KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 120

Thursday, November 9th

Did The Walking Dead know we were talking about Daryl??? Why we think so plus let's talk about that new Harry Potter game AND the Doctor's new outfit!! 


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I don't really yeah. And I got about a two Nick Cannon hurting and it is not ready to click on that late yeah KJ this is the kind of dirty news I have my kind of nerdy girls here acts Haiti and they seem. Add hours discussing the exciting news that we're getting. Basically the Harry Potter version of Pokemon ago you'd. I did. I dared. K and they gave her on and this sham she lied that freelance if she's not. In the studios. It and she's at it again yet there yes and I played it. Selma spotlight now did you. I you know I did a little bit but I never I never did anything Pokemon so that was a whole new light language for me and my niece not because for some reason our house was always infested. She would come over it she just bond that we blocker on the neighbor had nothing to get back to my house did you buy those are everywhere. I don't. But I. I think about if this says just if this is like the Pokemon go game but it's. The Harry Potter stuff that I'll totally be into it and a bit obsessed with EC united on. Of paper on drinking and assessing acting. That's that's very loaded question. That you have to answer I did have a I I love rob measly but I haven't Draco. Session I have a trick question again do you remember I finally general do you have a tight I know you like a psychopath usually. Though he looks like no. No he's just a lean you buy a can you like bullies I don't like bullying is an edu and driver help. Do you yeah it means you get all the time. Yeah and I need my life is nor did they know yeah I have. I just. And I agree Drake is I mean he was yet a product of his environment. You've seen him room. He wasn't quite there but his father. It's horrible horrible how. You got ten got to meet his father it's he's gonna get a hot he's going to be at the comic con that I got into a pretty awesome. It really nights I do I work for this weird little company that my friends around and they take pictures of famous people Luskin a minute Mark Russell is going to be there I mean he has asked the Hulk and John Cusack you guys. I loved John I Ali asked act. When and if all that I don't I mean honestly I get sound they I'm not going to be hanging out these these people got lucky I get to second life. Your your best friend. Normal weekend and think it's. Going to be an eye. I don't think I need to get caught up in your hands in and amongst the next now hope not going to be this. Way. Wrapped up I saw Harry Potter game and it sounds like it's more next year like they're developing and it's. It's a long time for our money on it and it becomes something in the imminent when it came out I mean. And a. Took a little bit to actually be able lived with Paul how many people want riots that we're seeing that it's going to be a yeah I think Ellen yeah I think they'll prepare for a now so what what house of even inserted into Casey. And on tell you he has ran recently in our day. I. And one you don't actually. Lateral you know rock bottom my. I'm very good friends she it. Is she as a company it's conquest journals her name is Shelly she's big supernatural fan and she loves Harry Potter and she was. Devastated. She thought her entire life and let you know her entire life that Harry Potter has been around him that she was Griffin door and she was sorted and slithering and I mean like. Like crushed her. I know you. Are in racing gets buying it. Yeah I mean it it would be tough to you know I mean the lucky don't wanna tell me that you respond there truly is there an Amtrak accident the knives. Means they feel ashamed. Don't and additions did you see that there are issues that just came out they Harry Potter she is excellent at a good man I yeah I'm not just I thought that's what are the ones are actually kind of cool and I didn't until the solace and Alan are you didn't he needed to watch a whole media you only. Yeah. I'll ring outgoing outing gaming not as I have that Harry Potter Pokemon and things news right that's pretty much the big thing now. I'm going on South Park but that's just me who's out yeah that's right when the South Park game come out in October. Can't. All right so that's fairly damp. And it's just part of still a big deal or that their twenty something seas and yeah me. Got in every once and a while I watch it but I don't watch it enough to know like they all just seem new to me and again I. Thank you watch any sudden I don't know when Eric yeah five years old in might be two months we will begin now. Women. I'm talking you know I liked Casey about the locking dad I thought it was funny and our last episode we Wear. We you're talking about Darryl specifically. How he doesn't really serve any purpose anymore. Yeah I came to see that not many K I did not gaining any other time I thought Cheney. Hey even hey MRSA yeah yeah you are expert he it seemed like he got his purpose on in the last episode right he. Yeah please I put my. He did it and I think it I kind of thing because obviously. Spoiler alert he killed Morales then and then. And Rick was just like you know that wasn't basically there'll just kind of I don't know it was don't matter don't pay him whatever and of the ilk. And that he shoots another survivor like someone and they don't know all just kind of point blank and I think Rick starring. Get the idea like. Maybe we aren't monsters like yeah I just lightly killing that's right I'd have cry if you everybody I have every season that. I so what do you think now with. With peer to locking down did you Bob May be Morales was going to be the one that would crossover. And bringing her how is that she yeah. I am glad because at ourselves like man mean the show has jumped the shark it's jumped it now it at. I think it has his speech to rape I think mostly it was just a thing of Rick. The senior wrecked the beginning gas analyst and I think it is kind of showed Rick you know to have an outsider's point appeal. This is what he'd become you know right where. Your paycheck a monster. And austere. And and I hear me himself