KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 126

Thursday, November 30th

Did anyone else have strong feelings about the Avengers' hair styles? And who only watches HALF a trailer??? Let's discuss that oh-so-exciting Avengers: Infinity War trailer!


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I have friends thanks so much for listening to air. The Canon thirty news we love being kind of nerdy. And or well I mean it was all on their UND. Infinity horse trailer had taken her yeah junior yeah analysts aren't huge tonight. I sat here let me add my name's Kay-Jay and the tiny egg lady. The kinda nerdy girls that are with me today is. Katie Smith does night someone 79 next in case and Casey who does boring stuff at the office where a lot of the Walking Dead. And let me. And lock it's not I'm not all of could interesting Katie you and I saw your tweets about how you. Didn't want and they speed the and it is counting again blasted I'm not. You sat in this room when she has tried to do. Made me feel bad. That we are are in the final pool is of the marvel cinematic universe how I don't wanna talk about how. US yeah OK yeah and I and I can't check out I just as Kmart kitty about these emotions that you're having give them and. All. My first match and was watching the worst in there that's allowing acres Evans hair. I a lot of black widows there are all night as a lot of people like kind of vaguely now. I don't I. I ain't. Am not ready I just saw or like yesterday I'm not but yeah I basically raining here for like weeks about her being upset about Chris Evans garlic and a staff. She'd have to say if if he sat candidate Captain America should fashion and maybe. Winter soldiers get a weekend Captain America yeah. Say I Bucky Barnes well hey I don't I I had no idea till it amounts yet. I'm glad that I really interesting they all looked right at the I guess it's. Infinity ward said there and worse and are not you know I agree you and I look. The best I got not I got a god I'm gonna use my best time burn foundation today and I know your opinion on probably non. And it. But did she love the moment where. Actuant there was like. This man shields and came out of the shadows and I'm like yeah that may I just like weight like does his arms over his chest like a money in the claws come out. Yeah I think over that black Panthers going to be off I'm so excited Alameda and that's not our raid that's February and now loud that is in. Yeah. Temptation I thought I had more time now and an all black panther is coming so I'm kinda. I well I let that well and because. I was governor and it had a friend's house last night. There haven't worked out our house and read that the caps out now and sentiment for caps out at that good they're like chamber about the end of the damned if I'm aluminum. We're just like I needed day before I have to move them yeah I think it's traumatized into the current forecast shout. Out good hour. Parent. And throw him out and I are friends have a feeder in their basement by it's like a hundred and when he in. Agree I get that movie theater screen it's ridiculous. And why they moved into the house and don't have which friend it just sounds like I did. I don't sell I don't Wear a watch out on the big screen but when I was trying to cheer. Make sure that everybody knew I do not go upstairs. And just opened the door because the cats are gonna get out so I went and Sheila escape everything I car or she know I thought I put a shield in front of the door use it as like a wall as you want hints of the cats can't get out here to offer. Yeah my friend who's also a Captain America fan is like you telling me you got this man shields. I doubt Captain America shield back at the work on product and idea. Ferry here forever we haven't even seen infinity worry that but every time someone gets you want some kind of shield it and that he'd. You've got that means she won't touch. Yeah like it in the trailer looks really dead as all of movie trailers DO. Except for all of their hair they're. Are they like I had a fight with a lawnmower and decided to go from the next act what we already discussed and he's in the NR. Didn't get my work girls. Soccer so they are already discussing that discussing how bad black widow Sarah I get looks plus lawful in the trailer. I know awful. Now it looks like one of those like fifties. We need Bob's yeah here's a thing a guy like Captain America has banned you know hiding and unavailable to make it to the barber. I could have frat row I'll. Hair traced back I'm. Black well I rock bottom line you're writing though wore a black red out and give me day I'm gonna go get here again. Oregon runs back in there it's there. Captain America as an excuse for looking scruffy there's no excuse me on down the beard like love it. The C. Rows up I hate gap. And or your climate debate it's her life. I'm a scrappy Chris. Yeah very handsome. Yeah well I like mark clean shaven man out he Nike. Act or that he works with the long haired now. Yeah yeah Rockies hair looked a little rough in this I didn't. He lives in like a downstairs and I thought this is the only nerdy podcasts in existence that is just breaking down at the infinity ward based on here indicate it. The same I don't have much talked yeah I had. Having an end at Tony's been visiting his aren't you here next night you looks. Exactly the same as he did in the first doesn't he has not aged at all. And that's trailer he looked younger I was the Q phone is like any reason just doesn't each year and he's ninth. And then the guardians shown up at the I might a