KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: The Last Jedi (And a Drone)

Wednesday, January 25th

From the Last Jedi to drones?? KJ's Kinda Nerdy News gets REALLY nerdy with a surprise special guest and KJ's theory that blows Tom's mind!


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Hey it is JJ here and a lecture about to hear it can add the kind of dirty news today. We get a had a derailed and we are talking about it. He new title of episode eight. Don't call it episode eight it Star Wars the last Jana I I told Tom from the morning next to save his spots because I wanted to. Get down here and we're off for him because he's the biggest star horse and I Garrity always has. An interesting. Take on things and he does. I would tell you about that as we were getting dirty. Offer undermined rocked an errand days smiley you may know him have from the smiley morning show and Indianapolis. And we still ended up being dirty but dirty about. During the electronics and then we how would act to the star stuff but please. Enjoy and always feel free to share your comments you cannot comment here if you're Indies next act count. Or no did you think in an if you get a tip on some dirty news always reach out to me KJ at in these mixed back Thomas my email. He can always find me at TJ on air dot com. That that that Diana and pretty get right I was in really good time. And that give me an impression that your favorite star or impressions. The one you think you nailed well I mean. I don't apply Nalen but the one I love how did you got to school over this study is stacked and Olivia funnyman the one I love to do out. Is who won the people hate the move what's that allies jar jar jar jar and gas back. It did get I get at. I can take my eight out of it and admired the scales at just went into that there's only one moment in the entire prequel true OK okay smile that. What job well your eye and there were talking all over and you're get a hair I had her my act didn't Cardenas podcast yeah. On that from the at a showdown hall it's great to be here with the cage in time on my favorite people. Why do you like where what is your favorite I like KG amounts like more happy time. Pay your horse and I said he has talked about star. It's then that now remember that scene where the helmet comes off all at the end of Jana. Accurate and honest I think a lot of people were moved by that argument. Yeah. Lived if he US's I would have and we sincerely love it why and what did you not get into Star Wars I you know I remember watching a little bit I don't know why I was to be urinary. Yet competitors are a stab them. I don't know I think that was the wrong and thirty Al you are busy playing Oregon trail running and listen here you could come off as like a Bobby around ten under our panel of the mean like nowhere Heyward Hanson net like back to the future to sunglasses and stuff for the first hours was like was that like early eighties or does 77 ask late seventies yet there's that line yeah I mean the second Sar was a McCain not 1980 so I mean young people of this this shell. Yes that that was the first movie I signed Peters has empire strike back so I was I am I sad. Yeah made an impact and then later we got the DH asked him first or is that sort of heroes Rambo three not. Plus I've so Indiana Jones and what's Indian and yeah OK senator you know not that first movie that you saw in theaters you're remembered. That's probably something G rated yet I think it was in Miami and I ET years something like that at and TT when I was young when you dad's preacher I see price out. Get a G rated yet now we'd we wise I kind of stuff was up in ten commandments on the extremely. Where I am on radio I. I Nat Nat yeah I and are trying to nerdy news podcast like this is again he gives every every hot Allison trailer and a pretty outrageous amount Leno type liberated back acted blood at a gas art. I don't that's it should please don't all look so we're talking about the new Star Wars OK they just released a title for Star Wars episode eight OK it's called. The last Jenna. My question what does that mean you. Well Jen hire the white guys right. You don't times. Tends to basically dude says Jackson was a jet are you got the storm troopers that's one thing we can start. Those guys they're in the nerd convention downtown DC there's guys runner around rather start acts as a star interpret sole reason I just it's called episode. They're not calling episode eight the last Jana it's just Star Wars the last jet I'd just like seven was the force awakens. And it just irks me to no end I act I don't know that value wise it hurt you because that I want the Roman numerals on there. I'll episode one the phantom menace episode two as an attack drones. Now there's outnumbered college star Norris the last yet I one and they changed the the color of the Star Wars logo and I to read a senate yellow right yeah and party. If someone changed the smiley morning Sheila from blue to ran away dates how madly geoghan would be man was mad I'm always managed logos and when it. How could somebody dizzy must be smoking something and what are they doing well last time I thought maybe it was like. Assigned to that's like response to read into it like why would it changed Iraq. What's happening like what's rent. Since. I don't know man I don't know are you guys spend as much time on this crap. I got like a kid that hoops all the time I've got you know grown up things now I outer and I know this is no listen I got two kids as your escape are you getting any. A three caught on picked up those two kids from. Catholics go on gonna take moments feet from a cheese burgers or whatever. For the 400 time and you know and all old literary count the minutes down to their bed at 7 o'clock they'll make got SF for me to pass out like this is the moment I have in the date actually constantly things I want to think about it. I like electronics. Like electron. Yeah that's I got to last that gives your nerves after talking about electronics on the well outlets that so we tell you this is about like latest dirty news is the star worsening what's the latest electronics nerdy thing should you volleys now. I don't know I was at best buy yesterday and I had a thirty dollar gift cards you know once is that a bunch of money little to give and you gift card and give courage you've spent some I've spent a lot of money. 