KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 125

Wednesday, November 29th

When are YOU going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi? KJ's dilemma with that plus why the Avengers latest photo shoot reminds us of going to church as kids and more! 


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Hello oh my friend welcome to act KJ cannon 32 I've got to. A little rotating panel of Canon dirty girls that come and hang out password when I was 79 innings in Indianapolis Adam plainly appreciate. You listen to our radio station because I had this podcast how much do you get paid for this I guess Katie. Nothing I know than money. Yeah I. Not much imagined that to satisfy at least seen our ally I am all about making zero. I we did get a sponsor something here but in the meantime listen to what a seven and mixing that we can have paychecks yes cat that talking thirty recchi and her. We're gonna talk about it I need your opinion. I want to do about Star Wars the last Yang. We're just talk about the kind of shared his finally someone on the show has seen. I. And we're gonna talk about black friends here but I'm really mad about that's a gimme a minute come down. Now let's get a review bra and KD. Through the soft or radner cash I'd lean know the other thing is I can see you I say it. They think at the Laurie is you know. The best marvel may be they've ever made. If what do you personally I don't think so what is the bashed in European and just winter soldier I they have. Like I love the back stories and I loved pitch from I love turmoil and conflict. Unless exceptionally if you're more into that that was more it was more intense whereas. Torino is very often light hearted and who they you know they don't take themselves seriously and then make jokes Ayman. I mean I mean huge fan of the hall any Langdon and he was. Very prevalent in this movie is not as a fan. But cash it was funny and it was light and it is it was a good time like it took my brother and sister and I took my boyfriend a high as they lined egg now and it made you laugh it's funny you know I. I'll nephew is like the kids alike share the love out cash and I Al I usually try to see these movies. On first so if there are moments Vieira Mike did. It might be a little too heavy for you like I haven't seen the winners Alter content that's out there too intense for you yet so I'm felt like. They just make jokes and our time and like out of that very first scene he's. Talking to a skeleton because he's trapped in McCain can't try. Explaining how he got there and he is like and now I'm here with you buddy Yemeni falls out of the cage and the skeleton just kind of crumbles on the ground. All. At lucky is great Alley that I need not as snarf he has he has been a cash and he's more kind of a background character except for obviously went into scenes he went around a clean. I would like to play I want Katie during her year of the hour ride in Iraq but it's bad out front like what like sixty kitchen and all I know marry me because I can and Abdullah like rushing our. Well it's the movies we I 690. At events and an you know like that was my son Justice League and yeah as I'm sitting here listening you talk. So are my wrist I could have you know settlement say yeah. Like I. Bad things about the big fan of marvel does well and I I say it a million times you know but they don't take some serious I mean it's fantastic in DC were like. This time because I. Job. But you know and I am gonna rush out to seem like you know the new star. Moon like. Apps gonna be first in line. Okay let me ask you guys like you're not going to be first in mind clarity sought some of them are sold out and make a decision that I have already purchased my ticket and you when you guy I'm going opening night with my boyfriend and he has like four friends that they don't talk to each other unless they're going to see star just imagine so what do you consider opening night are you right Friday night nine Thursday night the previous. Thursday night. Pat cash. See that I'm trying to figure out they're gonna do my show from stadium in the NL. But that screenings don't start until seven. And I get out might show up 107 and makes please listen. Is to seven's I feel like I'm just gonna be bordered by sitting there. But I also. If not I don't wanna see you Thursday night so they operatic and I mean I talk about it again ever realistically yeah how many people are. Negotiate bumpers and obviously can only have a set number of people that are gonna gallon as the people already have tickets so the majority of people including the people who did not get tickets at a time that people Galveston dressed ours throughout inning on I asked. On under. On Friday at studio movie girl they're showing start at 9:30 in the morning in her every half hour now people will be Darryl banks and maybe I'll do my show on Friday didn't alienate more and what are you doing Christo. I honestly have no idea I have I where at where's your Star Wars and ends and mean I like I like Star Wars I. Compared to my boyfriend's. Day. It almost right in BO. OK okay. And he says I have cat (%expletive) I'm saying that because he is so far up there on the Adam. I can't cash. We'll be staying in at some point that weekend a cat I had left it up to him to decide when. I didn't speak I remember it I mean outside that like the first three coming out I was spent quite. Little and not going to theaters by. I went up pretty well came fat. I'm the first free app I got she did not hear KD I am tired today Dell last episode. Read the prequel. I'm yeah minority news. I am. You know we gave it to two on hard and they deserved it shall we also sent some nice things about. People can say nice things that we did we I but I so we're not gonna go down that again monopoly. Went out. I would the first time around. Phantom menace. It was the the midnight showing was the thing we didn't have these nice comfy little Thursday screenings Rica go at 7 o'clock yeah if you want to be the first line you went patent when it turned. May ignites and I was dressed up as printers from on the south side. I would that that I am actually in the prequel southern plot I know she wanted edit you know even. I