KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 118

Wednesday, November 1st


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Had worked and where I on the microphone it's easy. This and hit it did got a message there is no energy aid is getting dirty news it's been taken over by other people whose names are we came right. You have to pick Obama as stuff I've got Katie here. Is getting him as a gaming update. And she was rattling off to me what you just give it a couple of the games John Naimi on last us at Orion galaxy. And I wore an iron out any that means yeah. They say is here her had Casey I brought in to talk about the walking down because she works at our office here and any time. She starts talking about the walking dancing goes from like. Nice little vacation eat tonight. Arguably the avenue K so well I'm really outraged I act I actually wanna start by a talking about the Walking Dead beat because. I noticed and just say you know I that I like wait until really I know what's actually happening on the Walking Dead or want to I need to be. You're an athlete she doesn't I don't. Now looks to see if your favorite character and I thought well I am I need. Did she desensitized. So that you know like when the end when when Nagin was bashed in the head and I was prepared for that. I and I waited like six months to watch that at all wow yeah now I'm I'm not dead within sound freak out. I sack every Monday morning to CO what everyone's talking about with the Walking Dead and like I I had. I don't watch the Walking Dead. Religiously I lived through all of the spoilers after the fact. No why is talking about the walking dad did not happen this week Casey is that nothing happened on the locking down. Lack of well like a big thing happened a Carrick. They think happened a year I don't mean this is gonna air like where like it 234. Days out anything you say they've already seen in headlines and he could toilet. They just aren't there is ahead there's there's explain contract it. Found out it was on my Thailand I'm gonna turn the temperature down here to marry hot still yeah I think it gets Casey's getting stuff I. Am in the face with anger and I mean it's probably is because it's your fears he and I are now today. Depression. Yeah Donahue walking game has I'll cal that's right did you watch fear the Walking Dead to him in Canada about fat than I can't. Yeah. I guess I get a sense we're gonna talk about it let's start with the locking down and what unlocking and and it wasn't like a bad episode okay it. I think it's just like the first upset had a lot of promise yeah Alex stuff happen and like you felt like they were setting up for a certain. In the tell you yeah I know Laura Wright like ray asked gonna get his redemption in Oregon and all the iron at every captain and that's how it is like and it was really awesome like. Rick led super he was kinda Eddy at Thailand's Clinton loved it. As great and I messed this up like it was a horrible like you can tell they're continuing like. The same tone of just trying to take out his many saviors as possible a cat. But it just like African Daryl or by themselves. For most of the episode and it just was like a slower home and that the kingdom people. It doesn't really competing and me and I know they're trying to find is person that. Threw a smoke bomb. Chris accident I guess it was supposed to be Renee excel woke up. Now gone on yeah now let it just yeah the night. It out. I got smoke bomb or grenade I don't weigh capping a long time and they were all fully intact yeah and and act now and lots and your matter how many lost limbs Noland yeah O'Meara and nicest person in the building and your god that nobody wants slam. Not realistic is throwing a grenade at you want to show about how my close. Air at least collision pink he looks a total hats. And the end of very impersonal question why is Darryl storms now. Because everybody loves and her eye on. Anything for three C that I I don't know what. Tell you that I can tell you that I suggest that an entire weekend. Working the photo opts for the walker stalked her convention in Atlanta. And it was a solid I don't know 89 hours on Saturday I'll of people waiting in line to get their picture. With Norah greatest and then right back again on Sunday night. Nay. Love Darrell and I. Like I have to like explained to him like L column Darrell Revis and I like that. I did early when you are really good. And if not Darryl and he does not know you you like you can be like hey Darryl. Not dare say hey I did not yeah. I think she's he has on the show for one purpose and not his people love him now do you love him like that Casey. What happened at Darryl died. What happens in your life Daryl dives at. My life will change play and you don't have to. A light and I. I don't know like I hunt sterile at the beginning cash he was grade I feel like they're just kind he could not in the comics right. It tunnel like you know he's like Rick sidekick now at their best friend that I am. Her do well perhaps instantly. He's kinda. Purpose lists me. I feel about it did not backed calendar not I did not say about hey they have ever had a. Moment where something happened in a TV show and you walked away from it like I mean I feel like. There's a big Gerber people who if they often Darrel yeah they're karma. And starting aren't you dead yeah I did it does your mom right after India and showed up. Right I didn't realize that it was just the same. Cyclical formula for everything so that. Oh we have to find paradise so we got to find something that people are already there so they're ruining our lives where is gonna tell the split apart okay now we have to find a new paradise and move on. Let me ask you Casey do you think have you heard. And the rumors going around that fear the Walking Dead is in a different time line. So that may be some of these these people who are dead on the locking dad might be showing up. Are the local travel on or about Katie I barely knew they were two British as I our guy I don't think airlock and end up happening while it's happening in a different city like the same thing but it if it. Yeah I think the way to they mention it Kurt clinic it Liz. When fears the Walking Dead it's. Tarts it's Ly a eight. Before months before Rick except the comment and I think because they're the Walking Dead just indices in three and my. From rumors I've heard like the season finale. Feel Walking Dead takes place premise and Tenet Rick speaking. How packed house committee they could come back. Think could be in beauties think and I don't know my passion there's a series the I'm going back to that they. I want and that's singling out ending a caveat rally that that happened on Sunday night and now you're talking I got Morales like that he's on why Clinton is now. He was he had a family was not so lucky talking guy Morales at the Stanley accused of the Atlantic group and he win clan saves Rick from the taint like it's morale listen Jackie you not. Re enter but he was a huge character when I left I. I had to an error like it is not just somebody give back you'll believe it and then I dot there was I was like I don't leave nicks and a I. May