Stood Up By Kenny G

Wednesday, April 5th

On this episode of COWORKERS - Tom wants to know if Kenny G is dating anyone at the moment - Taylor used to think Oscar the Grouch was a total badass - and Tara explains that it "has to stay wet, or it's not gonna work".


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You are listening Digg co workers could Tom Taylor and Chara they're co workers in they like to talk. So they got their own shell. And hopefully they don't screws up. This is a full Kenny G alert and think yeah like we're on alert we could get a phone call from Kenny G but probably not. I've been thinking on night what would I ask Kenny G and I couldn't think how many have some pretty good material what would you not ask Kenny today yeah person both get that out there. Like terror cannot contain herself. She is and Laura was Kenny G. You not love with him I just it's very nostalgic for me I remember listening to hand I mean I thought breathless album was just. I mean I think you went platinum or. Let's say he's like I read a zoo in researching you know because you know I wanted to be prepared when we have our first big celebrity guests share. He's like the 25 biggest selling artist of all time and why was he out so you tell me he's done there was like you know. This marquis and all these. No seriously he's up they were like this some really big names Elton John and all that. But see Palin doesn't like how does this happen it's like Tyler Perry movies like he he's like thirty movies now. And I've never seen one up on the so ever wants while you board now like to look up celebrities net worth. Okay Tyler Perry is worth like over 350. Million dollars you know I understand it can be like a racial divide here like you know I don't see Tyler Perry music is I'm not a black person. Right I mean I mean. Gotta be honest who is going to see him dress up like a grandma. Like that it was a Lima back when Eddie Murphy did it and now it's even worse disagree at the nutty professor it was really funny. Let lesson in terror you're gonna defend Eddie Murphy's. Post Beverly Hills cop two movie career area. Now I just hit I think the first couple movies are funny and then after that you're like at ten day how many times can the day I go to Hollywood. Here's my thing like Kenny G and hopefully fingers crossed for Barbara to relationships. So when we he's will be in town on Thursday. About a little about. So I'm look at stuff and I realize that this kid has. Or here's a kid yelled. And we as a real here yeah my. There was a we watch this video was a magical moment. Of Max GU. Kenny g.'s Cologne. I think fourteen or fifteen years holdings Killen on the guitar I mean. Don't you have your data is written crazy successful at something don't you run the opposite direction. While I'm sure you're never going to be as good as your dad yeah out well if he came out plan a saxophone he would have been booed off the staff probably. On the winded as. You know. Mr. pop the G. Force one of those things are like your dad Kenny G. So he's getting like so much flak your entire life feel like oh yeah. I'm not I'm I'm not just the son of Kenny G like I'm the second coming might worsen more GT go around. You're getting made fun of your whole childhood about your dad being Kenny gee you don't grow up and make your hair style look via. Say okay. Have you guys getting Google this it's amazing Max G has the same long wavy curly hair. I mean he comes etiquette that same sort of demeanor dream build yeah it's all lanky it's insane how how mote out. How much of Kenny G is in Max G. You know it it Taylor you had a really good point. As far as like the name Michael while yeah yeah. So I wondered if his real name was Max found. This I mean I gotta be honest and that is brilliant and if I were Kenny gee I'd be like. I'm name my kid Max a phone call Max for short. You know Kenny g.'s get nothing years and only Justine you I don't know when they have to Google but he's like an eye sees that sixty. He knew when he looks. Forty finish thirty yeah Dave let's say mid fifties it's been nice yeah he's been. I mean how much longer can the king G train go before Max G takes over. And once you know he's like grooming this guy like stepping end. And might continue the gravy train that's what the G stands for gravy yeah. I don't know how Iowa I mean gosh I think Kenny G to go. As far as he won the two because he just critiques coming out new music and it's all beautiful and. We'll see so you have all kinds of artists that are getting in the country pop he has taken an entire genre and it. Brought in everything himself no one place the saxophone. I hate I mean Lisa Simpson at least know what I know I yeah. You know I mean and guided the night court paying him but other than that yeah you're right she's eat in listen. Who wants to. Good point. When I was kid I thought the sex from a school. Real cool why. I have no idea this is cool and we for a minute when I was growing up the saxophone was cool for like 12 with the Simpsons were huge. They just came out. And Lisa has on this Bart. You have apart dancing all