KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: Ep. 175

Saturday, April 21st

Two of the Kinda Nerdy ladies want to go ghost hunting! While the third couldn't be bothered with it! 


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Here is going to go see a quiet place and it's not me not me ER. We Garcia and you can tell us about it actress Evan said that it was rate well I saw his sweet about it because I value his opinion I edit the awesome. I don't. Saying I was someone maybe a booming you need to sit because Chris Evans told me ten. Krzyzewski I can't he can't use his name and it I don't wanna strategy and is OK this is all stressed. She knew I gotta let me I want to I found my my isn't stressed right now I'm about halfway through a million I'm like well really tend to. The Dark Knight as much as I. Jeanne love that any in my hasn't been like two months Dark Knight parity know what's happening when no I don't but you don't have as well. That's. All of Dunkirk. I have abandon an amazing news the united loading a CD and K now I don't wanna. She just hits want to need it higher cracked a joke when I. You know the got things thrown out of my neck out because it could literally have the. Relax and let our sitting hunched figure it out now so I can't breathing. I can't do acquired place contrast this country and it's even the Commerce Bank me out yeah just like in the commercials only. No I wanna act now now went out going to go signing up. I talked when I can't see from oddity files this weekend have a place I wanna say I'll send it billing Katie. I think it's and foreign town may be that they're going to be yelling. That's part and it's no worse I think like north of science now there's a lot north of yeah I mean if you keep going. It accurately the world is round of golf now. I'm really the world that the earth is round here and I expire so I had. Yeah it gain they have to do and auto week nights she shouted you don't want a fatal timed it just come for a little while. And I finally announced. I. Your link I just forgot the senate TV I was a bit sending population 1500. Neatly in the US if you addict. That's crowd and I grabbed a small town that's where. Out front I let I had my grandparents I grew up in the big cities so I don't have to weigh about stuff like that. I can't say grip in the nation as a group of I group in the exit it felt weird middle. Did you and being right not in good though again you did I tell you let your blood around the and then went to Florida and then Lehman to Florida for five years and now we are thirteen pack. I'm meeting at I swear to not pay me enough to live. And out now I ever won it is I just want to live at the space Kennedy space and are you out can I adkins. She did electorate I'm just not our town this is called foreign haven in a manner. Let's count all lanes that they don't actually listen Maynor and it automatically on. Right dad is her idea are you seeing him it was not ghost adventures was. Not. What. Our David Maynor on. A picture John Noble idea then don't you just gotta. The park Johnny. Hot to handle on that. Do you one of those like describing the pictures thing I didn't. Do it from cat what are you seeing on Pailin is heated it. I need queer eye when you add at this value put scary music on the news here a lot of in our area. Okay is that there's a lot of dark clouds and speaking very ominous looking in their trees there lake. It was late date is like closing in on the house and houses like this really terrible. Yeah dirty yellow colored this and all these windows and all these things behind on rain is possible I don't want to go don't make me get. Yeah. It's huge easily and plus landed on its huge our god that's. Had an MRI have a lot of space and keep it goes away you know not just channel needs some fine if we were inside and you're sitting in the car just like. Just documenting your thoughts good and she's still on a tour she'd be like this event I would be the oh asterisk here. In the compound. Annual abandoned since the seventies. Hail and narrow capsule okay new hustling way to close it out like New Castle we can do that a net job and that's what I'm saying that if you came with us. You would be better off being inside with us we're we're just sitting their board because the camera verges writing. Nothing's happening and let found interior. Oh yeah. And buy it I dawning of our Jennifer. There's a lack there's. Dalton and I are life animal. Did they do that stuff on purpose not totally mad Eilat to be under the influence in. That hey it's over. Name Catherine winters is not lost on those who grew up and cities you can I ain't eating. It is an eating NYNEX and no not a feminist case. Disappearance. Which students Danes never insult. Lose and never been an item of discussion kept burning and it's last year. The privilege of sitting on almost fashioned. Southern Indiana comes Connors knew it all started about that she. We should not. Have somebody else named Henry Powell he was a private 1861. All the this hammocks 1845 rumor rat. His death as us. G our ass and that's found and I did picture through the world's. The house is I'll ask did. Not rest and you know we are proud Powell if I go out literally cried the whole time. App and I don't know that Katie you I do not yet known Harry mostly guarantee. What I its next step by ghosts Brigham. He knew it into the hands and you really have from the Winchester Brothers but hey will you love supernatural yeah a lot of good attitude that. Stuff is not real I'm almost. As a best of I. Not real game. I don't know it. Putting down slaughtered carrying around I years I think at. Any possessions at the accident and save mile like OK are you are eager to get an anti possessions Nazi run early. Our. Getting earning assets is that I have outlet to gain a lot and it says that he's saying it