Tuesday, June 12th

Not only do we debate pop or soda but a few other terms got thrown in too! What do you call POP? Catch the Meaningless Monday Poll every Monday with KJ in the afternoons!

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Last year the question is it pop or soda you don't really have a very strong opinion we found out yesterday. Any meaningless Monday pulse the. You know it might. Actually at pat is under age didn't speak on bit I call it pops every chemical poppy trying to keep me and. I saw. It's a little things like that to keep love alive and it. Now Randi Kaye yeah say it's not pop or worse so now what do you call. Yes that's a flop during its neither of them have. How do you say after every time yes what I normally drink his pet and I'll put my did a great slowed. Did you hear savvy just a great senator I know. And it's out loud just put his vote in on the meetings Monday poll. For pop or soda he is not top what you think these people rob who are saying they call call soft drinks everything no matter what it is they just call it Coke. Just like at the kitten and then people start to bring me hope and I realize I'm gonna. To change that. OK yeah so how how did you on verbalize if you want a spread. Well. What bump. I would order though and I expected and that may look odd what would exert currently held I went and it. We're not here. He looks quite. Rare. Well let them all. Well I had 67% of you voted pop yesterday in the meaningless Monday poll also from here on out on the next for Abner. We will call soft drinks pop the end.