Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 01-23-18

Tuesday, January 23rd

A boss who takes you to Florida, new puppies and more in this round of Tell Me Something Good with KJ! Listen every Tuesday for your good news all afternoon! 


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Here's how it works on Tuesdays. You name one thing that's making you happy. I put generating four hits Cheney tell me something yet. It's almost time to go home what do you do for a living I am not just an agent did today everybody here process they they behave themselves it is much of the time you got anybody that steals the F paper however there and to edited hour right now he runs off with you and I any of the type a paper nobody actually and it got to get a lot of toilet they I had. Proudly take it and Ali yeah let's dear Abby today Tony. Well I'm going to Florida tomorrow. Eat my bot nets accurately and bring it back out there are in your we have eleven employee. A lot of people to Florida. And your. The best employee when you're review is hanging over you you know the DH that's going to be. That's stressful sucking god should still I Kelly who had a great birdie today and she got a reuse it is age on the makes its tell me something good Tuesday and CJ may have some good news about your job to. I'm not not a night Alan Moore got commotion and not Monday. And I thought and actually Alan tell me don't forget. And I winning ticket not happy about. Alex are you trying to land at delisting all at 325. Per chance to win and I eighteen and let's tell me something. I get a Bill Hall to work right now inquiry would be. And tell your party's tiny. Saw and yet I can. Patched Jessica I it's is she your cat suit and a natural leader Kuerten look. It's a marketing. I thought maybe your adopted a pirate copy no risk and that's naturalist they only did tell me something good every Tuesday afternoon on the next Amaechi or any student seven.