Is that a ring in your sock...or are you just happy to see me?

Friday, March 31st

On this episode of COWORKERS - Tom gets very intimate with himself - Taylor has been dreaming of his proposal since he was a little girl - and Tara picked the worst day to wear pajamas


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You're listening to go orders but Tom Taylor and Chara they're co workers in they like to talk. So they got their own shell. Hopefully they don't screw this up. Marriage proposals how we talked about that. Me me me me not now not ever mentioned. Trends best sites. No but I think you might have told me this story I got the air yeah I feel left out umps are chair I mean it was so long ago period. Like twelve years ago. So yeah I got this idea that you know. After being told about 400 times if it's just about time he had married. At a setting off get a ring and I did the whole thing I talked to a buddy of mine who used to work UH you know and radio. Very eccentric character. But he was really all out food or he can view all best restaurants in town haven't they show is about the fifth yeah so I trusted him. Little ledge though he essential prankster. Com and it'll. I give him to Mimi OK firstly he beep beep types of something unlike. Station letterhead. And mails to my house. And Nora the house that we were sharing at a time living and send to Yemen and then come on the east side on my gosh what a hell hole but anyway it's. I digress. So. We we get this letter in the mail like a well look at this. This the manager of the station wants to meet us Friday night for dinner. At this place that's Smart have you any USA is like. You know I'll never forget this a proceeding in the kitchen and she's like looking over my shoulders like oh look at her she's like what do you mr. important. And I like her yeah hook line and sinker. So you know and I had the rain. And I did that I was I was in the base of one day like working matter whatever and I did the phone call of the father in law. The future father in law to get he called an idea didn't you meet him in person we were eighty miles away. You know yeah system right yeah and if he doesn't want it really seen me and I really don't wanna see him you know he doesn't. You know it sees its her dad just like look out we know we don't need to do this I. An eighty mile drive for a five minute conversation yeah. You know he gave these camera to get advice though he's he said listen he's like. You like our human are no. First it was like hey look. Picnic you. I was you know Tammy I'm in and together for a long time and I was. Just one. You know and I can hear of like Mikey here. But he was silent but I can hear like you god almighty god Erica Helms is this happening in. But you know I was like you we're gonna dare for a long time and I just one is like get your permission before. I asked you know asked marry me. And he's like. Jury buy the ring. Let's. Yeah. I dared. Things like them. In like well. You guys are good together. Just giving his one piece of advice. Don't break the plate. And a Mike ha. Ha he's like don't do any stories like. He's like your relationship was like a plate. Like a plate you put on your mantle. Think if you if you break it. You can always glued back together. But you always still see those cracks. In like treated gently. I don't do anything stupid and break the plate I'm Mike Huff. I see what you're saying to upgrade the play got it so fast forward to mug this restaurant in my body at the radio station he was going to be there. He was gonna pose as a waiter. And I had the ring in my it in my soc. I had him in the rafters of the garage for a long time she knew she never went in the area of of course you know the dirt bag to a behind me you would rummage in my garage but that's a whole different story east side. The so I gotta hit them a sock. And or at the restaurant you know this is 2003. I think you know sizzle and as long time ago it is things were different the culture was different. And all the sudden we realized that we are surrounded by. Men. Dressed as women. Well yeah and I'm talking about like not the attractive. Times sure I'll tell you about a big browsers tomorrow candles on their head. And my wife is like them my girlfriend at the time is like. Stunned is forever with smaller amount what do I used to seeing like big guys just like women. Share in searching high heels. You know pursuit there should generate feeders like just spilling over the sides of these terrible shoes. And it. Yeah she she stood and and the guy comes over to us my my room this is one of these hanging out this is one of his favorite places to ago. And he comes over we do the whole shtick. NL we we we get down I did not want me I asked him Maria amongst all these guys just like women. And you know I got the horse and buddy you wait outside knowing that's stuff it's everywhere on missile killer drive around the city and I mean it was done. It was a nice like I mean that I was trying to be funny right but and throw off the or off the proposal. But. It was a memorable night I you know I think that's what you want right Taylor that's what you want something that you're gonna remember. Yeah you definitely want something you're gonna remember I mean like mix so that people talk about this all the time or women talk about the solid time. Their wedding night is that there that's veered day. Well. I feel like min we don't really have a wedding nighter wedding day wedding day is really no limit their wedding night is definitely an amendment. To a point. Under the Vienna winning you any event yes yes yeah. All the planning and all that crap that goes along with that's. That's for the women but the guys they don't really have anything except for the proposal. So if it's done the way the woman wants it done. It's like so anti climactic and boring for the guy. Like on the wedding day knowledge of proposal. Like the proposal. Should be all planned out by the guy though. The wind should have absolutely no clue little. I agree. And I know some people who have. Gotten married and I've heard the proposal story or I've been in fault with their proposal story and they. Like. The whole time. The girl knew she was getting proposed to that damn Mike coats gusts may. Yeah that let's talk a surprise out of it can now mean listen one of the most genuine moments. Of our lives where it was like. Oh error are when it floods. He bright but the dude posing as like the waiter whatever. He wasn't later he was a member of this