fairly well. These shadows darting from the doorway it's mounting around them you know Alan not be going. Animals lose my mind I'll be that person who runs out of the house garrido. And driving us and after her car and has got to get the play of Atlanta are I thought yup the happening is it's coming at a Yankee days based glad that I got there in man. An added bonus lets you on this is the last time you're gonna see him this. Way but Medicare. Yeah. I would be awesome wearing a finding she is every governor owes Tony I don't know what I assume sensible should. Yet still in my boots on and stomp on so many issues just need to run. Around a big night yeah. I need Tennessee's. Had an Indian man hunting now at play here that I can't initiatives that are like a size two banks you can felon with salts and it. Around a little more and saw this leg dragging in this land assault while. Yeah I giant like crucifix not exactly a sign and garlic all around yeah I don't touch me. How is he me we find somebody you can do a temporary tattoo for you or does it it doesn't work I assume you know. At supernatural. Temporary tax. I bet you can't I've got my friend so I think that sells that gallon supernatural journals she has. Stickers and things that go along with that I that I can get a shot. What it that would have a doesn't work it's only to you're carrying around eight I'm not gonna go on any people of Ghana this house and lived. And that is how cool and neat yeah you'll know. I mean diva dot I. That they died there because they live their owing a hundred years ago when you can't help well. Arming complaints that they that they. We met debates I have always when you these ads and. When your hunting inflation known comes to see you. Gore I would be just. I don't know that I like being that myself anyway. What did you and industry in and I know it's oddly like house relax and Jim looks like that's how. I Ella. It's like a DGL I think it went there. Jarrett there making a much scarier on the face of it's just how I don't know how many times I have to like tell you add that I am not gonna billionaire what do I tell you that my house right now as. When you come back to my house by Indian navigating what I would never come back here in how well there you did there. Yeah are you lived to tell on Saturday night but now it's it's it's. I. Now. Why there's not enough are all this guy even coming in my house and then there was a gust there and you and your fine. You know places you've done that might be haunted by I did not sit in it ever enter the year's C are being foolish you know little at all. And act. Aren't I. There were murders and they say. Well I have a narrower than murder and scrolling through the pictures of weird dolls I my my load. I don't like the weird that all things. Does creep me out I know I like in golf alien eyes specifically the eyes when he mean by alien like I guess. Like all freaked me out gas like in movies I he. Look at its aches and she lately he is likely to under the door you're feeling around liberty party an hour that's fine. I cannot look at their ace. To rise freak me feel like they're seeing and your soul well I they they don't look like ice. Yeah I mean it depends on the ailing U wanna go to space. And aliens and I'm. You're running into an alien. Hopefully if you back RIM I aliens. And I don't think we can trust her she never and he could act. I'm not shaking your hand. People looking and. I too much of Billy keeps interest that brought a Vista which I want to thank you read about that's like how to get people to trust him and yeah it. Contact I can't. Data antitrust just. You trust me I steered you wrong and three years that we don't mention the range. I mean there was that one time Giambi would be intense and everything that they went downhill from yeah. It's. Why you yeah so I thought I really can't have alienated internship. So you should trust that I you. You just think about it yet to options. You can go in tune about foreign haven manner with us and on any files people who are professional goes honors they were projecting would you rather be with the group or are you are are either sit in the car a bit but I'm in the car and united Natalie no I'm taking nick that's me and I. Home. I just. To not leave I. Can't do a giant antenna and a happened and I knew castle he can't there's nothing to do a new gaps we have to stay where is Newcastle. That's that's near Lawrence you. It's I know it's. Now it's too far further earlier adds further. Its furthering its to far. Is the option in the car announced. You have to answer right now is thank you did this in a car no key political item in any heat I recall that. It is my all winter is almost it's. It's gonna be mad and it did not name may. Not yet there's that there's a video out and saying on my face front page which you do you see it KJ on your dot com. You might have to scroll down a little bit because opposed a lot of kitty product of photos now. And as islam's prophet. After that yes. Might not understand but on in this day yesterday and did. In saint debuted for the first time on and DVD. Your chance yes. I. I got carpenters and bale you out. Like our name and I was just laughing sorry I'm Justin Timberlake air went out and denounced in the house. Psychotic ghost town infrared it like behind and you'd. Let me see an uneasy. Haven't add anything Jana beat. That's very rank high car or house that you can't use your choice tiny keys Colombian acquired and yet hey leave me in I. I eat yeah occasionally I found you can you could Netflix and chill. Everybody knows it it goes through in the house outside. We'll bring snacks the inning. I'll make sure they have all you need to survive just hunting. Yeah. Now you need to live alone led as bloodied and need only little by knowing he'd street and OK I got that. Yeah she black and there