right there out I'm sorry I thought that might be a fun thing to keep on your nightstand. Very is just usher yeah. Politicos there and keep it on your nights and then I have. He have a a real artists from London and of course London is where Cassidy once again no cell you I don't know if you heard but. At this point right now we're over halfway there were 4500. Dollars first governor can you believe that that's a lot of money right. Mary apparently and yeah all from people donating my money five dollars or ten dollars. Date yet so keep wish Wednesday going with matching donations every Wednesday and then. Course whenever big party coming up beef who wants to grant any wish party access coup in North America. On south west side are you ready for this big party he liked Anke in their given us the party room there are yet each eye and they have a debt do you like to play games an author or 200% okay so. They have aid Doctor Who pinball machine no kidding and we can play and they have a Star Trek Voyager game. Albeit aren't I seemed harsh Voyager did Jerry LA oh Ali you're gonna love this game it's one of those games have you ever Ben. To like an arcade where. It's like a big in closed. Door and you crawl in and sit down and there's a big TV screen in front of you Andy. Have paradigm one announce I don't remember precisely if I have very nice okay it. Well you're gonna do that at the party and we've got a bunch of people come I've got I can't tell you is coming to check out surprised. He surprised gas coming for you I'm nice cash a nuisance to proud gas. Think that the protect act a so it is march pretty fit again that is a Saturday it's 10 AM to 1 PM. Who North America on the southwest side in stop I even do all the shopping see their museum. This is a Doctor Who fans have been in the world in the party room and I can help us. Work on Cassidy who wish Eli is 98 here in draining Kasi he's wedge which is writ pretty cool because he got his wish so he wanted to help another kid. I you'll find out more. I ear on my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash KJ on the air where I have all the stories we talked about today. Or act KJ on air dot com where you can also make a donation to help Cassidy right now get her wish to London. Or. On any Wednesday in March have your donation match ups and maybe Jack with your friends that work collect some I changed. Turn that change into a bunch of money and turn that money into a big always ask thank you so much less than two KJ is kind of nerdy news.