Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 02-06-18

Wednesday, February 7th

This round of Tell Me Something Good with KJ includes This Is Us, healthy kids and more good news guaranteed to make you smile! Call in every Tuesday afternoon with YOUR good news! 


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It was the first we ever had a challenge issue to last so RI and it tell me something good Tuesday. Joseph Plainfield I have never seen this is us and he's sad you know at the funeral episode was looming over us. I want someone to tell me something good about the show because all I hear about it. It's how it makes you cry. Less can you tell me something good about this is us. It's like a light that allowed a and let me at it as. I didn't totally relate to so many of the things that they talk about. Backing yeah tell me some again about this is us. Besides this is us there were a lot of great things make us happy until recently did Tuesday your back. I. How about three I almost cut don't know how to respond to that because so many people that I talked to bring that there are like my job. I. Not always easy to find good in things sometimes we just have a day and that's it's it's nice that we do tell me something good Tuesday because if you're haven't Iraq one. Maybe somebody else is good news put a smile on your. Year has been at that written since Friday yeah yeah. You have the first of several knee surgery right. You know I haven't been able to get out in Hammond able to go home and see your hats you know that there is still one thing that's making you happy today and it's not to prescription to expect I can. Barry nine me out no way. That's why straight need closer to getting out of your tax. And Robin in downtown what's making you happy. My younger sister is coming up and down on the weekend on Thursday you live in him that I haven't been at the bank of. That's ranks up there is some of the best news that you can do it to hi he found out today that her son is graduating from his neurological doctor. Eager is he your tree house or a year. Wow so is he called it asked to remember the seizures and understand what a big deal is. He painted like whatever. America deep thirteen banks. I yeah I mean. So yeah sent out each and I get back to me and a thirteen year old senior roles I am. Beyond time and think and you know cringing I get into rebellion.