KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 119

Monday, November 6th

The Kinda Nerdy Girls kinda failed this weekend at being nerdy but we still talked about the Lord of the Rings TV show and more (but NOT Jessica Jones because more failing)! 


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I have friends welcome to and 30 news I am. Nine Sharon we're discussing how we're gonna talk about today and you have. Nor had a gigantic box office weekend smashed it happened so what did you think at CNET may yeah. You know I'd it was my anniversary this weekend at what other. Half and nursery hound and even together it's either Ben or five or six and I can't remember which. Okay we're gonna talk more tough shot. I ever got sick are dragged Iraq yeah we are gonna go to that than it was raining an outlet. I'm just gonna stay in yen. Did you have any success with strangers think also and now I can't I'm. I thought I made it threw well the first I episode in half a season to. I'm so it's feeling very similar about my I have I had this conversation I think it's a problem. With our binge watching society. We almost couldn't remember. How much we like stranger things. Is it to my house usually. I don't like don't feel like the excitement about watching his second season and I should don't you remember we watched the thing in the day we look debt isn't true. Yeah isn't candid did is it like too much Internet Nike. Which ones let yeah like you almost like to again like I mean we watch what all eight or nine episodes of that first even one day. It's like so much happen that you we you're like an awesome but that a year later you like but. And we are watching their recap why we had not. Ever seen stranger bed. I remember though like basic storyline of how things went up even but there's a lot of stuff about recap president. And I know it's like where we it's. Just gotten tired like this is not so that we were actually paying attention to lip so we were kind of lost and then also know. We had. We had gone out the night before we have these inept friends you had not have like I I kid last night out and forever and so they were like super excited and we bar how often did things that you know I don't. Normally do something yes so then after that as so we got through the first episode. And the second episode I heard my hasn't start snoring. I thought I stopped today. Not that I like I want to not far off feeders and organic to we are gonna actually through today show that we let back in just put on. And just random like we just put on season eight of supernatural. Did you watch out all that well slick enough partially but it's fine when you wake you know warrior yet I try senate doesn't matter sounds like. We will then watch stranger things today and sleep all the way through the end I was so weak so we counted I. Had a problem with been watching a lot so like I ain't I didn't watch the first two season and are asthmatic and not enough like I can't as my boyfriend's like. Really weirdly in love with the DEA. I use the subtitles I couldn't process sentences. Right now and I'm not a bad ass and then he's in three came out recently and I'm his bench watch trick to that same thing. I was like picking up on Spanish and the English was gone. Yeah how loud that that it is a problem and I didn't feel like I get the end of last night when I finally wet from the couch to bed. As it I love to bring out trying to just play around and watch supernatural but I can become a person who gives up on life and displays around and watch supernatural it's easy but didn't you watching. Rabbit hole. It's probably not the healthiest thing that has happened to our society now. However I am a fan. I I haven't shower I try to strip bar rag Iraq and I couldn't even every he got neither right. I mean we're not doing anything you wanna go no I don't wanna get up now on we'll just keep watching supernatural and urging rank and it did you hear I did try to avoid. The spoilers. Indoor everybody I asked on face but at everybody's loved it on to the point that out like some of my. Some of mine dirty French it's the best marvel cinematic gives. Movie so far which is saying a lot I can guess I would not say that about the other chief foreign movies so the fact that they like. The room up there put it on top what's that what's your favorite line. Cash had to pick a favorite. And I really love the first avengers just because there was so much happiness in that. On that had not happened on the big screen before I mean we have the justice lane coming out yeah in a few weeks and that's nice but the it will be cool to see all of those characters together wrecked at first. Avengers. Where you have that moment where. All of them are assembled and it's like this is an amazing moment an end in movie history marvel at a moment like. This can be paying yeah yeah that's I love that I got back to I really love the winter soldier. I don't I mean that's just fine for me yeah it's like I mean it's only ten Kissinger heading isn't it got passion but again issued just a little bit a comedy. I like tragic back story yeah you know oh he's the antagonist but he's not a bad guy in that I gagged out of winter soldiers just a fantastic. And I think civil war sir I was actually get one channel or into it but it wedge. I mean it was that was kind of cringe worthy for me because I didn't want to play I did not want to see Iron Man and and Captain America if I. I was down a 100% I like fight. If not amber and then they're beyond the you add the emotion and that you and I Tonys in finding out how his parents really diet and I'll ask. I it was a good movie but it's not like I don't sit down and watch it over and over because it was really hard to work. She ended up each and not just checking some technical stuff ever guide your hand right hand man. I am so I would say winter soldier probably up there is my favorite. I love. Movies that make you cringe. I just blood link I'm comfortable for someone else but I can do that one time like I wanna do that however I don't wanna watch that Tony Stark and net end and Captain America be mad at each other no I'm never home. I hope we miss the Hulk he Ding Don. Great yeah. Yeah. I'm kind. I can't say to my husband Mike how are really lots