MEANINGLESS MONDAY POLL: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Tuesday, July 17th

Over the weekend, Bruce Willis declared his movie "Die Hard" IS NOT a Christmas movie. Do you agree? What was the final vote? Find out here! Tune in every Monday afternoon with KJ as we passionately debate another topic that doesn't really matter!

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Bruce Willis realized how much turmoil Elliott is gonna cause over the weekend when he declared die hard two would not be a Christmas release that. Yeah welcome to be made us Paul what do you think. Hey I agree I watched. Diehard numerous times and I don't think it's a Christmas movies and action packed filled movie and it just happened to be christmastime when they were due. And you say 100% diehard yeah they Christmas movie. Yeah absolutely. My question is it dying from it not a Christmas movie that might they cling it for much Christmas time. Like we spoke to a lot when I eat c'mon now. And I have seen that movie dying art with Bruce Willis. I don't have a I had ever cease to keep taco. Cop on. It may. You watch it every Christmas. So on the phone with me this guys an expert he's seen all the movies he does podcast called the showdown podcast for tots movies all the time so I trust his opinion. Corey I explain to me why you say no. Die hard is not a Christmas movie. Like first and foremost this in the actions so obviously from the eighty. It's got a one scene in the beginning where it's a Christmas parties speak only touch or Christmas throughout the entire self. Why aren't seeing. It's a an outcast. I'm gonna keep letting you talk I'm not arguing. That picture I did I until recently watched umbrage with common share. Ohio State's plate during Christmas but it's not a crook. It just happened to take western Christmas what I hobble around. Christmas merry. Yes you out but the whole plot of the movie revolves around there's a reason they went the hole and went left notes for Christmas. Well listen. GM part of here is even if I continue to thank the dire it is Christmas movie will you continue to listen to the knicks are well thank you get the. I just wanted to argue with your movie professional villages on. Yeah this is die hard day Christmas maybe why he said that there was no no Christmas except for the first seen any put Tikrit that's animate yardage is now I have a machine gun. Oh ho ho. Chris Chris. Well any of the vote was 87%. Yes 10% no and 3% I've never seen die hard. It did not as final have you watched diehard Christmas ado I'd be proud and tuning Monday for another meaningless poll in the afternoon Donna makes.