mean. I don't know could address cast from the prequel spends over there and I don't know if you know there's they're not play again and that's oh I isn't it nice now that we don't have to like being like well I guess I'm gonna. Got midnight because I wanna be the first went to see guys dressed critic reviews. Not LA and I down now like all the movies like. That's like yeah rotten tomatoes because it gives you the crowds or cam night. Regular people who go to see this movie. Yeah and now exactly yeah and especially when you're dealing with the super hero John I mean that egg critics they'd gotten. That's how they are saying that Utley actions were higher than panic and we are not. We're not breaking any ground here with the story of the superhero yeah I mean. Yeah we I don't know and yeah yeah yeah it's got to be kind of predictable unaware. We didn't hero lives again I'll now. The Canadian learns. When I die and that's seeing how did you see the pictures. That first but pictures from infinity or I could personally do better. I asked what I. I you shout at black widow's hair to my hair sunny marble I take better pictures cut that they were hot they didn't do it they they look like armed. Bill school pictures like everybody gather by your locker in I'm gonna take a picture of you with my phone went on to those pictures you see you know I didn't I have ever they were going to spring like super casual like. We're they were people dislike you or your editors act like it. Your literally like this is make or break then duty free out you know what probably happened is there like Powell urged hanging out and just take some cash. Well Ers aren't fair in constant union. Crystal I I I. I. I honestly worse than the ones were it's like just over the top action character hero pose well. On the hips. Explosions in the background but I can't look at thinking Americans to cooler. Gas way to checking Katie could go do our dining area where complaining about. There. There's some strife CL I think what I did my all of that excited I am just I ain't. He put up. With the fat fat. They cut black widow's hair off because her hair is always brag in long and flowing in the comics and I get. It in the real world. When you're doing the things that she's doing you need I had just a more practical here staff is it. What movie was that I think it was the first and here's where she's like tied to a chair and she beat somebody up whether hair tie Mac asked that Sharon managed. I may and you when they first energy's black widow. That's a black widow is supposed to look right it's like no longer read you don't want yeah I hadn't. You know she's got a kick some fans first got a cutter here I did and I know you know all I have already shown I don't know why everybody. Trained ballerina stance then I'll know. Why the arena. Reason that you need to be platinum climbed as the London now you have more fun to be fair I'm finish out. Our hot I'm my face but. We're not proud. You can go look out odd guy KG out here to act confident like I can't see pictures cousins is a podcast it looks like. Graham not taken a picture and out of his car looks like. Fraternity bros take it pictured party aren't and take at. Least at Claremont that picture I have I'm crystal that it you start feeling about black widow and just mean. I act now I. Ly I eight. Through the progression of the movies that notion he's started out as fast as they lack hard core off them. Female character and she's flush them but she's definitely more like. You're free to talk. Yes I did in I'm wearing wet like the Hulk but it's I handed me. She's you are now you're being speaker like I don't care about black widow at all sorry cajun. That's not even good idea looks like meat. I've read and trying. To be like not that's even like in the Madonna ninety's platinum. That's like dirty I'm offended. For all. Half past blondes out there. Oh yeah you're not black widow why. Yeah her bonds are not as fine. I ought to you are not black widow who always has read mayor I would not have been a night out and I tell me just thousands homeless and that's what they came up. I mean to be fair. Bit like hot garbage sometimes he might. I thank the lord belong here. Gone out on the limb here and an air ball I'm glad they cut his critics by the way I think that is an. Is there at its I think Eli so much better that this is not a good luck for black went out like we went to go see a Netflix and the for the navy date do you like. Clips from bank that eighties version of Thor vs falcons have my aunt none of hooks. Awful well ha ha well all right T-Mobile. Uses just the eighties black Winamp. You know you know you don't thinking your eyes as I look at these pictures on Jeremy Renner in looks so good at. Lex nice that's a nice if I sell these pictures out of his kids when you pat cash and just saying look at these pictures you can't. Should I. A lot of pull up on your face but feel bad for lying to me. What I was growing up we once a year arc church. Dead family photos and. Yeah I can't really bad. Yeah not stood in line or on time because they were free right yeah. So you stood in line for a want to and you got up there and the photographer was just fly. Mom back cam you. And they were. You get. Like they were in line for them my teacher Madonna Salameh do go to church of Cheshire is terrible. Church badly picture from the A yeah I. I suppose on Twitter at the next I was laughing about. This you know and it was like I could do better with the action figures I about it Toys 'R' Us and I followed. Look like there haven't Scarlett looks looks like she's heard like her. To me and her hair and make her more momentum in the glass eye on each. There's a lot characters are supposed to have ran need to keep printing like winning run and hot apparently. And I have. The pressure crystal clear and how and all the way through. So you get to get us some thoughts. It's super that I liked all of the marble shows on him out none of them really bad that. Upon Asher hired her front and arrogant and has just announced it. I like it it was not it still the best. It was the best of them but I like it yeah punish her it was just elderly are only a moment like your lights on just killing for