KJ's Kinda Nerdy News: A Special Doctor Who Guest!

Saturday, October 7th

Young Amy Pond will travel to Indianapolis soon! Caitlin Blackwood joins KJ for this episode of KJ's Kinda Nerdy News! We talk favorite shows to binge watch, fizzy drinks, the artist she'd like to see at Jingle Jam and her appearance at Who North America in Indy on 10/15!

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Hey this is a very special edition of KJ is kind of dirty news out we have a special guest I'm gonna try to call her internationally. Bear with me. Ott the young Amy pond Amelio ponds from doctor duke Kate Lynn black bread is coming to Indianapolis and to tell you more about it. I am just a second time to get her on the found. Okay. I had. How it's K in Indianapolis how're you doing. Well I am thrilled to be talking to you and to be talking to you about the fact that you are coming to Indianapolis so. They just give you a little idea of who you're talking to you right now. My name is KJ this is my kind of nerdy news I am a bit of a fan girl. I'm on a radio station call 1079 the next we playing music Lai a well I'll tell our. Our big holiday counter just went on sale and it is feature saying the chain smoker you know that yeah yeah now I feel about the chain smokers. That unit under bank pet. How can face value it may be be interested in another trip to Indianapolis in December deceive its smokers. And we are also bringing. The Backstreet Boys. What about GM next week when you're here maybe we can figure out how to get you back here in December. It is coming to town to a fantastic place. Called who North America it is a doctor who's still lower and it BZ am so let's talk about doctor here and how you. Fit into that universe because young Amy pond became very important to the eleventh doctor did you know Elena. No. One particular thing and it's ended at or by. And seven years later you still have people like me you are freaking out because your young Amy pond hit it is that we heard for you has it changed your life a lot. Yeah. Apparently never wanted to be active and in the end like I. A little bit and think and I think I think. They are really treat these. I'm an actor and an app you can eat meat I. Well we know your cousins with curing guy who plays the older Amy pond. But did you just say come on you're doing just. And my knee. Open. Ali act and saying that they weren't having much the pack and lab and he and an act it. Report that shattered should be at the gloom and. And so you religious site should never think about acting and I'll give it a shot. The big banks as. Well maybe a little awkward Tim Mahoney had you not gotten the part arguing cheering close I mean come from a Mac her amber at the bank Perry has blown all out in my wasn't gonna let the cousin dynamic was. Because he's got twelve but I've got fifty I was it was just like meat that she doesn't even know. And paper along and I never I never. Liked. And house yeah I mean doctor brought your family together. So. You wanna do you think is gonna be amenable at the moment and that mean I'm not because I think parent. Yet such. This would she her heads for guardians of the galaxy. You know and angry beats. Aren't widget maker role you have to shape your pain you know I'm not 1990. And I have a fairy. Important question. About the eleventh hour house to do with your only. How you grew up argue actually stop us or are you from NORTHERN IRELAND. Estimates are. My parents are important they were born in Scotland gang. And then they moved over northern island before born born Andy North and I. But you are in fact Scott should I am not allowed tags in Afghanistan I mean if no why don't Wear her Matt Smith says his. You're Scottish brought something. A lot I. I. Think that's not a favorite like. Shaq well. He's. Aren't our guys are are hiking you price something. I. I. OK so I want askew picked up. What's your comfort show per a lot of its actor was so is there show that when your have a crappy day or you just need to feel happy you can always count on that comfort show. I love to do. After the Columbia and will launch its own I mean you know I and economic weight as. Okay you're like a fifth person to imagination to me like two weeks out. I'm gonna try to get caught up on his before you get to Indy how far along Maria act I want oh and I got up and car I. The well I don't think I can you got the epic. It is going to be here in Indianapolis. Next Sunday. October 15. And to North America out sign an autograph taken pictures and this food North America stork has like everything that every Doctor Who fans could ever want. I think she did you know anything Doctor Who. When I did my screen and forward doctor Hayden Mac. I along me. William Hartnell all went did that last. Well I'd like one of the only thing they all own dwindling an accurate and people connect enactment. Oh my goodness that is something you hang onto. Don't keep at Yahoo! in North America about this who want for the use again. I know other getting ready for your visit I've done lots of events at North American they are wonderful people. Is there. He like while you're in the United States is there something like a comfort food or drink. That just makes you feel like your home. Only in big and I amber at an armed guard at I have not what is that statement Kyle in need during which. I'm here. You cannot find anywhere in America I don't know how much all I can break it I am and B are you. OK it's not veer right here that know what. Well a lot there in Indiana and I don't drinking day just cloudy wind Caitlin I'm sorry. RIC. We have a couple of international markets I was seeing biking ditch you iron brew for your appearance. Headed to North America. It's not speaking of busy during. I ask you this might be weird I traveled I airline and I traveled to London. And the thing I wanted to like just bring back just like load my suitcase up and bring back with me it was 7UP free. You know I'm talking about. It. I just had a weird you tell the setup here in the state it is inferior Caitlin all I don't work unless you said it was I hear Hebrew. We'll see if I can get some of that for you I. You see if you could it be some 7UP free in your back OK it. And black led AKA the young Amy pond from Doctor Who is that a loudly talking to you can't wait for your visit to at true North America it is Sunday. October 15. 10:30 in the morning is when we start 1030 to six you can stop by it gets healthy as you can get autographs. I mean I've got a lot of cons. This is free admission which is amazing. It's when he talks for an autograph. Ten bucks for a self hate. I can you know get something while you're at The Who north America's store it'll make them super happy. I you really can't leave without buying something if your Doctor Who fan I and this is going to be again Sunday October 15. 1030 to six you can get all the information on my FaceBook page easiest way to get there KJ on air dot com. Thank you so much for listening and did you just say what they've been listening to him. How many. And certainty he maintained a nagging me.