KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 116

Friday, October 13th

Let's break down that Star Wars trailer plus exciting news for fans of The Hulk, a Doctor Who star in Indy and more with special guest Tom Davis of the Morning Mix!


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How is KJ this is KJ is done in dirty news and I am super excited today. We're going to be talking Starr is going to be talking Thor rag Iraq. On and the dirty news is always better. When and at this special guest joins us how well both Tom Davis from the morning hey good to see you in stranger where you bing and I any after yeah I'm sorry sleet and she that. I have sleeping at the radio station. I need to be. Sir listen to messages between you amoeba I'd have a couple Sasha. I get this dumb idea to go off dual night class and I it. What my sister to me it is over ten if I was you I'd about a two hour drive town get an hour and a half drive home so if I was at a home I was a deterrent come back so. I can sit in the chair and stare at the wall till I doze off and then I wake up in its founding go to work it's that hot tin ear do you have a tie sat. That is the inflatable mattress yeah. The hole and it. So every few hours it is completely I wake up on the floor completely deflated a turn to but not she goes right back up. And it takes two more hours drain back out. So I really got sort of a matter of store for your life every two hours you wake up riser completely deflated. I guess I got errors out with you guys don't understand my life as a struggle again. Every day every moment every second. I'm trying to do better and makes Asia matter about myself. It's not anything good in the dirty news that a lot of stuff going on in the dirty news I always want to talk to you whenever there's things going on with Star Wars. At an I know you did not watch the last trailer I did you watch I did I even despite the fact there was a warning from spoiler. I guess is that the director. I take baby maniac talking to him because he tweeted don't watch. Endorse their spoilers don't watch it and I'm sure someone somewhere higher up quickest sounds like what else. Hello. Is that what do you honestly it was sort of genius tag. Because I think music. Don't you don't wanna watch this yeah it was like reverse psychology it was genius because the minute he said that was like you some B are like I'm more I am I going to war. Because they had a moral dilemma package you're like well. On now I need to know what's going on that he would tell me not to watch let me take you through the process I was in Greenwood when they heard fact okay. By atomic got to Cassell doing now is like I had followed myself back and forth a much know what. I'm gonna let it go I've been so good about spoilers mullet discount can I'm standing in mcdonalds at 96 meridian her cat and I turn around and it's on the television. FTVs they're they have a bunch of TV's side. How I found night football. Oh yeah and I turn around any it's all hot CN now which I had no choice in like it was on that moment. Where he's like fiery. And I was like home. Well so then I came back to the station I fired up watch a whole thing and I would say you know I'm a downer yeah on a pessimist I yes I loved it. Did you rally I loved it I am I watched it but I did and watch it. Like I did it stare at it and scrutinize. I just. I want high IQ three's don't. I was like it was like I a surface thing like I was like Jerry and I budget cannot rig it did you not going onto that don't wanna be around because I got old. That this is spoiler and get a rare and thanks Eric I watched it. What just happened I. Use our I they'd. I I feel like. Maybe this is like a missed or act like are we supposed to be worried that raised an adult arc. You know I think is mr. action because there's no they would do that but if if they did to be so cool. My thanks I do we still awesome and she'll like turn the dark side I think at least because no one's done and I. Well I guess thank you did but if we don't count that we have. He'd turn that he didn't do very well Brian. The dark legacy stupid that's yeah I don't smoke but you don't let the dark side to have him a lot of yeah. Or Obama you can use saying well I did the trick aren't like. And I look. The the let's just break it down I think that the 8080s like the walkers at the beginning right out. You know they modernize everything there the FaceBook will mean certainly there's armor on the legs like just. Just looked really good it dead and mark Hammel. I don't care won't listen he might disagree with the characters going I don't know what's happening with Markey made died this movie. But I just love seeing him yeah so I love seeing him be Luke Skywalker. I love how excited. He is about it Leahy I mean he's. He sat there and asked for the money is out he's got money I mean he's he just is so excited to have a chance to be Luke Skywalker well listen you know it's come full circle for starts in forty years ask. And there's a moment is like for he can't stand the fact that when he dies he relies Luke Skywalker who you know. If you're going to be tagged with fed. You know like let's just let's just kill bush Patrick for a second OK I Eddie Munster. That's your Eddie Munster you're never anything but Eddie Munster right Eddie molesters never gonna come around again right. Right now mark Hammel is in the biggest movies of all time on again yeah any easy one of the biggest movie stars are all time. I did. Isn't that crazy you hanging in there. And not trash talking George may not you know taken a crap on Luke Skywalker has. Worked out for Mark Campbell passed