killing it you must look at all of people that I and mine is zero mostly. Black. And you really a lot day. Restaurants. Sell ice to. Be Chris Douglas on the watch events now and honestly you go through a pretty much the entire I don't know how much as much ego to pretty much higher first episode hands. There's really not a lot of action towards the yeah loses overly no way to kind of sent it up and then. But once it happens you're just like. This is actually occupants and my so whether it budget that I make that. Where you get in that zone with Netflix and you start it I do not care about your life like. Yeah I'm supposed to be somewhere right now we can watch one more episode. That's at 3 o'clock in the morning I go watch you know that's up fifty minute I thought we started it the night and it came out OK and we force ourselves a kind of spread it out and can't laugh on this past week you know I don't know how else do you roll it was difficult and then. We got the last like two or three up and look at courts don't watch him on the ad just finish it yeah yeah I I had. I've got a pitcher like I kind of on the back burner not because I don't want us yet but. I have to do is get stressed with your DVR is out a lot of shows backing up oh yeah yeah I know my DVR doesn't have feelings but I feel like it's judging me. I weigh about an analyst on Netflix like. Supernatural do you really larger four episodes behind the failure. To Todd says. I'm serious lag yeah I haven't generally want to watch pleasure to quiet my DVR gonna be mad at me. I got to be cage and I'm like half Maureen and then the other half is an entire season if you're the locking down. In touch you know record Maureen you. I. Out so much yeah. Lots to Jessica and I don't know. She has to figure out who the father and I love that show and unconditional you might fist fights you need to watch Jessica just love Roman aged man listen I. I I I have tried Miguel. Watch another half net interest or an address you said that you are started in humans second they canceled what's happening I'm. We now know what's happening at a cat just kind of on a lamb over the weekend evening is done and start watching them. War episodes. Can. It's pretty cool I think on the bar I get too attached to EYE. Like at Alcan. He started a gift taxes. And and unless you have. It's fun man I know it's fun I had DVR judging me about it and yeah I went out and really excited when I realized that I had. And he tees. Round one again as he. And my favorite and newness as Exxon QB pat act he's got such a high. I love this actor. Go go guy but he's got is getting yeah he's got and it probably is not the best person but is because it is our president acting. Well. I did because there where like I I shot but they they wanna don't want to do in the theaters and a -- And people like that's enough sound and it adds I was like I don't wanna watch another show where I'm constantly worried about it I mean agent to shield on I don't outlets at their sixties and another show I never lost sight every single here at the end of the season I don't know does get renewed it now watching just give up. If you're investing it you're like why am I. So watching my unique and opinion embarrassment house yeah. Heat embarrassed her so many shows that I have watched that I have all that just and you did it there is no my series finale because they are planning an iron about I thought out diet I fly I. Am newbie technically and it but I wish it would continue about me if I'm never up our fun OK well I think we need to talk about that in the next podcast because. Firefly is its own subject I never. Watch out well how nice I never had it not ironic how the BC late. And on dvd I have movie let's just say how does I don't like invest if I know it's not gonna finish I think diet I think he'll be saddened. That. It finishes with the movie like you back it. But it finishes so I think about it ads like you're gonna watch the punish her and it's 13% yeah that's what firefly. Then in the without it's not I think at the time that it was happening. On yet when I know it was because I was Darrent it was try it. Every. It. Up now but you know you watch it now and not have that stress that we were having in real time watching it worked like. Well there are. A lot of auto harder. Like I think they were just like yeah did you guys can't show that people were going. Physical content and we like this we already love the characters. I. And a shout you can watch it now without that's unafraid to invest I like to stay where I'm comfortable. It or not if you're not investing it's like it's a comfortable wonderful story and it you need to. It has continued on in graphic novels there's some really great printed on the books that I carry on the story. And I don't wanna give I don't want to get too much and there are some things that happened in the movie that made me gala I am I. I don't know that I would want them to continue I don't know I wanna watch this story. Without that yeah makes and now I can actually he had yet I don't even know if our flies about. And you didn't know anything about cowboy scab only good things cowboy hat I like the bad they're like they're the bad ones that you're fighting fork is there really to get like the wild west of space yet yeah. Yeah asked. No it's not it's not will Smith's wild wild web it's not that I do love Wilson yeah I doubt out. You watch it it's one of those shows that by the end of first episode. You are invested in every yup first should always make or break. Yes and I know that is for you because I know your little sluggish with Jessica Jones because if I only did I just half the is that. Now let's see. US wants firefly and you would get in that might sound real like I don't care that I have to go to my job all maybe don't fire me but I'm gonna do it now what I had until. I'm fat. As I think we'll wrap up. Kind of dirty news here and maybe we'll have just a special episode dedicated. To shout. There are generally for Massachusetts and able because. Where everybody I M I'll I went that dirty news on the breaking stuff is always. On my FaceBook page which is easy to get UKJ on air dot com and listen to what I saw in trying to mix it will be back.