that way I think he's starting to feel like. He doesn't like his people to become in people like the saviors gas and while it's annoying actually you're type. It's always my time. Only. I am first and foremost a brick in girl I'm currently level. Love for and I he's a rash is the best I think that I love her publicist. Yeah. I feel about it that our last conversation was I. Why the morale is back maybe it's because he's going to be don't want it crosses over to pin Walking Dead that there aren't any hang on the show at a long time and that happens I like our. Yeah. How dare her have some Biden's dream yeah. Could tactically and come back to futile. That's just there at that time I'm home to god he's not to get him out here your here's yeah he cares but I mean against. The theory mean may not be completely and it you know they just get and that kind of a similar thing on and then. Supernatural you guys are caught up on supernatural I am I wish I had in the whole Angell who's the things I. Outlines I got to spend more so many Moreno darling it's a first let me get a court. I don't ever as a character from season wine. That they brought back which one I know that only national I know I know I'm sorry I didn't immigration it I think it was. Missouri gas tank yeah I saw something on the show that Austin also didn't laugh at. Yeah. Shop and I'm doing and bring her back forever she does need. She was the psychic. In the first online game without her. So it was a shout out. For the spin off of supernatural. Wayward sister's girls yeah odds are her granddaughter is going to be one of the girls on the show her granddaughter in inherited her psychic abilities and you inherit I can't imagine it does run in my fan. Yeah she found out. Obviously gas that was a set up but I knew like it should as they brought her back and then I saw the granddaughter an anomaly. And I don't like they're dead worrying. That's out there with such a bummer that I catch her comeback in the mechanic you know. OK actually now Leon I then she went out pretty cheetah. Ella as it did I get hit at it they didn't make us watch out how I died rule. Yet it's honestly do I die cooled a debt to cash. Yeah. And Larry Harris. At. All man you guys must doctor group. Yeah I used to do well but so here is the new the new doctor at all depend on. I they revealed today it's nice that they DL like. That what they're wearing has always becomes very tired I can't eat out dash like gets it and that they've made some changes to the targets the Turner's what's a little. More old school. On out but her what how easy that outfit is going to be accounts plan she's got like skirts that. And scared yeah it was not what I that's it together I think it's the pain like the pants skirt. What does that call. Really accent in jumpsuits yeah it is like lake an accident yeah needless ladders and it was probably down. Get out and then and it's kind of like. Well it's out navy shirt and wake up not like in a tiring but it's gotten a different color stripes has got. She's got the suspenders I'm like yeah about all that stuff right now gonna pick it. Yeah Clinton media yeah me too so that's a first that I got I shot as they get a really good job and it's a perky like like Ed obviously. I saw one of the first comment was it's clear that this is the first time this man has had to dress like a woman. I want Barry quirky and we didn't change its eye on. Normally they that he did that what they Wear an Arab man they you know they might switch to counteract a little bit. It's not a comfortable. Two. Of us yeah. There are the main album that likes Al skirt thing that's actually pants. And I'll does just below the knee I don't count of really long there's a name for that like a lot. It is kind of a long scorched that's not the name there's a name I don't know and his acting. My favorite actor. Mats. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean I love along sometimes I go back that there are episodes I really love of of Tenet but. I am I allowed to the story of the eleventh doctor. Saying somebody in that meeting hasn't eyebrows and now all he has. Her nine you have not have vibrant he does it is. No I don't. I watch wouldn't David Tennant was on you didn't watch that's the I just really loads. I don't know unless I can't sue I I was so mad and so are not willing. Again of the eleventh doctor a chance Dan Gurney. Animals. The story of the eleventh doctor is so much fun like you can go back to it now because we've got enough doctors to go back to mean and mean. I I saw bits and pieces that didn't make an effort to really. Watch the entire thing it looks like is only play it well you know when you get motivated to have to watch more TV. And appalled me. And great they I thought like. If that the first season was a little clunky. Or. Just think once they let him be like and let him bring his guitar in hand and cat at his. When he goes well with car we just kept. Imagining like he was still Max Smith Alley he was supposed to be Matt Smith I felt like eight companions. And I need to have an idea one and done. Yes I agree and I loved her like she was a great companion but I thought she that that they they kept her around too long and kept him from finding. He is when any of being the doctor eating her campaign. I don't they didn't reveal the cast already and it looks like they it looks like she's gonna have three. Can avatar this is going to be the mini van yes yes I'm so it gets. Two guys and a girl and maybe they won't all be together the whole time but I am. I'm kind of imagining it similar to how. When David Tenet was traveling with yet you know I have Rosie had Mickey and on captain Jack can get out like he had like a little bit of an entourage for awhile. That's kind of what it it it seemed like from the the staff picture is. Is it it's gonna be. A little bit easier show let's get off on the people and we just want to have to waiting here in the united let me now. I'll get out if they do any casting call us I will let it out and not that is your caddie and -- news for today thank you very much for listening I am KJ about it Canadian artist Casey and it all starts with a K usually add you can finest couple times a week here just chat about what's gone on in the very well.