by Al and if you are follow and I don't follow on Twitter. And he's just a genuinely. Good human being yet. Hey he's a real nerd he and you must comic book she loves all of it has that been a fan is all about and aren't you know I just I just. Like him to discern when I just like Carrie Fisher yeah it's she's just an awesome person Jews cannot case. But I could not cat dry ash Saturday wanna think about watching that did you see that. Yeah. Into drama of her dog watching. The trailer now or all true. Here because I mean. Sad I didn't care that don't. I I heard daughter and her daughter Bailey has has carried it through. And I mean I honestly I don't I am. I now I don't like I can't do that don't don't make me more stab at irony and a arsenal let's get back to the trailer for a second okay the only thing the. I'm not prepared for this I have other things to talk about aren't dirty names heard talk about hold yet I would expect to you again yeah yeah I can't. You know I don't like Joseph it's I don't care about stuff. I wish. I currently I have had a top let me ask someone else can hear the only thing I didn't like about the trailer and that was that. Screaming squirrel inside of the millennium mountain bike apart everybody else loved the park course you know I didn't like dancing group at the beginning of grey gardens galaxy to. The only reason that there's eight Speights singing hamster in his stall or have the baby group. And they're just trying to compete with like cute cuddly things. Yeah. Say they're competing like that because you know and they own it right I mean we had cute cuddly things from Star Wars before I know that well. Spit out you know wet. In that moment I was like do not. Jar jar banks us. I let my fare like do not let something like ridiculous that's going to be distract gain and and admiral and everything right. This is the rest of this looks so yeah it went down that rock that rock cracks. And like you know he's like looking in the end you know. He's sort of rejects are once again thing I remember you know this kind of powerless and wants a four was scared enough like. That's an Emmy this is great this and great continuation of the skywalker family. And the story lines and I can't wait to see what action who is this girl Ry early Cisco. Yeah well why don't ray yeah. There are so cute things. Any more movies. TV shows where you. Were you get surprised because I mean the spoilers are just everywhere they are on we don't we don't know who rein in Sam in don't. Mean she hops in the force awakens and she flies the morning talk combat and Han Solo your best serve like. Other IQ economy or her brother but he he's not kind of ran out she bastard brother and a sword fight like she's the best at everything immediately so. Where does that come from why is she here in who assists no guy I'd rather not say what he looks a lot better in like person. But he doesn't hologram like a hologram yeah that's chicken cheesy yes like the flash on his face yet he's on a treaty so yeah so anyway I loved it I can't wait for it. Bomb yeah building is it's like Carrie Fisher's last summer wears me down rough that's going to be tough but yeah the two thumbs way up. How are trying to tie this strategy if already. That's stupid answer yeah you know I I I wonder now if I mean what else are we gonna do with tube sock at an eight he needs comic relief right. Like how sad is it going to be to see yearly with June without Heine. If if there are some dude feel a little furry animal that's making him laughter this movie I okay well here's the other thing do you receive cringe is that you know. Benicio del Toro. His name is DJ. In the movie. DJ the out like DJ is full house. TJ that's not a star is just stuff. Visually DJ can sinners alike will you know DG I can't start act like Tom yeah. I know that David did yeah. So I can't regulate the only sure that the little rat in Chile because you've got like DJ flying the falcon why yeah my thought as I can theory. How can so anyway that that could be like who the. Who takes a Han roll over there are parts everywhere in the stores right now and I would I would stats went up because I trust that your kids are gonna want me more shouldn't aim pour out your kids are gonna wanna man. That. I that your son is at that age where. The cool wet wet it's going to be a bomber for you is that the coolest thing about this movie is gonna be that stupid pork could have. It's gotta yeah every not every kid who thinks jar jar banks is the best and I happen to yeah equals it's like it's a Star Wars Fergie and I'm just not into insinuate what's happened to halt. I'll you know it's so there's spend. A lot of talk about whether or not the whole auction ever gonna stand alone movie again. And I think everybody agrees now it's probably not asked to try that again. So marvel universe is giving Hulk his story. Through the next three movies mark rough analysts add that or rag in Iraq. Is the beginning of a three movie arc for the Hulk. Sound. I. I just think that's interesting because they really Hulk has been good support character and that has been a lot of questions about what do you do with him and a standalone movie isn't the answer. You know it's a lynching because he knew there was an entire. Successful. Television series now based on the hole out David banner well Bruce Banner whatever you know gal. And that the duality of of love living with this monster inside of you which I think to me it's still a superhero I relate to the most. If ever are absolutely Ira rage filled my. UNH at any traffic light hit if you did come out a nicer highlight how people's life. So I'd give it