soar and our house how do you are ready at our house. There are legal ways to direct but we did not resort to that don't wanna be a bad right now we did not resort to that bite I'd been trying to avoid all of the spoilers and there was I I saw a headline that somebody dies it's Manny looked yeah cast cellular as somebody diagnosed maybe I'm not surprised is usually. I about the third one make a lot an important Karen get there guarantee for a not excited for is the fact that Chris Evans doesn't wanna be Captain America anymore Larry excited for that because it's a niche there we need to get the falcons becoming I don't want to know what time. Chris Evans worrying is a winter soldier Captain America. And that we are not talking about this because I am in denial and you know that. We are not discussing Eddie let me Captain America other thing Chris Evans doesn't want it I know doesn't we're not talking about the okay. Right there's still movie studio where he is Captain America and he still there's not we're not talking about it and I like to LaMont. We're not talking about it. And we are otherwise we have to rent astounded and showing that what are. I'm and then how one last thing it did you hear the news about The Lord of the Rings know how do you feel about the alerted the reason you are you running alert gatherings did you play the. Yes and I was not into the movies at all when I was growing up when I got to college I had a friend and you just been watched Lord of the Rings every weekend I always because he's just out of my. I watch like that really the Wii shop all three Florida during movies in the theaters but the laughs on my husband really dragged me to it because I was. And I was why I was like if I scenes are too long in errors are employed and the last time where I fell asleep in the theater and I felt like I had been sleeping forever and I woke up. I was like. There's this is still the same fight scene as a net needs I. Yeah he got. Bryan Clay. Yeah. Yeah ridiculous UK it's too long millionaire like. The director's cut to. You beat me to be and her no we don't sell out. There and Amazon. Isn't talked to do a Lord of the Rings TV series there's not much about it I feel like if they decide to go on a direction where maybe they explore the tier actors like. Yeah ass stories that aren't that's cool yen and they're just going to make us didn't watch more alert lightning instead of the three and a half hour movie this is that off thirteen episode season where I love scenes or do too long and now that's I can't Ozzie it's gonna keep taking Allentown at NASA now that it's very early talks but it does sound like. It's gonna move render. That are like Lord of the Rings obviously not much I like you know Harry Potter and things like that but. I think it is very cool people really like you know the fantasies I know her stuff. Very similar to that was the work craft navy which I finally got around watching Dejan appointments in the work Africa and I was not ever keep labor in skate and unlike you tired yeah. But we he'd finally dragged me around and watch it because I promised to negotiate in theaters and it's been like to be ex finale watch it I got it is very very similar like large battle scenes you know that they make you gotta play the game it made me want to cry ghostly. That was long you know drag itself out Karen but it was cool touch you know they had a Marxist stuff but it very much reminds me of Lord of the Rings I'm. Probably getting a lot of paper that that's yeah I know what I'm not adding to battle stuff so similar and down like I think a fight should not be half. Half of the of being right by now and then and you know I mean. It out I mean. Turmoil yeah yeah yeah let's say just start it out. Punching each I guess stabbing each and shooting has not only yeah O line. Yeah and get them apart doing and and how does that move the story line a lot of chronicles of Narnia. Really happen like that war with the snow which. He ever indicate to aid and whatever Turkish delights are yeah under candy and that now. Cash register and actually much more books on sale the book are very like I never made it through the box I didn't think that's the. And I know while I looked at how big got backwards not like now about a movie I love the hot it now look I'm right. Iconic and I was so mad by the end of The Lord of the Rings. I was like I'm not I did not accepting anymore of these long I really like that like actor traces slimmer and Freeman I think it's easier yeah he's great I love him he says it's dramatic have you did you like Sharon gas. He's fantastic annie's end. He's I he's in the marvel every are saying it is yeah yeah so I'm somewhat saying referring down while we're back in the marvel universe. Have you watched Jessica Jones now. Yes unrelated to that you're not related. I was a Barnes and doubly yesterday and they have a little pop figure the said Jessica Jones on the and it sounds like to assist on channel. Yeah cage don't know who that is yeah out of popped in asked Luke cage is one of the defenders an actor is you want. Yeah. I think and then defenders and then you get my did you even watch story yet what is your risk coming up. On November 17 and you I don't know what subplots you're not saying PI senate Intel I can't leave spots. Jessica Jones because she's awesome. And at least watch the defenders and that you see the introduction puncher where can I get my hands on its on Netflix on NAFTA I bet the app that Paul. From daredevil all the way through the punish or the suspend Mike. It's the marvel. Cinematic universe. On Netflix like it this is I love that they're doing that after she did more and I know I know I. It would be nice if you get behind it doesn't like how did we are yeah let me ask you sell. Not yesterday it was raining here you didn't want Jessica do what Clinton is our game is totally did not know how can very dirty and. Are spelling out how and why was it funny. And making fun of superhero he snapped a little bit and I like it are right next to so. Next thirty news. I would like to know more about South Park named is that something that I might be willing to try in the gaming world. And I I did that Lithia. I MO what ever gonna talk about Jessica Jones a gym everything gone. I hear.