though of the radio staff. And he said I apologize the boss couldn't beat here tonight. Not any holes out this contract and she was in like law school. He's like he won did you look over this contract is he what you five Michael perfectly she's a lawyer or she's going to be a lawyer and then Mike. It was a real actual like. Contract. But did like somewhere might clause tanner something you know it's like bears her name. Kama. You know I love you and like Kyra are watching her read it. Not and then like she gets of that and then Mike. You know she starts to tear up in and buy time she's like. Figure that figures out this is happening I'm already got a one me. And like if I may succeed our perfect for you now button. Could you imagine if someone handed you a piece of paper and there are like. Read over this make sure it's right good skin that he would even see the sins that they wanna do you see I wanted us. So Smart though because you pulled in her profession into it like it's personal well as she you know you know she's got this one rule in life you never signed anything before you read every single word like that's her rule yes and you when folks are working here there's like a seven page contract I decided. If you like who did you so. You what's really sad is that I've already forgotten all dressed up. And I have to jog my memory. Is our image had tick what about you Taro like. So you're a person who's out there you like to live life yeah you you travel you do things you your husband or like a famed. Yes so we went to separate colleges we're like two and a half hours away from each other when we were dating and we had been dating it probably about eleven months I think and he. I that is gonna propose a Christmas he made us like Teddy bear that have like a box like holding a box and I was like oh my god here comes here to lose. I opened the box it's like a camera card. And I was so disappoint what is a camera card I regret I have like a camera that have like a little printer with say it was like really cool and it was like memory it was like a memory card for a camera like memory stick yeah he's like this always your kid out like it'll be perfect and I was like. He makes me like you like Taylor's Christmas stories you know like Sox drilling. An accident last. Shouldn't you like of course and I'm gonna propose young Christmas like that's a little Alina you know idiots sounds like Harare and he did he completely surprised yeah. Because the last semester my college. Career. I just like a semester abroad in on the island of Martha's Vineyard. And it was like it was a music industry are you how sorry it yesterday the clarinet I don't heart failure get out of here. So are many wanted to work with music somehow but like I thought I wanted to manage artists and subsite did not for a 41 half months on the island of Martha's Vineyard and it was like. 22 to thirty students were chosen in the US to do this thanks so. Kenny G byte was when I hear the tone and a so I need it makes the whole drive with my parents ray and throughout the entire trip my mom is on the phone list. Quote and quote my brother saying no we just have to told it was three. Cents. And that yeah where were committed any you're right now and you know the whole time on the phone with him letting him know like here's our Internet to do on your trip appeared. So I did not realize he was eight hours behind us like making the trip. And he drove through the entire day and night to get there at a time he had gotten there we read this DMB. And it was pouring down rain. And even into this like rim how these tropical plants and then everything. And that during or dating relationship we'd journal the lot to each other so. We weren't sure and telling me how likely did you know you and your wrote her letters have we really love letters and journals this before texting. Oh yeah oh yeah AOL messenger was really neck and but it so we have these two journals and so whenever we would meet each other you know we would just exchange them all okay the lighting you couldn't read it until. You left you know. And I was like our way of keeping you know the the love a lot the intimacy yet has yet your most intimate when you're sitting there like with yourself yeah Bob I know I. So I was so pissed off because he did not righty a last journal entry before I left and I thought. What is it with Willis is in itself are the tie is still like send me off with the journal and you didn't even write anything I was pest. And then he was like yeah I'm sorry I couldn't see you know finals are coming up whatever blah blah anyway. So in the last journal entry was the proposal which was really Kia and a person like bawling you know. Say at this. It's good for women to look their best when their proposed two out I was given no word of warning which was fine. I'm doesn't like to jam and I'll dear god we still mad about it. All these years of Kia. Because like you know just like what Taylor saying like it's best when it's not planned. And I have like an old ratty sweatshirt and sweat pants on when he did it and I was like Lisa many things snapping pictures. Yeah paso. He had only end he had planned with my parents like I know that terror really loves pictures and capturing memories and moments and stuff like that so he worked it out. To working exactly where my parents to like of the camera while he was doing it so we do have pictures. Of that happening and video which I was like how did you even. Know how to do that this half of the proposal he completely laid on the bed until sleep. So I'm calling on my friend my. My volleying he's like snoring on the it was also and Ainsley is like an eighteen hour car ride that he just like he took the last area over onto the island and it was a very era. See I would've tried to save money and might just hide in the trunk. Okay I guess I mean look I spent this much money on it rang I mean if you ever get a position where years he's you're contemplating such an act like look at what you have to. I know up to here I mean. The bruising series. I Martha's Vineyard oh from what it sounds like well not necessarily with your story but it seems like with most stories. If if you really want. Surprise. The girl you have to you made him angry first. Of world that's the best dude that's the best way to do. That's when they least expect it in the air sell matter feel it Leo yeah and it's like okay well this is my give us all feel free Carter now. A better propose you know I mean that's you wanna do that UNS flip