MEANINGLESS MONDAY POLL: Is It Still Cool to Use the Word DUDE?

Tuesday, July 10th

Is the word DUDE still cool or should we ban it from our vocabulary? We decice in the latest Meaningless Monday Poll! Listen every Monday afternoon to KJ 2pm to 7pm for another topic that really doesn't matter but we have fun debating it anyway!

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It's it's cool to say the word dude that was the debate kidney meaningless poll if you missed it yesterday you're about and I know. Well even in my teens I never ever. Or liked or do you. Well I hit. Yeah say the car you're really mad and into another driver how are dressed down because my nice way is to say yeah. And I cannot sit and air. I had to do or not to do it. It's done you particularly felt. Do that. Instead. To erase do you or do you not approve of the word dude. It's out Kate is saying now Teresa. Really. Figured it if you Murray is still cool he used the word dude. And of course I use that all the ties and probably too much and happy time I don't realize. So you are until it exported out to me out my two friends that their kids. Our anonymous about using the word dude and I was shot I was like minus possibly think do do we need to talk about us. Now 82% of them out at the end of the day said he had do you detect and what are your Jersey. I am still a lot they did. I have two teenagers but Bob dot. Not big Eddie. Deftly in India I would. Katie my kind of nerdy news co host what he's saying. He's at it every confident he would was there a point in your life where everyone was a dude yes okay this makes sense tell my sister my youngest sister is. Fourteen years younger than me. And when she was well and she lived in Wisconsin and I was in Indiana. She would send me letters and pictures I guess all you can hit and like I took it out for her new boyfriend to see in the our notes where is he I think he would if you're did. I do I see some to thanks for visit saying summer vacations dying gray Europe did. And like dearest skewed. It's KJ thanks for listening to be meaningless poll join me every Monday as we debate. Other topic passionately that doesn't actually really matter we NN dot mimics.