KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: The Social Media Edition

Wednesday, July 26th


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Hi there it is KG day add this is a special addition. That kinda dirty news. Because. We're gonna get dirty about social media I'm super excited to be apart of this event that's happening in Indianapolis. On an Tuesday August 1 next Tuesday. I get to do a Facebook lies. Add that if you get the idea that you're gonna see me on the big screen if you can't be at the event. He just wants me on your founded hope that I don't make it comes the problem myself as I don't FaceBook lied to get that you've seen me face replied you know I usually make a fool of myself. I including occasionally walking into doors while I'm talking. Not now any start is the founder of these social media Danes. I'm conference. You know sometimes works and you do a conference in your life I'm getting out of work but I'm going to a conference. This is an un conference and you wanna be there eighty tell you a little bit different about this. Every time we have a non conference. I walked away feeling. Very. Are very connected to. Amazing. Women here locally and it's one of the Times Square. You go to. Conference and hugged every party. All manner not only going to be there are virtually this year with our FaceBook lights here NA somebody needs not to hunt next year now. How we actually have a social media director I have to say I'm really proud to work with Entercom communications as a radio business because they see so much value in social media. And we have an entire apartment on the corporate level and also. We have a social media director here in talent and she's going to the conference for the first time this year and she's so. Excited about it it's fun to be a part of a company that sees that value in social media I'm not sure enough ditto. And you're absolutely right. I do like to cut companies some slack. It is relatively new. In the history of our species. This is like a laughed milliseconds. This has been introduced. As digital communications. State interest. Global connections. And. One of the co founders aaron's caliber. I loved giving it I know this is Kirk quote I heard her share so I really give her the credit. There are more. Cell phones on the face of the earth than toilets. T wow that sounds a lot about Barack catch the guy. Well I what do you do to putting on these social media Danes I conference. It's so important because we need to be. On face to face and sharing ideas so we can be better. And I working all of these platforms as we learn more and more. How people use social media where their act and howdy how to reach them. It changes constantly. It was pair quite as firm I'm like an ancient Greek philosopher and easy and inherit either that you can never step and that's saying in the. River. Why they're they're telling movie it's so true with the Internet and social media you can never step and that twice and haven't beat the saints. Because they're always changing. Is there any in the you've noticed just frowned from last year's conference to our debt on a conference. There. This year and my loud laughter we are talking about this and now the direction is you know it is totally different from what we would have expected is to ban anything really big. Well my gut reaction to that my knee jerk way the snap shot but that is that really is. More than a couple of years old. But it becoming more important because if she wanted to and that what that age group is the best one. Oh yeah my I youngest sister who's mid twenties introduced me to read an X. Replaced by conversations for us. And it disappears. Which I it took me a long time to figure out I mean do you really want to look back and have. I'm running commentary on something every single day. Right now it's. Show when they're apt chat. That story in the post disappear after 24 hours I think back. Is actually a very good thing. I agree. I agree as I get I mean we we have delivered any. Now laying a life before social media and I think about you know my main. My preteen years my high school years even my college years I. I would not want to have all of that like every single moment documented somewhere hitter that's. A. I know and when you're those age do you think it really important that you'll look back on that arm. Know you'll find out that information. I'm more interest saying band when your (%expletive) before like I am really there hasn't been a month. That's gone by that I know thank my lucky stars that. Social media wasn't around when I was in college. Yen. Totally change my policy experience. I doubt what I first look at the agenda this year I thought wow seventeen storytellers how does this conference by. I like that it's fast paced by everybody it's five minutes to Cheryl little bit of wisdom and then it's all just a bunch of interaction. And you could show on your phone the post right keep. Last year we trended. For Indianapolis we tried that number one unforced several members and what I'd like to do that. Trend in Indiana this year and then next year the world. I don't I'm not asking for. Your help to make me look at this thing here you listening right now I'm. So I did it do I FaceBook live Q and make if you wanna go to the conference and I suggest you do I'm jealous that I'm not going to be beat air rather than just five minutes IQ Renee. Go to FaceBook dot com slash social media games you can get I'll sign up but he can't be there. You can virtually be a part of my five minute cure day it'll be at 1 o'clock on Tuesday and I have to do is go to my FaceBook page Kate but dot com slash KJ on the air or just go to KJ on air dot com. I'm talking Emilio went more in need next kind of dirty it is I have a heart attack really nerdy because I found out she's a Star Wars and face a naturalist and.