KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 04-07-17

Friday, April 7th


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It is AJ thank you so much far I'd Jenna and four KJ cat in dirty news here's a wrap up about what's been going on this week we're going to be talking about. The end. Captain America could try to keep its gather. But first. Thought less about the bad lip freeing the force awake ends which now we can no longer watch because it has been taken down. What I saw last night I was like I ask this is totally are talking about in KJ had a dirty news tomorrow but had. I wake up to find out it's gone it actually wasn't around very long so it ought to talk too much about it. And gravity and the outside and you didn't. Look like it take it down there were a couple of view tumors that recorded dairy actions do it so it's in the coroner. And a few of those were still around if you wanna go hunting for a I hope that your able to see it. I came home males. The Hans solo impression. I any conversation between. Han Solo and layout even though like there's mixed emotions because I'm staring at a guy no Carrie Fisher. And are ready for this but. The conversation with hysterical. And there's a lot of stuff happening with. Star or is it and the week to come because star or celebration gets underway next week. Carrie Fisher. I will be honored there earth there's a big. Forty years of Star Wars panel that's going on it's actually to be streamed live on and try to figure out to win we can watch that and I'll let you know I definitely want to be watching mast head our fight you lie. Our wish child. Is going to be there or cell I know that he can't post a ton of picks and things like that but I'll see if I can get a little. Insider update firm and at some point next week and you get so much for helping us make his wish come true with BM make A wish foundation. In other thirty news Johnson and returning as the master to Doctor Who now when I text list to my husband there's not confusion so maybe you're a little confused right -- you I'd pick my text went like yes did you hear all the masters coming back to Doctor Who he replied. You may miss he's got them after I'm like now. Missing is the master but the master is also coming back is that I don't understand what you're talking about is Jon Sim. Yes yeah and it's coming back is the master and he you'll meet up with missy shuttled me meeting up at different points in their time line. Kind of like what happened on the Doctor Who the day have a doctor. I think the two of them together is going to be a blast I'm already excited it's been so long. We had a new episode of doctor you and now to know that this season is going to feature both the master. And you may see I think it's going to be amazing I next Saturday night April 15. Yeah and I know that they are also showing it in some Peters that does not Intel. After the premiere on Saturday night but that April 17 so Monday and Wednesday April 19 edition lying around town. Including studio movie or however you are KJ stand in dirty nice out sound I am working. Possibly doing a last minute get together I will keep you posted on match the MI FaceBook page which you can easily get to act KJ on their act. Now stock about the then you don't wanna talk about the bike out Chris Evans and as I am making a scope. With the fact that he is not going to be Captain America I mean. I hello we have. A few years to Gallo because. In vanity or is it still to come. Sure I have what do you Captain America. I had a nice but the fact that he is in our admitting like KI contract is up. He did say that he would in retaining idea. Of being Captain America again and if marvel brought the right idea too and but absent the mood of the moment there are no more ideas pass the infinity ward sat Eli lake. On he yeah he announced that I LA an and then the next day. I see this picture of him with this cute little dog licking his face and I clicked on it in the stories about Yemen is no movie gets did. Which features Kim and a shelter and it turns out he thought the dogs that were in the shelter where actor Don snell. It was really a rescue. He ended up taking one of the dogs home with Kevin it's the cutest thing to say he was like cannot make just saddened by dealing with the fact that I'm not I was going to be Captain America but. Faced doesn't make you happy to sit at the well worn out from me a marvel world free farm is going to be the place where you'll find. The new marvel show. New warriors and the exciting thing about this it's that squirrel girl is going to be a part of its it will shatter on poked. Six young people with power is living and working together after all we know at this point. What are the next thirty night out is also a marvel movie it will be cart is of the galaxy. At studio movie grill that's going to be on Thursday may fourth sneak preview night. You can reserve seats right now if you I go to my FaceBook page just got to KJ on air dot com. In you'll see it as one of my eventually need to reserve your seats right now and of course I'll have the VIP seats as we get closer and clues sooner. To the premiere of the guardians of the galaxy volume still. That Asia and thirty days for the elite say it got so much for let's think my name is KJ can find me in the afternoon to dissent and on one of seven on the next and finding all day. And teaching her to come.