I'd love I'd. I want the whole movies to be good yes Ang Lee ruin the whole movie is the hope drew fifty feet tall and file where wolf in the middle woods this dude has no idea resuming now. The Ed Norton I thought was pretty good. Did you might do a pretty good gosh I add Agnes key data you did I. I I just. I did not like Ed Norton. As per spanner he just wasn't Bruce Banner in the market Rockwell is Bruce Banner that being said yes the avengers made the hole. By that moment where he's like that's the secret. I'm always angry and I walks off any punches that scene at Peter what. That is a great moment that's what the whole kids hanging from buildings. Awesome yeah I socio they can't take that. If you are freaking can't man movie you make the hole. But. Can't they get they they may aunt and goofy goofy and fun it's hard to like put back into. I just think you need other characters around Hulk you know and I think what they're due paying with. The storm movie. Is I mean it it seems like that's what they're doing like they're almost they're making this whole movie but they're giving him the ensemble that he needs. To be Hulk or saw the trailer I think in front of Wonder Woman and yes trailer for four looks great it into that arena and they got to fight each other yeah. That's great I love that. Yeah I love that worry and that. That moment now you know comic books had an evolution where like he'd standalone comics in nannies or mash them up to sell more app. Now the movie's in there yeah and it's it's it's a great time and did you do she hit it. See that Mark Russell accidentally. Live stream to the first ten minutes. Of that premier kind of easy pocket. He hasn't even on the red carpet and if he's got into Graham did a live stream on is I. And this is so excited he puts his own in his pocket. Instead of stopping the stream he just put it in his pocket. Dot abbey gut comments were hilarious to think are like. It's not art you're gonna get hired at what I look there are 2000 people are talking doesn't even the then they all just got quiet because the movie started and they're just listening to the purse and attempts. Totally dark the Barnum is blocking. You'll hear from you. I would marble wanted to do they can really hold him to write a contract I always I mean by his face when he realizes he takes is followed out of his pocket. Do you like it looked like everybody he's right. Like the north and terrorist like just like crappy little grim like. Yeah. Hot shots. I mean. Take it down I mean obviously somebody found a way to like keep it they check it out and they're not mad at home to meet you wanna. Do you want to go listen. Took the muffled first ten minutes of the world rag Iran now know it was going to that's funny really funny that. I mean people were freaking out to count count and so genuine fear. When you use FaceBook right that you're not you know that it's not hot yet here in the bathroom yeah and anyone could ever want your premier. I'll laugh. You know that that's great yeah. Well I mean it's just a scene at in this strange shots now everywhere are just as they should be and when he pulls his ballot out at city and the movie guy not write downs out LA. Do you root out and just hit a I. Noticed that. Time I actually what else is going on out I'm you know let. I was gonna mention if you are listening to this and it is before her. October 15 which is Sunday. That there is an appearance of a big Doctor Who character actor who North America warehouse going on Sunday what what is since I. So doctor hair you know Senator McCain. You have a telephone Booth with yes yes yes he's that police box that says travels through space and time I'll. Staff. And unlike healed wounds with big guys like holding hair dryers you know. I don't horrible laser gun oh yeah the old and that's that actor yeah ten is a blast so. The girl who played. The younger version of Amy pond which is one of the companions doctor him. Is actually coming to The Who North America warehouse and Tammy it's so we are getting candy Indiana where the largest doctor food. Store in museum in North America I feel like you're making this up. Why did bring help I'm being pumped right now but she wasn't stick around this doctor here who. Aunt dot com that was going on in Ohio and got canceled for some reason. So she's still going to be in America so she's coming years she's going to be here all day on Sunday I 1030 to six. I you can shop you can get on a shelf he went there for like ten box she's lovely I interviewed her on the previous. KJ is counting hurting his. And so if you wanna join me how the hanging out with one at that stars of doctor viewed Caitlin Blackwood. On Sunday 1030 to six at food North America are gonna faced a blind eye will FaceBook why gap that'll be on sunny day. I'm gonna get there around 10 o'clock to a FaceBook live with her. I'll try to remember to tell my father shot well I don't mark roughly I don't. Yeah. I I can stop by show me there I'll be there are and it will be a hole that's fun if you care I know you don't towns got your client it's and can't payless. I had my British shows are absolutely fabulous and faulty towers I'm. One more thing did add did you get your tickets to Star Wars are we we've got to figure out effort are we gonna do star Boris again you know limitless and we're not charged so we're not I mean if we do. I love it I can. And let's do it again greats I. We'll check out what they are never gonna do you start worst it's really an excuse for Tom and I do sincere hang out and it teeter around all day on wall. One Schilling after another is going on. Thought because I'm happy to listen.