little bit ragged in who're you. I wrote. Don't do it in my that I understand right Torres and I catch after received during last look at. Our. What did I gotta go back to try to tell me to tell you it's not yeah it then I yeah as a pirate now and I. It got try to see it this weekend but I've I I've got my NAFTA the younger nephew like two toddler Landon he's five I don't know. I take a five year old and Iraq. Five your doesn't sits down. He probably not I don't know I guess. Hourlong lending yet ever ought to be the person in the movie theater there is some conflict in the Indian like why did you write that head and a but you know I mean it's been out for what six weeks Canada to Britain can now name. If they're mad at him they like you should see it sooner. Mean it's not like we hear any thing not like. Torturous earning an entire lot going on cannot ever be entertained. There's no real scenes except for maybe one that I can think our parents just dialogue. But even then their like. Throwing things at each. We need to discuss how you watch half a train yeah. C. And I'll be thinner and he wanted to turn it so I can limit the look at stuff on my phone a lot of people do and they watched the whole truly close it is playing relatively sleepy right up my sleepiness and yet I am for the entire thread yeah. We're now close. As Al announce like ha. I just gave I'm aiming it closed out like my phone's been clinching the cash so we can't play and sky crash Aaron. And I can easily sync to finish and it. Melodious I had shot my phone off turn back on. In the east. You. Should have talented and why isn't the end you up and they crap what happened episode just yeah. It did yeah our our case you are on probation yeah. Yeah. The other half a minute yeah kind of being at bat on the planet nerdy news and failure of honesty and editing you are true or not. I'm sure it isn't half as nine did you begin the spartans and did you do so. Yeah. Yeah I did know you're talking about man at the minute that are okay good cop a plea at a time. I can't. You immediately with the yeah yeah I yeah. If you are sick you're gonna have Colin is not even kind in your parent your barely nerdy and today cat has a kid I can't. Is the help Casey spinoff show barely knew him. Actually if that's of those trailers and money until about a 51 and not like affair. This ensures that percent you don't know you know an unlocked while so well we spoiled at the end of the trailer for you because you kind of the galaxy Sheryl I don't need to tell our data we're almost done. I have got microphones and she can't meaner even than former KG intern he had no she works here forever. That's right and she's also. I insure where's the microphone. And I our fathers and there's one there of how I think John not yet not let my first intern and I moved to one a 79 makes. That she was my producer when I was very lonely because no one wanted to work with me I. I'm happy you're he had feelings you need to think about it. I had our share and she's 32. Just that he can you give us quick your thoughts on that infinity or. Did you watch idol kick your body your. Cat. Let's listen I got you. People bottom lines well. Lose. Our EA have had an overtime. I don't look awesome I was so excited about and I love those Damian Jackson was the one who was an air raiding the whole. It should assume the the first movie gave you all of those feelings I have an out a little leg had this at Philly is just like the end of something united LA TV ads the end of something I don't need her on the outside I kidding here with for weeks has been given me a hard time about half iron about the end of then she busted herself and tweeted about her fancy myself. I've had a lot of yeah yeah and then yesterday after I watched the trailer and you know I followed beloved in my life Chris Evans and act and I love him. And Kato's kept an American diet and I was like why it was public does not do you. You're spreading yeah I think he. The open yeah yeah. Yeah he. I said don't worry about making any changes this guy just came out a microphone sensitivity and I. I know I had he not have a problem I Don Imus met again I'll buy it there's not there's not been confirmed. But he says no but I read like a really hard time another Chris Evans is only doing so many marvel movies and then he was and I like. Retire from acting. And Demetrius don't leave me hair I now had he changes minding my. He might be sadly I came at a shot and I want to I wanna do this again and then somebody will go. Us know exactly. Talladega and I let Tara how I we discussed they are you learning near jab strong feelings about anybody here in the trailer comment. Chris Evans has really. And like. You might give you need to. Yeah I can't really lie yeah is way longer than had been in any other leading. LA area and present is no matter what you look like. Exactly. And I yeah I was more concerned that I won't grant again if not like because this is kinda dirty and I think we are worried about Canon in this is the way I was in the comic book. I'm actor yeah I'm not a nice ozone isn't blunt you know it's Alec perish or read here at end tank here. All right any other thoughts. I will be mentally preparing for somebody to die in a movie now. Rats having alliances the act gaffe will all these are bringing online petition I wanna fell make avengers infinity or tissues if. They shouldn't be out power at my answer walking into the maybe your body and marvel we had an idea. And they. I better get some sort of kickback was my idea mark this day I need. That's buried is reluctant.