SUPERHERO WEEK: Who's YOUR Real Life Hero?

Friday, June 22nd

This real life hero is a super mom!

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The current state in my kitchen table as you cannot see edge because there are somebody superhero custom stack tarnished hit hit it down on the makes it is superhero we shared. As we lead up to the superhero around and we're celebrating. Some of your real life heroes Jackie on the northwest side. The hero that's in my family entertainment Kayla. She had selflessly give up proclaimed to take care of my two nephews who went through some pretty horrible times. I'm she put in countless hours so bored to provide for them to seven days a week for two years and treated them as her own and they want. She was doing that on top of robbery and her own son. I just think that she's the true meaning of a harrowing enough she might not think so but she's making a difference in someone's life but she sure has changed those two bookish. Wow and that's really what the superhero Iran is all about it's helping children who are in bad situations and it being a hero. How fun that you actually just get to put at a cost him and Ryan to be that hero sign up now at Indies next act com and we'll see on Sunday with child advocates.