he remembered me and I. I heard people yeah I mean it's so. I think it's just because. At a place around us and come back like. I just know he's a save nearly gets back I. Know how to here I kind of dumb to me so unrealistic. I was a theory that they were gonna bring him like the fear the Walking Dead. People except I don't know I'm hoping it my other plea for management and there. He is the trend line that's no different than diamonds I don't let my critics like I got like drug easier Ike's eye cast your parent could place and let us. It is not coming back chain because he's busy RO. Yeah I know but just so the publisher if you don't know anything about Marvel Comics he's like. A soldier whose Bailey gets killed and I yeah I thought I sang my picture I'm seeing. All the people that have like Ron imminent like so waste of time yes I'm the guy who plays Shane on the Walking Dead can't embryonic aren't on yet he has been monitored on Netflix only Nazi pictures. Yeah you haven't seen next fiction are not address for our podcast got. I am encouraged shallots and when I say it took this picture I'm just excited because he's. He's the potters are right he's really tall on he's very top and look how low low kids. Yes and light weighing down like that number was just here pokey Allen know and he was like come near Darlington and I. OK okay. He wasn't having you know me I am I mad and I. Because I I work these conventions and that's not currently no we've got a lot of yeah just like a regular guy. I like six months later they announced that he was going to be the pleasure love. And I don't normally point at the camera like crazy. But in light. Or Arlen and then he boarded the camera sounds like I get when I guess I'm also library you might also like. And I'm also the publisher in I don't know I don't know what happened in the very it was a weird momentum and yeah it's great yeah let him. Music it Eric I get real quickly I Katie is our gamer on the Shelly you have an update on like three different games. You got to. Make it's a short at at the last just two which is in about not reasons like that they just drop their trailer in their not to release the game very soon Kerala is on YouTube very cool. Ash out of the colossus now has a new release states as an atom PlayStation 2 years ago the putting him position where now. Does stranding which is a payday at Keeneland it's what he picked up after silent note that canceled out of course Ed name. It has exactly Anibal as like the face of the main air our pillow at Nicholson acts that I and then. Future updates coming very soon we're hoping kingdom hearts three got aboard camp human and mark. I need to revisit Katie did you have you figured out who's in the last episode. I right you were talking about the punish or you were so excited about it and then. Unless our wrap up the defenders filled out do you have that the punish your shows up in the defenders gusty yes if you got back. Lots of Jessica out and aids and iron fist in the defenders you are missing out well though. Reduction of the Bonn Germany is excited is it let me also. Ruin your life for this next comment that set it up for our next podcast gaga did Alexander I'm glad I did I really hasn't Maggette combat stranger things. Todd. Any of it let's get it everywhere I don't I guess I went so I like it. I'll IAA I have not yet and do it because that was my plan was to watch at this. Weekend and then it was out our for our flight got delayed so we are in late Friday night and and he was just matched caches of thousands thousands of hours Norman Regis pictures get and I entire airline beat that. And I can't yeah Gerald Jerry check out Harriet and it'll still bring like a crossbow. That he has a well. You know the cutest thing was was there is this like a little barrel this kid was I don't know maybe just maybe six years old. Any kind of care are not any of the whole outfit and I mean you. I listened some like his dad or somebody built him a replica of the by eight. You sound like that was like the last picture every day and we brought like little barrel in early got a picture with big big Darryl I mean no every Tuesday Daryl greatest. So that was really cute but then when we got when we got home it was you know well. You're like man I really really wanna watch is saying but I know as soon as I start watching TV I'm gonna fall asleep and exhausted seismic we can't watch stranger things because. We're going to sleep through stranger things sound. So I've not seen a single. Moment it's showing you're an aunt Carrie at this except that where there in the first. I am not watched. A moment about it umps play well where I have grown at all aren't talking about I have so many things not about it. We'll talk about stranger things he didn't tell him home act like headlines. It from me. Nerdy movie world. I did you guys watch a TV show attack and Zachary Levi has stuck cash yet and Italians out. He was just announced guy he's gonna play nations AM they're gonna do this they have men and show we aired. I rely on and he was kind of quirky and by an inch actual. I think that he can installations I am without taking it too seriously. So that's that's a big deal and now and I'm limping a little bit actor around stranger things market raffle out the Hulk wants to be and the next he's in a stranger things. Yeah he was on Good Morning America and the guys then went out there. And like I can just be the next one and everybody kind of jumped on and he is really big fan of the show and he obviously wants to be the understudy for. End well it out at you got sitting out stranger things he needs to work on controlling his bladder mouse because he's royals everything all the time and like. The serious way that you can't even be mad at and that that. Like that team cannot keep a secret sound. I did they like it out chipped to seven the eighties I wonder if they can do something. Where he's like almost like a cameo where there watching the Hulk are something and I. I. Yeah part of Atlantic as opposed to just like. Stuffing himself and their because he likes Michelle I mean. When we all like to stop ourselves into the show that we like for a very light it's this is tough for me can show much in my life like what really got me nerdy. I was always dirty but I really got me like fanned girlish like our first TV shards that slash two it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh my nose and yeah angels though yeah I would want to know he and finally got an Angel sent Angel yeah I think right on the the series and I'm like I am not fly out of saw the line yes I did I do it and I was really in the supernatural flight. Maybe for an island not that because I'm dialing perhaps I have a lot of ups and that's for next I thought I was right back apparently changing things. The supernatural. And Katie that you are not going to be welcome back into the Eastern Europe. Did you notice how are you the better of the defenders are you can't come back to the dirty news and look between a senate candidate. I. I get through this day out Rick chided his wife two weeks. That's hard all. If it were not get out at least don't like to but don't tell us we're bad.