KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 04-14-17

Friday, April 14th


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How loud is KJ thank you so much for our listening to another edition of KJ is Canon dirty news will wrap up the biggest things happening in the dirty world. This week for you joining me my very special guest. And my husband Ken. I can. Hot good guarding to have dinner and that's a great thing about a podcast it could be any time. It is not just my husband Patrick and I he has spent. Our lifetime being dirty or it may sound. The first batch. I wanna do is like you know that we are gonna talk about down last year and I trio heard. Which as we are speaking to you are right now recording us with has only been out for a couple hours to refresh and her dirty or super excited to talk about it. But her is that latch talked about. The big casting news for a fantastic beach to move. Jude Law casters. Young Dumbledore. Yeah I mean it it's him I think that's a really good rule for him you know you we're just lucky Sherlock Holmes and. That Jamie does the news broke on Monday and we had just watch Sherlock Holmes who we are people who watch the same movies over and over. I was just thinking how much I love to. Jude Law ads as Watson and yet against such a great rob should. Yet the end and Mikey I I love how we can just like debt can be funny is well I mean his I mean he sells his facial expressions extremely well with that that's a lot of Dumbledore scare after he says a lot of his communication light is through facial expressions and in the books and movies. That the LA they that I I am worried about is I'm in I'm Syverson and at this at first but and I had to remember. Dumbledore wasn't like always. You know great YE's. Fighting for the good do wizard like we know he had a somewhat sordid pasts and we're going to be seeing Jude Law playing. Maybe not the double doors that we would like to see other testing is Josh Berlin has been cast as cable and dead pool to. And now he broke his cool. I forgot Intel. I was reminding what I posted on taste like that he's Canucks. Yeah it I mean I forgot about it because you don't. See Josh Roland SP NS I mean he does the voice and he does sound like. Motion capture stuff but that's not Josh Roland so I don't think we can be in ninety busy with the IE's par you have let that that's about it I mean his associate. Totally different characters yeah. And again he's another one of those yes I mean great dry humor actors yeah. Like minute maid in black three for example how he played Tommy Lee Jones is character and I feel so good on the back it was so awesome so. Especially is witty is Ryan Reynolds is. That's gonna be asking to be an awesome giving take me attitude than two gathers going to be fantastic yet their favorite line from central. I can't say it on the air we're not on the air well. Podcast. Might star acts are not content. Is wheezing bank did. Marquette final beep out a couple of those this. I and sticking in the marvel world. Phil or rag Iraq is the most watched tomorrow of Walt Disney trailer and 24 hours which may be broken now yeah. I wanted to ask you before we specifically I guess it's going to be a big lead still in Rodriguez and has the last yet I just being want to slash watch over an average are seeking. But it. When you watch a trailer your reaction obviously we get in we get to the parties like. And I. There's no yeah yeah we've worked together so much serious buildup to an end and yet comic relief from Chris Hemsworth. But let me ask you since we have seen the Thor trailer and now we have seen. The last at a time trailer on which one got you more excited for the movie. I got a last and I mean no focus of the marvel universe where I mean I. Born and bred a Star Wars fan and and have mark camel back is Luke Skywalker. And I mean actually getting involved in this movie it's. It well good I'm I'm really jazzed for. Well don't be mad at me but I think they compare SN IC because I have. I expect star worse to be great I expect they pretty trailer out that I'm gonna love it I'm gonna watch it over and over and I'm gonna analyze it forever and yes by with this storm means. I love the storm movies but I don't for. Any trailer for Thor has got me as pumped up. As this one has me for the third. The worm movie I think this trailer made me more excited first door I was already. Like you can't make me more excited for the last Jack. Right I just start trailer and they don't hold people or maybe like also on another dharma and he's coming in other marvel. Your movie is coming. And they took that up another level where people are like I want to see this. Or movie yet I can see that and I think for me and I ain't I a 100% agree with you on that. But for me I think of it as. B and as opposed to trailers past the thing done this when they they threw in the comedy aspect of it yeah where is to Wear his like innocent IE. You know I'm very blunt but funny yeah its personality is is brought out in the trailers well kinda like how they don't what's new with the guardian trailers and yell and everything else like rights review were you upset in the right Iraq trailer. Wing you saw the worst haircut. Well. That was that was a big party contention with a couple friends of ours I say it was not upset about it once I saw the trailer her. I was upset about it before I saw the trailer still frame what I saw the still frame I was like what is that that's not the word hot or has long flowing hair all lanes. By the I didn't look contact. I mean that they were you know suiting him up fur. For battle and he's clearly you know being in out held against as well and I would imagine they you know play out armor or armed and they shaved his hadn't. Yeah I mean I I'd and a my mind yeah. Hitting a life would short here he looks very good which were here LA's any he's pretty he's pretty with all here he could have purple hair and I wouldn't care. That's camera so maybe you well. Let's get to the last set a jet dry the teaser trailer and I your thoughts on that first up I've got an out did you go back and listened to the last line will lose says it is it Lou. Yes that's yes that's now that I can't. Lute there is Pennsylvania where I I walked through the office and I talk to and eight everybody who's a nerdy hero wanna seven and the next. And it was all varying right and at that. I I stopped at my boss's desk and he was like I didn't even think that was when talking didn't sound like him at all and then the next person I went Dusan. Yeah just I want is enough I went back and listen to it. Because our Arab body jammed text me and he was on the planet now he says who was talking at the end up. Who look you talking rejected. I live in lesson and now I'm not sure. Well because well the reside the reason I believe what the sounds is sounds so familiar because. Prior to them join the trailer market close out their talking. And he'll do and yelled I know what his voice is always kinda crazy you know when he told stories and stuff like that and it sounded it sounded like. It sounded like his his like tone and pitch. Act I didn't have that first eyelash I do it if I was I would not phased out of like out of blue sky locker. And then people may be questioned and so I'm listening like his are really Luke Skywalker. But I mean either rent a weekly we finally got to see Luke Skywalker tot he was there anything about it that made you doubt now who they'd give us anything. Yeah in my opinion poll again. No all leading up to handle. Daisy was saying about her character that the one the one teaser as she did give away. Was solemn you know we going into and be careful when you meet your heroes yeah. In houses like boom leaks kind of he can be is kind of an ass in this. Well like I'm still bitter about what happened yeah it with his nephew. I mean I think that we eat in town. I mean I feel like I'm expecting that he's not gonna be like yeah get to see I cannot have a beer I was wondering when somebody was gonna show a lot yes he did I want someone yeah he's. In isolation and to get pretty ticked off at the leg kick things ended up. I don't I I don't think I am I'm surprised by that I mean I'm excited. It was great to see the trailer is great to see some footage bright. I nothing was given away and I think that's fine because. I'm not going and looking at all of the sites and actually I didn't know spoiler if you have not seen the first awakens I don't know that console it died. And somebody wrote it for me because they thought I had read like unlike somebody who goes all the sites and read everything sound Pollyanna when the big movies like that you. Apple remote and stand at different actors are aliens and stuff that outsell. It for some reason you haven't seen the last and I trailer is on my FaceBook page. As are all of the stories that we have talked about it that is right keeping up today at all week long you can go to KJ on air dot com that'll take you right to my FaceBook page. He can listen to me in the afternoons in Indianapolis on what I was seven I'm an ex. Two to seven and got if you ever worries me FaceBook is great I'm always on Twitter. Pat KJ on air and next week I'll have details story on how you Q when you're re into the next KJ is Canon dirty night out. Guardians of the galaxy volume two.