KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep 127

Sunday, December 3rd

Before we get nerdy about The Walking Dead, we nerd out about asthma. Sorry! Blame Indiana weather. Also, in this ep, Gamer Katie updates us on a new gaming app that animal lovers are going to want!


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It is the Canon thirty news I and the last time we were talking it was all infinity or how has the entire marine is there's so much talk about with the Infiniti were trailer cell. Our British switched gears here a little bit and talk about the Walking Dead on the twelfth speaking about a lot let's act NCAA us. I'm happy as tasty hair out of his our resident Walking Dead and and it's like the Walking Dead herself right now right that went back. What they have gone clay. At play keeping it and I December near her I'm not agent you are on the court no they're not contagious when you get out now. You'd think it's an allergy. At every darn now for sure and I'm sure they got a black plague was allergies can you don't have played. I just have a good actor tell you didn't have. I did you use our talent docs service and spend ten dollars to have a doctor and I and I I don't know if that was a very futuristic you can just use face time doctor Nath. Yeah. Markets up close like a year ago okay and me they're like these it's not playing well it they set up a flake asthma. And he you know hits terminal. Should they get near any lawyers must use every day. Is this inaugural in him now you're not let's use that everyday your spots out on me it's like I whenever and I can't easily get you want to prevent I have asked my that's my ass I just Al funeral Atticus. How not among our governor out about asthma at it I the only one that Alley brawl is the rescue him. Sat out apps by united exterior is just like I just you're entering a little while okay if I feel. So that aren't you need to be on something all a timer if I. If I do which I used to be I need to go back to my doctors when you're pretty sick maybe ish eLearning summit back Embree I feel like can't breathe a luddite. It's not an asthma can't breathe it's more like a race. A lot of planning new. Yeah commands. And then OK and I am not a cure any other Saget there's a lot of Chilean and knees and well I can see that the plague what's going on. Because you're pretty adamant that you needed to do that you needed to vent about talk about that they need to then look at. There's some things going on so let me last word here Rick and Daryl how to fight and and yes so what's happened since early on your web app when you decided that median was hot. I only not neat yeah I I just. Anti yeah I'm miles. I'm just. Open the days. I just want to acknowledge that there are a moment. I decided. I think that I need I got so bad I site. I thought. Sir. Currently a couple into mr. bad financial and is only worry. Persons whom are you kidding me you know pick and dumpster. He looked like a dumpster yeah well I would like a hot that now eliminating abandoning bad father. He wasn't happy either Anthony Henry and I loved only dogs like a four seasons much outside feeling I got the Justin back parking now that they erotic specifically. Talk about what's your beef. There's no beef but I I have theories well for one happened my mind I'm main beef I guess is like eighty. Announced a crossover between you're walking and walking and yes in her read does and he Abraham rally aiming our balance anyway and had a concussion that's right. Africa have its Morgan. And IA who mourn in peace. Remember after a season walking dead like the did the Milwaukee to Aquila gas in yeah Iraq currently now I'm going crazy kind of not like. Morgan has issues but. Yes I know where you have a catfish is front and show interactive unseen some kind. Of Morgan okay hey I'd let him just as a person. We haven't. You are not worry or I. Let me entities whose real name as ever and that's why does CNN it is going to be on and fear the Walking Dead again I don't know old house there and do it. I think it's stupid. Okay that they're even doing it crossover or feel like you're doing operating looks. We counting how many I don't you really like you're the docking debit their ratings there aren't very noble both shows three out of every night and I do think and this is it. Now it again and with that the zombies finally win never dad and I and they Adam I have. A small Fiorina can in his last ups Luke is Carl. Unlocking team. He meets a new character which is in the comics music week Afghan. Which I'm excited for ticket characterizing. He said something and daylight triggered so it triggered something in my brain like Carl's and I. How nasty ads farther either I'm not. I feel like I made it to the plate winner. They're gonna kill Carlin I don't know why I got a lot of Larry I don't I'm not watch I know him like he has its hands and. Cilic hit on cable ma am but I feel like a kid has just been. Thrown into the wood chipper so many times and I'd be counted. I feel like keys I just have this that. Does in the season finale is coming up throughout and he and they all the guys threw back act it through backed like mom yeah I'm. Feel like our oh does that to me at Brandeis. CNN I really ruin it and now what does he have in the comics like curls. Alive and kicking and he's like oh lead Aron on I mean the I have ever really I mean they've got candidate to appear