30000 dollars I got thirty dollars. I don't want to ask battery chargers last night in 99 dollars and wish I had in my pocket right now but it. It's got to do a little odd little. It is charges a five more times you found. And it's got outputs ready to go if you got to like mean that thing for an iPhone if you got head add Droid. We got to tell we get out charging get a hold ill on activate it puts the ponds and anti plug it right at all. Did you know how to your house plug in Italy charges right you do look to gadgets I'd give you that you're constantly carrying around a bag full of a saying footage of the drone one day. And I got a drone for my birthday that there for Christmas from my wife that was awesome I got to add. As DJ. I think DJ guy I'd drown it's bad asked how often teased and I was flying yesterday rally was I didn't go today to map fly across through the neighborhoods why. Down aspire my neighbor neighbors and says I can't promise you fly in real time you can see what's going on. It only got only shoots out arrange a flight back to Atlantis Houston. Amazing and so sophisticated. I forgot I life's little little water on the lands then the other day it was snowing and did little lends it some snow so I grab hold the bottom it. That was just hovering next we regret about those white noise and it freaked out this try to stabilize posting went nuts it was like as a I am. Hey you know that's my kick past grant expenses. When I was a kid I would literally held my hand out like this and pretended it was air wolf like that's the closest thing I got that. I or. Why is your not her. That's all. Hello Darryl and lung image around like you're flying air on the neighborhood and it startled some unlike you now and it's usually pretty high and how is it yeah yeah Sears super treaty I cannot quite unique that was watching aggregated at pine after where you can't hear it see how how did well. Goes out. Notes on metres and staff I don't know that watching you seeking agency like the tops of houses you dispute eighties hit about eating the stick and some is shoots right up so quick it's awesome I mean that's great and acting in Florida with media during vacation and followed our content out that's really cool shots in this hey listen it's the great equalizer when it comes to a video production because of course you're getting shots you could only get with a helicopter. You know and now you can do shots of the news stations can only dream up Boeing and an awesome it happened to 400 dollars an hour for helicopter in this. How odd thousand bucks out the door you don't need to chop and no more you don't and it's Napa canyon and I'm here I'm grounded I want chariots idea but speaking out chop and then Arnold Schwarzenegger out. They're rebooting. And terminator again. Do you hear about it now had a plan that they southern got to wrap it up this time they're bringing him back believe is an idea I answered an ad that beautiful flat out. Should I don't listen to him TV shots who they are shots that is HGTV that is anything you want on cable it's amazing he does he needs each GO JC EO really and network planning yeah it's yeah yeah us yes comic garden because you were shooting the beautiful. Scanning your home. Hey there is that as these meeting going on right now with everybody and show. Dale left a lot of this violent what did you mean is going on Modano and that they elves would annoy you conflicts where a lot. And I'm not included or are they just left without me there having a meeting right out yeah that's not a good sign I don't know I've that are you know. I love that color is change no gaps and change in the logo gave us the thumbs up and their drive just smiling back. Okay okay and dropping the smiley face called something out this guy who knows what's going on this. Odd and then we're and I got Broderick to get drunk as a WII such. I can seal later it can I swear to find this on the podcast and Internet I decided it Indies mixed act cosmetics. Our data to my FaceBook page each time he's he's knicks' 1057 dot com now maybe just exactly how unify us as yet look I. T is that the guys that we Yankee Jersey and the reason we confuse. It's like Celine Dion we dole I. And here I well. After I got for us. Well well look. Weird if only we can all be like McEnroe I. And fly your drowned in the afternoon. I we did not about. Star arts because I told you that you could not and hot air out your feelings until you are trying to piece aired it out well I feel like once again you know. It's. I hope I'm wrong again cat I was wrong Mets force awakens you put them wrong. About a lot I was wrong about rogue Warren yes and I just hope that you know my initial reaction to this is is wrong is it what is your real I mean it's only it's it's a title. That's all we have how can you. Already think it's terror I tell him. People remembered but jet I had read in the title. Return that Janet was written now I am wreckage star awards was up top but yeah. If Luke dies. Or if you're gonna put jet I in the title. Who I want priorities read it as of as in the font somewhere he's read somewhere. I want that to be the third group. Because jet I was third reviewed original trilogy on my gosh I feel your beef with only got such a B finish. And don't think our. It is if they kill Luke. What you know because these people have this. Idea that you have to kill off all real main characters we can't just like you know walk after the distance and and can be cool and when you live in our memories there to kill them off all of them. If you're going to kill Luke. He's the new yellow he's the new master chair. They're in the third what. Let her let her let ray figure out what she's doing. Go off fight Carter ran. When the battle just like we did in any comes back in her jet Ike to watch you go to falsely you say you wanted to be the same story. I did read the same store no I don't want leasing sore about it. Well bad weather you rent check managed out of there are many. On the same structure if you're gonna call the last jet and she's gonna walk off the sticker in blue guys and she's going to be the last she got. What a political lives and she got a if they kill her off that that be so brave and so amazing. But they're not going to you know I did yeah Izod she's gonna break your world top. I I liked her but I it's this is Luke which this is what I'm Tyler Ennis the last and I. That's what I thought about with Iran and OK and how. That's got they can't act out and I got a bad NC here and I would be pleasantly surprised that that would be you know and then you would be okay with Iran. I actually. Got it just it's just a title it could mean many great things move but did the older the overwhelming feeling I had lights. This is a new Star Wars movie comes out in December. It's going to be great. Gap just absolutely new Star Wars action you believe that we'll take it who are already talking about a new stars movies it's going to be out this year and it's gonna be better the prequel. That's always out I carried out set top ironic they Eric.