Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 01-16-18

Tuesday, January 16th

It's snowy and cold but we still found plenty of things to be happy about today! Here's the latest good news we were talking about with KJ in the afternoon on Tell Me Something Good Tuesday!


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Your good news all day long it's times and the good Tuesday on the next ID KJ and a half. How he's good news she made it to the voice auditions on Sunday despite some health complications girl here in the week you're in the house LC you only have a rat. Yeah in the gents I told my son at 10 o'clock at night that I would ever need diapers and surely going ago. And then I hear about the excitement player and he said well. I'm trying to tell you good luck so I knew I had a Buick that. Any captain has two things make her happy today tomorrow it's her birthday so happy birthday brandy and what's the other thing you're excited about. On eight you can eat Alfred act. Yeah. I am. Sorry you're like yeah do you file those taxes as fast as you can. I'll definitely buy it Larry wanna vacations planned. Yes right you could. Well yeah out we got flirt a final way is to give away in February she might be able to hang on to your tax refund. For something else and go to Florida on us I. And Lisa Dunston said the cold is not keeping. Her baby on the way down to send she's been taken like crazy today ten protection congratulations see you got is her tell me something did Tuesday with not to hear you're good news Ron let's your news today. I can that you know that our job to dramatize it. Better than long standing practice and is now is that my menu yeah I'll Sanjaya. He said that's tonight right on Stephen cold air out thanks for the DDR a day here on.