KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 10-4-17

Wednesday, October 4th

Maybe you SHOULD be concerned about a zombie apocalypse. Indy native and comedy writer James Breakwell joins KJ to explain why! Plus, the NEW nerdy show you should be watching! 

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KJ thank you semites for listening to this addition of kind in dirty news I we. I have a well soon to be health and well no you are a local celebrity James Drake well because. You've got like a million followers on Twitter did you notice here in Indianapolis we've got this famous Twitter guy he's here with me he's got a book coming out. I called a homey yeah dad on the inside a parent's guide to surviving these zombie apocalypse this is a perfect book for you. If you love the Walking Dead. If you're a parent I'm not a parent and I was cracking up at the same sort of talk to James in just a second and also explore why I need these zombie apocalypse might be a real thing. I want to get the F few headlines. It was in what's going on in the and world of nerdy new ticket. I neverland against did it did. Spectacular. For fox very happy with the ratings I wanted to talk to you about it today but. I forgot to sip my DVR and as of this moment when I'm talking to you they're doing on core on Saturday night so if you're in the same boat. Set your DVR now you can't on demand something when it's going to be airing again in a few days sound. I will be waiting and watching Vick gifted at this weekend and now hopefully we've got to show you I'm always nervous when chose our talks about how long they're gonna last. I'm still not certain about the aura though I've had a couple people ask me about the Orvella and what I think of it and I. I don't know do you. I don't know what the show's supposed to be Arab and that's supposed to be having feelings I don't know if I'm supposed to be laughing. I don't know if it's a purity a Star Trek or iron just you know paying homage to it so I'm just watching along maybe like you are an I'm hoping that. Maybe fox who give at the time it needs to find its legs. Now let's get right to this amazing guy who lives like down the street from a radio station I I have followed you on Twitter. For a long time. Because yourself IE. I did not know. You lived right here in Indy. I don't know if Indianapolis ones to claim even right here park. To yourself I think what's your book gets out only data on the inside a parent's guide. To survive giving them zombie apocalypse. Everyone's going to be like. Yeah got off their from Indianapolis. Not John Green and I do not recognized but right well thank you so much for being here I am I saying it right when I call you an author are you a comedienne. Comedy writers probably the easiest generic term sometimes you'll say social media influence her but that's what I'm not influenced by. It weird when someone uses that term appeals kind of I don't know a lead just easy. If anything people are doing the opposite of what I recommend and I like anybody yet. Well you like it or not I think a lot of people who wonder like. Make it big on Twitter how might get people to pay attention to me how you do. I started I was on did you comedy writing and I started out the blog and nobody stream largely hail Trout this Twitter thing Sonata link there maybe you'll click it and nobody just like oh you have to write jokes on Twitter yeah I started doing that images slowly consumed my pocket yeah and then nine as I had more more kids more and more of the jokes in the quotes and think senator around them and that's really when it took office and now it's almost all. A family humor type stuff and I took off enough that in April 2016 went viral on the nom nom close to a million followers. And I got a book deal out of it. Is that pressure like yeah. You know it's a I'm the parent you're starting I don't like the real exciting to me and I'm gonna send it out against your cares no wind generated. And I'm not only by speaker of like her myself I heard other people like you know all publishers are like we have faith in units like well I've failed now I'm gonna hurt the only people who believed in me. There did the publishers come to you they did I. In the book they want a meter. It's what other that they want they want and you're out you're familiar with the book called stuff my dad said it's not act yet so they do they use a different word yeah soft but at the guy says funny stuff that you know his dad said mixed in with personal essays are like he's right that alcoholic stuff my kids say. It's like that's that's. Am I right because you know a lot of my tweets are completely sure their direct quote absurd exaggerations those times they're made out I mean. You got to fit in a 140 characters or get a punch line in there and run. Kind of runs the gamut I'd wanna write a book called stuff my kids say and kindest say and didn't say it all and I can't picture and that James Frey guy who got called up by Oprah for being a liar like I don't want a pretty yell at me. Play nightmare. And Saturday your kids drive at night and. And that. It sounds like a let's take the same kind of comedy had you on the Internet but divorce at. Like one step from reality sort of one of parenting guide with zombies and what would you do if you know zombies came crashing through when you're trying to put your kid down for a nap or when you're in the grocery store slats came about. And that was afraid at first because when you're at a nonfiction book you don't have to write the whole thing just write three chapters around publishers are like we'll take it finish it or you wasted you know a month your life when you get that's only a month. But then I was like I put zombies NS and outs of fiction book I've tried this whole thing in like now. Is art nonfiction. And the fact that our cat. There certainly but like everyone in the book industry what fish is too Gallagher it like yeah that's a nonfiction books so lot beyond the look up his book people know something we don't us. Apparently well so I doubt we need to get this bike out here because you're. Legal right any help. I hope October 10 as soon enough I hope zombie apocalypse is and start before that a Roland trouble. God is not and I thought favorite chapters in the black was where you talk about it. I aware of the zombie apocalypse is going to start which is in your opinion at daycare. Oh my gosh there's so many illnesses that come out of there and like I'm sick all the time now on at its just because of de carrots. Who else am I gonna come in contact with the sick like that Renny is not only do they have runny nose than they like they. They are all there are always touching and in a ball in his. Adds back and forth and I should they said no settlement date period it's like one kid hasn't so FYI tomorrow all the kids one yeah. Asked we have IA hand foot and mouth disease going on our Jake I even know what that was. And then you have my nephew search getting blisters on his own hands and unlike. One other ads like this can't but he's got around daycare my aunt. Evan did did you learn to do to have them. Ever heard. Staff yeah. We had a scare about that to my kids got falsely accused of having it but the ones that cycle which once the accusation is made like the burden is on you do clear your name she got to take the day off work of god Todd you get into the doctor's office like 2 PM like accuse fine wire you here and I knew it. That's the other thing holly you know be a zombie upon as a regular I'm Wendy you go to the doctor Wright is like you you like that this is the worst thing in the world I am a terrible parent percent accurate. And then you go there and they're like this is a coal you were an idiot while you sit there is no waiting that that that scenario. Now because the second that you says the sign out it's fine in their gonna get over it then I have. Strapped and you've letting go so long have pneumonia two and then you take him and they're like. You will meet soon could be the first day they want and that's left. You cannot win with so I don't. There's not all the sudden get to become a grip all just to give a zombie apocalypse is an egg cell. That is why you need this their back it's called only got on the inside a parent's guide to surviving this zombie apocalypse. October 10 is the day comes out anywhere you get much Amazon Barnes & Noble you name it. I and well Jane it's a super funny guy James Blake well. All third. Funny guy comedy writer on his Twitter handle is acts acts as in like the latter acts. That exploding unicorn is where you find him on Twitter he is a bush sure we want to support him it's just so happens that our other Hoosier author John Green at them but coming up the same day. Why not get involved James Breck Girl thank you so much for joining us aren't they just got in thirty minutes each you so much risk and had a blast.