Tell Me Something Good with KJ: 02-20-18

Wednesday, February 21st

Justin Timberlake, babies and free breakfast were all making us happy this week! Take a listen to get a great dose of GOOD news with KJ! You can call in with YOUR happy news every Tuesday afternoon 2p-7p on the Mix for Tell Me Something Good Tuesday! 


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What hammer we would go light on during this tell me something dreads our rob on the Southside was very excited when he won Justin Timberlake tickets to be Italy got mom and tell his wife for that something dead she's a freak out his NC a. Yes very much so. So when you take this seat just when you let her have a girls' night. I'm mine Larry have a girls night. God my god she's going to be happy if laying on the plant. Some things not tell me that again Tuesday as we get to follow along with a lot of people's. Happy journeys now I hear in the process of adopting a couple of kids from Bulgaria and we haven't heard from him and whilst. Air. Hope you don't mind me calling up and I've got my fingers crossed that you can give us a good acting in Korea. So what's the day. My paperwork involved and recruit. And there's a total of two trips in the first trip I'll actually meet the boy is. On Monday the twelfth of march. What how that's coming up. I guess in the week but we get it do you trips outside the orphanage. I was relieved to hear that you have someone helping you play and that because I'm guessing you don't really know where to go for fun and Bulgari. I'm a little limited on my knowledge there. Kelly from India celebrating her new born baby how old is she today 88. Whom life is different now. Definitely I'm taking care many children report by the not to my arm in your own I was told king you're the guy can't baby. Why now she shouldn't right there in your arms. Just being encouraged. Wonderful it is so precious. You get back to that Nolan and thank you so much for sharing your good news with all of us some land to freeze not welcome to tell me something on the next. You had I think that that. Do I. I have some good stuff to say yeah I mean about the weather is gorgeous it's. Justin Timberlake is coming to town and we have tons of tickets to get all. Excited about he gas and I day eight. Chipped away for breakfast. I think how sometimes just a delicious breakfast that makes you happy bidders mommy loud to hear your good news. There are other around and tell me something during the next Tuesday on the next mine's KJ you can listen weekday afternoons two to seven who did you.