Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 01-09-18

Tuesday, January 9th

Everyone loves good news but we just don't hear enough of it! Tell Me Something Good airs every Tuesday afternoon with KJ! Here's some of the fun stuff making us happy this week!


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Another son proud to tell me something get we do this every Tuesday on the mix it's KJ Ahmad from two to seven if you wanna share. What's making you happy I always have to your your good news. Tutu wait what a 79 is the number to the next here's a few things that are making us happy like according finding out that there's still a chance that she could win a trip seed Dave Matthews in Minneapolis. Have you seen it before Courtney. I have to I'll I I you let those people that he's an Auburn ever and ever yet and I am just like that. That he's in good order and that's not obnoxious I know people who've seen the likes 47 times. That. Are Eric tell me something to add. Out to New York you know more. They mean it got a big boy he and about a month's data back. That's cool that how your daughter feel about being in a big sister like army decided on used. We are celebrating your gay news today on the next in the bank can't least tell Lisa again. I actually got my kids eighth. Brandy got the eleven month. How. Don't let the month is great because there train in their honor that like crazy puppy stage it's still fine. You aren't Smart mommy didn't. Let her name her name only congratulation. I union forever family member at. If you have ever during aimed. Getting shot at stardom on the voice. This Tellme to advocate Tuesdays for you thought of is doing odd isn't. This Sunday. At bankers life coupons can you believe that's they do want you to sign up for auditions I put a link for you on the mixed FaceBook page.