Tuesday, June 5th

On National Cheese Day, we decided to vote out the worst cheese ever. Here's what cheese won (or lost?) according to you. Listen for KJ to start off every Monday afternoon with another poll that doesn't really matter but we debate it anyway! 

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Plus seven on an X that it's tell me some good Tuesday I gestured at a show that was the meaningless Monday Paul and we decided. On national she's day to go out a cheese. So what's the one thing and even lend whatever glamour and our men. And yet I don't. Heat the generating green argues that when they bring two cups to the table he can't tell which ones blue cheese and which ones raincoats. With nobody out I asked what she's would you like to about outcrop. I was out what did I not only again I do you have an opinion on what she should be voted off the plan. Cheeses in science and in theory disgusting because this is colonel milk unhappy about it a little bacteria that's three independent. Now it honestly copper and she's for abhor it on the Norris guy he made one last ditch effort to defended. His favorite cheese. LA Dellucci would have to be this week can you like blue cheese or a lot of burger really to black and blue where she. Now at an all out. Around got Atlanta meaningless Monday equal everyone agrees and this is final so it is the cheese that is being voted out. Blue cheese is the worst she's. I and.