KJ's Kinda Nerdy News 7-31-17

Monday, July 31st

Doctor Who and the magic of social media! Let's discuss!


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K it is KJ thanks for our list you get to kind of dirty news. Are we talking about that new female doctor on doctor no I really thought when I started talking. With Amy star of the social media Danes and conference there where I have like a 1520 minute conversation but don't you just connect with someone. So easily and then all of the sudden you're like oh my gosh we Pataki for our. Thought no this is not going to be an hour lunch this is part two and oh. Amy and I were talking about. But I'm going to talk about in my five minutes of being storyteller. Happy I'm conference. On Tuesday the first. I and we got talking about doctor sue I'm not gonna share the story. Because I think maybe you want me to save it for my face I which you can watts you know you have to be at the the un conference. I would love for you to go but if you can't you can just watch on your phone because I'm just gonna be doing a FaceBook live from my FaceBook page. KJ. On the air is how he could find me FaceBook dot com slash KJ on as the air. Now Amy let's just start off right away are you a Doctor Who fan. Oh I have several doctors and I have friends on FaceBook that is one of show that I didn't get into I'm more of those. A Star Wars on our worst kind of out contract is Patrick Stewart Doctor Who I never I never. Aren't you now Amy it's not to lay. Did. And it's the new doctor a woman that I have seen it is yeah. Yes I did I was you know aware of that. On social media I didn't follow it. Yeah I yeah sucked in need com in the universe of out of doctor drew on there have bad and on its at a dare call tying lord expect when they preferred to women ever hoist that they've always been tying ladies. And there's some references to when they regenerate basically instead of dying they change into a new person. With all of the memories of the last person. Which is a brilliant format for TV because you can change actors with a reason to change actors into two TV showed her egg salad and it's a great writer recaps but they've never. Recast. The doctor in particular. Re generating from a man to woman her one and two Manson this is it as a first class and you know I I know it's. It's a bit of a risk for them to it had it's it's it's stat out and do best buy it. I'm really proud of the shallow and I think. It has some people obviously Pete you know you are there's a lot of people that have trouble with any kind of change and this kind of change in particular has brought about. On you know some negativity you people think you're never gonna watch shall again but I think once that fear of it being a little bit different is gone. That it's going to take the show in so many new directions and somebody different adventures. I'm just I'm really proud did show runners and BBC. For saying hey you know why. On this is the perfect time to do this and this woman's going to be an amazing doctor in your going to like this just trust us. Did you hear that story on empty hour about how. Awful the BBC is as far as. A singer and so I think made here and one of the things I love to talk about. How that fine art. Have really been on the leading managed. All. It it seems like throughout history. But fine arts. Our where the most diverse group of people are. Equals. X. It still taken a long time to get over very you know the white guys and getting. We got on paper loss. But at least. But I was really shocked to hear that about the BB CI a week you'd. Great Britain those aren't a little bit. Her I agree one. Yes and the tiny seemed weird maybe the fact that you know doctor drew was a narrow and seeing out of female please. Made some of the women that work at the BBC gout you know. That's really cool that they're doing this but you know what about us behind the scenes I'm now I just so I was a little bum that you know Johnny Whitaker is taking over as the doctor. Had to make this. Announcing that she. Laura released a statement saying quote. Please don't be afraid of my gender. And I not to and I am very excited to see where this guy is sick and I mean a part of me two things. Optiem are gonna start watching and god hey there. That's what the show isn't that different. Points out it's just that it's a woman doing the same job that what I mean. It just it's just minor subpoenas and all I guess it's it's well. This is where I think social media helped were exposed to diverse groups of people. They don't become how it's scary unarmed line that's and I think this is is it also. I mean with a lot of pros come melodic content because now there are public fears. Where people are having their political discussions. Yeah. And in that they were. Are able to have those discussions before with anyone because. I'm you know you had to be in a certain place. At a certain time. Are very dependent on geography. And Chiming now you can have discussions the last four days with people you've never. Would be. From a continent you may never bit. Yeah it's well one of my favorite is most was on Twitter when we were waiting for that doctor announcement because the BBC had said. I'll watch after we Middleton. We're gonna reveal the thirteenth doctor and they made as big splash in. Everybody was get ready return to figure out like okay Iowa time do I need to be up on Sunday morning to beyond that correct time with Wimbledon so I can find out. And the whole time I'm watching Wimbledon I'm on Twitter just like saying that the amount of people who are cherry got Roger Federer. Just to get grocery I don't you've got there a stick. A lot of fun and I it was still I think I wanna share on the FaceBook like Q Renee and hang onto it. If for some reason. We end up talking about something different at the un conference. That I'll post it here on Mike patted nerdy news but quickly social media Danes on conference. Tuesday August 1 at the Wellington. Give a just real quick idea of why this is different why this isn't one conference not a conference. Well it. Really the format. Is what makes it an un conference we don't have a keynote speaker or break out sessions. We have eighteen. Storyteller. Who each have five minutes to share our social media bit of was or chip or trip and it's so fast pace. And one of the things that I really love about it or you can listen to anyone talk for five minutes even that there really. Not a very good on storytellers. Are out there. EQ you know that OK I only have to listen to their first five more minutes instead of being stuck in some break out session. And they start talking in your finger in and they're not saying anything. That would benefit need. And now I'm stuck here for an hour and has ruined me for all other. My. I feel like the pressure is on to make my five minutes really good at. I can assure you this storytellers we have this for this sign conference aren't made me learn. I'm sure that you'll fit right man and I know I hope that the next time conference you can be there in person. Face to face is always the past. Having you know two man. After I watch what the FaceBook while you are okay. That is cool that is where you think technology really geared. Is connecting us some ways that we never imagined before so I'm so glad you'll be joining us. Virtually no ally who will I bird yes a 1 o'clock Tuesday August 1. You can sign up for the conference by going to FaceBook dot com slash social media Danes. If you happen in this this year's un conference don't worry we're already working on big things for next year to.