Friday, June 22nd

Leading up to the Superhero Run, KJ has been featuring some really amazing real life heroes! This hero is from Fishers! 

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Dressing as superheroes is awesome and you will be doing that on Sunday. But knowing hero hero is even cooler and this week that everybody who's let us get to know. The hero in your life Donna welcome to the mix. I hear island my back hand written answers and we did Brad you were fourteen years old and don't know much great reliever teenagers she went everywhere at my family and my parents not agent actually now. He married her high school we hired in the league eight Google and don't carry twenty years later they have. And children have a rare condition. You don't I don't care as aggregate. Victory beating. He's taken actually really helped them cope with it going to be light on pat you earned rose and now I anchor channel change. She ditched out your check every at bat that children have. Time acting in really great that they're being an. Apple to me. Here again she laughed about it and yet it was locked back well she didn't have her act to take care currently returning after losing either with. No hard she had it here at everything how gas tank here and think all of that. He's the coach at every single day and read it. Happened there that day you're in some Agilent not like she probably. Come up with. To read good things that happen. I'm happy that it might think her kids accomplished and I'm just I mean but for the Packers are. Only I'm very happy racked day here what I can enter a day. Her co we either need to keep battered broken market they can win I think there isn't anything guide. Thank you Donna for the call and thank you can her being an awesome member of our community. And to listen to the next earmark of our real life superheroes that have been featured this week to study in these mixed outcome.