this stuff. Like Lisa Simpson made the sectional and cool for a second. But then they just fade away just. See where I'm wondering if I thought it was cool 'cause I feel like I saw it on. Sesame Street or something when I was a kid and you're like I need to be out. Can I need not high ground just plan a saxophone and pat. Was it the salary I mean I like the sound yeah I think it's probably the sound. A different sound it's not like. I don't know because there's so many things you can do with that like blues and jazz and and a half an icy like Jeter has. I like to look reminds me of this painting that Mike and hand over dining room table with like. I don't like gourds and pumpkins instead it looks like that that it does bring a ship horn saying it. We got airlines arena happier holding that you hang your blowing up like some sort of like I don't know every blow on an amount. It's every eat. A read and you have to keep it wet and you talked about your talent does definitely talking about now. You notice if you watch him perform he is constantly like licking his read. You had so my dog. Now I know you. Let me wage. Maybe it's going to be inappropriate but you have to keep liking it we have to stay wet of course our it's just not gonna work. Well hoax aggregate set up guys we were gonna do it what last Friday yeah and then it turns out that and he gets up. Late on the West Coast so he wasn't aware of our requests. How often does he give. A request for in a radio interview will get this during radio stations in Kenny gee you're Alicia Taylor during the the re search. Found out he actually has his own radio show away yeah. In like Florida or something gosh I'm sure that's entertaining what's the he actually call. I know this isn't a knock this thing is he's not listening to hit. The site's about. Jazz in and whatever else so I mean you know I mean KG ease what these guys. Get ism is gonna pilot's license. I can when he hit this guy is a Renaissance man he's like you know you've got these people in. In our world that are popular but they're also like they're always busy doing something different. Look at Tony Robbins guy he's always do him some things have you know and it makes me so jealous. His arm and a sample everything in life and I am I'm stuck not sampling. You know just got to make it big and then you've got enough money to sample whatever you want well that's my secret dream sunny and secret Communist mind my sick little dream and win the lottery and then I disappear. Just walk right on man here. Taylor takes over in the mornings I mean it's so. You can have a I'm gone and my guys say yeah right you need money so you have options that is the lesson of today's podcast the Lydia taylors doing the morning's Kenny do what Colin we'll let you finish you possibly. Possibly. You know I guess we could swap for nights now what might get its just get some sleep. Hit a seven to midnight here on the mixed. Allow the way we have a radio station about. Here. Oh wow that's yeah. 179 the mix. What do we do what you're if you're just to describe the realization that we work for. And a couple words what would you say. Just so amazing radio from seven to may ninth from 77. And rest today turn it off. My guns that's a lot of music and you know it can be frustrating for us. Radio not a lot of personalities. In the people that want to talk are told to not talk very much yeah and I know as a listening you're probably like. You know shown up yet but you know one. That's your problem. Like as a radio person as a broadcaster I want to talk I want to perform I want to say something. Deal with it wears Kenny G. I check my email now being forced to talk until he called. Gosh did come up with a couple questions the third and thirty question all all pretend to be Kenny G yes go ahead of time. Hi can. I don't care and I asked him. Aside I'm OK so as a clarinet nest growing up. My worst fear during a performance was like squeaking. You know that mean well I have Tony tailing it and understand it Kenny G you would understand of course I know exactly. When you're talking about and it comes to squeaking and I would Mexican food. Nice week a lot less. Need to know get some so what does that mean squeaking. So in if you blow too harsh right now on in many ways it drastically slower slower and lower your voice it. If you're if you're. If your readers not wet. And you blow to hard guys. A very alarming I. Perhaps comes out of the court. It's that's tweeting its country. You're so yeah. True or you're asking you G about your creep me. You got I don't recall. And the first president ran out of the gate what else she got generic. What we did have questions about his hair coming out the products that to me. Cut this year but I can't find any evidence of that on women are not alarming to me already he's got to get crew cut now. One says yeah. Need a mentally I'm Kenny G1 like to me now he's I've I've known what he looks like for 24 hours it's like Kenny. No way you know where he gets all the way to G well if he cut his hair may be Max cut his hair. That was my next question if indeed KG you don't