a little draw action and I feel jealous Carnell lake. That's he that's like killing rape to mean yeah and remembering how I just on them and stress what. Yeah happens what do you do. I think your that you at least at least you're having some of emotions about it at a time to prepare now I don't know if it's really gonna happen but I have a very strong feeling I XM I can't rock and it it's happened this happened with Oakland he'll be out an island called back you know like people penal now. That you think like Herschel and I'm in Irene was not a pattern and then what happens Glenn. Tell us they have then I went there liked you in the flashbacks or whatever like. Whoever it was like I had the two little blond girls kneeling dies in the car tie yeah. L is due to flashbacks than right at the end they accept him whenever you call back to Larry yeah it does. The Mitt than not it's a mess to clean up leaks and they might have to warrant so it's OK but I am I'm gonna beat this community with your so I know I'll meet take a need to know ahead ties and take the next day off work. Can. Yeah. Our idea when Glenn died and it died and I don't work when Glenn died I had to emotionally I. You think I'm listening to Colin sicker eases like I need a personal note I knew it was gonna happen when you're out. Yeah you do word this year that we get two personal days now to bring you know how to use one thank goodness and in the year I ran an ideal and I think. Like if you don't call in sick for Alex along and it hand. I'll let Iran well at times around here. Having a dad and I I spent some time in the last. My hunch I'm about. I don't need I doubt it's because I keep getting a gazillion medical of providing. Just in case I. Ever hear of another doctor that on yeah. And a I think you'll take a day off yeah. On memorial and ask you can't kill Karl Benz and expect life to be normal kids see it and you. What did you do with your day off after. Glen in the Abraham error. And made into. Not a life pulverize. I. Can't say you call any like I cannot come to work today. I am grieving and then what did you do with that day said. You just sat in size and her out and beat snow is shot and that's just great I don't watch TV like I got. A cat in the past I've I sat with my dog really lit a candle. And the like and him you beat the little man and me. And I slept real lesson I landlocked Hughes he's on May laughed off London Atlanta and the tears. And then look up front and my tears then I just really loved Clinton I knew I needed that day I question you can mail Carl Grimes I don't why they don't get anymore. Is my favorite character still alive the day with a mullet. Oh yeah I'll look at liked him. He might be he's a trader but he might be on our well being realistic and I feel like I would be a traitor in that you'd be eighteen. I mean he made himself useful he made himself in value nice ring ring at some point Casey. Kate he's got to turn honest that was that she's a UCL a lesser talent I did give them. Include if you kick me off the show I'm my own. Eight K switching big gaming early Craig what we. That it is animal crossing I know you tell me about that your addicted to like the last two days I've been playing in this act it's an app it's called animal crossing it can't so that little game are you like. Do you errands for her cute little animals in the little village or whenever and the Nintendo title so Merced spelling. Kids and stuff like at and I'm Katie yeah. Well Nintendo does all favorite things are plants are gone yeah army. Yeah. Animal crossing. So they have this new one is a map version of the games a antsy like set up a little camp and you invite other animals to visit you and ultrasound spine. I was my gateway into the gaming where I hate it but having claimed it and pick it that's that's about marriage that that Harry Potter like. And make that Harry Potter Pokemon type game that's coming RI Harry Potter now. Harry Potter doubt if the current I don't know I don't know. So yeah I hits coming in and we've heard nothing else I'd win his account did something stupid like wizard now. Hampshire is Intel and we Erie county Kansas officially licensed right. JK Rawlings carried out Harry Potter and double up. Perry and the thought. Exactly basic wallet are either getting out there you need to get out here. Not a big huddle look stars we didn't just know we're probably gonna discussion about Star Wars from China but I feel like sometimes we probably. And number gonna because I loved. Libya so much I didn't know that Keira Knightley who has at name on the dollar like Natalie departments understudy yeah. I'm double in a menace he announced began she was because she was the one that went in round pick a torture endured for. She Shiraz and so she's the one who really got beat down by Ken yeah. I. I it was something we were gonna discounts on what they hear it you know how Jimmy email well I think I'm the last. Is that that recent verdict to dedicate an entire episode to this thing is going to be a special. Specials a very special edition of the community knew decision outlook you can. Hi you cannot live AJ out aired on comedy if you're not want breaking news like when that. Eight infinity or trailer came out yesterday but that was not the perception that is the place to follow along when you're not listening to us what we love your listing does. Keep rising gas and we'll be back soon.