KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 03-20-17

Monday, March 20th


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How true and thank you very much for tuning in for KJ's can in dirty news. How have. We. Big gash added to indie pop icon in July won't talk about patty's Star Wars connections starch racked alias lost heroes yes. He is a nerd and he's got to detach and also update on how we're doing. With our wish for Cassidy to go to London. To the failed her Harry Potter dream this out let's I get into some of the news of the last week very excited that. Guardians of the galaxies the green has it been confirmed I I doubt we're not and a I. I guardians of the galaxy volume two you look out which comes out Immelt. But we're going to get another run James guy news is at the head of all of this. Not sad that is happening he also honored. Give us a little little information about sound like characters side he was very mysterious talk and Adam Carolla. But he did say that to a Michael Rosenbaum you probably remember as well actually third on and the CW show small milk. Is it and guardians of the galaxy volume to look. And that his character is connected to use Sylvester Stallone's. Character. Which we also don't know much about we're going to be getting. So new characters and it's nice that we still got some secrets that are going to be popping up. In guardians of the galaxy. Another seek all be excited about the king's men coming out this year and that's. I'm day has moved around a lot initially it was going to be out in June that it got pushed back to October. Which was a bomber. Now very exciting and I mean it's not living baca to jam that it is moving back a couple of weeks. Making since sequel will be Alex on September 29 I think. I have that on the calendar for aid. Canon dirty night out I might have to do that Abbott and thinking it. I am very excited that Greg Rodham Gergen is coming to indie pop Qaeda now. That may or may be. Doesn't worry about that you buy he. It's and Star Trek. Alias look lost heroes I. Great guy I'm very excited about indie pop aren't going on July 7 through the ninth and I'm very excited at Indy putt on has. Officially made it may wish. And they air charity for this year I love these guys ever pop out it's all local people. I and it's all local people who love nerdy stuff so it's basically. A convention convention and I Hoosier nerds for Hoosier nerds into it's it's kind of fun. I beg your great job of making sure that it's great family experience he can bring the kids I had I just love bad they have jarring day and now we have may wish. I know they weren't part of helping get cash to these quest granted and it. Yes I think it is safe to say that capacities wish has been granted I haven't talked to your right now. I'm waiting for the official total to be updated. On the web citing KJ on air dot com. But up my friend bastard Aron who does this great thing called pub theology he can here on Sunday nights on 995 W Tzipi Al. Doing radio theology. Then he came to me I wanted to team up tape after a stay at most Irish pub and Noble's Phil is like I mean. It is crazy good party. And I couldn't believe that on top of during his big party that they wanted to do this fund raiser on top of that but Irish. For a wish over the weekend. I he checked taxed. And said that they get around thirteen hundred dollars and we were just seven grand sap. 8000 dollars is the average cost firm wished. Cassidy an all family gondola and in. Maybe a little bit more than that but I make a wish Ali averages everything itself if we are every thousand dollars. Cassidy is go underlined an ad and that means. That this Saturday where we are having our. Who wants to grab a RD I had who North American end can be. It'll be a celebration. Because the wishes are granted EY. Going. To celebration in an April. I he just keeps talking about how excited he has we've waited a few times such a big Star Wars and and I every time. We tweet something about it to mark Hammel is like liking the tweets which I mean I imagine being a fourteen year old kid. Whose world is Star Wars and you have Luke Scott lockers I liking it tweet if you're coming to see them next month. Salad that is very exciting inning it will be celebrating Cassidy got a lot and it's happening and I you know we'll still be taking donations from the make A wish foundation and there is not 200 kids with our local chapter waiting for their wishes shout. I if you decide to donate money it will still go to helping I can't have one of their dreams come true. I and we're gonna have some cons players there suspend your favorite characters not just for doctor Luc I don't include North America is a huge. I Doctor Who star they've got a few other dirty things and others like an IL that's got got some different. Jealous and then have an awesome little museum a collection of Doctor Who stuff that's cool blocks they have. A pinball machine Doctor Who pinball machine which is a blast I believe I'll start trek Voyager. Video game that you can play how we've got. The endeavor is gonna be shown some of our favorite Doctor Who episodes. Cool place right down the road from North America ATM me. I want to thank god he had the sports cafe they're donating blood to teach us to help out shout it's gonna did that all parties can I don't bar actually AJ on your dot com. And I just wanna say thanks again to indie pop kind. I Indiana I. 10 AM to 1 PM and special thanks to mark Hammel has been apart a big part of this as well thanks to naturalist indicate jays Canon thirty news.