for a fourth time be drafted to play my main arguments against them. Yeah protecting me OK he's a big man and hand they have equipment they know what they're doing but yeah. Let me get us smuggled dynamic might be Jordan live and how. My husband unless Clayton clay it's pretty cuddly. Claim to stop oddity file you don't know Clayton looks like yeah yeah. You know insulin in clean did you meet Clayton had horror. Or around and it. See you liked or around week and it was fine yeah evidently you can mention lit using ghost is it just ten. And I don't know might have got its. Because the convention is people dressed up as Dell and not actual OK I'm not all the demands is considerably so much cheaper and I I just I think everybody and all. But not everybody. Yeah should mean they just don't know I'm an. I'm on their promise. I don't creek and Federer you might imagine you met Chris you know yeah. And I didn't meet Christina. Or did you bond laughter thanks. You don't like most everybody to have you dead but act so it's. Kids seeing Clayton and now and Carter are the stars. An oddity files and that professional does honors no offense I don't think they cleaned it. Save me and he's a very bright man that he can protect me he Ali see job at you know tens. Clayton protects me from angry people. I get on that and I get on that my from my claim and I need to couples from my his room and any ice takes care around. Maybe like you could probably like eight. I tried I was gonna be nice I've got patent parent I'm like the Hulk yeah I don't hold kids and me and carry them. Don't explain to bounce but you know I can administer and yeah I know you saw black panther and it. But I was laying on my friends see it there and I was a marathon and this old man -- mean and he was like can you call my grandson to have him coming in because he is relating on his parents and Aaron answers on my friends came in and I'm looking at me like them on the phone trying to cause as grandson and his nightly mean he's talking near area and there are like so you weigh in on like you know like Helena because back. On the immigrant or walking away and they notes on who isn't on the Muslim old man who just need help in up. The night. Only really really worried now that I'm like is an old man I could probably take him. Let me back it probably puts him down and they also need ghost is gonna area right. I house. Touching at the hands get Diaz not watch the movie goes the dividend. Round I've played out at night because you know if you concentrated and that he can like that's things might as people. We have an out of the movie. Man. What sing and dean did and I'm supernatural Israel using Patrick Swayze was really goes to let years ago I can't even after. Yeah I mean I'm happy and has Packers crazy ever concentrated on NAFTA actually touching the weird potter even you know he's. I'll laugh and secede as a you know. Analyst I can't even concentrate enough to focus my energy on one thing mom alive and Sudan and east. You're not you have this theory thanks again one injured in light of why it's apples theory what. You know. Listen bill. He asked permission yeah we do all that stuff right at dueling ads and hang on. You're gonna after me don't do it again and have been shown to have now I know I Yankee gentleman and I think I'm accidentally. Walked in on your phone in the car. I knew Netflix Jim. They're downloaded at a time yet. I'm Donald just feel like I've bonded and unemployment might add any a lot of flying out until then it would be needed and you have to let me serve isn't it much Netflix you gotta download some stuff you gotta have a estimate. And most can batteries don't borrow my tablet I've got at what you do if you're on the at all tomorrow on the and I am in my iPhone that my grandma left on I'll Conover. Let please gimme gimme from the UV ask. Coming yeah. Take it home. Are just think about it we please just have an open mind about this China anything Aztec new your evening. Was less than any year. Yet and there's there's always the moment you can start right now the only wanna be BA RBA since we. Oh yeah Barbie team you want to beat BAA RP IITY. OK you know Art Carney commercials I have Barbeque wings little I don't know where I was Xeon sound 1980. And or wool mart doesn't have to make commercials anymore because that. Everybody OTC is issued match. Matter and not everything Barack does on her Barbie. Probably. In Sydney we shouldn't let it does buster's part RS it's about talent she's so she's busted some gusts. Bravely party I mean their status RB Israel. Based on some ladies did. Army like Barbara real. While she's not anymore she's house party. Barbie and the glamorous ghosts I seen the Braves had our team because here's a list I like army. No. I you I told you I have to answer right now I just think about financing ran out in the open it I I want chapter answer. We continue to get out of it. I'll continuously think Ruth handler at the creator of Arby's daughter Barbara and now she's had to ask him Canada. I mean you win and he against the yeah I'm not grown ups and I'm like Anthony he's been trying to gaming guy goes on in prayer out of Tom apparently doesn't go and I asked. I tell you don't have to stunning new agents that car I don't yeah I don't I don't you can you know we lead hazard and I you're not only. I don't let our. I do know that I didn't even get. You negative energy is an out against top okay. I'll give you third option you can. Get out of the car and walk around out. In the dark fields in just in time and that's where we'll be setting their board gallery I'm Eric cameras are catching up to bring hot chocolate. Yeah about a clear option. Posturing brick like party. We hope you kind of got something out of this episode state kinda dirty let us on Twitter kinda dirty news. And online at it needs mix dot com.