the script on right when they're at their boiling point and now. And then they're like all here not only is he not making me mad. But he's thought about this entire situation and as in just me a focus army I didn't know it. But the whole time I was just about me. Mean there's so much planning that goes into it like he had met my parents for dinner and asked you know permission. Both my parent oh my god what a horrible dinner that must have been yeah he was so nervous my mom sent he walked right by them in the restaurant and then straight to the bathroom first like he was so like nervous to do it. And I I don't know anything about how that conversation went but my mom was like it was peacefully it. I might enact a message you get along with your mom have. A huge plus is bastard I. Like his mother in law and everything don't drink guy like it's really funny because the whole journal thing was such a it was such an intimate thing for us that I felt. Just felt like forgotten about when he didn't. Fill that out when I left you know unless you're about four and a half months were not gonna see each other icy red used to but no cookies out stiffen up some other women I mean. He's very busy. You'll allow me you know what's so funny is a win here arrived on the island he had to be picked up obviously and so. My dad was like mom to go out and get us some pizza. And unlike are not imminent change my PGA's and the whole time amounts likes. All our mood. Your clearing you look any is any shedding light you know it think how the girl feels about that whenever. And I might not you know I'm just come here and I'm ready for the Osce might let you like she is an opportunity praying to like to make it work can. So but yeah I anyways my dad leaves to go get pizza and then comes in with Donnie and I am like. Whoa 00 wait a minute and he was like to write a journal that's the first thing he sent. And then I was like you can wirelessly to bring me my journal what's hot and and it does so and I even like. Cindy in your mind and one more at all I did not even not at all until I started reading that the journal entry and it was so funny because. Numerous phone conversations. On the trip up. He was like today Unita leaders have to take a ferry over to the island to they'd take big rocks on that I'm not saying. That's a big rocks these high mountains like vehicles like people. He's like certainly don't have like any big rocks that they take over a lake you know their weight let manner anything that I was like no. Big rock Dinah in my right area totally over my head I had no clue and he he tell me all of this afterwards he is like you are so. Dumb. They just. Lesson though like in life it's just in life overall. Like we're so single minded and we're so focused on things that where we've become oblivious I look how easy it is to play yield now when you know we know. People try out my friend. Got married one day she was trying to do a surprise wedding fight for everybody else you know in her backyard. And she was like Tom. I'm having a barbecue on Saturday. In a really what you really count. And I was like. Thanks buy it. You know I can now face. The six time. I'm having a bar in her eyes got real big joint I'm having a barbecue. And I really want you to be there and I'm like brandy I don't even know what you're saying anyway. Could it didn't lighting and what's happening and it's but yet she they they did the whole thing where they surprised all of their wedding their gas is. And her husband wore a. Tuxedo T shirt with a. Why does. But yeah I mean I think we were blind is you know much. So often he is like you know you every day you know what the set of directives to give yourself an economic I just got to get out here I dedicates past 10 o'clock and Idec I don't and it that it got to that. And you know you just. You blind yourself to to a everything in my be happening around you now. That's the best way to lie and you think so I don't now. I turn a blind myself and everything that's happening here work. Well yeah obviously. I mean. I thought that there was some big boss guy coming in today right as we were talking about here so I went out there to my boss I'm Mike. What's the deal is this guy gonna come down here ruin our lives are like. He's not an entire remic Taylor's all dressed up and everything. And I think Taylor's a doctor's appointment. You just let me tell you know I dressed up because I didn't do laundry. Why should I get so in order to Wear the clothes I really wanna Wear it had to do laundry sounds like some of up. And Scott find the nicest clothes that aren't it's like. Super dirty sword there's going to be the closing you. You know pop the question Edmund Romans probably not this as a permanent stain on. Maybe it's a symbol. Of the laundry go without doing laundry the nicer your clothes get. Actually that's probably accurate you know at this early is getting deeper Nicole yeah yeah and it's. And all the nice clothes for the clothes I never aware oil I wanna tell you these genes that I have on right now are clean this is day one now but the jeans I had on yesterday. Now with dates hand nothing and I went all the way to date tan that's it. Waive further really act like a complete grits. Now I've gone away from with genes yet you can get a day fifty. So I have something interesting yesterday is actually afternoon guy on GPL. He is wearing the same jeans and has been for two months without watching. And but he likes them so much that he doesn't want to wash out the softness and a. The wash I'm not about the softness I'm more about if that comes over and wage you wash it. And you their restrictive again around the winds its way I feel like I gained twenty pounds yeah. And then. They threes they start to fit the out once they start showing again Mike yeah I'm never washing music and it's like that I know on our motorcycle like you have. It's because you sit in such strange way which your legs up. There's a lot of compression on your little little lower belly junior go and adds. Cellular of Yuma seized pants are sort of cut that. Day six or seven and of regular pair of jeans you're hearing complete comfort so Taylor. When a proposal happens just beyond date ten of laundry. So they're comfortable. Like date tent pole here you're looking good you get your bit you know here and you dress blues or whatever and no pressure on my donuts. Throwing arm Taylor and Chara as they navigate the murky waters of everyday life. And now in the office. This is aces aces. Co workers.