have the locks anymore Macs to you him smack students following suitors just decent he's like. A young man is. Is that the way of passing the torch yes he's taken a step back Max walks and her stage that big main. Many good question. Us kids eat. I'm get mad. So we don't even California he had a game didn't wanna wake up early June and here. I mean listen he's one barriers or these sickness he's sick of stupid radio people last in Stew that's why the questions are so good because. You guys don't have any idea of the instrument he plays. I know a little bit more technicality. Rye basically everything your saying is proving why these questions will be no good. Well I'd and asking about his dating life I mean this year he was married okay and now he's like. You know. He's put in in the field yet he put McKinney G high high gear I was more curious as the carpet match the drapes real wide cap. I would say though is doing with. I don't really now I get to say why. So yeah I don't know you just really threw me off without Taylor this pubic hairs like. Not even. Now. Yeah in the realm put. I was just so many was on a downer guy that we can talk to it I think he would be I. I feel like he's quick to reject seeing what he thinks things you crying hey listen your hero Kenny G not even good enough to pick up the phone. Yeah pretty neat maybe it may be. He got another show but yes to work comment logistics. And you know I don't think we're very high and the price pretty excuse me. Well I'm using the power of 107 on the mix here. All right I'm invoking the name of the mixed note I steely he's one of those guys that has like the corny jokes you know I mean. His son is probably embarrassed all the time like dad c'mon I feel like he's one. I'm picturing something completely different especially based off that music video of his we watched were he's playing the sax bound. On the beach listen I'm a little deeper where that they believe I was playing on the air and as I'm I'm talking looked down he's laying up park bench. With his sack a third straight up in the air. You know like roving around the right thing. When men and women and one clip Horry sitting on his look like on the back of his legs and it looks like she had. No leg it's like an amputee. With the music is beautiful isn't an easy. Hard it was to come up with like OK here's the premise of the video look at me like we just want to get a couple shots on the beach. You know just keep doing you do land. You know on Iranian lake and it's so different from lip synching in a video he has actually do his thing that's good terror that's a good point re. Yeah he can't fake it he has. He doesn't need to say it because he knows his own music but like. Eight and the thing is to like with what singing it's obvious when your faking it I eat. We have no idea what he's doing Manila and met some really good point probably even knows how to like Phyllis cheeks with air. To like make it look like he's blowing. And our idea. You guys something tells me if he so one thing I would notice a few was faking if he wasn't keeping that read let. I know I she's faking it. And you know you got it it's all about read may I say we go on these questions and you have to act like Kenny G we have to finish the center via. Well that was kind of feeling and I. I don't enter via which the hair and we talked about the well I wanted to talk about the reads. But I also had held an amazing passion that you should ask every artist what is like his dream. Collaboration. That he hasn't onion on my god I went through a list of all of them he's been with everybody really everybody. And rappers are only now way. Rock and roll guys I mean he's really collaborated with just about anybody can possibly get married easy I take back everything has said that's sounds awesome now sounds terrible and tell a lie. Because I mean that's shows she's how lame it really is seems like. He's latching on anybody he can disorder like glum off on some of that cool factor like if you think about it if that's what you gotta do to become rich and famous. Do not as he not just following you're whole idea of life. The wind takes you block on gone public T oh yeah. And then hell yeah and then and KJ yeah again look at me now. Now I'm trying to come on yield output and we sell our careers sucks her. Irons it's over you eat your words when the weekend announcement that Kenny G has come now with the collaboration of like the beads. Ortiz lifts. I think he's moved on he saw with Mac G. Now he's working with Max you exclusively. Public is not a it's been what half an hour now we haven't heard from Kenny G on any level for the take we're not going to hear from KG yeah screw Kenny g.'s. President. But it doesn't change my feelings for him well let's go ahead and give a quick plug anyway Thursday at the palladium and normal an evening with Tony and eating with Kenny G the guy who was too good to interview with us. Hope we don't show up on your read. Keep it. Joined now Taylor and Sarah as they navigate the murky waters of everyday life. And now in the office and this is aces aces. Co workers.